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You meet her and then enjoy her.


I put my hand down to stop June, as I was near to coming, and whispered to her.

"June, do you really fancy being fucked by one of the voyeurs?" I put my hand across and undid the buttons on her dress, slipping my fingers inside to open up her pussy lips. I started to finger her as the chap stepped out of the toilet and came nearer.

"Your legs wide open, while he fucks you, and the others watch." June was moaning now, her eyes closed.

"Just look at the size of his cock, June. He's really here, watching you. Look, outside the car"

June turned round and saw our voyeur standing right by the window. As she looked towards him, he increased the pace of his wanking. He was fairly young, mid twenties, and had a good-sized cock. June gazed at him, fascinated, as I continued to play with her fanny.

He looked down at her greedily, his eyes taking in her firm tits encased in the black basque and then moving down to her black stockings. He leaned forward and pressed his cock against the window, and then moved his body up and down as though he was fucking the window. Then he moved back from the window, and stepped back into the toilet, still pulling at his cock. He gestured to June to come in to the toilet.

"Oh my God, he wants me to go in there," whispered June. "What shall we do?"

I was up for anything at that moment and I turned round and opened the door at my side and got out. We had talked about this while having sex but now here we were actually making my dream come true. I went round and opened June's door and helped her out of the car. Her dress was still open and she stood outside the toilet as I locked the car. I looked to my left and saw two cars parked quite near. It was dark now, but the two occupants could clearly see June. Their car doors opened and two single blokes got out and stood up watching us. I ushered June into the toilet. There was just one cubicle in there and a hand basin. It was dark but we could see our voyeur quite well. He was leaning with his back against the wall, still wanking his impressive cock. As we both looked at him, he undid the belt on his jeans and let them drop to the floor.

I turned June around and pushed her against the wall. I took my cock out and guided it into her waiting wet fanny. Our watcher shuffled over to us, his cock just a few inches away from June. I pushed into her slowly and then pulled out again, my cock just resting inside her cunt lips. I took hold of my cock and moved it up and down, pressing against June's clit and then pushed back into her.

"Go on lad, give her a good fucking."

I looked round and saw the two blokes from the cars standing in the doorway. The one who had spoken stepped forward. He had a blanket in his hand, and put it down on the toilet floor.

"Why not make your wife a bit more comfortable? "

He moved up to us and spoke to June, "Come on love, you can lay back and relax."

June moved away from the wall, and knelt down on the blanket. Our young voyeur followed, his cock jutting out towards her face. She looked up at me, her eyes raised to ask me what to do. I just nodded to her and stepped forward, and offered her my own cock to suck. Our two other watchers came and stood behind June. As she took me in her mouth, and sucked and wanked me, they both unzipped their trousers and pulled out their cocks. One of them stepped closer and slipped June's dress off her shoulders to reveal her basque and stockings.

"Fucking hell, Pete, look at that. Come on lad, get her on the floor, and get her legs open". It was the older of the two who had spoken. June needed no encouragement and slowly lay back on the blanket. He spoke again.

"OK love, you know what to do. Lift up your legs and let's have a look at your cunt."

Without hesitating June drew her knees up and then opened her legs wide.

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