A T-girl fan meets her idol, a T-girl singer, backstage.

I am glad that I helped give you the strength you needed to be the person you wanted to be." She was staring intently into my eyes now, making sure that she said everything clearly, "But that is the most important thing. I didn't make you become a beautiful woman. I helped. A little. It was your strength that made you the woman you are now. I've met a lot of girls like you (none so pretty, don't get jealous) and they want to give me all this credit. You are an amazing person, you shouldn't want to change into me. There is only one me. You should be happy that you are Young-hee. Even if you could become me, you would not always be happy. Even famous (or almost famous) people have bad times in their life. If you are always trying to be a perfect version of me (and even I am not that), you will never be happy. You will want what is impossible."

Suddenly, everything that she'd said to me started to make sense. She wasn't angry at me for kissing her and she wasn't somehow jealous of me. She was trying to knock some sense into me. And I thought it worked. I looked at her now, tears running down my cheeks, and I felt more love for her than before. But now it wasn't love for the perfect transwoman I'd made it my mind, it was the actual Young-Mi. A busy, successful, and beautiful woman, who took time out of her day to tell me that I was special and that I was good just the way I was. That thought made me cry even harder. I felt Young-Mi's arms wrap around me, holding me close.

I cried for a lot of reasons. I cried a little bit for the end of my Goddess, for the fact that she'd been turned real. But that was just a little bit. I cried because of all the pain I'd always felt at being unable to be perfect, at my displeasure with myself, and my inability to forgive myself for never being ideal. I cried because if Young-Mi was just a woman, like me, then I could achieve anything I wanted. Just like her. I cried tears of joy because Young-Mi saw through all of my insecurities and my attempts to hide myself, found the real source of my pain, and told me that it was okay to stop worrying about it.

"It is okay honey, everything is okay," Young-Mi whispered into my ear. After a long while, I stopped crying. Young-Mi released me from the hug and pushed me back. She looked more beautiful than ever, and I knew she would always be my idol.

"I am sorry," I said, finally knowing why I was sorry, but Young-Mi shook her head.

"Don't be sorry, just think of this as the last step in becoming who you are. You are no longer an attempted Young-Mi part 2. You are Young-hee," she said and I laughed, wiping the tears from my eyes.

"Thank you so much for letting me come talk to you. This has been so much... so much more than I had ever expected," I said. I almost started to cry again, but she laughed sweetly.

"We barely spoke, you just told me everything about me!" Young-Mi said, "I knew all of that stuff already. Please, tell me about you! Tell me what makes Young-hee such a special person. And don't say 'nothing' because you know that isn't true. Why should I want to know you?" She spoke with such evident good spirit that I felt the heaviness lift from me. And I was excited. She wanted to know about me!

And so I talked. I spoke for a long time, telling her more about myself that I usually told anyone. Now, unlike before when I'd been talking about her, Young-Mi interrupted me often. She asked questions, she laughed, and sighed. She was fully engaged in the conversation. And it was a conversation now, a dialogue amongst equals. I told her about my family, about school, about past loves, about my favorite books, and my love of drawing.

"Oh you can draw?" she asked, "That is such an amazing skill. I have never been any good."

"I have been thinking about going into design," I explained, "Oh wait!" I said.

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