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She came like she never had before. Her body was flooded with warm, liquid pleasure. She felt a series of contractions, each producing bolts of electric joy.

Many quiet minutes passed before Lynn's body stilled completely, before her breathing returned to normal. The intense orgasm had elevated her to a true euphoric state, she was floating on a cloud. Lynn was so relaxed that she couldn't be sure whether or not she'd fallen asleep or remained awake. Night noises from outside and the bright moonlight gradually registered, becoming an extension of her bliss.

Time had certainly elapsed, but Lynn couldn't say whether minutes or hours had passed by as she drifted down a stream of serenity. Life was good.

Dreamily, Lynn's mind finally started reliving the sexual experiences of the day. Seeing Fred's sperm erupting from his rigid penis, the feeling of Beth's body sleeping against hers, being kissed while she'd stimulated her clit, the feathery touches across her breasts that seemed to trigger her release. Over and over her mind replayed dreamlike sequences as Lynn basked in a post-orgasmic glow.

Chapter 7 - After Last Night, What Must Beth Think?

Beth! Fear and uncertainty invaded her mind. Beth!

As she lay in bed, Lynn's mind replayed the night's events, but now it presented only the dark potential consequences of Beth seeing what should have been a private moment. Having been raised to feel that her body was something to be kept secret, something "a nice girl" never talked about, Lynn was in turmoil.

Finally it sunk in; she'd enjoyed that fact that Beth had been there. NO, she loved it that Beth had helped her masturbate! In fact Beth had helped her come better than she ever had before.

"Wow, I shared my passion with another person, Beth! Oh my God, Beth! What is she going to think about me? What do I say to her?"

Opening her eyes, Lynn's first thought was a fear that Beth might have left for her own room out of embarrassment.

When Lynn finally grew brave enough to peek, there, in the dim silvery light of late night, was Beth, lying on her side, eyes wide open, gazing at her sister.

"Beth, I..." Lynn began, but was clearly struggling over what to say.

Smiling a warm, gentle smile, Beth propped herself up on an elbow, leaned forward, then planted a petal soft kiss squarely on Lynn's lips. Beth held the kiss until the warmth of each other's lips was quite noticeable. As she finally removed her lips, Beth placed her index finger in their place, mouthing an almost silent "shhhhhh."

Beth whispered, "You were so beautiful." After a pause, adding "Now please don't say anything more tonight. I have something important I need to do, and I don't want to be disturbed."

Smiling again, Beth took away her finger, then gave Lynn one more short closed mouth kiss.

In addition to feeling tremendous relief, Lynn felt a newfound tenderness towards Beth as well; she was deeply moved by her sister's seeming understanding of Lynn's "moment of weakness". Fact was, Lynn was still a bit troubled that Beth had seen her lose "control", had seen her masturbating. Despite knowing better deep down, Lynn still worried about how her display might effect their relationship.

While Lynn drifted along, luxuriating in her post-release dream state, Beth had had time to think. Upon witnessing her sister give in to an unsuspected sensual side, a myriad of thoughts had flooded her mind, some earthy, some profound. For sure, it was purely incredible to have watched Lynn masturbate, especially seeing her come. For a time she'd felt overwhelmed.

Yet gradually Beth was able to sort out much of her mental chaos. Thoughts swirled in Beth's brain like leaves on a windy Autumn day.

"That must be how I look when I play with myself."

"It was awesome being there with her. Hot damn, sex shared is better than sex alone."

"Lord, I love Lynn; I always want us to feel this close."

"I got super excited watching her; she got me so horny I could scream."

"Lynn's body is so sexy; now I truly understand why boys want

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