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Foursome with friends.

Lift your head and let me get you as comfortable as possible, this part of the exam may take some time. There you are that's much better isn't?"

"Oh I know Dr. Benny; it takes time to make sure every part of me is taken care of so please take as much time as you need to. Yes the pillow is so much better I can watch you examine me and answer any questions you have for me."

I sat back down and her sopping wet pussy was right in front of me. She was so wet it came thru her shorts. The material actually was tight enough and wet enough to see the outline of her pussy lips.

"Well Liana, I see what you were talking about, you're little pussy is very wet. I think I should feel it first without you taking your little panties off."

I ran my fingers up and down that slit and she purred like a kitten. I knew it, with tits like hers she had to have a doozy of a clit and I was right. I could just see it thru the thin material.

"Ummm, I see a little bump here, let me feel it and see what it does."

I rubbed her clit and she wiggled real nice.

"How does that feel?" She loved it trust me, I'm a Doctor I know these things.

"Oh Dr. Benny, that may be the whole problem, maybe you should take off my panties so you can look at it and examine it real good."

"I think you may be right, lift up your little cheeks so I can pull them down over your legs." They were history.

"What do you think Dr. Benny is it serious?"

Fuck yeah, serious luscious cunt.

"I'll have to perform a few tests to see exactly what the problem is. The first thing I'm going to do is rub this little bump here and see what happens."

This was a clit that was begging to be sucked. It was all wet and deep pink, puffed up nice and high. I put one finger in between her lips to get it good and wet, she almost screamed.

"Did that hurt?' Yeah, hurt so good.

"No, Dr Benny, I think it needed to be done so you can do your test."

I dipped into her again and just wiggled my finger over the tip of her clit. She started moaning and squirming, she was so wet I could see how her panties were drenched with her sweet honey.

I spread her lips with one hand and put my middle finger inside her pussy. I started to finger her real slow. I rolled that pulsing clit round and round in my fingers.

"Oh my God Dr. Benny that feels so good. I knew you would understand how to make me feel better please do whatever you think is good for me."

"I think you need some oral stimulation, so don't be concerned when you feel my tongue on your sweet pussy. I think I just might have the exact treatment you need."

I pulled her as close to the edge of table as I could. I pushed my chair back a little and my mouth was only a few inches from heaven. I rolled my tongue out and lapped that clit real slow. I got way down around the bottom of it and sucked it up in my mouth. God she was sweet. I did a real quick flicker motion with the tip of my tongue and she was wild.

"Oh Dr. You're so good at it, please don't stop, it feels so good, I feel better when you suck on my clit, makes it so good, I love this treatment, I need more of it"

Okay, I was more than willing to lap this sweet cunt as long as she wanted me too. The sounds she was making, her body moving, she was close to a real good cum, I'd give her one.

I sucked that hard stiff clit and put two fingers in her deep. The little patient was fucking my fingers and I could feel she was about ready. I licked her clit and went in for the last treatment. That tight cunt on my fingers and the throbbing clit between my lips told me she was cumming, cumming real hard.

"Dr. Benny, I think it worked, oh my I feel so good, did you make me cum in your mouth Dr. Benny, and is there more treatment?"

I sucked and licked her almost dry.

"That was only the first treatment, I think you need a few more don't you, since it felt so good?"

"Whatever you think I need Dr. Benny, you're the doctor and I'll be good and take whatever treatments I need. Could I tell you something that helped the most?"

"Of course, if I kno

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