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Alex meets with Richard again and learns more.

After getting out of my car I walked over to the guy and asked him if it was him. He yelled at me saying I was crazy for not knowing what I was talking about. I sighed. Well if it isn't him then who is it? I wondered.

About half way through practice I was sitting on the bleachers taking a break for a few minutes while chatting to my friends about an upcoming party that we were planning on going to, a little bit about what we were going to do once the year was over and some of the tests that we were taking currently. All of a sudden my phone went off.

"Since you can't listen to directions, bathroom 5 minutes end of the field don't come and it won't be good


My heart immediately sunk. How could they possibly know I was wearing panties? I looked around trying to find someone around that could possibly be the person in question but besides the weirdo on the benches and my squad no one was around. I started to worry. Reasoning with myself as to why it was a good idea to listen given the circumstances I walked to the bathroom at the other end of the field. Once inside I noticed an envelope right on the mirror in clear view with my name on it.

Opening the envelope I found a note and a picture and a flash drive. At first glance of the picture it was hard to tell that the person was me but I knew it was me and I could clearly see my boyfriend. We were fucking, you couldn't see much with the picture but it definitely scared the shit out of me. I had no idea that this was recorded let alone that someone had access to it outside of my boyfriend and me. Reading the note was even harder than looking at the picture.

"Dear Chloe,

Looks like you can't follow directions properly. Considering the circumstances that it may seem like a prank or something given that you have no idea of who I am, let alone not providing any proof that I had what I claimed I had. So here is your proof, and to show you that I am very serious with my demands you have one more chance to show that you can be a good girl before I leak the entire video which I have provided a copy of in the envelope for you to review in case of more speculation.

Now as for your transgression I will deal with that later. For now you are to remove your panties, stuff them in your cunt and resume your practice and wait for further instructions. Be aware I will not be any more lenient and if you don't want this video to be leaked to everyone you'll listen to me

Love, X"

I started to cry. This person has an intimate video of me and my boyfriend having sex, to which is entirely against my wishes and are blackmailing me into horrible situations. I could go to the police or something but the lack of evidence of who they are scares me into thinking that they wouldn't be found anyways. Plus the evidence would have to be reviewed for legitimacy which scares me even worse.

I sighed. As much as I wanted to completely ignore this bastard I felt as if I should comply for now to see if there is a way to catch him in the future. I walked into the first stall that I could find, considering that there wasn't anyone in the bathroom at the moment I attempted to work fast. I removed my panties and began the most embarrassing thing ever - stuffing them inside myself.

After getting them inside myself I wiped the tears away and collected myself. Walking back to the group I could feel the air on my pussy and it was doing something to me that I couldn't help but explain as turning me on. As much as I wanted to hate every moment of this scenario my body was turning against me.

Continuing as normal with practice, minus attempting to keep myself from flashing the people around me everything was going great.

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