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She falls for long-haired, macho co-worker despite herself.

I wasn't exactly angry but I did want to fuck her as hard as I had seen Josh give it to her, if only to prove to myself that I could. I thought of his cock and cum inside her and it wasn't long before she felt sperm flooding into her.

Gail ran her fingers through my hair and clasped her legs over my back, just like she had done with Josh. "Oh, John, I love it when you get horny like this," she panted, "these past few months I seem to be wanting sex more and more. Perhaps it's because we're retired now and have more leisure time, I just know I think about sex a lot more than ever before."

"Remember, I'm five years older than you and though my brain is willing my body sometimes reminds me that my young buck days are long gone."

"I know, I know, don't worry, I'll be okay."

I bet you will I thought and I'll be there on Friday see that you are I thought.

I put my golf clubs in the trunk and waved to Gail who was standing at the front door and pulled out of the drive. I drove the five minutes to the park beside the lake and parked the car. I hiked around the lake, through the ravine to the back of my house. I took off my shoes and went in. The house was quiet and halfway up the stairs I heard the shower running. The bedroom door was open and I crept through and into my walk-in closet, leaving the sliding door open an inch or so. The shower turned off and Gail hummed happily to herself. She came out of the ensuite and proceeded to dress in a pink, cupless corset with garters, black stocking and heels. She sat on the end of the bed and played with her nipples and pussy. I looked at my watch, 10:33 and at the moment I heard the back door open. Gail heard it also and lay back on the bed and spread her legs. Josh bounded up the stairs and straight into the room, it was obvious he had been there before, perhaps many times.

Gail spread her pussy as he walked into the bedroom and said in almost a purr, "I've got something hot and wet for your tongue and big cock, come and get it, your slut is ready for you."

"You look so sexy you fucking slut, open that horny, old cunt for me, I'm going to fuck the shit out of you, you dirty, slutty old whore."

"Oh, Josh, I want to be your mature slut fuck, tell me I'm your whore. Tell me how you want your big, hard cock in my wet cunt, tell me, tell me how you're going to fuck me, Josh, I want your young cock to fill me full of cum."

This was a side of Gail that I had never seen. How long had their relationship been going on? She obviously loved to play the old slut to his young stud. I was both shocked and incredibly turned on by this display and I released my cock from the confines of my pants. My erection was incredibly hard and I stoked it slowly.

"Turn around and get on your hands and knees, you horny slag and show me your ass," Josh said as he removed his shirt.

"Yes, I will, I will but show me your cock first, I want to see it."

"You'll see it and you'll feel it in your mouth and old pussy. I'm going to fuck you and you're not going to want me to stop, now turn around like I told you to you dirty slut."

"Yes, Josh, I will, just fuck me like the whore I am," and she turned and presented her ass to him.

Josh walked over to Gail and roughly mauled her ass then gave her two hard spanks on each cheek and said, "When I tell you to do something, you do it! You'll see my cock when I'm good and ready. From now on you call me sir, is that clear you cheap, slutty whore?" and he spanked her again.

"Oh yes, Sir, I'm sorry, I just love your cock inside me so much and I need it bad, I sorry, Sir."

He didn't respond, he spread her pussy lips and asked, "How many times has this old cunt had a cock it? He rammed two fingers in and finger-fucked her with force."

"Oh. . .hundreds. . .thousands but I want yours the most, its so thick and hard, no one has ever fucked me like you do, Sir."

"You should thank me for sticking my cock in an old, used cunt like this," and his fingers worked harder.

"I do thank you Sir; I thank you every ti

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