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A raffle drawing becomes a public bondage display.

Kathie Lee had fucked all the other interns, male and female, and wasn't above blowing her way to a job either. She really was horny as hell and she need to get fucked real fast.

Herbie was so short and nerdy looking, but he fucked all the women on the show. When someone would ask him how he got so many chicks he just shrugged his shoulders and went on with his business happily banging every horny chick he could.

He was standing outside Kathie Lee's door as he heard her moaning. He was rubbing his 9 inch cock and peeking in the door.

Kathie Lee had a banana shoved up her ass and a wine bottle up her pussy, she was so fucking horny she couldn't stand it.

She fucked her ass and pussy wishing she had a few big cock to suck. "Damn, I need some cum I'm thirsty and momma loves cum. If only the world knew how much of a slut I was." She said laughing.

She thought about the fat greasy looking guy that worked in the basement garage who would always leer at her when she showed up for work. She would tease him and flash him every day.

One day he got tired of the teasing and grabbed her as she got on the elevator. He pushed to stop button and grabbed her tearing her top off, she wasn't wearing a bra, and pulled her skirt up shoving his thick little cock up her pussy as she playfully screamed. His "rape" didn't last long as he came after a couple of rough fucking which Kathie Lee enjoyed.

She even sucked his little cock dry to thank him for the fun.

Kathie Lee was wondering about Herbie the Intern as she molested her holes. She knew from Hoda that he had a big cock and he came a lot so she was anxious to try him out.

Herbie was wondering how slutty Kathie Lee was. He had heard from the others at the show she was a total slut and he hoped it was true.

Hoda had given him all her holes and he was hoping for the same from Kathie Lee.

Herbie accidently pushed the door open and it startled Kathie Lee. She took one look at his cock and said "Shut that damn door and bring that big dick to momma big boy."

Herbie shut the door and locked it. His big, enormously thick dick stuck out, slightly bent upwards, as he walked to Kathie Lee. She took one look at that huge dick and smiled, her pussy soaking from the wine bottle and the thought of Herbie's cock in it.

She pulled the wine bottle out but left the banana in her ass. She said "Herbie, I've heard all about u. Today is your lucky day big boy. I know u have a crush on me and I'm horny as hell so come play with momma's pussy before u pound the shit out of it."

Herbie went over to Kathie Lee, waving his dick at her and knelt down, licking his fantasy woman's pussy as she moaned.

He licked her sweet tasting pussy so good, then he got a kinky idea. He got up, pointed his cock at her clit and started pissing all over it.

Kathie Lee was shocked initially, but she immediately was into it. She started rubbing her clit fast as Herbie assaulted it with his piss. She came hard, so excited by her nerdy pervert lover.

"Point that big fucker up here and piss in my mouth." Kathie Lee told him.

Herbie did as he was told and pissed in her mouth. She swallow some and let the rest spill out of her mouth.

She leaned over and sucked her enormous cockhead as he finished pissing, swallowing what piss came out. She kept sucking his huge cock, loving the taste and size of it.

Herbie knew Kathie Lee was as slutty as he had hoped.

Kathie Lee took her mouth off his cock so she could wrap her tits around it. "Fuck momma's titties baby." Kathie Lee told him.

Herbie fucked her tits while he twisted her nipples. "Oh Herbie, momma loves how u play with my tits. Fuck them hard baby, I love getting titty fucked baby."

Herbie banged her beautiful tits hard and slapped them. He twisted her nipples hard, precum leaked out of his slit. Kathie Lee licked it up, sucking his cockhead as it popped through her tit pussy.

Herbie decided he wanted her real pussy now, so he pulled out and slapped his cock on her lips.

He moved to her pussy and looked at her.

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