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Please tell me if this offends you in any way.

Love and Kisses and Everything!!!

Your Boyfriend.

Boys don't do PS's, I think. I mean, we read them and like them from our girlfriends, but we don't write them. Is that okay?

BTW, I'd like a tattoo on you right at that place I kissed for a little too long last time. I'd like that mark to be permanent, to remind us.

Please tell me if that's too much, I mean, writing it down.

Talking about your breasts made me aroused. I'm going to have to deal with that after I seal the envelope. You are so precious to me.

I love being your boyfriend. I tell you stuff I've never told anyone else. Here's one: I don't mind that you used the word 'marry' in your letter.

Not right now, but ... sometime.

I'm going to seal this up and think about your ... neck.


Dear Boyfriend,

Girls do it, too, you know, I mean, play with themselves. If you're super-sweet and buy me flowers sometime, I might let you watch me do it. Of course, I only think about you when I do it. I've never talked to anyone but Esme about doing that to myself. Girls do NOT do it together, I mean at the same time when they're together. I think. Maybe Esme's two friends she works with that are a couple do that and more though...DO NOT THINK ABOUT THAT. I'm sorry I mentioned it. I forgot how much men like the idea of two women together.

I don't mind the idea of lesbians but I hate the idea of you thinking about other women, even lesbians. Especially of other women and lovemaking.

Sometimes I'm sorry we promised to never scratch out stuff from our letters, or start over.

If you stop by to see Esme, I'm going to know why, so DO NOT.

Our date last night was so sweet. I love the necklace you gave me and the heart with our initials in it will be special to me always.

I love that you kissed me so long and were so sweet and tender and gentle and loving and how you undressed me so, so slowly and kissed each part that you revealed. I will definitely keep telling you what to do and when, sometimes. Sometimes, thought, I want you just to do it to me. It makes me feel all womanly for you to take me, sometimes, but other times, I will tell you what to do and for how long.

I like it both ways.

You obviously do, too.

Don't think that Thursday is our new 2nd blow job night. We still have just one. (That's tonight, isn't it? Hmmm, I'll have to think about THAT.) I think about you all the time, anyway. I look in the mirror to fix my hair or my face and I see the chain and I take out the heart locket and I feel, well, let's say, very, very affectionate about you. I confess, I think about your hands. Hands and fingers. Remind me to kiss them tonight? A full confession, I think about your hands and fingers on me. On my bare skin....oh, baby...(INSERT PAUSE HERE - I"LL BE BACK)

Told you girls do it, too.

Don't' worry, I'll tell you all about it tonight.

I love you so much I want you to love me too. I know you do but I want you to say it. A lot. To me. In my ear, softly, and out loud, in front of anyone. I promise to look you in the eyes whenever you say it. I keep count, you know, of how many times you say, "I love you," and that's how I know how many times to kiss you. Times a million.

OMG. Now we know what '69' is. I had to think about it so we couldn't do it last night. You just had to make do with a BJ from me and then putting your thing in your favorite place in the world. Don't worry, it was a very nice night for me, too. I think the physical expression of emotional intimacy is heavenly, isn't it? I feel so close to you during and after. You make me feel so special, like I was made for you and you were made for me, except, we both have to try to keep it that way, don't' we? I love being special for you and making out and then you ...A kiss becomes me being all sticky and happy and folded into the arms of the man that I love. Yes. Please do it again, tonight. Tomorrow night. Every night, forever? You don't have to say...just know that I want to.

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