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The first time he licked her.

Tara froze.

Pulling back as though nothing had happened the girl wrapped the towel around herself and said, "Okay, I'm ready."

Dismissing the incident as an accident or carelessness, Tara opened her hand, palm up, slowly. The blotchy brown and gray tree-frog obligingly crouched still. It was about the size of a quarter with its coloring looking like the bark of hardwood tree."He's adorable," the woman's voice sounded slightly surprised as she leaned closer.

"Look at his eyes. They're my favorite." Most of the tree frogs found in the area had large black eyes with gold flecks and a vertical pupil.

"Oh, my. You're right! They're beautiful," the young woman said on a sigh.

The frog took that moment to decide it didn't want to be scrutinized any longer and launched its self forward to the next vertical object. That thing just so happened to be the young woman. She jumped back with a startled yelp then froze; looking down at the wide eyes of the amphibian perched on her breast just above the towel.

Tara let out a laugh that came straight from her belly. "It must be male," she said on a gasp between giggles that nearly had her doubled over.

"Can you just get it off of me?" the woman asked, her fingers clutching the towel. "I don't appreciate him on me as much as when he was in your hand."

"Of course." Tara got a hold of herself and reached slowly forward, cupping her hand over the mischievous animal, her calloused fingers against the woman's bare skin. Gently, she curled her fingers close giving the frog time to shift into the open space inside her fist. A sharp inhale pulled Tara's gaze to the woman's. Her eyes were wide, her lips were parted and her breathing had become faster.

Slowly drawing her fist and the animal back, Tara said, "Um, I'll just go and put him outside." Once she had escaped and deposited the ungrateful frog into the foliage, Tara leaned back against the trunk of a tree catching her own breath. Her heart rate had responded to what had been in the woman's eyes and Tara knew it hadn't been fear that time. She still had to change the light bulb, so giving herself a shake to shed the remains of the feelings, she went back inside.

The door to the stall the woman was using was closed and Tara could hear the rustle of clothes being pulled on and hair being toweled dry. Relieved that she was out of sight, Tara pulled the stepladder up to the sinks, retrieved the "special" screwdriver, drew out the new bulb from the package and went up the ladder. It seemed that one of the requirements for maintenance work was to be a contortionist. There was never a strait forward way to do anything. In no time at all she was standing with one foot on the top rung of the ladder, the other knee braced against the wall. One hand held one end of the light fixture in place while her shoulder propped the end she was currently trying to start the screw into with her fingers. Once it was threaded strait she removed the blasted screwdriver from her back pocket (where she'd probably forget it by the time she was done) and snugged it in before daring to take her shoulder out from under the fixture that she had just replaced the bulb in.

Shifting her weight and propping the other end of the fixture up with her head, she dropped her arms to give them a break. Why they still had the heavy glass fixtures in here she'd never understand. Once feeling returned to her fingers, she continued to put in the last couple screws. Lost in the gymnastics of her job, Tara didn't hear the woman exit the shower stall and then failed to notice her standing by, watching. When she finished and turned to tromp down the ladder, she nearly lost her balance with surprise.

The woman was dressed, but barely, in low riding kackey shorts and a dark-brown bikini top. She was standing with her arms crossed under her breasts speculatively and one hip cocked out. This time there was no doubt in Tara's mind that Bill had been correct on the trail. She was looking at Tara with unmasked interest.

"You have clever fingers," the other woman said.

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