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A boyfriend gets a glorious surprise for his birthday.

"What's this? Feels like somebody shaved since last night. Did you do that for me?"

"No, I shave my pits every Friday," Patty explained as her uncle's thumbs kept massaging under her arms.

"Oh. It didn't bother me when I did this last night. It was just a little peach fuzz and it was sexy," Bob related as his hands moved over to her breasts. "These are sexy too."

"Wish they would grow," Patty admitted.

"They're perfect as they are" her uncle assured her as his hands went inside the pajama top to massage the firm cones in the flesh, and while the teen moaned as pushed herself into his palms he noted, "your nipples - they're so responsive - so sensitive."

"Please," Patty whimpered as she brought a hand down to squeeze what had been poking her. "I'll do anything except, you know."

"I know," Uncle Bob replied while taking one hand off of her breasts and pushing it down under the elastic of her PJ's, and as his fingers slid down he asked, "you aren't one of those girls that shave down here, are you?"

"Oh, there we are," Bob said just as his niece was about to respond. "Just a little wisp of hair. Nothing like your Mom, that's for sure."

Even in the dark Uncle Bob could see the shocked expression on Patty's face while his fingers toyed with the fluff, and if Patty had asked him how he knew that he might have answered truthfully but she said nothing as she let him move her backside to the picnic table while her pajama bottoms went to the ground.

"Oh honey, you're so wet," Bob exclaimed as he reached down and grabbed the pajamas, putting them on the table for the girl to sit on, and then he was lifting her up and parting her skinny thighs so his finger could explore. "So tight too."

Then Bob was on his knees in the grass while his face burrowed into Patty's delta, his tongue lapping crazily while he inhaled the pungent aroma of her untouched sex, and soon her thighs were clamped against the sides of his face while her hands clutched his thinning scalp.

"Uncle Bob," Patty whimpered, causing the older man to take his face out of her valley to remind her to be quiet before diving back in.

Although he didn't say it, as his tongue danced around her clit he realized that at that moment despite her vow to remain a virgin, if he stood up and brought his long skinny prong between her dripping labia, she would not protest. He fought the urge as he worked his tongue into the writhing teen and waited for the inevitable, knowing that Patty had another prize he wanted to take instead.

Patty came soon after, and to her credit the kept her noises to a high pitched squeal that she stifled though her nose. The loudest sound came from when she slammed back from her sitting position and her head hit the table while her legs clamped around his skull like a polished wrestler.

Eventually Patty's body stopped convulsing and her thighs released the grip she had on her uncle's head. Bob leaned back a bit, her face dripping wet from a combination of sweat and Patty's juices, and although his eyes may have been playing tricks on him he could have sworn that there was steam rising from the parted lips of her sex. He let her catch her breath for a minute, smiling at how flat her chest was when she was on her back and how little that bothered him, and as he rose the teen was getting back to a sitting position at the edge of the table.

"That was super good Uncle Bob," Patty managed to say as she watched the older man let his pajamas drop, exposing his very erect cock which pointed at her ominously. "Let me get you off now."

Patty slipped off the table and dutifully onto her knees, and while she indeed may have been a virgin, the way she grabbed his throbbing member and managed to swallow more than half of the slim 7" with one swoop made it clear she was no novice at this. Bob groaned and let his hands run through her silky light brown hair while forcing himself to stay in control.

"Oh Patty," he whispered with a glance towards his sister's darkened home

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