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With discretion being the better part of valour, I turned off the light, rolled over and went back to sleep, trying to ignore the stink of booze on her breath.

Breakfast was a frosty affair, Lou was polite but distant, although the frost was melting a bit as we set up in our usual spot by the pool.

She and Stacey spent the most of the morning looking at a video camera giggling and nudging each other like teenagers, at least we have smiles I thought to myself.

After my usual morning childcare duties I approach Lou to offer the hand (or rather the kiss) of peace. With a peck and a smile she flung her arms around my neck.

"Silly old sod." She said, that was the way most of our rows ended.

I began to look forward to the sex later, if we could manage to cram into the small bathroom.

After lunch Lou chirped up with, "Stacey needs your help to transfer a video." Her voice was quite insistent.

"What now?" I asked not wanting to push it again

"Yes now" Lou insisted, pointing her finger at me. "I'll take the kids, go on, off you go."

It was 2.00 pm, getting hot and approaching siesta time. I followed Stacey up to the room, trying not to fix my gaze too much on her tight little bikini clad butt as she hopped merrily up the steps ahead of me.

In her room, I looked at the camera, there was no way I could connect it to ours, this was an all singing all dancing job, ours was bog standard, cheap and basic.

"This is not going to work." I said handing Stacey the camera.

"That's a shame, Lou really wanted you to see this...... I know, you can watch it now. I can send you a copy when you get back." She sat next to me on the small table next to the sofa, swung the small screen on the video camera around and pressed the button to play the file.

"You know that you have been a real brick, I don't know what I would have done without you." She said, locking her deep blue eyes upon me. "I don't know how I could ever repay you."

Moving closer to me she urged me to watch the clip. The opening shot featured Stacey filmed by the pool earlier. The tape started with her saying,

"We both thought you might like to see this.."

The tape started with Stacey, holding the camera at arms length, smiling, obviously drunk, and looking directly into the camera lens. It had obviously been shot in the apartment the night before, judging by the poor light and empty vodka bottle on the table next to the sofa.

I continued to watch as Stacey's moved the camera shakily over her shoulder to focus on Lou, sitting on the same sofa as I was now, with her legs splayed wide apart, naked, her hairy muff and generous tits fully exposed. She had two fingers shoved deep in her wide open and juicy cunt and she was frigging herself to orgasm.

My jaw dropped in amazement as I continued to watch the small screen.

In the video, Stacey, the camera woman, shakily moved it to get a clearer view of Lou's hairy gash, zooming in to focus on to the strings of pussy juice forming between Lou's knuckles and deep within her wide open and juicy wet slit.

My mouth was dry and I thought to myself, this was new. Lou has never ever done this kind of thing before.

The scene continued. Stacey putting the camera down, the picture bouncing and the sound clanking glasses as it was placed on the table next to the sofa, were Stacey now sat. Still focussed, close up, on Lou's spread cunt lips two other fingers appeared in the frame - Stacey's.

Her perfectly painted crimson nails flicked and fondled at Lou's distended clit. The microphone picked up the effect it was having on Lou, moaning and blurting out a string of language that I never knew she used.

"Oh yes, rub it, rub my clit, help me to come..." the voice was familiar, but not the words.

Stacey's fingers expertly massaged Lou's clit, and with them diving into her wet hole, joining her own, Lou came, repeating,

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck..."

"Better put it on fast forward." Stacey said pressing more buttons. "The film goes on for about an hour or so"

The clip moved on at a pace, the camera moved

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