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Wife's first time.

"I have no problem with only playing strip poker and once someone is naked the game is over. Only what if John or I am sitting here naked instead of you or Julie?" He looked to Christine for her answer.

"Oh, that's a no brainer," said Christine with a laugh and looking at Julie.

"What's a no brainer?" John looked at his wife with interest.

"If you or Tom lose all your clothes, then with the next hand you lose, you have to have gay sex with one another," said Christine slapping Julie the high five.

"Gay sex? No way," said John. "I'm not gay."

"Gross," said Tom. "Unless I was in prison and forced to have man sex with a redneck named Big Bubba, I'll never have gay sex."

"I see you've put a lot of thought into when you'd have gay sex," said John to Tom with a laugh that made the women laugh, too.

"Very funny," said Tom. "You know what I mean."

"Now on the other hand, since you mentioned it, if you or Julie lose all your clothes and then lose another hand, you must have lesbian sex with one another," said John slapping Tom a high five, "while we watch."

"Oh, yeah, I like that idea," said Tom. "That's hot."

"Lesbian sex? Eww. Gross," said Christine. "I never understood what guys get out of watching two women having sex with one another, anyway." Christine looked at Julie and Julie returned her look with interest. "Besides, that doesn't sound fair."

"Yeah," said Julie, "other than having a wonderful orgasm, something you guys don't give us," she said with a laugh, "what do we get out of having lesbian sex?"

As if she was entertaining the idea of having lesbian sex with Christine, John was surprised by the look that Julie gave him, while she furtively looked over at Christine. Maybe it was just the alcohol getting to her, but unable to tell if she was embarrassed, excited, or interested, and contemplating the idea of having lesbian sex with her best friend, Julie looked at John and Tom, before looking back at Christine with a flushed face.

"What do you get out of it? Well, you get to make out with one another, French kiss one another, while feeling one another's body," said Tom.

"Oh, my God, that's so hot," said John. "My sexual fantasy come true, I'd love to see you two together."

"Then, fingering one another's pussy and licking one another, you get to give one another an orgasm, while we watch and masturbate over all the hot lesbian action," said Tom slapping John a high five.

"Listen to you two. Both of you are such perverts. I can just see you standing over us masturbating, while Julie and I are kissing and touching one another."

"They'd be so excited that they'd probably shoot their loads all over our naked bodies," said Christine with a sexy laugh.

"Oh, I like that idea," said John. "I wouldn't mind cumming all over you, Julie."

"Eww," said Julie.

"Eww," said Christine, punching her husband in the shoulder. "You're such a pig, Johnny."

"Then, later, when alone in bed, you give us hot pillow talk about your lesbian experience, before sucking our cocks," said John nodding his excitement to Tom.

"Dream on, Johnny. I'm with Julie," said Christine. "If we agree to have lesbian sex, when we lose, what will you guys give us, if we win?"

"What will we give you, if we lose and you win? If you lose, we'll give you our undying gratitude for allowing us to watch you two having lesbian sex," said Tom with a laugh.

"Now, on the other hand, if you win, we'll give you our heartfelt congratulations for wining at strip poker and allowing us to see you naked, while we get to expose our erect cocks to you," said John laughing and high fiving Tom again.

"Oh, no, we want more than that," said Christine, while looking to Julie for support.

"Yeah, we want something more tangible," said Julie giving Christine a wink and a grin.

"Tangible? What do you mean tangible? Like what?" John looked at Julie.

"If we agree to have lesbian sex when losing, we want a $500 shopping spree each for winning," said Julie.

"On the good chance of you two will lose at strip poker and we get to watch you have lesbian sex

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