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They first met in a chat room.

00pm. Would he be here on time? As if on cue, my cell phone rang. I looked up to see him standing about 10 feet away from me, and smiled hello as I quickly took in his appearance. Not very tall, about 5'9" I'd say, slim, dark skinned, and very neatly dressed. He wore glasses and I couldn't see his eyes. His hair was so neatly combed, it practically screamed control freak. Hmmm...not bad, not bad at all.

Introductions over with, we walked down to the coffee shop. He ordered a slice of black-forest cake (where did he put it away!) and I asked for a sandwich. After the first couple of awkward moments conversation flowed easily enough. I guess I would have walked away from there in an hour, chalking it down as a pleasant enough experience if it weren't for that errant bit of whipped cream on his spoon. It transferred itself to his lips along with a crumb of chocolate cake and stubbornly clung there through conversation, and smiles, and laughter.

At first I just wanted to lean forward and flick that offending crumb of cake away, and then as I looked at him some more, at his soft lips as they pouted and parted and stretched in a smile to show the beginnings of small sharp teeth, I had this almost uncontrollable urge to lean forward and lick it off his lips. Embarrassed at my thoughts I looked away, but not for long.

My eyes were drawn to Eashwar's lips again and again. I noticed how soft they seemed, and the way the tip of his tongue reached out to wet one corner of his mouth just before he smiled.

What would he do, I wondered, if I walked around the table and leaned down, one hand on his shoulder, the other on the table, and kissed him. He would taste of chocolate I knew.

I closed my eyes and imagined touching my lips to his, softly at first, then harder, till his lips were pressed against his teeth, and parted, just slightly. Mmm...he tasted good.

I leaned in closer, and felt Eashwar's arms slip around me and draw me closer. It pulled me off balance, and I had to grab him with both hands. He smiled up at me, and crushed his lips to mine.

His slim body was hard with muscle and he felt so good to hold against my own softness.

I smiled against his lips and continued to taste him. I sucked on his top lip, drawing it into my mouth, and moved on to the slightly fuller bottom lip. His arms tightened around my waist and then I felt his hands rub little circles on my back. Slowly, as he grew bolder, he slipped one of his hands inside the waistband of my jeans and stroked the curve of my bottom. lightly scratching my skin with his nails.

The sensations sent little shivers up my spine.

I tensed in delicious anticipation of his hand moving lower, and flicked my tongue against the moist inside of his lower lip. I dragged my teeth along it, making him suck his breath in sharply. Did that hurt, I wondered? Good. Nothing like a little pain to spice up pleasure.

I pushed his thighs apart, and kneeled down in between them. I coaxed his lips wider, opening them up with my own lips, and touched the tip of his tongue with mine.

His hands quickly moved behind my head to hold me still as he took on from there, rubbing his tongue against mine, and pushing it deep into my mouth in an imitation of the act my body now craved. I moaned in pleasure and pushed closer to him. He nipped and bit at my full lips and drew my tongue into his mouth. I allowed him to play for a little, before I drew back and looked up at him.

'Something wrong?' Eashwar asked, 'You've suddenly become so quiet.'

Disoriented, I didn't answer for a few seconds. He leaned forward and rubbed his finger against my lower lip.

'Food,' he explained.

We smiled at each other. The evening definitely showed potential and it was just too bad that I had a plane to catch in a couple of hours.

My cell phone rang loudly, intruding into the moment. Smothering a curse, I fished my phone out of my bag, and answered with a curt 'Yes!'

The moment of irritation quickly turned to delight as I heard what the caller had to say.

'What is it?' Eashwar

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