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Like the famous bunny, Bobby keeps going.

As the 'upstairs maid', Lucy felt superior to the other two servants, and felt it her obligation to keep Mrs. Fessenden's secrets. Though Lucy did not know for certain what had gone on in Emily's bedroom when the doctor visited her, she was pleased that whatever it was seemed to have a positive effect on her mistress. Lucy was curious, though. She believed she would find out the particulars eventually -- one way or another.

Emily tossed in her bed the night after George had examined her. And the next night. She had those unusual dreams again. She awoke in the night, lying on her tummy, with her bedclothes above her waist, feeling dampness in her 'nether regions'. What were these sensations? What were these dreams that she could not remember? She thought George had been in the dreams, but she could not recall them. Her symptoms had abated after he examined her, but had returned the next day -- some of them more intensely -- especially the aching feeling in her pelvis. Despite the return of physical symptoms, she seemed more cheerful than usual.

What would happen when George arrived on Friday? The curiosity was exciting to Emily.

Friday morning came. Emily had Lucy prepare the parlor to receive Dr. Fallow once more. She had Lucy arrange fresh flowers, and have a bottle of fine port and Madeira in the parlors. It was quite obvious to Lucy that Mrs. Fessenden was eagerly anticipating his arrival.

Lucy drew the bath water, and Emily bathed meticulously. Soaping every inch of her body, slowly and sensually. She summoned Lucy to scrub her back. After she dried, she perfumed herself, daubing it on her neck, her bosom, and between her thighs. She noticed the dampness there -- the same as she had felt when George had examined her nipples.

She brushed her hair meticulously. Lucy brought her a silk gown, with floral designs on it. Emily slipped into it, without putting on any undergarments. Lucy was surprised, but said nothing. Dr. Fallow would be arriving within half an hour. Lucy had not seen Mrs. Fessenden this cheerful in quite some time -- probably never, actually. It pleased Lucy to see her mistress in a good mood. Obviously it had something to do with the visit from the doctor a few days ago. Lucy was curious, but it was not her place to ask her mistress for details. She did wonder at the thought of Miss Emily receiving the doctor dressed only in her gown. After all, it did cling to the curves of her body in a rather revealing manner.

At a little before 3 o'clock a rapping at the front door was heard. Emily's pulse quickened. "It must be Fallow," she told Lucy. "Please see him into the parlor. I'll meet him there."

"Good morning, Lucy. Is Mrs. Fessenden ready to receive me?"

"She asked me to show you into the parlor. She'll be down in a few moments."

George gave Lucy his hat, and went into the parlor. He stood in the middle of the room for a while, gazing at the d__cor. It was done in exceptionally good taste, furnished with the finest appointments. He was uncharacteristically nervous. After so many years of practice he had surely made a few thousand house calls, and they had become routine long, long ago. But this was different. He was eager to see Emily once again. His potential new friend, he hoped.

Emily checked her hair once more, being sure it was exactly as she wanted it to be.

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