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A first experience in sexual exploration.

He smiles then leaves.

She looks at his back as he leaves then looks at what he wrote on the mat.

' Room 23'.

She stares at the beer mat like it could catch fire at any moment. What should she do? She could go there or she could go to her own room.

His was next to hers. It had to be a coincidence. Or fate?

The way he looked at her, his smile, his dark eyes you could lose yourself in.

She was feeling so hot, maybe too hot. The look in his eyes made her think he'd know that she'd want to give in. She could already feel her panties getting wet of the though of his hands on her body. She finished her drink and started walking to her room. She needed to think, too calm down. A cold shower, maybe another drink. Anything to get this stranger off her mind. She didn't even know his name!

She slowly makes her way to her room; images of him slowly caressing her body penetrated her like lightning bolts, each flash made her legs weaker and weaker. The thought of him alone made her clit burst with excitement. What should she do? Should she choose room 23 or 24? She should choose her own room.

Shouldn't she?

He was pacing the room now the cool calm exterior was gone. He takes his hoes and socks off to give him something to do. He sits on the bed pulling of his shirt then stares at the adjoining door wondering who was next door when he heard a knock. He almost ran to his door not really thinking where the sound came from. He opened the door to his room and no one was there. He stood confused for a moment then walked towards the adjoining door. There she was.

He stared at her wrapped only in a towel. Water dripping down her body, her long hair up with damp tendrils framing her face. He looks her up and down watching a droplet of water sliding down her inside thigh.

He looks into her hazel eyes almost questioningly. Then he finally hears her voice.

"Sorry was feeling a little too hot."

When he doesn't reply she lowers her head and slowly starts to walk away. Suddenly a warm, strong hand clutches her shoulder gently. She freezes, not in fear but in anticipation because she knows its him. She finds enough breath between her thudding heart beats to whisper, "don't I get your name?"

"Shhhhh", he says with a warm tone.

He leans in, his breath caressing her wet, supple skin. He licks a droplet of water off of her shoulder, then moves in, kisses and gently biting her where her neck meets her collar bone. She bites her bottom lip to suppress a moan but he stills hears her.

He's gently stroking her arm with the tips of her fingers just enough to make her skin tingle. He looks up from the goose bumps forming on her skin into her eyes. Her long dark eyelashes framing her dilated pupils, he knew she wanted him as bad as he wanted her now for sure.

He undoes the towel, slowly pealing it away from her body to reveal the present inside. 'God she looks amazing'. Her nipples as hard as his cock, just begging to be kissed. He drops the towel and pulls her towards him so she can feel his hard cock against her pussy. 'It feels so big'. He slowly places his wet lips over her nipples and gently begins to tease them with his tongue, sucking and biting them gently.

She grinds herself against his hard cock. She's so wet, she can feel her juices running down her leg and she can't remember a point in her life when she has ever been this turned on. She can barely move, only feel what he's doing to her. He leans up and gently kisses her lips. She kisses him back more forcefully and when she bites his bottom lip he jumps back a second. She starts to apologise but a feral grin appears on his face and he starts being rougher, pushing her against his open door.

He slides his hands slowly down her quivering body and down towards her warm, soaking wet pussy. He gently traces the outer lips, her juices wetting his fingertips. Her legs start to weaken and he hasn't even slid his fingers into her yet.

She almost cums instantly as he slides to fingers into her dripping twat, his thumbs tracing circles around her clit.

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