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Twin girls celebrate their eighteenth birthday with uncle.

She took nine inches of his shaft into her mouth, sucking and tracing his sensitive ridges with her tongue. The tendrils got in the way of her effort as they tried to encircle her tonsils and squeeze them dry, but her Force commands directly to his cortical stem pushed his libido over the edge within a minute, and he released a huge amount of seminal fluid down her throat. Relaxing her throat, most of it slid directly into her stomach, burning the whole way down; the little that ended up on her tongue tasted like slightly sour algae, but her eyebrows puckered as she swallowed it all. Only then did the tendrils of his plinka let go of her teeth and she was free again.

Jar Jar ululated for several minutes with his eyes shut while his plinka stayed stiff. Gungan males were capable of multiple orgasms without losing their erections, to satisfy the needs of the females during the mating season. Then he went completely rigid, his eyes moving back and forth rapidly as post orgasmic paralysis hit him: a rare but mostly harmless disorder affecting one in ten Gungans. He was only able to recover himself and be presentable when they pulled up to the front door of the resort.


Grimsley was smoking a slightly narcotic dilloweed cigarette when Tomakin found him in the machine shop. "Hey, Tommy. Want a puff?"

"No, thanks, Grim," Tomakin said waving his hand in dismissal. "Need a favor from you."

"I'm not playing poker with you no matter what you say."

"No, something a bit more stimulating."

He smiled. "Say on."

"How would you like a date with a special girl?"

"Sure, wouldn't anybody?" He shrugged his shoulders and stared at him, trying to read his thoughts.

"I can fix you up with one of the pleasure girls."

Grimsley snorted and turned away, giving out a series of hollow laughs. "And you've got some prime Gungan development land down by the Glimmering Sea as well. Nice try, Tommy."


"Are you that stupid?"


"Don't you know the pleasure girls are ruined for any normal man after they've fucked a Gungan? They get so stretched out it's like putting your plinka out the window and making love to all Naboo. And I can't tell you how many fucking different kinds of crotch rot Gungan sperm cause."

Tomakin paused and shrugged his shoulders. "What if one were willing to suck your plinka?"

The mechanic scratched his head. "How many times?"

"As many times you want."

Grimsley stopped cold and looked at his friend seriously. "Like you can set that up. What's in it for you?"

The silence was profound for several moments. "A Space Runner."

Ripples of laughter echoed through the hard surfaces of the workshop and bounced into the distance. "You're crazy, Tommy. How're you getting away with that?"

"What, you can't give me one?"

"Oh, that's the easy part, we lose bigger poodoo than that all the time here, but as soon as you hit space, Orbital Patrol will be up your ass quicker than you can say 'Jedis are plinka lovers'."

Tomakin looked around and made contact with Lakme. "Don't worry about Orbital Patrol," her thoughts said in his mind. "I've got something up my sleeve. Hurry up and fix this, we have to move sooner than expected."

Grimsley looked at him in continuing disbelief as a shadowy figure appeared at the lift to the upper levels. A thin figure in white robes glided over to them as the men looked on, pulling her hood back when she came close. "Is this the man who will help us?" the husky voice said.

"Princess Sabe," Grimsley stuttered, before lurching to one knee and bowing to the floor.

"Get up, I'm not a Princess any more. I'm here to see if you will be my friend."

"I'm not worthy."

"Of course you aren't, but I need you help quickly. Are you going to give this man a Space Runner or not?"

"Oh yes, Princess," his head lifted, and he smiled ferociously. "By your command. But I believe there was a matter of price."

She looked down on him and flared her nostrils.

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