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Daughter is Learning.

" She said sitting me down on a stool. "We just need to get you ready."

She opened up a couple of drawers and pulled out some blush, lipstick and some eyeliner. She started to apply the makeup while she was giving me my make over she said "I have told these guys all about you and told them how you like to be used. I hope you don't mind. I think you are really going to enjoy this. We need to get you some sexier shoes. When I am done with you I need you to go to your closet and get the 6 inch red stilettos I got you. I think you are going to be such a hit Stacy. I cannot wait to see the look on the boy's faces when they see us."

Once she was finished with my make-up I went into my closet.

"Is there anything else I should put on Megan?" I called from the closet excited just thinking about what she had in store.

"I think the boys are just going to love you. I don't think there is anything else you need." she said her voice getting closer to me.

Megan peeked in as I was putting on my shoes. She looked so slutty and hot. She had put on a really short leather mini skirt and her white stay up stocking tops showed just where her skirt stopped. She had on some bright pink 5-inch strappy heels that accentuated her long sexy legs. It wasn't long until I heard the doorbell ring.

"That must be them." Megan exclaimed. "Why don't you go let them inside? I have a couple of other things I want to get ready for our big night. Are you ready for this Stacy?"

I just smiled and turned to go get the door, which by now had rang another time.

I walked down the stairs to the front door. I opened up the door to two young men.

"Hello, My name is Daniel and this is my friend Corey." The shorter one said

Daniel was a tall lanky white guy and Corey was a big attractive strong black man. Standing next to Corey Daniel looked really frail. My thoughts were clouded with what was about to happen.

"You must be Stacy, Megan has told us all about you" Corey said giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I greeted Daniel as well and let them in the house.

"Megan is still getting ready, can I get you guys a drink? " I asked

"That sounds great I'll have a gin and tonic." Daniel said

"Make that two." Corey said

I walked over and opened up the bar. I bent over to grab the gin and Corey walked over towards me brushing his hand across my ass. Feeling his hand across the leather dress sent a chill up my spine.

"You look even better in person." He said as he slapped my ass. "Megan showed us your little videos and the pictures she had taken to see if we would be interested but, but I never expected this. You are so hot. I cannot wait to see how this girl can take a cock." He said looking over at Daniel.

At about that time, Megan appeared and she looked even better than she did when I had left her.

"You boys ready?" she said clutching her handbag and taking my hand.

"I just poured our guests drinks Megan why don't you let them finish their drinks Hun?" I said pouring her her favorite drink, a martini extra dirty.

We sat and chatted for a while in the house while we finished our drinks.

"Well should we get this night started?" Megan said.

"Lets go!" Daniel said getting up and offering his hand to me to help me up. I was a little bit drunk from the two martinis I had had talking to the men and it made me laugh a little. We soon climbed into Corey's car and where we were heading I didn't know but by this point I didn't really care. Both of the guys were hot and I was ready to get down to business.

After about forty-five minutes, we pulled up to a pretty fancy club I had never known about the next town over. There was a huge line outside and it was quite chilly when we got out. Luckily for us Corey was a regular and we didn't need to wait in the line we went right up to the front and they let us in.

The inside of the club was amazing there was a huge aquarium behind the bar.

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