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Help with flat tire leads to pleasure.

She said don't do that but she didn't move away. On my 3rd trip I did her neck and slipped my wet cloth down her back, having first undone two more buttons on her blouse. Next I unhooked her bra and slid my hands around to cup her breasts. I could feel her nipples immediately stiffen. "OH, your hands are cold." If that's her best protest I knew I was making progress. Now I came around the sofa and pushing her back, I started kissing her and resumed massaging her breast. She let me get my tongue in her mouth but did not respond to my tongue thrusts. My cock was hard sticking out from my housecoat but when I took her hand and placed it on my cock she jerked it away. My mouth action was not getting to her but my breast massage was. At one point she put her arms around my neck and hugged her bare breasts against my chest and started rubbing them against me.

I reached down, undid her skirt and let it fall and tugged at her panties half pulling them off her and at one point I think she lifted her hips a little bit to help me. I didn't get her panties off, just down to her ankles but it was enough to get my cock into her. Her hot wet pussy seemed to relax letting me plunge into her and then clamp my cock as I pulled part way out to thrust back in again. I started to pump faster as I felt my excitement build, only to freeze when I heard Amanda's voice yell, "Frank, what are you doing, get off my sister." I was soo close, why couldn't she have been a minute later; even 30 seconds would have been enough. With all the screaming going on with my wife yelling at me and Joyce to, I went back to the bedroom and got dressed. As I got dressed I could hear their voices but not make out exactly what they were saying, but it was easy to see they were both blaming me. "Get out of my house and don't come back, you dirty bastard," Amanda yelled and Joyce added her voice saying, "You attacked me you pervert."

I could have gone to a hotel, but my brother Billie lived in the same town, and even though we had not spoken to each other since his wedding, just because I made a pass at his new bride; I felt enough time had gone by for Billie to forget about all that. Plus he had a sexy wife that I wouldn't mind getting another crack at. Kathy recognized me right away even though it had been two years since the wedding. ""Frank, what are you doing here?" I gave her my version of the story and told her I had nowhere else to go, so she invited me in. Over a couple beer I told her my story making my wife Amanda look like a real bitch.

A little later my brother got home. I could tell right away, he was not happy to see me. "What are you doing here?" Kathy told him and I added that I expected Amanda to let me come home in two or three days. Kathy explained that she had told me I could stay as long as I liked and sent Billie out to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate two brothers back together again. It was obvious that Kathy was much more pleased than Billie was. I wondered how a hot bitch like Kathy would marry a guy like my brother; maybe it was because he had a very well-paying job so she did not have to work.

Neither one of us mentioned that at her wedding I tried to feel her up.

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