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Walter's chakras are aligned by a special masseuse.

I jerk my head back in shock, pulling completely off your cock.

"What are you doing?" I protest; the first words out of my mouth since I left you to get ready earlier. I try to close my legs and stop the activity down there, but the restraints won't let me. The dildo is still slowly sliding in and out of my pussy.

"Pleasuring you," comes your response.

I feel the dildo slide out of my pussy and movement on the bed between my legs as the head of your cock is again being pressed against my lips. I then feel what I realize is someone else's tongue on my labia lapping up my orgasm juices. As it flicks across my clit, I jolt from the sensation. The tongue then parts my pussy lips and thrusts deep into my vagina.

"Please don't; we've talked about this before," I plead.

"You are being pleasured at my pleasure my love," you reply.

As you rub your cock head on my lips, I purse them in protest. You don't push the issue and pull away.

"You are my submissive right now, and it is my job to pleasure you in ways that you are not normally pleasured," you continue. "Please trust me with what I am doing, and you will have a night of exhaustive ecstasy."

I do not see you signal to your friend, but I feel him move from the foot of the bed. You both say nothing, and lots of conflicting thoughts are running through my mind. I don't want to have sex with anyone but you, but the feeling and thoughts of two men pleasuring me at the same time is making me even hornier than I was before.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"We are admiring your beauty," you reply. "Just relax and enjoy. No more talking."

I am straining to see around the blindfold to see who you have brought into our lovemaking - no - raw sex session, but I did too good a job of putting it on. Your friend's identity will stay a secret until you allow me to know it.

I finally lay my head back and relax slightly. Someone starts caressing my right leg, and someone else is caressing my right breast. As the two of you slowly caress my entire body, I start to loosen up and relax more fully.

At this point, with four hands all over my body, I am not sure who is doing what, and it is driving me crazy. Is my husband caressing my legs, working his way up to and around my steaming hot womanhood, or is it his friend? Are the hands that I feel massaging my breasts, working up to my shoulders and then playing with my nipples familiar ones? As one set of hands makes its way back to my clit and starts a methodical rubbing, I realize that I don't care as much as I did a few minutes ago.

I then feel the dildo being inserted back into my pussy and a tongue starts to flick over my clit. I realize who is doing what at the moment I taste the pre-cum and take the head of a cock into my mouth. Not a monster cock by any standards, but certainly bigger than yours, I realize I am sucking another man's cock - possibly a stranger's, while my husband slowly fucks me with a dildo and licks my clit. All of the sensory input is so pleasurable that I decide to let down my guard and enjoy the desires of two men who wish to see me exhausted after having as much sex with them as I can stand.

I start to tease his cock like I do yours, knowing he will enjoy it as much as you do. I alternate licking the head and sucking it into my mouth, flicking all around the glans with my tongue while my lips seal around its shaft. Then I hungrily take as much length of his cock as I can in one quick gulp, sometimes gagging on the volume of cock in my mouth and down my throat. I can't get his whole cock down my throat, and marvel that this is the biggest one I have sucked.

I am a bit uncomfortable position-wise, and stop sucking his cock long enough to ask you to release my hands from the straps. When you do, I immediately grab his cock and size it up before I put it back into my mouth and then pump the lower half of his cock while giving him what I believe is probably the best blow-job he has ever had.

I feel your tongue back on my pussy, and I can't help but moan softly as I perform my cock

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