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Whore makes a bad mistake and pays for it on New Years

As he was thinking, his hand started wandering. His hand was moving up and down her thigh, lightly massaging her legs. He moved his hand to her crotch. He took his hand putting it into her crotch as she drove. She started to moan, grinding her crotch onto his hand. Putting the car on cruise was a challenge for her.

As she drove, he played with her. She was so horny that she took off her pants, so he could have better access to her pussy. He was fingering her, licking her, doing what ever he could to drive her nuts. She had to find a place to pull off. She was loosing her ability to concentrate on the road.

He kept playing with her pussy, fingering it as she drove. A wet spot was forming under her. Her ass cheeks were starting to get damp. That is when she saw a turn off into a sheltered area. She turned off, finding an area she could park the car and seek some revenge for the past half hour. Half hour she realized, she was going to make him pay.

She climbed on top of him almost ripping off his shirt and pants. Oh how she was going to make him pay for teasing her. She stuck his cock in her pussy, she was so wet that his cock kept slipping out. She ended up holding his cock, as she rode him. Every time she came down on him, she shook from the violent orgasm that was ripping through her body. Her thighs quickly turned to jello, she collapsed, waves of ecstasy road through her body. She did not have the strength to ride him anymore, but she figured she wasn't even close to getting even.

So some how she arranged her body on the floorboards in front of him in the car. She started to suck on his cock. Opening her mouth her long tongue came out, wrapping it around his cock. Her hand attempted to wrap around his cock, oh how she loved having a big cock. She sucked him like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, but she new she would have to be on the top of her game to drive him over the edge. She loved how long he could last, we are talking 5-10 times longer than the average guy she knew.

As she continued feeding him in and out of her hungry mouth, she went to try something different. She knew the ecstasy she felt when he fucks her ass, she wanted to find out what it did to him when she stuck a finger in his ass. She lubed up her finger with her pussy juice, when it was nice and wet, she gently eased her finger into his ass. She thought the nerve endings in his ass would have the same effect on him as it did on her. As her finger went into the second knuckle, she had read that you crock you finger with a come her motion.

She was not prepared for the result. As she continued to bob her head up and down, moving her finger, he started to cum. We are not talking about a small amount either, she had swallowed his load before, that was easy, cause most of it went down her throat without her even having to swallow. This time when he came, it went down her throat, backing up to fill her mouth.

She was in disbelief that she was going to gag. Her mouth was full, when he finished his one big shot. It felt like a fire hose going off in her mouth. The corners of her mouth had a little white showing as she pulled her head off his cock. She

't believe it with her finger still in his ass, he was harder than before when she was riding him. Her legs felt re-energized.

She opened the door and pushed him out of the car. She had him pick her up, and stuff her with that monster he possessed. O God, she thought, what have I done? She had created a monster. He had lifted her up, placed her on his rod. She was held on disbelief at his aim, no hands were used to aim, and impale her pussy.

He continued to hold her up and fuck her till he was to weak in the knees. Setting her down, she went down to her knees in front of him. All he could do was lean back against the car, barely able to hold himself up.

She saw her chance,and she took it.

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