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They strike it rich.

You're going to let Ken expose you a little." Lauren said with a grin.

Katie was nervous, the bar was pretty busy. "I don't know..."

"It will be fun," Lauren explained, "I'll told Ken what we're up to already, during your dance he'll move you to a dark corner where you won't be so out in the open. Unless of course you want the whole bar to see you naked." She added with a grin.

"Okay I'll do it," Katie quickly replied before she had a chance to change her mind. "But, if I'm going to be exposed so are you. You need to unbutton your blouse to the bottom while you're dancing with Steve."

Lauren raised an eyebrow, "Okay it's a deal."

Katie and Lauren went to grab their guys and drag them out to dance.

Steve held Katie tightly as they swayed to the music. "It looks like you two are having a great time," Steve said to his wife.

"The best. Lauren is so much fun to hang out with." Katie rested her head on Steve's chest and enjoyed being held in the strong arms of her man. His hands cupped her bum and pulled her close, she was already horny and feeling his hardness up against her was making her more so. The cute brunette sighed and was looking forward to getting home tonight, ripping off his clothes off and riding the cock that made her feel so good inside


The first slow song ended and Lauren came over to Katie and with a wink asked to switch partners. Katie nervously agreed and went off with Ken as Lauren wrapped her arms around Steve.

Katie liked Ken, he was tall and handsome like her husband, but a little rougher and blue collar. She could feel how strong and rough his hands were as they glided down her back to her firm ass. Katie considered for a moment of backing out of the dare and asking Ken to move his hands but a quick glance over to her husband changed her mind for her. She watched as the tall blonde moved her husband's hands to her butt then unbuttoned her top to show Steve the maximum amount of her large firm breasts. Katie laughed inside at the look on Steve's face as Lauren exposed herself and the two moved off to a quiet place on the dance floor to attract less attention. The attractive wife was slightly surprised at how calmly Lauren exposed herself for Steve. Katie was battling butterflies in her stomach and the growing moisture between her legs as she wondered what Ken had in store for her.

Ken moved Katie to a corner of the dance floor that was a little more private. She tried to see where Laruen and Steve were, but they were now hidden from view in the crowd. Ken held Katie close as they started to dance. It felt really good as she let his hands roam freely over her body. The attractive wife just closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment. Ken's hands moved up her sides momentarily stopping at the top of her dress, he slowly pulled down the front until her small perky boobs popped out. Katie knew something like this was coming but still let out a little gasp and pushed herself closer to Ken to hide her breasts from other patrons.

"Why hide?" Ken whispered in her ear, "Lauren told me you like showing off. Show me your boobs."

Katie blushed and wondered what exactly Laruen told him. She looked up at her handsome dance partner and smiled as she arched her back moving her chest away from Ken, giving him a good view of her small perky breasts. She glanced around and it didn't appear anyone noticed, their corner of the dance floor was dark and most other people were too busy with their own dance partners to notice.

Ken decided to see how far Katie would go and find out if the stories his girlfriend was telling were the truth.

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