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Meet Samantha and Kimberly.

Three weeks. That was how long Jaren and Layla had been married. Eddie was a little hurt that his friend hadn't said anything up until now, but he figured Jaren had his reasons. He sat on the arm of the couch, Jaren, Layla, and Victor in deep conversation. Eddie's conscience was bugging him a bit more than usual. The plan was the same as always, but with the introduction of a new member to their group without his knowledge left a bad taste in his mouth. As much as he would like to say he didn't care, he like being included. Especially since ignorance on any matter before the completion of The Ritual was likely to get him arrested. Turning his attention to one of the two women standing beside the door, completely silent and painted up like a whore, he knew he ought to be more worried about Victor's reaction. It wasn't all that surprising Victor didn't recognize Samantha. Her school girl outfit, pigtails, copious amounts of make-up, and the fact that she seemed to have undergone breast augmentation surgery, she hardly resembled the woman Victor had once been married to. Honestly, with the various psychological and sexual experiments Jaren had undoubtedly performed on the two women, Eddie would be surprised if they could even remember their past lives. That being said, Eddie thought that a surprise like that could end up being very unfortunate Victor and, more importantly, himself.

Still, Eddie would be back at home in about 36 hours and the monster inside him squirmed, ready to be unleashed on both of the women standing like statues by the door. If it came down to it, Eddie would simply deny knowing that it was Samantha. Moving toward the back, he motioned to them, bidding them to follow him. They obeyed without question, leaving Victor, Jaren, and Layla to their conversation.

Pushing the door open, he found Elmoira and Alexa engaged in a torrid 69, devouring each other's wet cunts hungrily, completely oblivious to the three people who had just walked in. Pulling off his shirt, he gave Elmoira a hard smack on her gyrating ass.

"Mmmm!" she cried out in surprise, muffled by Alexa's soaked pussy. Turning around and finally noticing Eddie and the two women, she grinned, sat up, rocking her hips back and forth on Alexa's questing tongue.

"Well, hi there Eddie!" she said joyfully, riding Alexa's face, her breasts bouncing slightly. "Who's the new meat?"

"Sami and Kimberly." Eddie said, dropping his trousers, cock already hard, pressing against his boxers. Upon hearing their names, the two women stepped forward and waited for further instructions. "The others are in front. I figured these two ladies could use some fun in their lives. What do you think?"

"Yay! I love the way you think Eddie!" Elmoira exclaimed, bouncing up and down. Pulling herself away from Alexa's tongue, she stepped off the table leaving the bound Alexa whining. Moving to the rack of toys that Jaren had installed on the wall, she grabbed a rather large vibrator and an even larger dildo, complete with harness. Turning back to Alexa, she spread the bound woman's legs and began to feed the fat vibrator into Alexa's wet, receptive cunt. Once fully inserted, Elmoira turned it on its lowest setting, enough to tease her, keep her on the edge without pushing her over. Done with that, she moved back to Eddie, Samantha, and Kimberly.

"Who's first? I promise to be-whoa!" she said, surprised, sliding the harness on, the large dildo bobbing obscenely in front of her. Without being told, Kimberly, who happened to be closest to Elmoira at the time, dropped to her knees, took the fake cock in hand and began licking and sucking at it. Elmoira looked down at the red head bobbing back and forth on the strapon then back to Eddie who was getting the same treatment from Samantha. "I like her, Eddie. She's fun."

Eddie smiled at that, but was more preoccupied with Samantha who was dutifully deep throating his thick cock.

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