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The tall, dark and handsome, virtually flawless vision of masculine beauty stopped, smiled, and nodded, and then took time out of his busy day to show me the way. Along the way, I introduced myself to him, and got the ball rolling.

"Please to meet you Beren, I'm kind of new here myself, I transferred to Carleton University from Fanshawne College, so I know what it's like to feel lost out here," Jabir said as he gently shook my hand. I looked him up and down, and there was a hidden pain in those soulful dark eyes of his. Like the nosy gal that I am, I couldn't help but pry.

"What drives a man from London to move to Ottawa for school?" I asked, and Jabir hesitated. I realized I'd dabbled into sensitive territory, always a mistake when you're meeting a guy for the first time, but I could care less. Jabir and I were walking past the library, heartbeats from the Loeb Building, and I'd gone and messed up a good thing by asking the wrong question.

"I was born in London but I've never felt like I belonged there, the people are uptight and racist, at least in Ottawa we've got all kinds of ethnic groups here so I'm just another face in the crowd," Jabir said, and there was a raw, haunted look on his handsome face. Pursing his lips, Jabir smiled and the gloomy look vanished like ice in the sun, replaced by that movie-star grin.

"Well, thank you for showing me the way, Jabir, and I kind of know how you feel, I'm from Turkey," I said, and for reasons I couldn't explain, I gently touched Jabir's arm, and I swear he blushed. Nodding, Jabir wished me a good day and hastily walked away. I stood there, watching his cute derriere in them blue jeans and silently swore to myself that he'd be mine.

"Stop teasing me," Jabir pleaded, snapping me out of my lustful reverie about the circumstances of our first meeting. Grinning, I stroked his dick and then gently licked his dick head, after gently pulling back on the foreskin. A lot of chicks are turned off by uncut men. Me? I love them. The first guy I ever hooked up with, Ramon, is originally from Mexico and he was all natural. The second guy, Mathieu, was Haitian and also natural. I'm a Muslim woman because, duh, I'm Turkish, and where I come from the lads are all cut. Uncut men fascinate me because they're unusual, exotic and virile to me. No apologies, ladies and gentlemen. I know what I like.

"I'll do what I please," I said, and then I licked the underside of Jabir's shaft and watched as a shudder coursed through his entire body. I laughed, knowing I had him right where I wanted him. I took Jabir into my mouth, and a happy sigh escaped his full, sensuous lips. I gently caressed those big, low-hanging balls of his, knowing it would drive Jabir absolutely nuts, and I was right. The handsome brother's length hardened like a piston in my mouth, and I greedily sucked on his noble tool.

"Woman, you're killing me," Jabir said, moaning as I sucked him until he came. I tasted the first droplets of his essence, as they say, and loved them. No two men smell or taste the same down below. I like the way Jabir smells and tastes. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, and winked at Jabir, who smiled hungrily at me, clearly wanting more.

"Killing you softly is my intent," I said, as I straddled Jabir, teasing him by rubbing my already wet pussy against his dick. Instantly Jabir hardened, and I marveled at his gorgeous physique. Jabir is a beautiful blend of west African and white Canadian. Like me, he grew up in Ontario and was raised Muslim, but he has a largely secular outlook on things. That appeals to me because deeply religious dudes with their neurotic, outdated views on sex and women's bodies irk me. Fellas, us ladies will fuck you if we want to, but don't you dare judge us for it.

"What a way to go, my lovely," Jabir whispers hotly, his eyes boring into mine, and a thrill runs down my spine.

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