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A surprise story for my wife.

It wasn't just about having the biggest penis and testicles, and making the most noise when you beat a branch against the rock, and beating the females when they didn't toe the line. It was also about making alliances with the other males, and grooming each other and sharing meat, and giving the other dude's a shot at the really sweet backsides too.

It was cool of Chad to give him that tip about working his ass of for Jess and letting her relax and have fun. It worked like a charm and he never would have thought of that himself. And it was good to be reminded about the listening part too, though Kevin was already pretty good at that. He was grateful for the advice. But to get where he wanted to be with Jess he was going to have to do it his own way. He was going to have to take it slower.

Part 7

Kate was looking through the first aid kit when she found them. She was wearing her loose sweatshirt and her running shorts again with nothing underneath and she was sitting with her back against the tree while Chad made dinner on the little stove. The crescent moon was still low in the sky over the lake, a little thinner and sharper than the night before.

She didn't know what it meant when she found them but it made her feel clammy and dizzy. She was looking through the first aid kit for a tube of Vaseline or something. She was determined not to go all the way with Chad tonight because she knew that the thinner the moon was the more dangerous it was for her. They couldn't go all the way. It made her feel a little giddy and excited to think of it that way. Like she was a teenager too.

She couldn't go all the way with him, but there was no way that either of them was going to sleep for a minute tonight until they had hot sex together, and a big orgasm or two, and felt calm and elated in the mountain air, and spooned together and drifted off. She was looking for the Vaseline because she'd had an idea in her head since lunch and she was determined to act it out after dinner. She wanted to lay Chad naked on his back in the tent (maybe she'd keep her clothes on) and stroke him long and slow with her hands, both of them at the same time, and talk dirty to him, and tease him, until he came all over himself. She knew he probably had ideas about what do with her, and she knew that they probably involved his cock all the way inside her in some position they hadn't tried yet, maybe from behind. But she was determined to explain things to him, to explain that they had to be responsible, and, more than that, to explain how hot and dirty it was going to feel to restrain themselves until they got back to camp and got some condoms or something and could fuck each other properly. She was going to explain that to him in vivid detail the whole time she was stroking him.

They needed to get a good night's sleep and start bright and early because they'd gotten lucky and found Brad and Mahalia's nest late in the afternoon after they'd given up and turned back toward camp. Mahalia was sitting on the ground on her haunches eating some fruit Kate didn't know the name of and Brad was high up in the branches building a nest for the night out of some dried leaves and grass. Kate was so happy to see them she almost ran right up to Mahalia and hugged her. And Mahalia seemed to recognize her too, and maybe she even seemed glad to see her. They watched each other for a while and then she motioned silently to Chad and they walked away.

She was remembering the scene and digging through the first aid kit absent-mindedly when she found them.

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