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A drive to remember.

She allowed her finger to penetrate him as she did so and, in the mirror, she saw his cock twitch upwards at the pleasurable sensation. It excited her even further and she felt an almost desperate ache of horniness in the pit of her stomach. Todd picked up the pitcher and she nodded that she was ready.

There was something deeply erotic about watching herself pee into the waiting receptacle. She stood facing the mirror, squatting ever so slightly, as Todd knelt, holding the pitcher between her legs. She held on to his shoulder for supprt and, after a few seconds of silence, gave a short grunt of relief as her steaming nectar gushed nosily into the plastic container. She had been saving it all day, and the flow seemed to continue interminably before finally dying away. Todd murmured something she didn't quite catch but it was clear he was impressed at the sheer volume of her effort.

The next few steps were the same as in their previous sessions and Lana, flushed with arousal, now sat down on the cold tile floor and turned to face Todd, her knees flexed and her thighs spread for him. Todd knelt between her feet and bent down, picking up the device as he did so. He looked at her for a moment, holding her excited gaze, and then maneuvered one of the slick nozzles into the crevice of her bottom. She raise her hips for him, then gasped as the tip slid almost effortlessly into her and slid four, five, then six inches inside.

Todd now sat back and shuffled forward, allowing his his legs to interlock around hers. Balancing himself carefully on one hand, he lifted his ass and then began to work the second nozzle into his own rectum. A bubble of clear pre-cum formed at the tip of his cock and then dripped downward in a viscous string as Lana looked on with mounting excitement. They were now ready for what was about to come next...

Lana took the condom attachment for the clear plastic tube and held it up as Todd reached for the pitcher. His hands were shaking once again as he raised it up but he managed to direct the contents into the waiting mouth of the attachment. Lana watched in the mirror as the bright amber fluid snaked down the tube, filling both nozzles, and then she gasped as the hot liquid began flooding her waiting asshole. Todd's hips jerked at the similar sensation he experienced.

"Oh Jesus... oh, Christ," he moaned.

The speed of the flow was gentle enough that Todd had to pause in the pouring, letting the condom shaped receptacle empty several times before continuing. The hot piss slowly invaded each of their bottoms, filling them more deeply with each application. After a few minutes the pitcher was empty and Todd set it down. As soon as the condom was empty, he deftly took it from Lana and, with one smooth motion, slipped his cock into it, pulling it down the shaft and holding it tight against the base. He caught Lana's eye as he leaned back to rest on his hands.

"I'm ready," Lana said, breathlessly.

The next few minutes seemd an eternity. There was a silence in the room as Todd closed his eyes and focused his attention, breathing slowly and deeply. Lana watched in the mirror once again and, after a few more seconds, she saw bubbles in the tube suddenly race downward. At the same instant, she felt the incredible force of the flow send more hot piss shotting into her insides. They both grunted loudly, each unconsciously arching their hips upwards to receive the delicious flow.

The stream seemed to go on and on. The length of pipe between their two asses was about six inches or so and, watching in the mirror, Lana could see the odd bubble shooting down the tube and then coursing either left or right towards one of the nozzles. She could feel the warmth flooding higher and higher inside her, filling and stretching her rectum in incredibly erotic waves of sensation. When the force suddenly subsided, Todd grabbed the clamp and slipped it around the tubing just below the condom, pulling it away from him as he did so. He took a long, deep breath.

"You first," he wh

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