An afternoon's diversion for a lovely young lady.

She bit at his tongue, and her own darted between his lips. She ran her tongue along his smooth teeth, licked the roof of his mouth, his tongue. They were entangled and she loved it. Jareth was kissing and licking his way down her side, now, and she laughed softly as he tickled her with his tongue. Then his hands were at her belt, and she realized that this was really happening, that this wasn't just playing, just a fantasy. This wasn't something Ben would just forgive her for. She was going to have to pay for this.

But later, oh God, later. Jareth had her pants undone, and was pulling them off of her. Brian was kissing his way down her neck; soft wet kisses down her skin. She moaned under her breath, trying not to lose it entirely. Jareth was back between her legs, now kissing her through her cotton panties. She strained her hips upwards towards him, trying to feel more, but he backed off until she relaxed. Then he licked her, just once, up and down her cloth covered slit. She nearly yelped as his tongue flicked against her clit through the covering. He rested his lips against her nub and flicked his tongue slowly back and forth across it until she was shaking in pleasure, a moment from exploding. Then, he bit down.

She came violently, incapable of controlling her response. Her body spasmed and her stomach contracted. She bit down hard to keep from screaming as heat shot through her lower body, tingling and burning and making everything go black. Her panties were flooded with her juices and Jareth licked around the edges and through the cloth, tasting her. She came down panting, flinching at the pressure against her sensitive pussy, her head swimming in the blackness. She fell limp onto the foldout couch, beyond awareness for a moment.

But the excitement was hardly over, and Jareth and Brian weren't yet satisfied. She came back to reality as Jareth pulled off her sodden panties, and she could hear Brian undressing beside her. "We're going to have that little sexual romp after all, sweetling. Hope you don't mind if we all play at once," Jareth whispered to her. A strained moan escaped her, catching in her throat. She heard a click, and a flame leapt out of the lighter Jareth was now holding. He lit two candles, and in the dim light she could see them both naked and erect, one lying on either side of her.

Jareth was well built, muscular like Ben and about equally endowed. She'd guess him to be about 7 inches. He was cut, and his thick dark cock was surrounded by a tangle of dark hair. Brian was a bit smaller, but shaved completely, balls and all. He wasn't cut, something she didn't have much experience with, but she assumed she could figure it out.

She was ready to give up her passive role in this, and she got up on her knees between her friends. She looked between Jareth's knowing smile and Brian's stunned grin, and flipped a mental coin. With the results in, she climbed over Brian's legs, straddling them at the knees. She rubbed her cheek against his warm cock, and kissed the tip. She licked her lips to taste the saltiness from his pre-cum, and then wrapped her hand around his thickness. She ran her hand up and down his shaft a few times while he moaned, then pulled back the foreskin and licked the engorged head as it appeared. She licked around the flared edge, and licked up to the tip, dipping her tongue into the tiny slit and savouring his saltiness. Jareth watched with wicked eyes, and Lily closed her own and concentrated on the task before her.

She enveloped the head of his cock in her warm, wet mouth, licking around it as she did.

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