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Carter is surprised to enjoy Valentine's Day.

The door to the boiler room suddenly shot open and in the doorway stood two soldiers; Sergeant Mick Bolton and Gunner Frank Barnes.

"Well, well, Private Mcleash! And who is that with you? Ah! The charming Fraulein Olga. Up to your old games again, are you? Wasn't the warning we gave you last time you were in here, clear enough?"

"I reckon she'll go to prison for this one, Sarge'," said Frank.

"Please, Mick. Let me go. I won't come again, I promise!"

"That's what you said to Captain Binnes, when you were up in front of him a couple of months back. He told you that you'd be reported to the German Civil Authorities if you were caught here again."

Alex fastened his flies and put on his jacket. He turned to leave, but the sergeant held his arm.

"No you don't, Private. This is a military matter and you have some explaining to do."

"Look, Serge', I've done nothing wrong. Just having a bit of fun in the boiler room, so what's your problem?"

"The problem, Private, is what she's carrying in that bag of hers. Army issue fags, coffee, chocolate. She's not got those from the local shop. They're Army issue, and you know it!"

Alex said nothing, knowing he'd been caught red handed.

"Well?" Sergeant Bolton asked.

"What can I do to make it right, Serge'?"

"If you can keep your mouth shut, get lost and forget you were ever here or that you even know Olga, I'll see you're not involved. But, one word out of you and you'll be on a charge and off to Colchester Prison and your feet won't touch! Do I make myself clear, Private?"

"As day, Serge," said Alex and, with a guilty glance at Olga standing miserably by the table, he turned to go. "What if she's asked who brought her in here, or gave her the contraband?"

"You'll just have to hope that we can persuade her to keep quite, won't you?"

He suddenly understood, and looked at her again, and felt an enormous sense of sympathy for her, knowing just what a price she might be asked to pay for their silence and, at the same time, feeling something of a coward. But, powerless to change the course of events, he left, closing the door behind him and walked back to his barrack room in the deep darkness. He suddenly felt the first drops of rain and, as the downpour increased, he hurried for the warmth of his own bed.

Back in the small boiler room, Gunner Frank Barnes was busy pinning a heavy grey blanket over the small window and once it was in place he blinked as a match was struck and two candles suddenly blossomed into light. He looked over at Olga who stood trembling against the table.

"Can I go now?" she asked. "I won't say a word and I promise I won't come into the camp again."

Sgt. Mick Bolton grinned at her and suddenly grasped her right breast,

"Not yet. There's a little matter of what it's worth to me and Frank here if we were to let you go. Nothing's for nothing in this world, Olga, as you well know. You gave yourself to Alex for some cigarettes and coffee and chocolate so, what are you going to do for me and Frank for letting you go free? Why should we take the risk of not reporting you to the authorities? We'd be in serious trouble if we let you go, wouldn't we?"

"What do you want?" she asked, suddenly afraid, and knowing quite well what they wanted from her, for it was what they all wanted, and she resigned herself to the inevitable and hoped they wouldn't hurt her or keep her too long.

She looked at their faces and saw no lack of resolve, so she moved forward and pulled Sgt. Bolton towards her and kissed him, pressing her body into his and moaning to encourage his response.

"Will this help for you to let me go and keep quiet?" she asked.

"You'll need to see to both of us," he said.

"Of course. I understand that."

" Okay Frank?" asked Mick.

"Sure," he replied licking his lips.

"But you promise I can go and no more will be said if I let you both have sex with me?"

"You've got a deal, Fraulein."

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