Susan and Mabadi's affair reaches a new level.

He kissed her and the fire within them burnt, she needed him, she wanted him. His smell, his body, all of this she wanted. His tongue connected with his, and she felt as if they were dancing, no guilt just passion.


The room was clean and well preserved, the posters added a nice touch to the white wall. The bed was neat and big, covered with dark blue sheets, and to the left of the bed stood a small table with a book. "This was his room, this was Mabadi's room," Susan thought.

It took some time for her to take it in, that she was in another man's room. A younger man's room, the man she wanted. Mabadi closed the door and watched how perplexed Susan was, until he walked behind her and held her - squeezing her gently.

It helped, the guilt dissipated rapidly when she felt his hands caress her hips and moving slowly against her mid-centre. She could feel his breath on her neck, as he kissed and pecked it, making her moan. She loved it so much that she pressed her ass to his crotch, feeling the bulge he had. It exhilarated him; he could feel her behind calmly stroking him, as if she was begging to be entered.

He moved his hips up and down pressing his mid-section forward. She felt the top side of his member between her ass cheeks, as he gradually moved faster. It amazed her how easy it was for him to make his jeans and her skirt seem completely oblivious as an obstacle, as she could feel his largeness through the fabric.

With her husband it was different. Ever since they had been married she had never once felt nor seen his stiff penis form a bulge in the pants. It somehow made her feel strangely aroused when she thought of it.

"Ahh more," Susan asked as she grabbed his head while he was kissing her neck.

Mabadi licked her neck and began grabbing her tit, caressing it. He could feel her nipples hardening as he kept pinching them, and soon Susan's first orgasm passed through her.

The flow of the orgasm pierced her so unexpectedly that she almost fell, but luckily for her Mabadi was holding her. It was a bewildering sensation, she grabbed him and held him tightly until it had passed.

After it had passed she fell on top of the bed tired, but unfortunately for her he had no intention to make her rest. Mabadi took his shirt and pants off, readying himself for the next part.

Susan was still on her stomach catching her breath from the orgasm, when she felt Mabadi's hands going over her ass cheeks. She looked down and saw him taking her skirt off, she did not know what he was about to do.

Mabadi took her skirt off and began to massage her behind, making Susan moan when his hands went all over her round bottom. Her underwear was already soaked by her essence, as well as being transparent.

Mabadi spread her ass-cheeks apart, while Susan willingly parted her legs for him. He then started to prick the soaked underwear, touching through the fabric her sensitive clit. She gasped at the touch of his finger, it was rubbing her gently, making her moan every time he passed her hole.

"You like it?" he said smiling.

Susan had no response but an incomprehensible moan. She could feel his finger rub her weakest spot, the share touch made her wish for more, and soon she would get more. Mabadi parted her underwear, revealing to him Susan's vagina. It was as if it was alive, throbbing and leaking fluid, as if sweating.

Her pubic hair felt wet and moist, and he could feel the warmth emerging from her. Mabadi kept caressing her sensitive spot, so much so that Susan tilted her behind away from him.

"Part them," he said.


"I want you to part your ass-cheeks."

Susan wasn't sure what he was about to do, but she had no intention to argue with him. She parted the cheeks with her hands, and held them firmly apart. Her most sensitive part was now fully exposed to Mabadi.

He could see her wet vagina flashing and quivering in front of him, as well as her anus hole, which was palpitating and twitching. He just stood there watching for almost an entire minute, as if stunned by beauty.


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