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She seduces her nephew.

"Damn! Always when you are in the shower. Why can't anyone ever arrive at your door when you are sitting watching a boring stuff on the television?" Tom wrapped a towel around his hips and padded down to the front door.

Standing before him was Tina. He was sure it was her "Tina is that you?"

"Sorry you were busy I'll come back!"

"No please stay. I'll go get changed it won't take me two minutes. Come in and wait!" Tom said rather insistently edging back leaving her have room to get inside the house. Tom showed her to the front room and ran up the stairs two at a time. He quickly put on a shirt and a pair of gym trousers. Not the most stylish of clothes but they were the closest to hand. Tom didn't want to leave Tina downstairs alone too long incase she left. As he rubbed gel into his hair he looked into the mirror. The butterflies in his stomach told him that he was nervous.

Time had been good to her. She had weathered well. Tina had filled out a bit; she had been too skinny at school. Tom secretly loved a big of flesh on the bone. Everyone assumed he would like svelte women, but there was something special about a bigger woman. Tom loved the jiggle as they rode him. The bigger the girl the more there was to kiss and touch.

"Hi am back would you like a drink or something? Sorry you caught me mid shower after work."

"A coffee would be great. Thank you for today that was such a long conversation. My computer died hence me going offline so quickly. When I got back online I saw you had invited me for a drink and left your real address. Temptation got the better of me and thought I would come see you face to face. I can always go and come back some time, which is convenient to you. Sorry I am going on" Tina said as her face started to go a deep crimson as she saw Tom smiling a broad grin at her.

Tom went to get them both a coffee and he sat down in the seat opposite her. That way he could watch her. Tom had much experience of watching women but normally he was just working them to try to get them into bed. This was different Tom was catching up with a very dear friend. He listened intently as she talked about what she had done in the last 15 years. Tom couldn't help look at her sitting there looking a little shy and bewildered in her knee length grey skirt and her pale blue shirt. She looked amazing. She looked so elegant just like he remembered all those years ago. Tom was hooked on every word she said and soon they were chatting like she was 'one of the guys'.

Tom asked Tina if she would like some food as time was moving on and she agreed. Tom led her out to the kitchen and ran through a list that was available and they settled on a chicken salad. They continued talking as he washed and prepared the salad and cooked the chicken. Soon they were sitting down and eating their meal. " I have to tell you that you were always such a catch at school." Tina started " You had a big fan club if I remembered correctly. I better not go down that road!" She cut off mid sentence.

"What were you going to say?" Tom questioned Tina.

"Oh its just something silly from when we were at school!" she said

"Enough water has passed under the bridge since we last met so I am sure you could tell me!" Tom said.

"Well I was always a big fan of you. I even dated Roger just to get close to you!" Tina said her face filling with colour as she sipped her glass of water. This really shocked Tom Tina and Roger had always seemed such a well-matched couple. He had always liked Tina her personality was nothing like any girl he had ever known, however he always left a respectable distance due to her relationship with Roger.

They continued talking long after the meal had finished.

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