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Mother and Sister reveal different side to Jimmy.

" She replies.

I cannot believe it, if she spreads her ass any wider I'll cum again. Now her nipples are sticking straight out, I should have come home sooner.

"You certainly show camel toe, that's for sure." I say.

"This is what we have to teach Katie, tonight was the first time I've seen her this excited. Hanging out with those two sisters, just keeps her hidden away. She idolizes you and tonight she pleased you. She feels safe with you, as I do, and I think you're going to have to be her teacher." Janet says.

Is she saying what I think she is saying? Fucking my own sister or is it teaching her about life. Giving her confidence or fucking her, which one. And what about this one, she's not spreading her ass and nipples sticking out for no reason, either.

"You mean..." I cannot even finish.

"What ever it takes." She says.

Getting permission to fuck my sister from our own mother. I don't know why but the thought of having Miss Camel toe here riding my cock is driving me wild. Maybe we should fuck and Katie can watch and get her confidence up. I am too far gone to worry about saying the wrong thing now.

"Maybe you and I should work together, like surrogates." I say.

"I hoped you would consider that, she could learn by watching us before you start fucking her, I mean having intercourse." Janet says.

I never knew how hot she was until tonight; I would fuck her right now if she hinted at it. Give me a sign and I will rip those jeans off you're skinny ass.

"She certainly did a good job jerking me off." I say.

"Jimmy, we're flirting with each other and that's between us. But Katie needs to have her confidence inflated and you and I are the only one's she really trust. Those Carlson girls are just keeping her at their level. I'm sorry they are obese and miserable but Katie is not like them." Janet tells me.

Sounds different now how she puts it this way. It kind of makes sense; I am going to have to look at it that I am helping Katie. Having sex and helping someone at the same time, going to have to deal with this one for a while. Mom's right though. Why not.

"I'll take her under my wing and be a teacher to her, we both will be. Tomorrow, I am taking her to the Mall. She has to start dressing differently to feel better about herself. Jeans, thongs and tops like you have on. If you dress sexy, you feel sexy." I say.

"Camel toe jeans?" Janet asks.

"I love that tight little ass you have. I wonder though, do you like having you're asshole stretched as much as your pussy." I ask her.

"OH, I think of that big cock stretching my ass wide open, kind of turns me on. Especially having Katie watching as you shoot inside me. How's that sound?" She asks me.

"Like a plan." Is all I can think of saying.

Lying in bed with my cock hard as a rock, tossing and turning. Better get some water. Walking to the kitchen, I can see Mom's door half way open. I bet she is just as horny as I am.

"Jimmy, is that you?" I hear her say.

"Yea mom, just getting something to drink." I answer.

"I was just reading one of romance novels. Why don't you come in and I'll read some it to you." She tells me.

My cock is on full alert now. I did not think it would happen this soon. Opening the door and walking in, Jesus, she's on her stomach naked, just lying there like it's no big deal for her son to walk in and find her nude. Slowly, she opens her legs and lifts up just enough so that her ass is wide open. I can see her pussy glistening and she's acting like it's no big deal. Fuck it, I take my t-shirt and shorts off and standing there with my cock sticking straight out. I take in just what a great body she has for being over forty. The setting is so perfect, her hair rolled up behind her neck and those gorgeous long legs. Acting so coy as she opens her legs even more and turns her head giving me such a seductive smile. I feel like I'm goanna cum standing here.

"Listen to this, he see's her light still lit in her room.

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