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Norm searches for Tilly.

Then he leaned in, running his fingers down the side of my face and across my lips, and kissed me.

Oh God, I knew he'd be a good kisser. I guess he'd had enough practice. His lips were soft and he was just aggressive enough. His tongue darted in and met mine, and a surge of feeling flew through me, like I was on fire. I was desperate for more of him, more kisses, more skin. I pulled away, panting, and then kissed my way down his golden brown neck, which tasted slightly salty on my tongue. I could feel his heartbeat pulsing under my lips. So gorgeous.

Dan's hands were roaming over my bum and he was pushing me back against the cupboards, pressing his body against me. I could feel the lump of his erection hard against me, as he started to grab my skirt, pulling it up at the back. I could feel his hands sweeping over my bare skin, but as his hands ran up and met the waistband of my dress, they stopped. He pulled back and looked at me, curious, and raised an eyebrow.

"You are a bad girl Sasha. It's almost like you wanted this."

I gazed at him and smiled, enjoying his surprise.

"Fuck, Dan. You chase me around the tables for months on end but leave me hanging- what's a girl supposed to do but show up in a sexy dress and no knickers?" I replied, smirking.

At that he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. His hands grabbed my bum tighter and pulled my hips towards his, grinding me against him. A low growl erupted from his throat and I shivered. Skimming his hands up my arms, he reached my shoulder-straps and pulled them down roughly.

I arched my back as my breasts were exposed to the cool air, my nipples twisting into stiff, sensitive buds. I held my breath as he dipped his head down and circled my left areola with his tongue. Ohhh, it felt so good, strokes of pleasure zipping through my whole body, right down to my toes.

I held his head against me, pushing my fingers into his hair, and he sucked on me, nipping and licking like he wanted to devour me. I spread my legs a little more and his hand crept downwards, palm skimming over the surface. His fingers slid straight into the slit, smoothing over the lips, his forefinger searching out and nudging my swollen clit.

"Jeez you are so hot for this Sash, aren't you? You're so wet and juicy for me, I knew you would be..." he whispered into my ear, and all I could do was moan whilst his fingers busied themselves, pressing me, sliding over and over and over until I thought I would come right then and there.

Finally I found my voice. I grabbed his face with both hands and his gaze met mine.

"And you're just hating every moment, aren't you, Dan-the-man, although this is a bit of a give-away." I reached down and rubbed my hand over his groin. I felt his dick throb behind the confines of his jeans.

Neither of us could stop. Neither of us cared that anyone could walk through the store cupboard door at any moment. It was just too good to be together finally, getting our hands on each other. But then, of course, someone did walk through the door. Jackson. I hoped that all he saw was Dan's back and my head, thrown back in ecstasy. He may, of course, have seen more, but to be honest I was never going to ask.

Either way, he whistled.

"Woah...excuse me lovers!"

Then he swiftly backed out, leaving the door swinging. For some reason that seemed to change the mood. Reality had intervened. We straightened ourselves up: me pulling up my straps; smoothing down my dress, reflexively touching my face where I could feel the burn of his stubble; him buttoning up; tucking in; pulling his hair back. My pussy was throbbing. He put his fingers, covered in my juices, to his mouth and licked each of them in turn.

"You taste amazing. Don't go thinking that's the last of it. Definitely to... be... continued."

He winked at me as he swung out of the room. Boom: the cocky bastard was back. I finished pulling my dress back into place and, checking the coast was clear, walked to the ladies'.

By the time I came out, everyone was clearing

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