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Katherine is sent home from finishing school in Switzerland.

"Oh my god!"

"When stimulating the head of the clitoris, it's very important not to apply too much pressure," he lectured pulling the vibrator away for a moment. Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at the older man with a languid gaze. "The head of the clit is so sensitive, stimulation needs to be very light," he told her as he brought the humming object back to her clit, barely touching it.

"Oh jesus!" Olivia blurted out. "Oh god!" She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as she arched her back. Her large heavy breasts were enticingly thrust out.

The two policemen, standing just behind Luke, began laughing. They watched over his shoulder, as he masturbated the helpless American teen.

Luke watched the look of ecstasy on Olivia's face. He knew he needed to stop stimulating her soon, lest she climax. But it seemed that she had reached some sort of a plateau for the moment. He decided to press his luck and continue with the vibrator.

"Now, I'd imagine that if I put this on the next setting, the vibrations will get stronger," he theorized. And that is what happened, of course, when he pushed the second button.

"Oh Sir, it's too strong!" Olivia cried. "Sir, please stop!"

However, Luke pressed the vibrator more firmly into Olivia's clitoris. As the buzzing bullet assaulted Olivia's most sensitive organ, she squirmed around on the couch. She placed her hands on Luke's shoulders and tried urgently to push him away, but it was futile. Luke watched in amusement as Olivia's naked luscious body wriggled and writhed.

"See, when stimulating the clitoris, gentle is always better," Luke smugly expounded. "And look, there's even a third setting." He shook his head with mild disapproval as he looked down at the battery pack. "That really seems unnecessary. I mean, look at you thrashing around. You can't even handle it when this thing is set to level two. Why on earth did they make a level three? If the vibrations get any stronger, your clit is just going to go numb."

"Professor, why don't you see what level three actually does," recommended Officer Amelin. "I think you'll be pleasantly surprised," the older policeman winked.

"Oh?" Luke said looking up and back at the two law enforcement officers.

"There's a reason it's called 'The Biting Bullet,'" Officer Letov hinted.

"No Sir, please!" Olivia implored. "Please, I'm begging you, don't put in on the third setting. Sir, PLEASE!" Olivia's eyes began to well up with tears.

"Olivia, you silly girl, what are you getting so upset about? It's just a sex toy. How bad could it possibly be?" Luke said patronizingly as his thumb hovered threateningly over the third button.

"Sir, the third setting is painful. It's electrical sho... AAAAAAH!" Olivia began wailing as stinging jolts zapped her poor little pearl. "NOOOOOOO!" she pleaded.

Luke's mouth dropped open in surprise as he pulled the bullet off of Olivia's crotch. He intently studied the benign looking little device between his right thumb and forefinger. He tentatively touched the vibrator with the tip of his left index finger. He then quickly pulled it away as he experienced a quick sharp shock.

"Oh my goodness," he chuckled. "Now there's something I haven't seen before. A sex toy that also shocks you."

"Dr. Sokolov and Mr. Uday, the inventors of The Biting Bullet, promised that the electrical shocks are safe and harmless," Officer Letov informed Luke.

"Yes, I can see that," Luke said thoughtfully as he once again quickly tapped the vibrator with his left forefinger, experiencing the mild but painful electrical current. He turned the device off.

He then looked up an the panting unclothed girl in front of him. Her ample bosom heaved up and down with her breath. Olivia inhaled and let out a sigh of relief, thankful that the torturous toy was no longer touching her womanhood. Luke gazed at her big jugs moving up and down, with their perky rosy nipples. Then he got an idea as a grin began to spread across his face.

He brought the bullet to Olivia's left nipple.

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