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They took turns with her in a dark alley.

I put on a pair of white heels and checked myself out. I looked hot. Not slutty, but hot. I again wondered what Ted's friend would think.

I went downstairs and set the table. I was aware of how much my skirt slid up every time I bent over. I was enjoying it and wondering what Ted would say.

I heard the door open and Ted yell for me. He spotted me before his friend did. Ted's jaw dropped. He quickly recovered and gave me a huge smile. As he did his friend walked in. Truthfully, his friend was nothing special. He looked to be late 40s. I found out later he was 10 years older. He was a nice looking man, but not the kind you want to chase home.

Ted introduced him as Dave. Dave shook my hand and said, "I'd always known Ted had a beautiful wife. I did not understand how beautiful."

The comment made me blush, but I liked it and admit, on first impressions I liked Dave. I asked Dave in and seated him in the living room. Dave had brought 3 bottles of wine so I opened one to start before dinner.

The conversation flowed smoothly. Dave was a complete gentleman. Witty, smart, and flirty. He knew just when to complement me. I found myself showing off a bit. Bending over where both guys could see me. Sitting with my legs not quite together. Dave's compliments got a bit bolder. He did not always address me.

He would say to Ted, "wow your wife's legs are fantastic. You are a lucky man."

Ted would agree and sometimes egg him on, "She's got an amazing ass too."

Dave "oh, I agree. I keep hoping to see more of it".

I kind of liked being talked about like I was not in the room. I was loving the attention. I replied to Dave, "I bet you would."

He said, "Absolutely."

Maybe it was the wine but I stood, flipped my skirt up for a second and said, "There," and walked in the kitchen.

Both men started protesting. I was loving it.

We sat down for dinner. Dave sat next to me and Ted across from me. As we chatted and laughed Dave and I would reach out and touch each other. Just flirty. Nothing wild.

All of a sudden I felt Dave's hand in my thigh. It was electric. I stopped talking. Ted asked me if I was OK. I looked at him and could see he knew where Dave's hand was.

I looked at Dave and he said to Ted, "Your wife has such soft skin."

Ted said, "Yes she does. It's amazing."

I could not believe this, a hand on my thigh and they're discussing how soft my skin is. The amazing thing was, I was loving it. I actually said thank you.

I looked at Dave and said, "Glad you like it".

That was it. I knew tonight was going somewhere. I did not know where. Dave's hand slid up and down my inner thigh. Sometimes we talked about normal stuff, sometimes Dave would compliment Ted on how sexy I was. I was enjoying letting go. I liked that Ted could stop Dave at anytime. That meant whatever happened was up to him.

Dave's hands pulled my short skirt up to my waist. He could see my panties. He told Ted I had very sexy panties on. Ted asked which ones and Dave described them. Ted said they were his favorite pair.

We finished dinner and I started to clean up. Ted and Dave got up and helped me carry dishes into the kitchen. We made short work of them and poured some more wine. Ted was sitting at the kitchen table. I was standing behind the counter facing him. Dave was behind the counter with me drying the last few dishes.

When he finished he came up behind me, put his hands on my waist, and pulled me to him. He kissed my cheek and thanked me.

He said "Dinner and a sexy hostess. What more could I want?"

He then looked at Ted and said. "This woman is so hot. I've been dying to feel that ass all night."

Ted said, "I understand. I feel the same way."

Next thing I know Dave's arm went around my waist pulling me to him and his hand slid up my skirt onto my ass.

Wow. What a feeling. I'm standing behind a counter, looking at my husband, while hidden from his view his friend is stroking my ass. It was hot, scary, and making me squirm.

Then making sure there was no doubt what he was doing, Dave

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