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Based on the legend of Pope Joan.


"But why did you smile at me, almost like you were laughing at me?" Holly asked.

"Oh, Holly!" I replied tenderly. "I'm so sorry I made you feel that way, but I wasn't laughing at you. I smiled because you looked so beautiful covered with our sperm! You made me feel so wonderful and fulfilled with the way that you pleasured me. I can't tell you how much I love you and want to be with you!"

Holly thought about my response for a moment, and then smiled at me. I smiled too and kissed her deeply. Slowly I ran my tongue around her face and neck and licked the cum from her skin. Together we shared the taste, as our tongues intertwined. It was one of the most erotic moments thus far. My heart was bursting with love towards this incredible woman!

We both rolled on our sides as we faced each other and looked deeply into each others eyes. I suddenly realized I was butt naked and Holly was still fully clothed.

"Hey!" I said, suddenly sitting up.

"What? What's a matter?" Holly replied, worried with my reaction.

"How come I'm the only one with no clothes on?" I questioned.

Relieved by my question, Holly smiled and said, "Not for long lover!"

She began to undo the buttons on her shirt, but then stopped half way down, and stood up.

"What's the matter?" I said, half worried she had changed her mind.

"Nothing!" Holly replied. "Now shut up and watch!"

Holly began to sway to an imaginary song, as she finished undoing the buttons to her shirt. She tossed it aside as her breasts strained against the confines of a frilly yellow brassiere. I could see her dark areolas and erect nipples clearly through the light colored material. My flaccid cock again began to grow. Reaching behind her back, Holly deftly undid the clasp but kept the bra covering her breasts. Crossing an arm across her chest, she pulled her brassiere off and tossed it aside. Her beautiful breasts were hidden from my view, as she continued to sway to the imaginary song. She watched, as my cock continued to lengthen. She lifted her free hand up to cup one breast while moving her arm across to cup the other breast. Holly juggled both breasts up and down and squeezed them together. She leaned towards me to show me her cleavage, while continuing to juggle her cupped breasts. Holly smiled. She knew from the reaction of my cock that she was having the desired effect on me.

Turning around, Holly dropped her arms to her side and looked back at me. I was mesmerized by the sensual dance that she was performing for me. She put both hands on her ass and slowly bent forward. Her breasts hung freely in front of her as she continued to look back my way. I could see one of her fully erect nipples from the side, as she was turned my way. I licked my lips at the thought of it in my mouth. Standing back up, she undid the button on back of her pants and slid the zipper towards the crack of her ass. I sat amazed at her dexterity as I could never figure out why women's clothing always had the button or clasp in the back or on the side. As Holly's ass continued to sway to the imaginary music, she slowly allowed her pants to slide from her hips. She bent forward as they slowly slide down her legs.

"Oh, fuck!" I thought, as her panty clad ass came into view. My mouth dropped at the sight of the most fantastic ass I ever could have imagined pushed towards me. I reached up to touch Holly, but she giggled and moved out of reach. My cock was nearing the bursting point again. Holly bent all the way over and stepped out of her pants. Her pussy lips strained against a narrow strip of material on the small yellow panties she had on. I could see the dampness on the light colored material.

"Don't touch yet," Holly ordered, "and I'll give you a closer look."

I didn't move as Holly backed herself closer to my face.

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