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A nerd's dream girl needs help with a personal matter.

The rushing warm sensations seemed to grow in intensity. She suddenly felt like she was exploding. The tingling heat in her breasts created a rapidly expanding sensation. It spread across her shoulders and down her back and sides.

The nerves from her belly button to her vagina began to tighten and twitch in spasms. Her body arched as a glorious feeling spread over her. She felt a flood of wetness gush from her vagina.

Master Thomas kissed her open mouth. His tongue drove deep into her, licking the roof of her mouth. He swirled his tongue around hers. Cheryl giggled. She began to notice a hard object bulging between her master's legs. She wondered what it was.

Master Thomas picked her up and sat her down on the floor in front of him. He began to unfasten his belt as he asked her, "Have you ever seen a man's penis Cheryl? "She slowly shook her head. She gasped and her eyes widened in disbelief as he brought it out before her. It was long and thick. It looked like a great big thumb. But it didn't bend at all. It just stuck out straight and hard.

He spoke to her with an instructive tone. "My best slave girls know how to kiss it and suck on it so that it pleases me. This will be your first lesson."

He pulled out the desk drawer just enough to get out a long thin switch. Closing the drawer he continued the lesson. He explained saying, "I won't expect too much your first time. Don't bite very hard, or you will get a whack from this switch."

Cheryl still felt pretty good from having her first orgasmic. She felt extremely eager to please Master Thomas. At first, it was hard to stretch her lips and mouth around this strange organ. But she slid her mouth onto it as far she could. She began to suck.

He spoke encouragingly. "That's great Cheryl. Now slide your mouth up and down on it."

Cheryl continued to suck as she slid her mouth back out to the end of the penis. Again, she slid her lips back down it as far as she could. She continued to repeat the process. Her teeth accidentally scraped it a few times, but he didn't hit her. Then her lips slipped between it and her teeth. As she improved, the master ordered her to go faster.

Her rhythm grew stronger. He grabbed her breasts and held them while she pumped him. Before long the penis began to twitch as she sucked. Her master grunted and leaned back. A creamy warm liquid began to squirt into Cheryl's throat. She liked it. It tasted slightly salty. The penis shrank and became soft in her mouth as she suckled and swallowed the salty liquid. Master Thomas rubbed the top of her head with his hands.

His voice was firm but pleasant. "That was great Cheryl. You can stop now. You have pleased me well! You are a very good slave." He reached into a side drawer of his desk. He gave her a piece of candy as a reward.

Master Thomas looked through the drawer some more. He got out a strange looking belt. The end of a wider leather strap was sewn to it. The strap had two holes with a buckle in between them.

He told her to stand up in front of him and turn around. He placed the belt around her waist. "I think that this will fit you just fine." He said as he fastened the buckle behind her making certain it was too tight to slip down.

"Now turn around and sit up on the desk here." He patted the desk showing her where to sit. He held the wide strap between her legs as she obeyed. "OK now lean back and lift your feet up onto the edge. Spread your legs." He pulled the strap up hard through the buckle in front so that the chastity belt tucked snugly between her buttocks. One hole in the wide leather strap fit perfectly over her anus. He adjusted the buckle in the middle so that the other hole perfectly exposed only her urethra and clitoris. He stood her up and tested to make sure he couldn't slide his fingers under it anywhere.

All of the buckles had locking mechanisms. He methodically inserted his key into each one and turned it. Cheryl's virginity would remain safely in his possession until he was ready for it to be taken.

The Master told her to stand quietl

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