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A date like no other - a friend knows what she likes.

They were both thinking about the stunning last 10 minutes and what they wanted to happen next. It took each of them a second to make a decision.

"God, Sarah" Tom's voice rasped out. He took her mouth fully, running his tongue along her lips and then seeking her tongue with his own. Sarah let him find it and their tongues played. Sarah started sucking on his lower lip. Just like years before, they couldn't seem to get close enough to each other. Tom began to rub his erection against Sarah as his hand moved down to her tight rear end. Sarah in turn wrapped a leg around him, raising herself up enough so he was rubbing his erection right between her legs. "Tom this is all so crazy! But, please, I want to be with you." Sarah begged in a throaty voice.
Her statement seemed to knock the wind out of Tom, but he quickly recovered and picked Sarah up into his arms and carried her toward the stairs. Sarah locked her arms around his neck as she started kissing his chin. She moved her lips back, kissing him along his jaw, remembering how much that turned him on. She touched the right spot as they were half way up the stairs and Tom's knees started to give out. He gently placed her on the stairs but didn't let go of his embrace and with a deep laugh said, "Sarah, slow down or you're going to make me cum before we even get up the stairs!"

Tom let go of Sarah and gave her his hand as they climbed up the stairs. Tom pulled Sarah into one of the bedrooms and shut the door. Again, they just stood frozen, staring at each other with heat in their eyes and in amazement of the situation. Tom pulled Sarah to him and they held each other. They were both breathing heavy with how turned on they were. But both realized that if they both attacked each other, this would be over too soon. They had 15 years to make up for, which made them want take this slowly.

God Sarah wanted Tom inside of her. Sarah was fully aware of the fact that Tom was the only man who was ever able to make her cum without any foreplay, which for most women was impossible. But she wanted this first time to last as long as possible. She didn't know what was going to happen after this weekend, but she was going to take whatever she could -- a lifetime or just a few nights. She was so surprised by these turn of events and with the feel of his arms around her, she couldn't form a coherent sentence. All that came out was a moan with his name, "Tooommmmm".

"I want for us to make each other cum before I'm inside you, because I plan on being there for a long time tonight." Tom whispered into her ear. He started kissing her neck, and her continued moans ignited them both. Tom started unbuttoning Sarah's shirt as they kissed. They both started to pant as their tongues discovered each other again. Sarah pushed Tom's sweater up, wanting to get it over his head. But that meant they would have to separate. In a rush because they didn't want to be apart, they finally got his shirt off and joined mouths again. Sarah took the opportunity to feel his chest. Yes, he definitely went to the gym. She couldn't get enough of feeling his muscular chest, with just the right amount of hair to be extremely sexy. She ran her hands up and down his chest, sides and back.

Tom was to distracted to kiss her as he was trying to unbutton Sarah's shirt. He finally got the last button and Sarah heard his sounds of approval as he happily discovered that her bra had a front catch. With one hand he undid the clasp and her full breasts were released. "Mmmm, your breasts are incredible" Tom moaned as he took a nipple into his mouth. Both of their bodies had blossomed with age, in a very good way.

Sarah loved how assertive Tom was being. It was Tom, but an older and more experienced Tom. She realized even though they were so hot for each other in college, their inexperience had also made it somewhat awkward sometimes. Now, time and experience was going to make their union, this time around, incredible.

Sarah put her hands in his hair and arche

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