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Story of a woman losing her inhibitions.

The calls and the texts were getting to be more and more and then they were sending texts of each other privates and getting off on them and longing for Saturday nights. He started work at 9 which allowed him time to rest after getting out of his other job for a few hours.

The first Saturday night he worked he asked Joan to please come to the bar and she did and he was loving it. She wore a very low cut top without a bra that made her titties stare at him. He loved big titties and he told her that and she bought that top knowing it would get him excited. He had two half hour breaks; one was at 10:30 and the other at 1:00 and the bar closed up at 3. During those breaks, Jim would go to Joan's car or his truck and they would make out and she would suck him off and then they went back in at different times as not to draw any attention to their disappearances. His co-worker watched over Joan's place at the bar as he knew that Jim and she were together but never let on to anyone else.

One Friday night she text him and said she needed to talk to him and said asked if she could see him about a half hour before he started work that night and he had to think of an excuse on how to get out of the house and go to work early and he said that they were having a meeting of everyone briefly so he had to leave early. They were also seeing each other after he got out of work some nights for a quick suck and then he had to go home.

Joan showed up at the bar with red eyes and in tears saying that her company was going under and she would be out of work and she needed a job. She was paying off her car, had rent on her condo and so expenses that would be in trouble if she didn't get a job as unemployment wouldn't cut it. Jim said he would talk to his boss and find out if they could use her at his place and she was so greatful. He had to go in and start his shift and she said she wanted to go back home and get dressed up and come back to be with him.

That night they went into the back of his truck and made love and she admitted to him that she has fallen in love with him. He loved her too but wasn't in love with her, not yet. She was okay with it and she knew he was married and probably didn't want to make promises to her that he couldn't fulfill or keep. They went back inside and she was so happy that he was going to try and get her a job. When he got out of work that night they met by her car and they kissed and hugged and he said he would call her on Monday after he got to talk to his boss. She thought about nothing but Jim all weekend as she lie in bed and went over and over again in her head their love making. They agreed that one night they were going to rent a room and do it in style and he would think of a good excuse to be late from work.

Monday Joan went into work and within a half an hour Jim was calling to put in an order but also to tell her that his boss wanted to see her. He told his boss that she told Jim on the QT that the place was closing and she would be out of work. They all liked dealing with her too as Jim wasn't the only one that dealt with her but he had the most dealings with her. He told her the boss would like her to come in Saturday as he would be away most of the week and that would mean Joan didn't have to take anytime off and she would get to see Jim before their Saturday night meeting.

Saturday seemed like it was months away instead of days and he had to act like he had never met her before and she was hoping to be able to keep her cool and not want to jump on him right there. She got her paperwork together and headed to the noon interview. She actually was walking in as Jim was walking out. They sent texts earlier and he wished her luck. He went back inside with her and acted like he never saw her before and asked her if she needed help and she said she was there to see his boss and he gave her a peck on the cheek for good luck before they walked into where everyone would be.

Jim's boss

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