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When things don't go your way.

I could just barely make out some figures scattered around the room, including a couple sitting together on the far end of the couch, closest to the door we can some in through, and three men, 2 in the recliners and 1 on the couch near where it turned. All where watching the action on the screen.

Beth and I moved up to the back of the couch to watch the movie, where I noticed in the flickering light that various contents of the gift packs were on the couch, floor and tables, including lube and a few of the vibrators...even one of which had a little light on in it. Beth leaned up against the couch watching the movie with me right behind her, rubbing her shoulders and back, occasionally down to cup and kneed her ass cheeks through her bikini.

We had positioned ourselves just to the right of the solo guy on the couch, probably closer to him then we thought. When he looked up at Beth, he was about 6 inches from her tits as she leaned over the couch, unaware he was so close. I watched as he gaped at the view, slowly tearing his eyes away and back to the porn on the screen. The scene in the movie included some guys and one gal sitting around a pool. It moved quickly from one guy making out with her, to all three guys fondling her, removing her bathing suit and probing every inch of her body...which she was obviously enjoying immensely.

Beth was heavy lidded as she watched them probe her, already breathing deeply from the stroking I was giving her, further enhanced by the action on the TV. The guy on the couch, very boldly reached up a hand and gently ran it across the nipple of her right breast. Her breathe caught and she leaned into it for a moment, before she realized it was not me, looked at the fingers touching her breast, smiled and gently pushed his hand away. He dropped his hand back to the couch, disappointed, but continued to glance up at her tits, adjusting his crotch as he did so.

The tempo in the movie had changed, as the men now had her completely undressed, with one man eating her out, another mauling her boobs, and the third feeding her his cock. Though interestingly enough, most of the men in the room were not just watching the movie, they were sneaking glances at Beth. I also noticed that Beth had began moaning very low in her chest, a clear sign she was really turned on, both from the movie and my hands stroking her back and ass. I was pretty sure that at least the guy on the couch could hear her over the movie soundtrack.

Beth whined softly to me "I need you right now, Alec, let's go", thrusting her ass back against my hand. When she did that, she leaned forward over the couch, causing her tits to push out against her bikini top. The guy on the couch swallowed as he watched them on display, licking his lips and reaching down to adjust himself, giving up on the movie to watch what was right in front of him. The other two guys were half watching the movie and half watching Beth as well. I continued to rub her back and her ass, and occasionally slip a finger over her suit to rub her pussy. Every time I did this she would suck in her breath, close her eyes, moaning low in her throat.

Beth opened her eyes to see that now the woman was straddling one of the men and riding his cock, jacking off the other two guys while the fondled her tits. As we continued to watch the movie, the woman in the movie was soon pushed over the man she was straddling as one of the men began to work his way into her ass, causing the woman to scream out, before she was silenced by a cock thrust into her mouth. Beth had now broken out into a sweat, providing a sheen to her skin in the light of the tv, the scene in the movie clearly having a strong impact on her.

I whispered to her "Stay right here, I am going to get a couple more glasses of wine, then we can head to our room". She said "Okay, but hurry, I really need it bad".

I headed back towards the kitchen area, groping around in the dim light for a bottle of wine, then two glasses for us

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