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Shelby gets more than she bargained for at the chiropractor.

Bev finally was persuaded to take her top off too. I'm sure the only reason she took her top off was she noticed the attention Angie was getting and was jealous. I don't know why she was nervous about being topless, because she could match or top anyone that was on the beach with her boobs. She had firm C cups with those nice little button nipples the same as Angie had, and they were very pleasant to look at.

Once she was topless the guys treated her body the same way they were treating Angie and it didn't take long until I saw Bev was actually enjoying the same attention from the guys that Angie was receiving. That was something which at the start of this holiday I never expected to see from her.

I know the guys took more than a few liberties when we frolicked in the ocean, and at times it looked like a game of "you grope me and I'll grope right back". Afterwards on the beach they had to cover the girls in lotion again and the touching never stopped.

The girls were in good spirits and laughing as they fooled around. It seemed they were looking forward to the guy's advances. I know Angie was turned on just by the way she acted, and I was sure Bev was getting that way too.

We had supper with the guys and then a few more drinks. By the time Bev, Angie and I headed to our room the three of us were pretty blitzed. Angie and I jumped right in bed while Bev went into the bathroom to change.

By the time she came out of the bathroom Angie and I were enjoying each other's bodies and weren't going to stop just because she was there. Bev got into her bed and left us to our fun. When Angie decided to sit on my face for a good tongue licking Bev couldn't ignore us anymore. Angie always loved getting eaten out and her moans that night, let me know she loved the way my tongue worked her clit.

I was on my back and my cock was pointing at the ceiling. Bev couldn't help herself and watched us, and when she saw my cock she was soon masturbating. Angie saw her and said, "To bad Dave isn't here so you could have some fun. If you want, you can jump on Bill and use his cock. It's pretty good, and using it is better than fingers."

Bev didn't know what to think, but she was horny from the booze and all the touching and teasing from the guys that day, so she got up and stood beside our bed mesmerized watching us for a while.

Bev was staring at my cock with her hand in her pajama bottoms playing with her pussy when Angie again told her, "Hop on, he won't mind, Bill loves threesomes and if Dave wouldn't have been such an ass you wouldn't be in this position." Bev hesitated, but did get on the bed and Angie told her, "Come on you are obviously horny and want cock, and we are a million miles from home so use it. Get those pajamas off and have some fun."

I couldn't see because Angie's pussy was in my face, but I soon felt Bev straddle me and lower herself on my cock. I heard a moan from her and she started to pump her pussy up and down on my cock. "Oh Christ I've had too much to drink," Bev said. "What am I doing? OH DAMN that feels good." After she got into a good rhythm she said, "Fuck Dave, he didn't want to come and I'm so pissed at him I'm going to have fun, and if you don't mind, I just might want to use this cock some more before we head home."

"I don't mind in the least. This isn't a first for us and we enjoy the fun times." Angie then instructed Bev by saying, "He likes it when you grind your pussy back and forth on his cock and it feels pretty good doing it that way too. Try it." I must admit Bev took instructions well and it indeed felt quite good.

The two of them worked me over for a bit and I could hear Bev's breath quicken then I heard the unmistakable sound of a kiss. What a turn on. Hearing that made my cock involuntarily jump giving Bev a jolt. "Hope you didn't mind me kissing you?" Angie asked Bev.

Bev replied, "No I didn't mind and it was kind of exciting.

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