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An Older Man's Fantasy.

Vicky probably wasn't the only one there wearing a dress though she was certainly the only one so 'formally' attired, the short black dress and the high heels and so on. And I always liked to look, with Mary's permission, at a female form in high-heeled stilettos and an LBD.

"I'm Mike" was all I said as I slid my hand down the bare back.

I just couldn't resist it, I allowed my hand to slide further down into the crack of her bum. She was quite a bit shorter than me, though her high heels lifted her several inches. I was aroused, hell of course I was. I had to risk it - I bent down and planted a kiss on her lips. She responded very willingly indeed by sliding her tongue inside my mouth. She did not stop my hand or my finger even when it slid past the string of her thong. I felt her stir in my arms and moan.

"Oh yes, Mike, more. More."

She was pressing her crotch harder against my leg. There I was making out - in public! - with a gorgeous young blonde and feeling her arse. I broke away to get some air and look around again. Lights were still dim, all the other youngsters were still dancing and screaming and groping and bouncing and no one noticed what I was doing to her. Like I said before, in all our years of marriage I'd never 'strayed', but Vicky seemed to be tempting me so much.

I buried my face in her neck, and inhaled her scent. I recognised the fragrance. 'Seduction'.

That did it! I looked down at her. She was definitely young, long shining blonde hair, pretty face, nicely made up with medium-sized breasts and a smooth silky skin. I held on to her and pushed my way towards a door I saw at the end of the room.

When we reached the door, I opened it and looked to see if anyone was watching, then led her into what I realised was the dining room. Clearly furniture had been moved into there from the lounge for the party, pushed against the dining table was a large leather sofa.

I quickly closed the door behind us. Thoughts of Mary and of Martina had vanished from my mind, all I could think about was Vicky. To my amazement - and delight -and without a warning she dropped down to her knees, put her glass down and started fumbling at my zip. My hard cock bobbed out in front of her young shiny-red lips.

Without looking up, she grabbed my cock by the base of it and stuck the head into her mouth, closing her eyes again. I almost blew my load right there. Her deep pink lips puffed out and wrapped around my shaft as she took me deeper into her moist mouth. It felt warm and slick. I quickly reached her tonsils and she reversed the direction.

'She must have done this before' I thought, as I felt the suction of her mouth on my hard cock.

For the next two or three minutes she sucked away. I realised I was reaching the point of no return and I didn't want to cum yet. I pulled her off my cock and pulled her up, turned her around. I pushed her gently down onto the large sofa and lifted her mini-dress up above her hips. Her young shapely arse was right in front of me.

"My God, Vicki, you have a beautiful arse!"

"Kiss it, Mike. Tongue me! Tongue my arse!"

Wow! What an invitation. I put just a little pressure on her lower back to make her arch and spread her legs wider apart at the same time. Her arse spread apart showing me her black thong, the thin string nestling between her gorgeous soft cheeks.

I reached underneath her and with both hands grabbed her tits through her bra while putting my tongue on her arse-hole. I ran my tongue the length of her opening as I heard her moan. I was drunk with lust and passion and in the state of high arousal. I never had such a young girl before, and to be honest I didn't want to resist. I'm not sure who was seducing who, but I was certainly a very willing participant.

"Ahhh... oh yes, Mike!"

She was moaning loudly.

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