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She made her lover mad.

Better luck next time."

Turning to Julie, Lucy said, "This is Mike and this is George, and boys, this is my friend Julie, I hope you are going to make this a special night for her as she doesn't get out very much these days,"

Both men hugged Julie whilst kissing her cheek and she just knew that this was going to be a super evening.

After the preliminary handshakes and niceties the four of them responded to a toast proposed by Mike.

"To the two most beautiful girls here this evening, may this be a night to remember. Cheers."

Clinking their glasses they all said "Cheers" in unison.

The evening flew by for Julie, as the all embracing beat of the music, the atmosphere of the busy place and the idle but sometimes suggestive chatter, all contributed to put her at her ease.

George and Mike were very courteous and conducted themselves like true gentlemen always trying to impress the two young married women, who enjoyed every minute of it as they drank and danced the night away.

Julie decided that she liked George very much. He danced well and had a great sense of humour.

As the evening progressed he did however become a little more daring and Julie was sure she could feel his erect penis against her tummy as they swayed to the slow romantic music.

Strangely, she found herself responding by pressing into him and she was no longer in any doubt as he held her close.

She could feel the whole length and shape of his big throbbing cock.

She had never been in this sort of situation before and surprised herself when she did not pull away from him.

In fact she deliberately moved her tummy back and forth massaging his raging erection, teasing it tantalisingly.

Back at the table she could not help flirting openly with him, this was so much fun and she was enjoying it.

At about 10.30pm, Lucy said to George, "Would you see Julie home, Mike and I are leaving now."

Immediately, George, replied, "Of course I'll take Julie home and we'll leave now as well. If that's okay with you Julie?"

"I'd like that very much, George, it's very kind of you." Julie whispered.

As they were leaving the Dance Bar, Lucy pulled Julie aside and said, "Try to be home around midnight, just in case our dear hubbies compare notes. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the night, lucky girl. I'll call you in the morning, bye."

George's car was parked in a dark cul-de-sac just across the street from the Dance Bar. It was only when Julie got into the car that she began to worry about what might happen.

Especially, when George leaned over and kissed her and brushed the front of her bosom with the back of his hand.

"Gosh, Julie, I have wanted to do that from the moment we met."

Then taking her in his arms he started kissing her lovingly and tenderly and it seemed so romantic to Julie that she actively responded.

After a few minutes, Julie felt George's hand begin to slide up the inside of her legs, stroking the shiny surface of her nylons.

Instinctively, she closed her knees together trapping his hand half way up between her thighs.

George almost swooned, thinking she was playing hard to get. He could imagine how thrilling it was going to be when she released her grip and allowed him to touch her most private parts.

But that was not about to happen.

"Please take your hand out of there George. I'm not ready to go that far, yet."

George reluctantly withdrew his wandering hand and put it to his nose breathing in her perfume. "Sorry, Julie, I just got carried away. We'll play by your rules, okay"

So, for the next half hour or so, they kissed and snogged and George even managed to gently squeeze her tits which gave great pleasure to them both.

Julie had never had her breasts touched by a man other than her husband.

On the journey back to Julie's house it was agreed that George would phone Julie the next day, Friday, while her husband, Charles would be at work.

It was 11.45pm when Julie got home.

She found her husband sitting on the couch with a

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