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Karen is brought though Sarah's house with unexpected result.

Cassandra West was, in a word, a witch of sorts. She hated Victoria and Aaron, blaming them for an injury that had ruined her competitive dance career. She still believed Victoria had tripped her during a pre-event social. She had fallen over her heels, busting her knee and losing several teeth! She'd never wanted to dance again! But tonight was her revenge! She'd curse them to become their costumes! The spell was ready to go!

But, Cassandra stopped. Victoria and Aaron were dressed as a king and queen. She'd all but activated the spell, but now she didn't want to use it! It would do no harm to her enemies. Victoria seemed to regally dare her to leave the party and that made Cassandra hate her all the more! She turned to leave, but dropped her bag!

Travis rushed to help the new arrival, who he thought seemed confused. Rachel ran over as well, curious about the unknown guest. "Don't touch the bag!" Cassandra warned. "You could become your costumes!" But Travis had already reached for the bag. The magic stones glowed; the spell was complete.

Cassandra had done everything to ensure the spells permanent effects, but, even if it turned two men (she did not know Rachel was in drag) into sailors, what of it? Mustaches could be shaved off. She ran into the night, using an invisibility spell.

Travis and Rachel chase after her, not realizing the magic had altered them. They did not look very different, after all. But the blond wigs, mustaches, and muscles were now very real. And, Rachel didn't realized it yet, but she was now as fully equipped as any male sailor would be.

"We lost her." As Rachel spoke, well past the end of the driveway, she realized there was a frog in her throat or something. Her voice sounded much deeper. Then, the mustache on her face felt terribly itchy and the sock in her pants felt funny as well. She tried to pull the mustache off, but it seemed very real and part of her face. The muscle shirt was gone suddenly, but so were her breasts! And, as she reached down, to touch the sock... suddenly, she remembered the witch's words, "become your costume" and Rachel fainted from shock!

She awoke in the apartment the roommates shared. Travis had put her to bed. She blinked; he was sitting on the bed, looking very different with blond hair, mustache, and new muscles on his arms and upper body!

"Rachel. It appears we've become our costumes. This is unbelievable, but this may be a bigger deal for you than for me."

Feeling like she was in a dream, "You could be gay now though, our costumes were kind of." As soon as she said the words, she felt terrible for saying them. He looked at her, hard.

"Then, nothing has changed."

She had known, but not known for sure. He continued. "It was easy to be best friends because I was gay, but, I don't know if this helps you, you're kind of... really hot now. You were always hot... you know what I mean! Do you need some time... to look in the mirror, get used to things?" She, or was it he now, nodded with slow tears forming. "I'm going to keep looking for Cassandra... maybe something can undo the spell!" Travis said while softly closing her door.

The image staring back at her from the bathroom mirror, where she'd spent the last 30 minutes, was hot. She was taller with a golden tan and virile muscles. She hadn't stripped completely, but was all of this new body perfect?

She'd never seen an uncircumcised penis; all of her partners had been "cut." The first one she was seeing was attached to her! It twitched a little. The balls seemed... too large if anything, but she was acceptably "hung." Had this body been something she'd wanted though? She was feeling oddly comfortable in this new skin. She thought of Travis calling her hot and her penis twitched again. Did that mean...? She tried to think of a beautiful woman, but that seemed less exciting. Suddenly, she did feel more comfortable and wanted to see her roommate. She threw on some pants for decency's sake, for now, and went into the living room.


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