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He energizes her sex life.

Her red hair hung wet off her body. She put her hands on her boobs and massaged her hugely swollen tits. "Thaaat's it. Keep working, you beautiful, delicious, yummy little....boy!"

Brunhilde smiled savagely. Her abdominal and pelvic muscles rippled in sinuous waves. Phillip, face buried in her pussy, was unaware of anything wrong at first. The warm, moist feeling of her cunt was confined mostly to his face. He wasn't alarmed when the feeling spread to cover the rest of his head.

Breathing was still difficult, but he figured Brunhilde would finish in a few moments. Phil also had other distractions; namely Louella (he was cumming regularly at this point), and something soft (?), warm, and wet covering his feet. "'?' What's Elena doing?"

The soft, wet feeling spread to his ears. The effect was as if two thick pillows, soaked in warm water, enveloped his head. Phillip was new to cunnilingus, but even he knew something was odd.

"That's it. Time to stop. Something about this is wrong." Phil pushed at Brunhilde's legs as a signal to ask her to get up. Instead the redhead inched forward, and Phil's head seemed to sink deeper into her pussy. "'?!' What the fuck's going on?!"

He pushed harder; Brunhilde's legs, crooked on either side of him, dragged her body forward. The wetness spread to his neck; something thick and slimy slid along the nape, like a clit...or a tongue. Phillip began to panic

"What's happening?! Help!" He flailed and pounded at Brunhilde's legs with his fists. Her legs were hard and unyielding like granite pillars. Phillip became aware of two incongruous and sickening facts: he was still cumming into Louella's mouth, and another warm, wet envelope was covering his feet and moving up his legs.

"Oh God! What the fuck's happening?! Who are these women?! Help!"

Brunhilde watched the bulge of Phillip's head move up her pelvis. His panicked thrashing excited her clit; cum squirted over his head, down his neck, and across his shoulders and chest. Cum and cocoa butter were great lubricants.

Her muscles rippled and flexed, the way a snake swallows a mouse. The boy flailed and fought, his screams muffled in her thick body. Phil's struggles were futile; the Gudrunsdottirs had swallowed far stronger men.

"Mmmm," she purred, licking her lips. The boy was delicious. She paused, preparing her vagina for his shoulders; shoulders were always difficult. It helped that this one was small.

She looked down the young man's squirming, buttered body. His belly rose in and out, his back arced and thighs pumped. Brunhilde smiled and played with her boobs. Men always came when the sisters fed. Whatever happened, whatever the men did, the sisters always gave them a good time. She remembered Louella's prom, "A veritable orgy, that."

She watched her sister work Phil's shaft. Louella gulped away; she seemed to like manseed more than her sisters. "Such an enormous quantity for a little man," Brunhilde thought. Today was Louella's birthday so the sisters gave her first dibs.

Down at the end, Elena had swallowed the boy almost to his knees. Forcing his calves up her vaginal canal was akin to inserting a large dildo. "Unnngh!" she moaned; cum splashed on Phil's legs and the floor beneath him. She wrapped her legs around his and used the leverage to push forward. Her belly stretched as Phil's feet crossed the cervix into her womb.

Elena looked at Brunhilde, gasping, panting, and licking her lips. Brunhilde gazed back with the smile of a gourmand. "Race you to the middle?" Elena challenged.

"The sis who gets there first, gets him all?"

"You're on."

Brunhilde spread her legs to 90 degree angles. Her pussy expanded to cover Phil's slim shoulders. She bent her legs at the knee and set her feet on the floor. Using her legs as oars, and her constrictor-like stomach and pelvic muscles, she propelled her body forward, simultaneously swallowing Phil's upper body into her womb.

Phil's gyrations weakened as he began to pass out from lack of oxygen. "Help! Oh God! Somebody help me!" he cried weakly.

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