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Orgasmia revealed.

Pretty soon option one was no longer a possibility because Ralph had drunk way too many beers to be under the drink drive limit. And as they sat and chatted it was becoming clear to Ralph that option two was no longer an option too. They were both now a little tipsy and were losing their inhibitions as they playfully teased each other. Ralph was lapping up all the attention that the younger man was giving him; being the object of someone's desire - so clear to see in Derrick's eyes - was intoxicated to Ralph's beer fuddled brain, even if that person was of the wrong sex.

'What hairy arms you have.' Derrick suddenly said.

'Is that a good or bad thing?' Ralph asked.

'A good thing in my book. Yum, yum!' Derrick replied. 'Can I stroke them.

Ralph gulped. The moment had arrived. Once this line was crossed there was no turning back.

'Yeah, sure...I guess; if you really must.' Ralph tried to cover all bases and hoped that Derrick would take the decision out of his hands.

Derrick reached out and stroked the palm of his right hand over the silky soft fur that forested Ralph's left forearm. The older man almost jumped out of his skin. It was the first time he had been touched in over six months and the young stud sure knew what he was doing.

'Mmmmhhh that feels good....' Ralph sighed, signaling his full surrender.

In a flash Derrick was kneeling between the older man's thighs and stroking both sexy arms. As he worked his belly pressed into Ralph's crotch and he could feel the outline of a cock that was as big and thick as he had dreamed it would be. This time he had really hit the jackpot. There was nothing that Derrick loved more than these craggy, burly slightly sad and lonely dads. He knew just which buttons to push to turn them into raging stallions with insatiable desires and hungry hearts, taking all the love and attention that he cared to throw their way. He felt a quickening of his pulse at the thought of undressing this lovely man and restoring him to peak of masculine pride. He knew just the place for that thick throbber and later, when he had got to know Ralph a little better what delight he would take in breaking in that big, beefy ass.

Derrick pulled Ralph's T-shirt out of his jeans and he slowly slid his hands under the T-shirt and on to Ralph's tight beer belly where his fingers teased through the thick fur that covered the top man's warm skin. Ralph sighed as Derrick's fingers rode up higher and teased his large nipples. The older man could feel his thick cock twitching in his underpants. This foreplay was good but he needed the real thing; he had gone too long without a warm hole to nut off in. He reached down now and pulled Derrick up over his body so that they were cheek to cheek.

'Let me fuck you.' He whispered in Derrick's ear.

Derrick pulled back and smiled. Those were the magic words, the ones he had been hoping all night to hear. He got to his feet and took Ralph by the hand and led him to the bedroom. Derrick quickly stripped out of his clothes while the older man watched him with a look that was hard to interpret. Soon he stood there in all his naked glory, showing off his super hard cock and thirty inch waist and the abs and pecs that he had paid a lot of money to shape.

'Wow! Would you look at that!' Ralph said at last. 'I can't understand why somebody that looks the way you do would want to go with somebody like me.'

'It takes all sorts to make the world go round.' Derrick told him as he pulled Ralph's T-shirt up over his head.

When Derrick caught sight of Ralph's hairy armpits he just knew he had to kiss them. Derrick squirmed and giggled as Derrick licked first the left, and then the right armpit.

'Nobody's ever done that to me before.' Ralph told him.

'Nobody has ever done a lot of what I'm going to do to you tonight.' Derrick said.

And Ralph just knew that he meant it; there was something about the younger man's voice

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