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She was as easygoing a woman as could be; particularly when he heard the complaints his friends had made of their mothers. She had such a gentle manner that whenever she asked him to do something, he more than willingly did it and even wanted to do it-for her.

Out of the corner of his eye, he watched her piddle around, straightening up things here and there. She had kicked off her shoes and was flitting around in her semi-short skirt. She bent over to pick something up off the floor causing her skirt to rise up. She had a great pair of legs; just a beautiful woman. He hoped he found someone like her someday.

"It's been a rough day," Nicole said, stepping up behind him. "Think I'm going to get ready for bed, read a little and turn in early." She patted him lovingly on his back and pecked him on the cheek.

"Okay, mom. Sleep well."

Nick finished in the kitchen and went to his bedroom. He thought more about the dinner time conversation and tried to imagine his mother having sex with a man. His mind actually just replaced her with a woman who looked similar to his mom from a porno flick he had watched the other day. That aroused him and he sat at his computer to see if he could find that movie again. Finding it, he played it on his large screen monitor, adjusting it so he could lie back in his bed to watch it. The woman was hot . . . but his mother was hotter.

Nick had never really had any sexual fantasies about his mother. However, their conversation tonight and this film had simply stirred something within him. He couldn't help fondling his cock as he watched the movie and saw his mother on screen.

* * *

In her bedroom, ready to change into her sleeping attire, Nicole stood naked to look at herself in the mirror. She was generally pleased with what she saw, although she did not think she was beautiful like her son claimed. Still, their conversation and his complements made her feel-sexy? Was that too strong a word? Feeling a bit naughty she dressed in a low-cut, thigh-high nightie. Never know who you might meet in your dreams, she teased herself.

Nicole giggled at the foolishness of that thought as she crawled into bed, propped up her pillows and reached for her book. But reading was not on her mind. Her son and his comments were. And the more she thought about that, she also recalled having noticed him in his t-shirt and shorts. From the time of her divorce, she had told Nick that he was now the man of the house. It was a typical expression that parents told sons, regardless of age, when the father was no longer around. But the truth was, Nick was a man. He had grown up without her noticing-until now. He was every bit the man his father was; more so, because he was a decent person. He did everything she ever asked without question.

Thinking of him now as a man stirred something within her; something-she shuddered-sexual. That was shameful, bordered on distasteful. And yet, Nicole couldn't shake the manly image of Nick from her mind. She wondered how he looked underneath that t-shirt and shorts. The thought carried her halfway down the hall before she realized what she was doing. Stopping, her concern was less about the fact that she was heading toward her son's bedroom and more about the skimpy nightie she was wearing.

Then she heard sounds coming from his room-sexual sounds. That intrigued her. Suddenly attire became less of an issue and her legs were moving again, stopping only before his partially opened door. Peeking in, Nicole wasn't really surprised that Nick was watching porn. She'd heard guys his age did that, and for a minute, she watched also. Nicole had never really watched porn before. Not only was it mesmerizing, it was quite arousing. She found herself drifting into his room, forgetting her attire and whatever her original purpose was in coming.

Nicole didn't really notice the awestruck look on Nick's face as he watched her enter his room and sit on the very edge of his bed.

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