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A new introduction - Kavita the latest sweaty dirty slut.

We did not wait for the honeymoon to fuck. As soon as we were alone in our car driving back to our town, she started jerking my cock and was sucking my dick. I fingered her to a wet orgasm. When we arrived at the reception hall, we found a small room and fuck doggy style before our families and friends arrived. Our honey moon was a week full of sex.

Over the years, we have told each other about our pasts and our sexual exploits. We have lived out a few fantasies and continue to find new and exciting ways to spice up our sex life. We are not stagnant.

I brought Nancy home her first vibrator while I was on a business trip to New York City. It was a vibrator disguised as a hair brush. When she figured out what it was really for she went wild. (She likes riding her vibrators to this day) She showed it to one of the girls at the salon who told her all about these vibrator parties where women could go and learn about sex toys and try them out too. Now this is a bombshell in a highly religious community. When Nancy got up the courage to finally go she came back with a rabbit and pearl vibrator, a vibrating cock ring and some tasty sex lube. She told me how the girls at the party tried out the vibrators...on their necks and over their pants!

Soon enough Nancy had found like minded friends who also loved sex and were not afraid to enjoy it in spite of what the Church said. She found a friend in our Ward named Annie who was from Colorado. Annie was a certified Masseuse. Annie is a bit younger than Nancy and was a newly wed when the two had met at church. They would trade hair-doos and hair colors for massages and pedicures.

Nancy loved these bi-monthly visits. She told me once while we were fucking about the time when she and Annie were talking about 'Happy Endings' and how that used to turn Annie on when a male client would get aroused. Annie told Nancy that she had only given one client a happy ending and that was her husband. Nancy asked if Annie knew that she had given more happy endings than that. Nancy told Annie that she had made her orgasm several times since they had started trading services. Annie told Nancy that she too had felt really horny after Nancy would give her a pedicure and carefully rub Annie's feet. From then on Nancy is massaged while naked. No more over the garments stuff. The first time that Annie rubbed my wife's pubic area, Nancy squirted all over the massage table and sheet. The two are very close and enjoy their one on one time every couple of weeks. Nancy has taught Annie about orgasm and masturbating with Nancy's Hitachi collection. Annie came for the first time when Nancy sucked on her toes while Annie used Nancy's vibrator on her clit.

Nancy's other like minded friend is Tami. Tami is a frustrated mother of two who looks like that actress from legally blonde. When they met at church, they learned that they had similar views on life, love, and parenting. As their friendship developed, they became more and more comfortable with each other. Tami and Nancy started working out together. They have seen terrific results.

One day, Nancy told me that she was really horny because Tami and she had taken photos of each other in order to track their exercise progress and that she is really attracted to Tami's hot bod. I told Nancy that I wanted to see the photos. When Nancy gave me her iphone I was amazed! Not only were there basic physical photos, but the two took some action photos too. Yoga poses that are x rated. Tami's trimmed pussy hairs, her sexy ass and quarter sized nipples on c cup tits made me so horny that we fucked while looking at the photos.

Tami has moved from our town to another state because of her husband's job.

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