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Pete and Emily finally get together again.

Bella, however, was in no mood for protracted foreplay, after all the frustrations and annoyances of the day she wanted to fuck... and be fucked. They coupled quickly, like two animals in heat, indifferent to the finer points, just intent to get into each other as urgently as possible. Harry drove into her, hard and rough; Bella responded in kind clawing at him and biting him as she sought possession.

In what seemed no time at all Harry announced, "I'm coming," Bella merely grunted in reply and grasped him limpet like, as his semen started to pour into her. Even after he had finished she still hung on tight, scarcely believing that only a few minutes ago they had been daggers drawn.

"You can relax now," suggested Harry.

Bella gave a short laugh "I can't quite believe that we just..." her voice tailed off, unable for the moment to find the words.

Harry slipped out of her and lay back taking a breather. "Harry that was great," Bella informed him snuggling up, "I haven't had sex much lately."

Harry was surprised as it had all been a little brief, over with pretty quickly but Bella spoke again, "Harry, do you you think" she repeated herself ,"That maybe we could do it again tomorrow... and maybe even Sunday," she added hopefully.

"Well," grinned Harry, "I don't see why not, but rather than tomorrow I was thinking more in terms of about ten minutes."

Bella raised herself on one elbow, "You're not kidding are you... I haven't had sex twice in a week since I can't remember when, let alone twice in one night," she ran her hand up his leg, " Oh my, you're getting hard again already," she gripped him firmly to confirm the fact, "And what is this..." Bella threw back the doona, "Goodness, your balls, they're huge, no wonder you came so much. She played gently with them for a while, frowning intently, "I want all they've got," and then looking up at Harry added with not entirely mock seriousness, "I want to turn them into shrivelled wrinkly little walnuts and have all your sperms swimming around inside me."

"Well I don't know about shrivelled and wrinkly," laughed Harry "But I guess there's no harm in making the attempt."

"You're ready now," Bella informed him wriggling closer.

"Mmm," responded Harry, he pushed Bella onto her side her ass back against his rock hard cock, "But this time we'll do it doggy style."

"Yes," agreed Bella happily, "Yes."

"But first you need to get yourself ready," Harry guided her hand towards her groin.

"But I don't, I don't..." protested a startled Bella

"Oh yes you do" insisted Harry "you're going to frig yourself and when you're nice and wet, I'm going to stick my cock in you, and then after you have got yourself off, I'll fuck you stupid."

"But ... but"

Smack, Harry walloped the cheek of Bella's ass, "No buts, just get on with it."

Bella's mouth was suddenly dry, she trembled slightly in excitement and Harry smacked her ass again to make the point. "Yes sir," she stumbled, "Yes sir."

Harry was startled, 'Her whole attitude, it's changed, just a couple of smacks on her ass.'

Bella meanwhile went to work with a will.

Harry was still wondering 'why did she react so strongly?' he had limited experience that some women liked a smack, but he had never laid it on so hard before, anything like so hard. Harry was a very bright guy, but sometimes could be surprisingly slow on the uptake... but eventually he thought "Hey maybe it's the smacking that turns her on."

And the beginnings of an idea began to form in his mind.

Bella's rapidly shortening breath drew him out of his reverie "Harry oh Harry I'm... I'm coming" stammered Bella, in the circumstances a fairly unnecessary statement, she shook and heaved, lost for a few moments but gradually started to calm down.

"Right, now get on your hands and knees," demanded Harry, he pulled her roughly towards the edge of the bed then stood on the floor behind her.

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