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Finding true love - the hard way.

Dad took his time as he caressed Pui-Yuk from head to toe and back, lingering for a prolonged time at her tits and her ass. Pui-Yuk got hotter and hotter all the time, considered the sounds she was producing. She wiggled her ass, especially when Micha was toughing her behind. At last he got a hand between her legs. Slowly her shoved her golden pants from her hips and down her legs. Now that her cunny was in full view dad put his right hand on top of it and he started to massage her twat thoroughly. Pui-Yuk gave a little shriek at first, but she clearly loved the attention she got.

Meanwhile my mother had taken hold of Lenn's cock, as he sat in the nude next to her. She slowly stroked his shaft which surely began to revive. The show in front of him helped undoubtedly. With her other hand she held his balls in a tight grip and fondled them.

"Son, this lovely lady is all heated up by now, and should be primed and eager to welcome a really big hard cock. Today she is your present... so don't keep her waiting..." dad said as he stepped away from Pui-Yuk. "You don't mind if she sucks on my cock for a while?"

"Hell no, dad, as long as she's into it."

Micha positioned himself in front of Pui-Yuk who eagerly got hold of his shaft and put the tip of the engorged cock in her mouth. She bobbed her head up and down a few times and than began to suck in earnest on his lollypop. Lenn jumped up from the couch. It was clear that my mother had done a good job for his cock stood up straight by now. A considerable amount of pre-cum dripped from its eye already. With his hand he gave it a few good jerks so to pump even more blood into his apparatus. Standing at the table right behind Pui-Yuk's bottom, he put his mighty spear at her wet cunt. After pulling his rod up and down through her slit a few times, he pushed the tip just a little bit inside the entrance of her love box. Pui-Yuk wiggled her ass a bit. Lenn got her hips in his hands and started to push his shaft forward, penetrating her tight cunt a little bit at a time.

Meanwhile Pui-Yuk kept on sucking on daddy's prick. He got hold of her titties and massaged them. Lenn caressed her lower belly, as well as her clit. Pui-Yuk kept wiggling her bottom all the time, and stuttered and groaned all along because of the stimulating she received from Lenn striking her clit.

Finally Lenn managed to penetrate her to the fullest. Considering how huge his manhood looked to us, and how petite Pui-Yuk is built, Lenn must have felt how his head nudged itself against her cervix as he bottomed out. He kept his shaft buried inside her belly for a while. Than he started to saw in and out of her pussy. First slowly, but building his speed all along, he pumped the pour girl's pussy merciless. Because he already had climaxed twice, it took a considerable time before he even neared another orgasm. Meanwhile Pui-Yuk got off from the fucking and stimulation of her clit, practically in an unending series of small orgasms.

Micha started to dribble small amounts of seed into Pui-Yuk's mouth. She got hold of his balls and kneaded them. This apparently was too much for dad as he took his cock out of the little Asian fuck mouth. He sprayed his spunk all over her lovely face. It splattered on her forehead, on her cheeks and in her black hair with thick white blobs. The gooey stuff slided slowly over her cheeks and down her chin. We saw a big grin all over her face. Sacha got up and kissed the beautiful girl, cleaning her face as she licked up the seed of my Micha. They ended up in a passionate kiss that took a few minutes. Judged by the movements of their mouths they shared Micha's sperm. The gooey stuff was pushed up and down from one mouth to the other and back again. In the end they both swallowed what each had left. As their mouths parted each other a white glue-like substance was stretched out between the separating lips.

Meanwhile Pui-Yuk was rocking back and forward all along by the pumping movements of Lenn.

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