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Jeremy brings Christy into the wonderful world of submission.

I hear the main bathroom door open and close a couple of times. A shadow passes by my door. It disappears then comes back. I'm leaning against the cold wall pinching my nipples. The door opens a little, and I hear a womans voice ask, "Anyone in here?"

I say nothing as the door continues to open. In seconds I'm face to face with the owner of the voice.

"Oh shit!" she says, eyes wide open.

She has big blue eyes and looks like one of those executive types. She quickly looks me up and down. I continue playing with my nipples and tits. My eyes lock onto hers as I run one hand down to my pussy. It's all too much for this woman.

"Sorry," she squeaks, and closes the door quickly. I giggle to myself.

The door is left slightly ajar. I push my clothing off the toilet seat and straddle the porcelain. I sit down carefully, enjoying the sensation of the butt plug. I blush when I remember how you insisted I add it to my 'accessories' this morning and the fun I had inserting it. I lean back a little and place my hand on my pussy. Wet. I idly run a finger up and down my slit. I close my eyes. I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying this.

The next instant, the cubicle is filled with light. My eyes fly open.

"Oh my God!" I hear a horrified screeching voice.

There is an older woman standing in the wide-open doorway. She seems so disgusted that she can't even move. I notice there is a group of maybe three younger girls at the bench behind her. They are laughing and trying to see what this woman finds so distasteful.

I look up at the woman's face. I remove my finger from my cunt and bring it to my mouth. I lick it before plunging it in my mouth. I swear she nearly passes out. She is speechless as she stumbles away. I laugh. So do the girls at the bench.

"Holy fuck!" says one of them when she spies me.

"You nearly killed the old bat!" laughs another. I wink at them while reaching for the door with a foot.

"Ooopsy!" I say as I push the door closed with my toe, after I give them a cheeky wink. The girls giggle and I hear them talking excitedly at the same time.

"Fucking cool," says one. "Good one!" calls another. Their voices fade away as they disappear back into the mall.

I am nearly laughing now and I sigh as I stand up. I wonder how long I am suppose to stay in here. You never did give me a time frame. The place is silent. I turn around. My back facing the door. I consider getting dressed. I reach down for my clothing, when I notice the cubicle door opening slowly. I keep my position, with my ass up in the air and look behind me.

It's that executive chick. She looks at my ass.

"Shit," I realize suddenly. "She'll see the plug."

She looks at me.

"Y'know, you're not supposed to use these bathrooms for what you're doing." I stand up and turn around.

"I'm not suppose to do a lot of things, but I do them anyway," I tell her.

She is actually very attractive now that I get a better look at her. She has perfectly straight long hair, an auburn color. Immaculate make-up. She is wearing a low cut suit jacket and a mid thigh skirt. She enters the cubicle and closes the door, locking it.

"Wow,"' she says, looking at my tattoos. Her gaze lowers. I am playing with my pussy jewellery. Her eyes widen as she crouches before me.

"I've never seen one of these close up before," she says. Her voice has become quite husky.

She asks me a few questions about the piercing. I feel my pussy getting wetter, seeing her before me. I've never had a woman touch my cunt before and I'm trying hard not to stammer when I answer her. She slowly raises her hand and runs a perfectly manicured finger down my freshly shaved pussy and touches the jewellery. She flicks it sending a gorgeous shock wave to my clit. My breathing gets a little heavier. She runs her fingers down the length of my slit. I move my feet apart a little as she slides a finger up my slippery cunt. I close my eyes as my head falls back a little.

She continues to work my pussy expertly until I am dripping.

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