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Caught in the woods.

Vanessa and Robert had been upstairs to meet everyone, they were nude and as the others arrived they told them they had to take off their clothes before going downstairs. Edward and Pamela were the first ones to arrive and after kissing Robert and Pamela they took began taking off their clothes. Steve and Susan arrived next and Vanessa introduced them to Edward and Pamela who waited for them to strip before the four of them went downstairs together.

Mark, Amber, Julie and Jim were already sitting cross legged on the cushions. They pointed to where the others should sit and asked them to wait in silence.

Upstairs, Robert asked Vanessa, "So what gives with Karen and Dan?"

"I don't know, she didn't tell me." Vanessa said, "She told me she would tell me later. I explained to her we would all be nude and asked her if Dan wouldn't freak out but she said it was OK so I guess we'll just have to wait and see."

Just then the doorbell rang and Vanessa opened the door. Dan literally stopped I mid step when he saw his former sister in law naked in front of him. Vanessa felt a bit awkward under his gaze but brushed the feeling off quickly, she kissed Dan on the cheek and as they walked inside Dan saw that Robert was also naked. Karen went up to him and gave him a long kiss in the mouth, wrapping her arms around his neck. Robert instinctively grabbed her ass. Dan felt a pang of jealousy and anger inside him but he was able not to show it.

"Come on you guys, take your clothes off," Vanessa said, "we are about to begin."

Once they all had sat down, no man was next to his wife, Julie and Amber got up and went to a corner table where there were a couple of tea pots, they passed the cups around and asked everyone to remain silent during the whole practice. "There'll be time for questions and comments afterward." She said.

Amber and Julie took the teapots and knelt in front of each one of the others as they poured the tea into their cups. After they sat down on their cushions Amber told them how she had planned today's practice.

"Firs we'll have this cup of jasmine tea while I explain the rest. The whole practice will last an hour and a half, first we will sing some mantras, followed by the asanas and we'll finish with half an hour of meditation. For those of you who've never done this, we will demonstrate first the best postures to sit. They might be hard on you, if you're not used to them but I ask you to try to bear the discomfort. You should try to remain focused on your breath the whole time, either felling your belly rise and fall with each breath or focusing your attention on the air as it passes through your nostrils. I don't think you will feel much discomfort during the chanting part, it only lasts fifteen minutes, but during the meditation your legs or your back will probably hurt but try to remain motionless. Just try to focus your awareness on the area of discomfort or pain and observe it as if you were outside yourselves. You'll see that the sensations will fade as others take their place, only if it becomes unbearable, then, by all means, adjust your position. If you think you can't stand sitting cross legged on the floor then you can use a chair. As far as the asanas or positions, I will go through the easier ones. If you've never done them before or haven't practiced for too long, you might not be able to reach or bend as far as we do. Don't try to force yourselves to reach beyond your limits, this is not a contest, just listen to your bodies and do the best you can, nobody here is going to judge you, the purpose of the whole thing is to enjoy yourselves. After we finish the practice you can ask any questions you want or I can give you an explanation of what this is all about."

The practice went on as planned and afterwards, while Jade answered the questions and gave Edward, Pamela, Karen and Dan a brief explanation, Vanessa and Susan went to the kitchen to fix breakfast which consisted of fresh fruits with yogurt, granola and honey.


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