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"Dirky wirky would love to drink mithrethes' wee wee," said Dirk, playing along with my childish talk.

"Good, then open wide," I snapped, reverting to the bitch domme type.

Like a good slave, Dirk placed his open mouth against my sex trench and then slurped thirstily as I poured a gusher of golden piss down his receptive throat.

I don't really know whether he likes my piddle, and I don't care. He always says he does, because he's an obedient, well-trained young slave. But I notice that he's always got an impressive hard-on after each drink of my nectar. Mind you, there are men around the world who would pay thousands for the privilege of drinking a supermodel's urine, eh?

After he had dutifully cleaned me with his tongue, I ordered him back on his feet. "Now, darling Dirk," I told him, "I've got a gift for you, something I know you're going to enjoy playing with."

His eyes lit up. I smiled: "The present is in two parts - one part is in the left front pocket of my cat suit, the other is in the right. Go fetch, there's a good slave!"

He raced over to my catsuit and unzipped the breast pockets. In each pocket he found a leather glove, much like a golf glove, one for each hand. He brought them over to me. That's another thing I love about dominating - making the slave bring his implements of punishment to his domina! It's so empowering, isn't it?

I pulled the gloves on, feeling the lovely smooth leather encase my hands, tight and close-fitting. "Hands up behind your neck, Dirk," I snapped, and he obeyed, spreading his feet about a yard apart at the same time, his heavy ball sac hanging down, his heavy cock pointing up!

I stepped behind him and ran the palms of the gloves down his nicely taut back to the tops of his buttocks. He flinched slightly as he felt them trace across his naked flesh. Each glove, the palms and the fingers, was embedded with hundreds of tiny little metal prickers, which would tingle delightfully against him.

Then I pressed against his bare back, my breasts thrusting onto his shoulder blades, my mons against his sweetly proportioned arse and reached around him with my right hand and stroked his stiffness. He winced slightly as he felt the pinpricks on his prick. Then I placed my left hand between his spread thighs and traced the glove across the bottom of his scrotum. He gave a little shiver of delight mingled with fear.

"How's that slave boy," I whispered into his ear, "that feel good?"

There was a catch in his throat as he answered: "God, it's wonderful mistress, it's wonderful."

I increased the pressure on his cock, making sure that the pricks were really digging in now, then circled his ball sac, digging the little metal punishers into his engorged flesh. He let out a little gasp, then I stepped away from him and walked around to face him.

Dirk looked beautiful, a forced smile on his face. I took his cock in the right hand once more and started to pull on his helmet, dragging the foreskin down almost to his thick ring, then flicking two fingers across the pink hood of his penis. He shuddered.

As I did that, I traced my fingers in the left glove across his balls again, then I started to apply the pressure, taking his nuts in the palm of the glove and squeezing slowly, drawing another gasping shudder from my slave. Slowly, oh so slowly, I increased the pressure until he was doing some squeezing of his own - to shut his eyes, as he grimaced at the twin pains, one throbbing through his balls, the other across his sensitive cock tip.

"Ready, darling?" I asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

"Yes mistress, ready mistress," he replied, his voice almost a hiss as he forced himself to stand his ground from my assault.

And then I squeezed sharp and hard on his poor balls, drawing a bellowing "Aieeeee" from the gorgeous 21-year-old who, unable to stand the pain any more, collapsed on the floor, writhing and grabbing his tormented testes.

Then I stood over his face as he looked up at me, tears flooding into his eyes, and spurted a little jet I had been retaining for just thi

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