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Student & janitor father blackmail pretty teacher.


I heard a soft jingle.

"See right here?" My mistress continued. "This is the only key that will work in the lock for his chastity device. I keep it right here around my neck all the time. It's just a reminder to him of the power I hold over him. So close...and yet so far."

"But with that on him how do you fuck him?" I heard a different woman ask. "I know my boyfriend would go wild with lust if he didn't get fucked at least once a day."

"Fuck this slave?" My mistress said with a laugh. "That's a good one. No, I would never consider fucking this pathetic slave. And maybe your boyfriend just hasn't had the right kind of training yet. If this slave has been good and obedient for long enough...and I'm in a good mood I might allow him to jerk off. But he hasn't been that lucky in...well, what has it been slave? Two weeks now?"

I answered, "yes mistress," as best I could.

"I find the longer that he goes without coming the more desperate and the more committed to me he becomes. We'll have to see," My mistress said as she patted my hooded head, "I might never let him come again...and he definitely isn't coming anytime soon."

The humiliation I felt was overwhelming. I was kneeling facedown on the floor and I was completely naked except for the hood over my head and the strap wrapped around my waist. My hands were in cuffs behind my back were and further secured in place as they were attached to the wide leather strap. Around my ankles was another set of cuffs waiting to be attached to whatever it was that my mistress decided. I felt an ache in my jaw from the ball gag pressed in my mouth and the pressure on my cock from the plastic cage that it was trapped in was a constant reminder of my predicament...and my mistress' power over me.

And now, just when I thought I couldn't be reduced any further, my mistress was idly considering whether or not I would ever get to come again while a room full of woman watched me.

I couldn't believe that this is how I found myself...but I knew that I was the only one to blame.


I sat in the back row of my human sexuality class and waited for Professor Cooper to return our tests. I had only taken this class because I was in my last semester of college and I assumed that this would be an easy A. But now here I was with only a few weeks left and I was in danger of failing the class. I couldn't believe that I was in danger of failing to graduate because of this one stupid class.

I watched as Professor Cooper made her way around the class handing back the tests. I had to admit though, if there was one thing that made this worthwhile, it was the teacher. She was probably about 35 with a long athletic body that looked like it had been sculpted from many hours at the gym. The only part of her that wasn't long and graceful were her breasts; they were round and full and sat up so nice and perky on her chest. Somehow the fact that she always wore a conservative outfit in class, usually with a blazer buttoned over the top of her tits, made her even hotter. I found myself continuously day dreaming about what she must have looked like when she wasn't dressed for work.

My daydream was cut short though when she got to my desk and dropped off my test. "F" was written in red and circled at the top. Professor Cooper gave me a stern and a disappointed nod of her head as she moved on to the next person in line.

F! I couldn't believe it! I knew that with this grade there was no way that I was going to be able to get my grade up to be able to pass in the few weeks that I had left. I couldn't imagine the thought of taking a class in summer school just because I couldn't pass this one joke of a class.

"Alright class," Professor said from the front of the class, "Congratulations to all of you who did well on your tests. For those of you who didn't do well you still have a few weeks before the end of the semester to improve your grades."

I thought that she shot me a glance as she said this but

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