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She's punished beyond anything she's ever known.

"I promise, I will take care of your girls, Mrs. Whiting," Jeff was trying to hold back a smile.

Mom looked at him and shook her head and said, "God help us." We all laughed. "Just so you know, I'll be stopping by a few times a week to see how things are going and to see my beautiful granddaughter."


Mom and Ross got married and we had the rules for Lori to follow and Pete also, when he stayed with us. They found out pretty quick that it wasn't going to be a giant party. Pete said it was easier living with Mom. It made me laugh.

After Mom and Ross came back from Las Vegas she stopped by almost every evening after work and checked on us, as well as taking some of her personal things. Pete moved out the following week. He took most of his stuff in a couple of trips. Ross brought him over to get his things. It was good to see a good man that Pete could look up to. He was at an age that he would need some male guidance.

Ross and his wife never had children. They fostered kids until she was diagnosed with cancer and eventually died. Pete said that Ross's house was really nice and that they even had a hot tub.

When Mom talked to Lori she asked her how things were going and Lori told her that I was stricter than she had been and that actually made me proud. Looking back, Mom was a great role model who did the best she could for us. Lori did say that she was happy that she could spend her senior year at the same high school.

I still worked Friday through Monday on the midnight shift. It worked the best for me. Jeff attended the academy Monday through Friday. We had our evenings together. Mrs. White watched Alecia whenever we needed her. It was surprising that Jeff took care of her on the weekends while I slept. It took a couple of weeks to get used to our timetable but it was working out well. Lori helped us out too, by starting dinner and watching Alecia.

It was wonderful cuddling up to Jeff in the evenings. Once in a while on the weekend he would sneak in the bedroom while I was sleeping, when it was time for me to get up and lay next to me. It always ended up with some kind of sex. He would do me orally, since he knew I loved it or sometimes he would get behind me, get me wet and then take me. He always told me how lucky he was to have me back in his life again and how much he loved me.

To bring in a little extra money Jeff would work "events." He was basically like a cop, but he said it was more like a security guard. What was nice is that he would get Lori and I free tickets to these events. Usually Mom would watch Alecia on those nights. Sometimes she asked to keep her overnight.

Needless to say we had a very busy schedule. We continued to plan our wedding with my mom as well as Jeff's mom. It was going to be somewhat of a small wedding, but the guest list seemed to keep growing. Everyone at the hospital wanted to be there since they knew me, Ross and Mom.

At the police academy, Jeff had met a lot of nice guys and they all asked to be invited, since the wedding was set for the week after his graduation from the academy. Then there were all the family members on both sides.

The week before the wedding, I attended the academy for Jeff's graduation. He always did look good in a uniform. We went out with his parents and my mom and Ross and celebrated his new job. I also had finished some of my courses which gave me a raise and new position or at least a new title at the hospital. We had a lot to be thankful for.

We finally had decided on a small wedding of just family and a few friends with a large reception for all our friends following the wedding. It wasn't going to be a formal affair but I did have a pretty dress that Mom and I picked out. Jeff wanted to wear his new uniform, but we thought it might be a bit tacky, so he wore a nice suit. Everything went great. The wedding was wonderful; Lori was my maid of honor and Jeff asked Pete to be his best man. Ross walked me down the aisle.

We did rent a hall and had a huge reception.

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