Nathan savors Amy's sleeping body.

When I did I could see her sleeping peacefully on top of the sheets of her bed, completely exposing her naked body. She lay on her stomach and her head was resting on the pillow, turned away from me towards the wall. I crept closer to get a better look and held my breath to listen.

She was sleeping soundly and peacefully, breathing evenly. I could see now as I came closer that a thin sheen of sweat was covering her entire body in the oppressive heat, making her skin shine in the pale moonlight that came in through her bedroom curtains. The soft curves of her ass begged to be touched.

I checked once more to make sure she was sleeping soundly and then I reached out with my right hand and placed it on the left cheek of her ass. I just let it rest there, not wanting to rouse her, and then I caressed her ass gently and squeezed it ever so slightly. Her ass felt so perfect and so smooth, and so perfectly soft. My cock grew even harder than I had ever felt it before, and I could feel pre-cum dripping down from the head.

I squeezed her ass a little harder, this time on the other cheek. But this time my breath caught as she stirred. I ducked down and stepped back as she rolled over onto her back. Her arms fell gently to her side and she stretched her legs and then rubbed them together. Her tits bounced gently as her body settled into place on her back.

At first I thought I was caught, but then I realized with relief that she was only rolling over in her sleep. I had disturbed her but not fully awakened her.

Slowly I crept back up to the side of her bed and watched her to make sure she was sleeping soundly. When I was confident that she was, I leaned over her naked body and admired everything I saw. I looked down between her legs to admire her shaved pussy, with its soft wet pink lips. Hesitantly I leaned further over her and extended my tongue, gently licking the lips of her pussy and the small nub of her clit. This caused her to stir slightly, and moan softly in her sleep, but it didn't wake her. I kept at this for a few more seconds, causing her to squirm in her sleep. But then the payoff came. Her pussy began to get wet and I could taste her sweet juices. I licked my lips, savoring the flavor. She tasted perfect.

Getting bolder, I crept onto the bed and straddled her chest slowly, so as not to wake her. I settled down gently, letting my cock and balls rest against the silky soft skin of her abdomen, but not resting the actual weight of my body on her. My cock stiffened even more at the sensation of her soft skin held against it once again.

I looked down at her beautiful sleeping face. Her eyes were shifting as if she was deep in a vivid dream. I knew that if I was ever going to be able to do this, it would be now - when she was sleeping the deepest. I admired her full pouting lips as they were parted with her breathing and longed to have my cock between those lips.

Slowly I inched forward until my cock was resting between her full voluptuous tits. I gently took one of her tits in each hand and pressed them slowly and carefully around the shaft of my cock. My felt light-headed with ecstasy at the sensation of her beautiful soft and perfect tits pressed around my cock. Slowly, I began to slide my cock back and forth between her tits. The thin sheen of sweat covering her body served as the perfect lubricant.

After tit fucking her gently for a full minute, Amy began to stir a bit more in her sleep. I knew that if I kept this up much longer I would wake her, and that wouldn't do at all. I pressed her tits together slightly harder and started to fuck them a bit faster in an attempt to get off as fast as possible without waking her. In a matter of a minute, I could feel my balls aching for release and the head of my cock swelling in that hyper-sensitive state.

My mouth opened wide and I held my breath in pure ecstasy, trying not to make a sound as I came.

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