Rejuvenated couple's first taste of a swingers club.

This was a whole new experience for me. As far as I knew my wife had never ever been kissed on the lips by any other guy. The present scenario was certainly a groundbreaking event in our marriage and, although I felt a tinge of jealousy, I nevertheless felt very happy for my wife.

Jill lifted her head from my shoulder and looked up at my face as I stared in awe at the other couple.

"You feeling jealous?" she asked.

"A little," I admitted.

"No, no, no," she said slowly, shaking her head from side to side, "There's no place for jealousy and suspicion tonight. She's his and I'm yours."

Just then the music faded away for a short break and, as we stood holding on to each other on the empty dance floor, the pounding beat of our hearts suddenly seemed very loud in the relative silence.

With two fingers on Jill's chin, I tilted her face up towards mine. Then I brought my lips down to meet hers ... and, oh my God, what a feeling ... I was in seventh heaven as I tasted the sweetness of her soft lips.

With our lips glued together, I lost count of time, oblivious to the fact that the main lounge was almost deserted, relishing Jill's angelic kiss ... until I was jolted back to my senses by a little nudge on the side of my chest.

"Hey, you trying to set a new record or something?" Tina's voice sounded so far away, "Don't you want to see what else this place has got to offer?"

"C'mon," added Dave, his arm wrapped possessively around Tina's shoulders, "Let's go see the real action."

Soon we were making our way towards the rear of the club. I noticed then that there were only two other couples left in the main lounge, one cuddled together on a sofa watching the pornographic stuff on the screen and another just engrossed in the drinks at the bar.

Passing through the wet area, we saw a few naked couples frolicking in the shallow waters of the pool. Everyone seemed to be having good fun without any marital boundaries.

Two naked couples sat in the jacuzzi smooching passionately and having their hands all over their presumably borrowed partners. I assumed that they must be regulars at the club, considering how far they had already proceeded in the game.

It was quite a turn-on for me to see my wife being escorted by another man. Dave seemed to be making a special effort to emphasize his claim on her as his date for the night. His arm never loosened its hold on Tina. And Tina was obviously enjoying the attention she was getting from her partner.

"Anyone for a swim?" I asked.

"No!" came the unanimous reply from the others.

After depositing our valuables in the lockers we headed for the Erotic Zone. That's where the 'real action' was supposed to be. That's where marital bonds were supposed to be stretched to their limits, breaking conventional taboos and experiencing new intimate relationships.

The Erotic Zone was tastefully lit to create a romantic atmosphere without undue hindrance to visual interaction. There was a small dance floor in one corner, lots of sofas and a large open play area covered with mattresses. The walls were mirrored on all sides, giving an illusion of vastness. There were also two closed play rooms for those who preferred some privacy in their illicit activity.

"Let's dance," suggested Jill, looking overtly excited, and we all headed for the dance floor.
Jill and I continued from where we had left off. With our bodies molded tightly into each other we pressed our mouths together almost instantaneously in a mind-boggling show of passion. We hardly moved to the music.

In her tiny spaghetti strap blouse and small skirt that just about covered her butt, Jill left a lot of herself accessible for exploration. After I had familiarized myself with her waist and neck areas, I let my hands wander playfully to the hem of her skirt.

Easing the soft material of her skirt up, I managed to cup her round ass cheeks with my hands. I continued to kiss her on her lips while I began to gently knead her firm buttocks.

"Oooooooh .

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