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Mom has three tasks for her son.

I'm going to come clean and admit it wasn't accidental. I foolishly felt my friendship with Greg was being threatened. There'd been no shortage of girlfriends of Greg I had to accept before; but you were different. From the outset I could see this was much more serious and being from out of town, you were someone I didn't know. In a silly way I suppose I was trying to show I had a claim on him too.

In an even more silly way I had tended to think of him as my life time backup. Like out of some movie, the romantic interest I could keep on hold in case nothing better came my way.

When I looked around and saw how badly you were hurting I felt incredibly bad; immediately regretting what I'd done. Thankyou for being so mature as to make sure we both got through it and became such good friends.

And you two are made for each other. I might have been drunk when I said you should marry each other; but it's still the truth. I've never seen a couple so right for each other. As my two best friends I want only for what is clearly best for you.

Now for some more serious admissions!

So, you have fantasies about a threesome including me. Well guess what, in a way, we've already had two of them; slightly strange ones I'll admit, but ones in which I've come even if you guys haven't.

The first in a way you know about - the night you had to strip and shower me to put me to bed. What maybe you don't know, because I haven't admitted it before, is that I remember it well. I don't know what drink or drug that bastard Henri slipped me, but you were right; by the time you had me in the shower it made me really uninhibited. But if it was just drink, it didn't stop me remembering the next morning everything from the time you took my swimmers off.

And I have to say being undressed by you two while you propped me in the shower was incredibly arousing; not helped much by the way you felt up my nipples and fingered me (all very innocently and with noble purpose of course) as you washed me down.

Still pushing myself against Greg and dry humping him was pretty outrageous. Because you were still washing my back it felt to me like a real three way; even if it was just in my own addled brain. I was really embarrassed about it the next day and greatly relieved when you were willing to brush it off.

It's a pity you didn't let yourself enjoy it more by joining in as I note you were tempted too.

The second time I've never admitted to you and accept neither you nor Greg know about it, even though you were part of it.

It was the night after Zoe's party when we were all sleeping naked together in the car.

One reason I left Wayne behind and retreated to my tent alone was a suspicion that things would go wrong and I'd have a chance to take up Greg's offer to join you in the car. It's silly isn't it; I gave up a chance to get myself screwed silly by a guy just for the slight chance of spending a mildly erotic night sleeping naked next to my two equally naked best friends. But by this time I was becoming painfully aware we were soon to be separated by the end of the holidays. It just felt right. Maybe all close friendships - even same sex ones - are based on a sort of unresolved sexual tension.

I could tell you were barely awake when you unlocked the door for me and you fell instantly back into a sound sleep as soon as you did. As I climbed in the car I found the space I needed to occupy was crossed by your arm. So I slid under your arm and tucked it across my chest under my breast.

Somehow that disturbed you enough that you shifted your arm so your hand ended up cupping my breast; not just cupping it but with your fingers placed such that my nipple rose up between two of them.

In repositioning yourself like that, you shuffled about on Greg enough that the hand he previously had on your bum, dropped down to his side - coming to rest on my mons.

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