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She's caught naked and wanting.

"Both of you are like totally obsessed with him."

"We are not," Tristan and Claudia said simultaneously, then shared a little smile before linking hands.

"Sharing the same thoughts already?" A smirk crossed Kimi's lips. "Next you'll be finishing each other's sentences."

"And gazing into each other's eyes as if no one else in the world exists," Ethan added.

"I could say the same of you two," Claudia said. "I mean hello, you two were being totally mushy during prom."

"You should see us in the bedroom," Kimi said. "We're a lot less mushy, and more wild, right honey bear?"

"That's right, angel face," Ethan responded, and the arm wrapped around her waist began to tighten.

"Spare us the details," Claudia said. "Knowing how you are, Kimi, you'd probably give us the X-rated version.

"Speaking of X-rated, there's an adult store across the street," Kimi said. "Anyone up for checking it out?"

"Sure," Ethan replied, and with a glance behind him, looked at Tristan and Claudia. "You two innocents down to accompany us, or would you rather wait outside?"

"Innocents?" Claudia lifted an eyebrow. "Tristan and I are anything but innocent. And of course we'll come inside. We'll probably get a few toys of our own while we're in there."

"We will?" As surprise sunk in, Tristan's eyes went a little wider.

"Sure, why not?" Claudia asked, and her fingers linked tighter with his, thumb rubbing the back of his hand with a gentle tenderness.

Sharing a crooked smile, Kimi and Ethan continued ahead, leading Tristin and Claudia across the street and through the double doors of the adult shop.

* * * *

With shopping bags in hand and bellies full of Chinese food, Claudia and Kimi entered the house, quickly punching in the code to the alarm system before shutting the door behind them. Although illuminated by stylish track lighting, the lower half of the townhome was completely empty. Aside from the soft hum of the dishwasher, the house was utterly silent, leading Claudia to realize that she and Kimi were the only ones there.

"I guess no one's home, huh?" She set her packages on the floor, then undid the laces on her stylish ankle boots before kicking them off.

"Guess not," Kimi said, but on noticing a post-it that had been attached to the entryway mirror, she removed it from the glass and read it aloud:

"Went to dinner with some friends. We won't be back until midnight, so keep the house safe for us while we're gone. Enjoy yourselves."

"So we've got the house to ourselves for the next five hours?"

"Looks like it," Kimi responded.

"Too bad the boys aren't here with us, huh?" She shrugged out of her jacket before asking, "Speaking of Tristan and Ethan, why exactly did they pick tonight to go off by themselves?"

"I don't know, guess they needed a boy's night out or something."

"But we just arrived yesterday," Claudia said. "They can't already be tired of us."

"They're guys, Claude. No point in even trying to figure them out."

But Claudia did want to figure it out, and sporting a light frown, she pushed her lip out into a pout.

"Well I think it sucks and that they should be with us. I mean they didn't even ask if we wanted to come along."

"Hence the meaning of a boy's night out. *Boys*, Claude. Which means only people with dicks are allowed."

"But we bought toys." Retrieving the bag from the floor, Claudia glanced into it. "I mean what good is all this stuff, if we don't even have our guys to try it out with?"

"Who says we need guys?" Kimi's gaze had softened, eye contact becoming firm as she stared into Claudia's eyes. "There's the two of us, right? So why don't we just try the toys out on each other?"


"You heard what I said." Her tone was friendly, but the look on her face made Claudia's skin break out in a flush.

"But we have boyfriends, Kimi. Wouldn't that be like cheating?"

"What if I said that they were okay with it?" She asked. "What if I told you that the reason they decided to go off on their own, was because I asked them to give us some alone time?"

"Tristan wouldn't go for t

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