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A white wife submits to her black lover.

The light falls softly on your shoulders and the tops of your breasts as I return to kissing your shoulders and neck, my arms encircling you pulling you close to me. You brush your hand across my chest and down my stomach, pulling teasingly at the few hairs that you can find there. When you reach the waistband of my jeans, you pause. Taking the end of my belt in hand, you pull it and it comes undone in your hand. Pulling with just a little more force, the belt slides around through the belt-loops. I pull you up to face me as I kiss the base of your neck as my hands slide up and down your back, working lower and lower until they are resting upon your hips.

You reach out with trembling hands and unbutton my shirt, pulling from the waist of my jeans. You slide them up and down my chest and I work my lips up and down your breast. My hands slide lightly up your back to your bra and with two fingers I unsnap it, letting it dangle from your body. I move my head over to your other shoulder and slide the strap down your arm with my chin. Your bra is now just hanging on your breasts. Your hands move to my waistband again and, sliding under it, undo the top button. I move my mouth downward, kissing and nibbling the tops of your breasts, sliding the bra lower and lower until it falls off to the floor between us. I lean back slightly and admire your breasts before continuing with my kisses all around your breasts.

You push your chest out slightly so that I can get to the nipples easier, but I ignore them and work my way all around, just skirting the edge of them and frustrating you just a little bit (remember, patience is a virtue.... You reach further down and pop open the second button of my button-fly jeans. My hands in the meantime have come back around to the front your jeans and are working at undoing the belt. The belt comes undone and I unbutton the top your jeans. Your hand works down to the third button on my jeans and pops it open. Suddenly, your hand darts into my pants and strokes the top of my pubic hair. My mouth works it's way to the underside of your breasts and back to the top again. My hands slide the zipper of your jeans down to the bottom and come back up to tug the waist of your jeans downward. They slide over your hips and down your legs to reveal your panties (the black silk panties, you know the ones that drive me nuts).

I maneuver you over to the bed and sit you down on the edge of it. Reaching down, I pull off your shoes, setting them off to the side. Once I get them off, I pull your jeans off the rest of the way. You sit back up and, scraping your nails lightly across my skin (you like doing that, don't you?) , you grab the waistband of my jeans and pull them downward slowly. Once they get to a certain point, my erection pops up and looks you right in the face with that one good eye. I put my hands on your shoulders and push you back onto the bed, straddling your body with mine. My lips fall upon yours and we kiss again with passion and fire, our bodies grinding against one another. I leave your lips with just a little reluctance and move back down to your breasts, where I give your nipples what they so want and place my lips on your right one.

You gasp as I start to kiss and lick and nibble on the tender flesh of your right nipple.

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