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How things have changed & the decisions they need to make.

'Pop', the cork hit the ceiling as the champaign fizzed from the bottle.

"Oh, just like my 'old boy' last night," Mark boasted. Craig and Ted laughed at the comment.

Helen decided enough was enough; she was going to call Mark's bluff. "Okay, lover boy, how about we see what you've got?"

Mark needed no second invitation. He stood and released his cock from the confines of his Levi jeans. Ted and Craig's mouths gaped and Helen felt a sudden tingle when they saw Mark's nine inches of flaccid cock flop against his thigh.

"No wonder the girls like you, Mark," Ted managed to say as he stared at Mark's manhood.

"Puts mine to shame," Craig added.

"Don't worry lads, size isn't everything," Helen reassured Craig and Ted.

"No? Then why don't we put it to the test?" Mark challenged.

Helen knew she was cornered. She could simply leave, but her stubbornness prevented her. She wanted to bring this arrogant, male chauvinist down a peg or two.

"Well, what do you say Helen, do you want to put it to the test?" Mark repeated.

"Come on then, I'll prove to you that size doesn't matter," Helen replied, accepting the challenge.

The group entered the bedroom. "Right, everyone get naked," ordered Helen. She decided that if she were going to fuck the three boys, she would be in command. The boys needed no second telling. All three were naked in seconds.

She knelt in front of them, Craig to her left, Ted in the centre, and Mark to her right. Helen took Ted's cock into her mouth. It tasted salty and smelled musky. Her mouth took all of his six, hard inches deep into her throat. His pubic hair tickled her nose; her chin felt his balls as Ted slowly rocked back and forth.

In her left hand, Helen took Craig's cock and began to wank him slowly to hardness. His was about the same length as Ted's, but perhaps a little thicker.

Mark's cock tapped Helen's right shoulder. She responded by taking it in hand and pulling back his foreskin.

All three lads looked down at Helen's nakedness. Her firm 36C breasts heaved as she gulped for breath. Her pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a V. Mark was desperate to fuck this woman. The tip of his cock glistened with pre-cum as she slowly wanked his ten inches. It was a similar story for Craig too. As Helen stroked his meagre six inches, he too was damp with pre-cum.

Ted, however, was almost about to ejaculate. Helen sensed this and decided to swallow. She sucked a little harder as he pulsated in her mouth, his semen exploding from his cock, splattering onto the back of her throat. Ted's knees trembled as he came, almost collapsing.

Helen stood, semen dribbling down her chin. "Here, let me," Mark offered as he licked away the remnants of Ted from Helen's chin. Helen knew then that her task was going to be difficult to achieve. It was then she decided to abandon her task in favour of a good gang-bang.

She lay back on the bed, "Who's first?"

"Go on, Craig, once I've been there, she'll not feel your little dick inside her cunt," Mark jested.

Craig lowered himself onto Helen. His cock slid into her moist vagina. He felt the folds of her labia slip down his shaft. He wasn't a virgin, but he was a novice. Within minutes, he was exploding his semen deep inside Helen's pussy. Helen felt him explode and shuddered to her first climax.

As Craig lifted himself off, Ted who was now fully erect again quickly replaced Craig. He too slid in without any resistance. Ted fucked Helen's sperm-soaked pussy hard and fast, squelching sounds betrayed their wetness. Helen felt the burning inside her as she began her second orgasm. This time, her vagina grasped hold of Ted's cock, causing him to cum immediately.

"Excellent boys, I see you've managed to get Helen well lubricated to take my big fat cock," Mark boasted. Helen laid half dazed as Ted stood, his cock slipping out of her pussy, semen running between her buttocks.

Mark knelt between Helen's thighs, forcing her legs further apart, allowing all three lads to see into Helen's open vagina.

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