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Friday evening.

As to Mr. Charles himself, he seemed to accept the approaches of the young ladies with a mixture of good humour and aplomb; replying to their girlish repartee without once, as the bard says, seeking to get "his hands in the placket."

Mr. Charles also joined the young ladies and Nancy on their country walks. These rambles were intended to provide virtuous exercise and a study of nature. This study however, did not face all the facts of nature, "red in tooth and claw." The sight of little animals of the fields and woods, perhaps trailing young offspring, tended to be dismissed as "Sweet." No word of the copulation that led up to led up to this "sweet" issue was ever heard, except perhaps out of Nancy's hearing.
During the course of these rambles Nancy noticed that the bolder of her young ladies sought to cling to Mr. Charles' arms when opportunity presented. This was an alarming development for which she could not in all justice blame Mr. Charles. She did however, in Mr. Charles' absence, admonish the girls that this was not an action attendant upon their virginal status, but this seemed to have little effect upon the male starved maidens.

To further alarm Nancy, the Misses Edith and Angel, together with other of her female holiday tutors, also took opportunity to join in the countryside saunters. Even Dove took, what Nancy thought of, as an "unhealthy interest" in Mr. Charles, despite her suspected nocturnal relationship with the chaplain.

One day while idly sitting in on a geography tutorial conducted by a middle aged lady, Nancy became aware that every eye was turned to the window. Glancing to see what the distraction was, she saw Mr. Charles making his way from the main building to his coach house abode. Every step of his way was tracked by the female eyes until he passed through the door and out of sight. A communal sigh arose in the room.

All this was dreadful enough in Nancy's eyes, but another cause gave her even greater grounds for alarm.

They were only three weeks into the holiday period and Nancy was contemplating suggesting to Mr. Charles that he might seek employment elsewhere. As she lay in bed one night meditating on this, a mental picture of Mr. Charles hovering around in her brain, she felt something that had not occurred to her for a long time. In fact she had not felt this sensation since Gordon days.

The chaste Nancy tried to deny that she was experiencing a slight throbbing excitation in her nether region, or more specifically, her clitoris. To investigate this unwonted phenomenon she placed an exploratory finger on the nerve filled little nub. Nothing seemed amiss, except that the probing finger increased the sensation, and adding to her puzzlement was the fact that her vagina seemed exceptionally moist and she was sure her nipples were hardening.

She replaced the clitoris investigating finger with her thumb, thus allowing the finger to research the wetness of her vagina. Her free hand now cupped her breast, her fingers gently pressing a nipple.

After a few moments of this research the image of Mr. Charles seemed to intensify and this was accompanied by a rather pleasant if violent series of tremors to which she responded with cries of, "Oh my God....yes....yes...yes...", as she visualised herself and Mr. Charles in a highly compromising situation.

After a considerable amount of heaving and convulsing Nancy managed to stop the throbbing in her clitoris, and she lay back on her virtuous mattress in a state of delightful relaxation. For the first time since Gordonian days she was enjoying her body, including the sweet fragrance that her sexual organ seemed to be emitting. To add to this pleasure she raised a soft little hand to her lips, and tasted the outpourings of her vagina. This combination of taste and odour set the clitoral alarm bells going again, and quickly Nancy was struggling to relieve the revived symptoms.

The battle, even more virulent than the first time, over, Nancy pondered in the fastness of the nig

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