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An old friend is given another at-bat.

just the way I like it"


She began to jerk my cock, spitting on it to make it wet. She licked the tip with her tongue. She tasted the precum and moaned in pleasure. She took a deep breath and began sucking my hard cock.

She slobbered all over it. She spat. And drooled. And smacked on my cock like it was a good lollipop. She moaned and begged for more. I grabbed her by the back of the head and pushed her onto my cock.

Slowly, she made her way down to the base. I held her there while she swirled her tongue around my tip. She pushed against my hand, trying to retreat, but I pushed her head closer to the base, choking her with my cock. She let out one big gag, and I released.

She coughed and cleared her throat. "Do that again," she begged. I moved her to the kitchen sink and put her head against the drawers under the counter. I pushed my cock into her mouth and down her throat.

She gagged and pushed. I pulled out until it was just my tip in her mouth. Then I thrusted with all my power, pushing her head onto the drawer behind her.

She made gagging and choking sounds as I fucked her throat deeper and deeper. I pulled out and let her take over. The slutty cow deepthroated my cock over and over. She massaged my balls while she sucked on the tip with all her might. I began to shudder in pleasure.

"I... I'm gonna cum," I uttered. She began jerking my cock fast. My pulsating member was grasped tight in her hand, being choked from ecstasy. She held my cum in and smirked at me. I begged her to let me climax. She winked and let go of my cock, shoving it all into her mouth.

She took my throbbing cock deeper than she'd ever had and I jizzed inside of her, filling her stomach up. She kept sucking. She wanted every last drop.

When she finished, she continued to lick the tip of my dick, making me fall over. "Don't think we're done yet, I'm not done with you," she laughed. I was laying on my back on the kitchen floor now. She crawled on her hands and knees and hopped on top of me.

My dick began to grow again, sliding up in between her luscious butt cheeks. Her soft fur felt amazing against my sizzling dick. She put a hand back and judo gripped my cock. She felt it pulsing for a bit, stroking her hand just a little, trying to tease me. Then she led my dick inside of her.

She sat back, and gasped as I entered her completely. She sat looking up at the ceiling for a minute, her mouth wide open. She tried to make up words, but couldn't manage.

"I.., I... came already," she stumbled. In response, I began to thrust up slowly, making her bounce. With every thrust, she gasped for more air, trying to breathe. This was too much for her, but I didn't care.

I leaned her more forward, wrapped my arms around her slim waist, and pounded away. Screams started to fill the room, with every thrust. She tried to make out sentences to tease me, but was overwhelmed with lust.

"FUCKKKKkkkk... MMEEEeee... HHARDDERrrrr..." She managed. With a grunt, I gripped her waist tighter, and thrust every last inch of dick I had into her, over and over. I could feel her uterus squeezing my cock, twitching every time I hit the roof of her womb.

I feel myself about to finish, when I angle her upward. I hold her arms and she leans back, her back arched away from me. She becomes a ragdoll as I fuck her good and hard.

I cum inside of her. I can feel the warm ooze of my seed seeping through her. She has no words. She can only shudder in pleasure.

I continue to slowly fuck her, letting her come back to reality. I pull her forward, and she collapses on top of me. Her orgasm was so good she feinted.

She lay on top of me barely conscious, as I slowly long-dick her while my cum flows out of her, and onto the floor.

"That was amazing," she whispers, "Thank you Daddy". I smile and lift her up and stand, still inside of her. I carry her to her room and lay her on the bed.

"Please. I need you to fuck me again," she pleads.

"I'll be here for you tomorrow," I say.

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