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She comes home to find hubby watching a video.


(Some Time Later)

A private plane awaits us and soon we find ourselves in air and one the way.

"We may have only known each other for a short while but Bill you have given me something truly amazing."

"What you have given me Emily is simply unforgettable. At the risk of sounding like an over enthusiastic fan, I watched your films and almost unbelievably now here I am in front of you."

"Well thank you Bill, I am flattered," Emily says with a chuckle.

Emily then leans in and kisses me sweetly and softly. I returned the gesture and soon we are snogging one another with ever rising passion and vigour. Our clothes begin to melt away in the cabin. We feel each other's bodies touching every place.

I lay back on the couch and Emily straddles above me grasping and seductively stroking my cock as it becomes rock hard and ready for her slice of heaven. Emily straddles me and positions herself over my cock and slowly slides down upon my rock hard shaft. Emily slowly and steadily rises up and down and a slow, deliberate, and unbelievably seductive manner which seems to make my cock even harder.

Emily keeps her shimmering blue eyes fixed upon me. We find ourselves lost in each other's eyes as the sexual pleasure captures us both with heated passion. I feel myself in the prison of love and freer than ever before. I interlock my fingers with hers as she continues to ride me and our bond seeming grows stronger with each passing moment.

After experiencing a mile high earth shattering climax we drifted off to sleep and awoke moments before landing. It was night time and the shimmering lights came into view through the airplane window. We looked at each other and then back out the window and we felt contented.

The plane soon landed and we found ourselves heading toward a rather lavish hotel. We soon settle into a beach front villa. I open the villa doors and windows to hear the ocean lapping against the shore as we soon find ourselves lying on the couch, naked and with lights off watching the night sky over the ocean.

"It's a beautiful sight Bill."

"Yes it is, but it can't compare to you."

"Thank you, I can tell you meant that with sincerity."

"My feelings for you are genuine and there are not going anywhere, anytime soon."

Emily leaned in and we exchanged a kiss and we seemingly drift off to sleep.

The next morning we awake still in each other's arms and with the view of the sun shimmering off the ocean. We shower, have breakfast and then make our way onto the beach. It is quite and deserted. We find a spot under the shade of a palm tree close to the villa and we sit down.

"Emily you have changed my life since that night in Paris, It is something I cannot and will never forget,"

"You changed me as well Bill, since John died I found myself in such sorrow after losing the man I loved. I thought I could not have the capacity to love again but you changed that and for that I am thankful."

I hold her close; feel the warmth of her body against mine in this tropical heat. I feel her heart beating seemingly in unison with mine. We both look out on the blue void stretching forth in front of us.

"Emily," I say to her as she is in my arms, "Marry Me."

Emily's reply comes swift and certain, "Yes."

Emily stands up and I follow suit and get to my feet. We make our way back to the villa and shut the door. We get to the bed and we rip each other's clothes off. We kiss each other with burning passion, as I lie back on the bed as Emily and I continue to snog.

Emily then slowly slides herself on to my hard cock and begins to rid me up and down with gusto. She lets out moans of passion that increases with volume and fills the room alongside the lust and love we feel for each other. She tilts her head back and runs her fingers through her hair.

She gyrates on my cock heightening the sensation rushing through my veins. Her sheer moans of ecstasy fill the room. In this instance we are connected and seemingly one entity. Emily leans in and I hold her close as my cock continues to slide in and out of her

Our bodies

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