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Lady Christina's past is more perverse than Sander expected.


"OK, this last one has a little soft focus going as well. She's very sexy but keeps all her clothes on. This subgenre of porn is called 'clothed female, nude male' or CFNM for short. Again, you only see her face, never his. Just his cock."

"Do I need to be taking notes?" she quipped. "I have to say, there's something really sexy about a woman working that slowly and deliberately on a guy's pole. I imagine that's a very satisfying way to have her take care of you."

We finished up by watching some extremely explicit sex education videos.

"This is a whole different class of erotica. An emphasis on Kama Sutra type sensibilities and surroundings: incense, candles, hot tub, massage oil. A helpful narrator keeps you informed every step of the way. No cum shots, though. I think you have to pay to see the 'happy endings' on their website."

Laurie seemed overwhelmed by the sheer explicitness of the videos and their noticeable difference from the usually tawdry mainstream professional porn.

"I think I've got enough to work with. Thanks for walking me through this extra material. You selected some interesting offerings, Joe. I think I'm going to have fun with this. As an educational exercise, of course."

I gave Laurie a final goodnight kiss and reminded her of the time I'd be picking her up Sunday night.

Double Dating at FunLand:

Birthday night, the Big Five-Oh: Joe gets to do what-ever he wants. I had nixed Erin's suggestion of going to that free summertime community event, sitting in lawn chairs in front of City Hall, passively watching a movie on a temporary screen. Besides, I wasn't interested in getting dinner from a food truck when my birthday status could get us cuts to the front of the line outside Post Oak BBQ-an otherwise interminable wait that I refuse to put up with the other 364 days of the year, even though their food is exceptional.

I went to pick up Laurie while Erin and Ed were getting cleaned up and ready. She came to the door wearing another atypical outfit: sexy and flattering, effortlessly casual and chic at the same time. I was really curious about the secret behind her sartorial transformation.

"Joe, here's your tablet back." She declined to say anything about what she might have viewed on it when I asked.

"We can discuss it later. Otherwise you'll be fixated on my reactions the rest of the evening." She had a good point there.

After pigging out at Post Oak BBQ, we swung by the 7-11 to get some beer to drink while we played mini golf at FunLand. Yes, they let you bring your own as long as it's in cans. That's a perfect example of why a small, family-run business is different from a national corporate operation. Erin limited us to a single six-pack between the four of us, being the spoil-sport that she is.

Since it was still sweltering outside, the mini golf courses weren't crowded. We originally planned to play all three, since we never had to wait at any of the tees; but we stopped after the second course. Erin and Ed wanted to take a spin in the go-karts for a change of pace. Laurie and I declined, instead using the opportunity to enjoy some frozen custard from the snack bar.

The harsh noise and foul exhaust from the go-karts enveloped us as we sat on a bench, silently licking on our cones. I glanced down at the bandage on her scraped knee, recalling her breezy nudity up on Falcon Rock. Laurie eventually had something to say, although she didn't turn to look at me.

"Joe, I've been thinking about what you suggested last night. Especially while I was using the tablet after you left. I saw some very interesting visuals as I jumped around to various websites. Remember, you talked about us trying out some of the erotic activities we saw on the videos?" she asked nonchalantly. "I think I've built up a level of trust I'm comfortable with. To move forward on that plan. How about you?"

A surge of blood flooded my penis. "So you think it's a good idea? Our experimenting together?"

"Sure, ki

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