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The Marketing Process - Section One.

I stomped away from what I had thought was my hope, my love, and my life.


Evan's Story III -- Fallen Apart


I watched him go. I made no attempt to stop him. I couldn't attempt to stop him. The slap on my face had thrown the reality of the situation at me. He hated me now. I was a liar. His slap hadn't hurt me in the least, physically. But, the mark that the slap had left on my soul was breaking me. Every part of my love for him, my dreams of him, of us was falling apart. Every hope had gone, every dream was shattered, and sorrow and agony crushed me as I fell onto my knees crying.

The warmth of his fingers when they had first touched my cold hands, the light with which his eyes sparkled whenever he saw me, the beautiful radiance that lit my life whenever he smiled, the tenderness of his lips and his amazing scent had gone from my life. The hope of redemption my damned life had received was now gone.

I heard the rustling of dry leaves and felt a hand on my shoulder. Daniel helped me get up and hugged me. His love and sympathy removed the remnants of restraint as I broke down in his embrace. He hugged me tightly and tried to console me.

"Don't cry Evan. It had to happen sooner or later. He's just hurt and angry. He'll come around sometime. Don't lose hope. Give him time." He patted me on the back and continued to murmur words of hope and encouragement.

As I gained control, I asked between sobs, while in his embrace. "W...will he forgive me?"

"Yes, he will. He has to. He loves you, Evan. And that's what has hurt him most. He'll get over it and realize he loves you a lot." Daniel broke the hug and wiped my tears. "Now relax and stop crying."

I nodded and my sobbing eased. I looked into Daniel's face. He was composed and strong. Things never unnerve him much. Sorrow or pain hardly showed on his face. Anger, rage and arrogance were all he bore. Tonight, he was firm and strong as always. A determined guy, his support had led me through a lot in life. He had always been at my side. And here he was again.

I turned to look at Aaron standing and watching us. He had an odd look on his face as he looked at Daniel. A searching and scrutinizing look accompanied with some uncertainty. When he saw me looking, he turned towards me quickly getting rid of his expressions.

"Evan, I'll talk to Sean. Don't worry; I'll try my best to persuade him." He smiled assuring me.

I smiled back and turned to Daniel. "I'll see you around."

Daniel looked surprised. "Where are you going?"

"I just need some time alone. And Dan," I added after a thought. "Please drop Aaron home. The woods are not safe."

Daniel looked uncertain but considering my state gave in. "Yeah. Take care."

I nodded and ran into the night.


Daniel's Story IV -- I Can't Say


I stole a look at Aaron. He was looking outside into the night. His head was leaning against his hand as the wind blew his hair into his eyes. He was deep in thought. The twenty minutes that had been spent from Evan's departure to the present traveling in the car had been an awkward silent period. He hadn't uttered a word and I didn't feel comfortable. However, the silence had been too long and the tension in the air too intense. I decided to try to break the ice by making a conversation.

"How does the neck feel?"

He shook as if from a trance. "Did you say something?"

"I asked how your neck feels. I hope I didn't hurt you." I tried to give an apologetic smile but my usual sarcastic one forced its way out. Aaron raised an eyebrow but seemed too tired to argue.

He muttered "Fine" and continued looking at the passing woods outside the window.

I continued speaking.

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