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Zach learns to never judge a book by its cover.

However once again in the night I had them sleep in my bed with me. Strange how important sleep still is to our digital selves. Without the downtime you still grew disorientated and started to fall apart after a couple of days. You still dreamed too & in my dreams I was tormented by images of Mistress Helena & the girls pleasuring her, or lily being punished by her. Or worse me about to be punished by her. & quite shameful myself about to please her or one of the girls. I would often wake hot and wet, finding myself clutching one of the girls, or one of the clutching me, asleep but in tears. I would be tempted to wake one of them to please me, but it felt cruel to stir them & leave them frustrated, there was always the morning for that. Moved by their need I was also tempted to permit them to come for me except Mistress Helena had told it forbidden for guests to allow that. Nonetheless in the morning I was always cool & offhand with them. But they didn't seem to mind, serving my every fanciful whim lovingly. How lovely they were & how lovely it was to be served by rather than be one of them.

But mostly I waited & longed for Mistress Helena to come back in the evenings. I had been told that while my membership was being decided, it would be better if I didn't leave the club premises but also to stay in my quarters. This was no great hardship as the rooms, garden & pool were very well furnished. I amused myself with the girls & browsing the internet shopping for expensive clothes, though curiously my instant messenger or phone wouldn't work inside the club. Mistress Helena had told me this was also to protect the clubs exclusivity but I was sure hers worked.

She was very busy, running her own businesses & with her hectic social life. I wasn't told about her husband, nor much details on her personal harem. In the evening she would come & spend a couple of hours with me. The girls would be dismissed to kneel waiting in my bedroom, or just simply elsewhere. Often she would be dressed in very expensive evening wear, having been to the theatre or opera, her discussion about these events went completely over my head & she knew it. I felt as simple as the illiterate girls in her presence. She knew that too.

If she wanted another wine she wouldn't summon the girls but ask me to pour, never pouring for me. But I always obliged. One evening she had held out her arms for me to take her long evening gloves off, without hesitation I did so. One evening she arrived in jodhpurs & riding boots & expected me to remove her boots. I had protested in good humour & she had removed them herself. However the next time she wore those boots I had removed them for her. I had become besotted with her & we both knew it.

I would spend whole days thinking about her wistfully. Even the girls knew it. When they were cleaning me or brushing my hair they would stroke me almost sisterly. On more than one occasion I had found myself disconsolate & being stroked look up to one or the other & she had kissed me unbidden on the lips. & I cant say that I minded. In fact I often found myself humming along to their simple love songs, engrossed watching them as they swung their pretty bottoms in unison was almost tempted to join them in their chores. & I had never done housework period. Just to take my mind off Her

Before I knew it 10 days had slipped by. That evening she had called by & asked me if I would like to come to her rooms. In secret. We both knew what she meant by that & I had gushed my affirmation happily. She had smiled sweetly, her eyes were however firm, it would be on her terms. I didn't demur. She announced that she was going to the theatre but would send for me afterwards.

All evening I waited in vain but had no way of contacting her. The next morning & late in the morning too a brief note was delivered

"Was later than I expected last night, will send for you later. Mistress H."

I was at the same time furious & elated, all day flitting back & forth at the mirror checking & rechecking my makeup.

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