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" Amy continued tucking her shirt back in as they pulled to a stop.

"Alphas, the barbershop you requested." Jay called back.

"Thank you Jay." Amy said.


Wolfgang wrapped a comforting arm around Ash as they stepped out of the car, "It is just a house."

"It's so big." Ash answered a little self-consciously, his hair had been cut so he no longer looked quite like a street rat but his clothes were dirty and worn. He didn't own a thing that would be considered good enough to wear here.

Amy chuckled, "The home of the Alphas is meant to be big, it houses the central pack, the Alphas and their family, the seconds and their family, some enforcers and their families and miscellaneous pack members and their families."

"So... a lot of people live here?" Ash asked.

Amy nodded, "don't worry about a thing..."

"ASH!" Thais called as he ran out of the open front door and launched himself at Ash. They both tumbled to the ground. Ash was a little shocked as the boy hugged him. "Welcome home." Thais said before he pushed himself up and then offered his hand to help Ash up.

Amy chuckled as Ash got back to his feet. "Forgive Thais; he has been impatiently waiting your return."

Thais smiled, he took a lot after his father in the face; he was tall for his age, only a little shorter than Ash and very lean. His dark hair was only slightly long giving him an unkempt charm that human girls his age found irresistible, even though he wasn't interested yet. "Ma can he have the room next to mine?"

"He can have whatever room he likes." Amy compromised knowing Ash might not be comfortable being placed with the other younger cubs.

Serenity and Temperance ran out with Gwynt trailing behind his older siblings, they paused before Ash.

"Serenity and Temperance," Wolfgang said pointing to each girl in turn as he said their names, "and Gwynt."

Gwynt stepped behind Serenity and glanced around her to study Ash, his eyes, the left one blue and the right one green, moved to his parents but Amy and Wolfgang were just waiting for him to stop hiding. Gwynt was the shyest of Amy and Wolfgang's children, he was always the last to meet new people and often did it reluctantly, they knew he would grow out of it given time.

Temperance skipped up to Ash, "Hi," she offered her hand to him and he took it.

"Hi," Ash answered.

Serenity glanced back to Gwynt, "come on, it's another brother..." she then walked forward leaving Gwynt on his own. "Hi, most just call me Ren." Serenity said as she offered her hand.

"Nice to meet you Ren," Ash said.

"Don't worry about Gwynt; he's just shy around people he doesn't know yet." Serenity explained.

"You lot go finish your homework..." Wolfgang told them, "and if you have done your homework go pester Taliesin." He shooed them off and they went. "Let's find you a room, you can clean up and get ready for dinner." He told Ash as he started to lead the somewhat reluctant young man into the house.
"For now would you mind if we put you in a room near those four?" Amy asked.

"We can always move you if you don't like it there." Wolfgang added.

"ENOUGH!" Keira yelled at Ghan the moment Amy and Wolfgang walked Ash into the entrance hall, both winced as this was not a good first impression. "Get it through you thick Neanderthal skull," Keira continued, her fists were balled up and she was a moment away from breaking something. "I am being trained for Beta status, whether you like it or not."

"Keira..." Ghan said slightly frustrated. "You have the rest of time to train..."

She nodded, "Yes, because I am immortal which means we also have forever to start a family, we don't have to do it now!" She glared at her mate, "I am going for a run before dinner, don't follow or I might take my anger out on you." She turned and stormed from the room.

Ghan turned to Wolfgang to ask for support, Wolfgang help up his hands, "don't look at me, I wouldn't dream of forcing my need for cubs on Amy. When they come they come."

"Ghan," Amy said, "you have eternity t

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