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Jane gives herself to a mysterious stranger.

He sips on his Coke and puts it down. "Paul, put on something mellow... will you?" Jack stands and holds out his hand to me. "Dance with me." I almost choke on the piece of ice I sucked on in my mouth. I drop it back into my cup and stumble on my words. "What.. I, I, I, I don't, don't dance ... I don't dance at all!" He rolls his eyes and takes my hand and pulls me out. He's holding my waist and pulling me beside him. "If you can't listen to the music and dance to it, dance to how you feel inside here." He rests his hand on my heart.

I dance with him as I have my head on his shoulder. My hand is in his, his other hand on my waist and my other hand rustling through his thick brown hair. "You do know how to dance... very well, I might add." He leaned back and looked at me. He kept dancing while holding my gaze with his. Neither of us heard the song end, so we kept going.

He ended the night by giving me a kiss on the cheek and walking me out to the car. We talked for another half-hour and then I said that I really had to go. "Come to the fair with me Saturday." I told him I would and we had many more dates after that. Every night made me want him sexually more and every time I saw him made me want to say those three words to him more.

"Darling, I'm leaving for Chicago for five days. I'd like to take Marcus with me. Is that okay with you?" My wife, Ellie asks one Thursday morning.

"Uh, why are you going to Chicago and Marcus can't be left alone in that bustling city," I said.

"Yes, sweetheart, I know. I have one thing to do two days into the trip, but it will only last one hour. Otherwise, I would like to have alone time with my son. Will you be all right by yourself?"

"I guess, yeah. When do you leave?" I asked while holding the newspaper.

"Marcus and I leave tomorrow afternoon at two. We will be back Wednesday around six at night. It was the only flight I could get. Sorry." She touches my shoulder and leans over to kiss me. I barely kiss her back.

"How are you doing, Dave?"

"Dr. Graham, I'm doing okay. My wife left today for Chicago. She took Marcus with her. I miss him a lot. You know how you wish for alone time constantly and when you get it, you don't want it? Yeah, that's how it is."

"Well... I have no more patients for today. I could come over, if that is, you'll let me."

I stare wide-eyed at him and all I can do is focus on my breathing normally again. "Yeah... come with me."

"Oh, I'll come with you, any time you want. My pleasure!" He stands up and puts on suit jacket. He takes a few things with him and tells me that he'll come to my car in about five minutes. He didn't want it to look too suspicious so he'd have a chitchat with the secretary.

"No flirting with her." I tell him.

"No, me? Never!" He smiles widely and his eyes almost twinkle. I love it.

"You little fucker." I sarcastically say.

I wait by my car and a half-hour later, he's with me at my house. I let him inside and show him around. We hang around, watch T.V., look at my music collection together, drink a beer and laugh about each other's jokes. An awkward moment rolls around and we stare at each other. He slams down his beer and forces a kiss on me. He grabs my face and kisses me so hard I can hardly kiss him back. Oddly, his beer breath turns me on, and his control over me turns me on more. I feel my pants tighten and I realize I am growing an erection. I push him off me and he looks confused until I take his hand.

I lead him to my bedroom and face him. "This is where I want you." I say to him, astounded that I said it out-loud. He kisses me softly and climbs onto me once I'm lying on the bed. We make out for what seems to be years and slowly, he starts to fumble under my shirt. He pushes his hands up my shirt and rubs them on my bare skin. I sit up and raise my hands. He takes the shirt off and stares at me.

"You work out?" He asks.

"You can't tell?" I ask back.

"Oh, fuck yeah.

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