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Woman surprised in her home.

Wild emotions began flooding her brain as she stared straight ahead into his piercing dark eyes. It felt just like her college days when she could frequently be found sitting in the principal's office being reprimanded for a lack of concentration and frequent misbehaviours. Unlike the mistakes of youth though, this was much more serious. This was her career. Her livelihood. She tried to slow her breathing and gain some control. But then it happened. In the space of just a few seconds, her sordid secret was out as he flipped round his 28 inch monitor to reveal her adult fuck-buddy profile page.

"Oh God!" was all Tara could say as she buried her face into her hands, bent over on the chair.

She'd been publically outed in the worst possible way - by her boss. The man who had direct control on her career, her integrity and her livelihood.

"Well, judging by your reaction, I guess I don't need to check this is definitely you. What the hell were you playing at?"

Tara said nothing as she slowly sat back up in the chair, her hands still gripping her bright red face. Gone was the sexy, office pin-up goddess. In her place, sat a publically humiliated, shame-faced slut.

"Answer me!" he suddenly spat.

His aggressive tone jolted her and she tried to compose herself.

"I, I, it was just for...just for some private fun."

"Private fun? On a fucking public website!" He was angry now, standing up from behind his desk. The swearing shocked her. She'd never been sworn at by him before.

"And this doesn't look too fucking private either," handing her three A4 sheets of paper.

They were face photos from her profile, which had been crudely printed from his personal colour printer. She looked down at the first picture to see her being fucked whilst deep-throating another man's cock. Shame convulsed through her body. She tried handing them back to him.

"No, no, I want you to look at all of them," he said, shaking his head.

She gingerly looked at the next picture, showing another woman greedily eating her asshole as another woman with black stiletto heels dug them sharply into her back. Again, she blushed heavily and felt his revulsion at her lewd sexual acts with other women. The final picture showed her gagged and bound with rope, her face flushed and her body red and swollen. For a split second, Tara swapped deep shame with the flush of intense sexual excitement at the memory of that forbidden moment. She handed them back to him.

"I've seen all the rest too young lady. Every single fucking one of them. And I've read everything you've written too. All that filth. Do you know what kind of damage these photos could do to the company?"

"I don't know what to say sir, I'm so sorry'. How did you..."

He cut her off, ''How did I find out? I've got contacts everywhere Tara. You don't get to a position like mine without having a strong network of people who owe you a favour or two."

She hung her head, staring down at her heels. She felt so small, stupid and powerless.

"Am I fired?" she said without looking up.

He didn't say anything. She looked up and faced him.

"I understand you need to fire me. What I've done is unacceptable." She bit her bottom lip and looked down at the floor again, hanging her head in shame.

He remained silent, keeping her in a tormented position. He walked around the office, peering through the closed blinds and let out a deep breath.

"Tara" he began.

"What you've been doing on this website is absolutely obscene. I thought you were a nice, sensible girl. I can't tell you how shocked I was when I saw all these photos. Jesus Tara, you're like some kind of porn star. I mean, there's hundreds of photos on here and each one is x-rated."

He sat down and started clicking through the photos at random in front of her. He stopped on a recent photo of her inserting a pair of white shiny high heels into her cunt and asshole simultaneously. The next photo revealed her sucking on the heel.

"Christ Tara, I remember you wearing those heels to one of our work eve

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