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Thorough, but not professional.

We kissed tenderly and with lingering contact. I lovingly nuzzled against her, washing her mouth, nose, and ears with my tongue. Putting my warm breath into her ears, I awaited her decision.

She answered by kissing me. I took that as a 'yes' and proceeded to resume my entrance into her fertile depths. My long ten incher was extended into her, dragging its uncut cockhead against the sensitive and long neglected vaginal walls. When I hit bottom, she lurched, then moaned in pleasure.

More tears emerged and she locked her lips on mine. We both hugged, but she did so with fierce determination. Pressing herself hard against me, I had no choice, no option, but to vent my passion within her deepest, warmest, recesses.

I didn't know, or care, about what, if any, protection she was using. As far as I was concerned, this was a totally unprotected, fertile womb. This unhappily single 30 year old had feared men all of these years.

Well, here was one who could love, and he was about to give her a free 'car wash' with extra thick, creamy, wax. Sure enough, the thick creamy foam was sent thru my ten inch long pipe and emptied into her secret woman's place. Shot after shot, spray after spray, squirt after squirt. Our lips were locked, and her moans were at the scream volume. Then, as quickly as this whole thing started, it stopped.

I rolled off her and went back into my bucket seat. She remained on the reclined seatback, her cunt oozing out my potent seed. It would continue to do so as I drove her across the Bay Bridge and back to her stylish home near Haight-Ashbury. Though she was exhausted, she found time to have a drink with her two gay neighbors at the local lesbian bar. Ironically as they all drank toasts about how horrible men were, Adele conceived.

When I got home, Martha was there, the other guests long since gone.

Martha: "So how was it...I mean you and Adele. No, don't look surprised. I know you-and I know her. I've known for years that you wanted to get some 'action'. It was only recently that I realized that I wanted you to have some action too, as long as I could watch or at least get a play-by-play. Let me tell you, Adele told me everything and didn't spare the details. She said you are so big, so incredibly well-hung, that she thinks you got her pregnant. Is that what you were trying for, to knock up my dear friend? The truth now!" [I bent my head and nodded.]

Martha: "Don't look so downcast! I said that I knew and it didn't bother me. In fact I want you to have's about the only fun and excitement I can have these days. From now on, I will control your sexy exploits. That way I can know where you are, what you're doing, and get my fun from that."

In the strangest twist in history, instead of being turned on by this kinky turn, I was appalled. The idea of 'performing' like a trained seal for my stubby 60 year old wife was insulting. Instead of leaping at the chance to have tryst after tryst under the watchful and approving eye of my beloved Martha, I said:

Me: "If I know you planned, approved, and enjoyed my 'handiwork', it would change that from fun to work. That's just too weird...I'm sorry. I'd rather be celibate than to perform like a circus act for you or any of your friends."

Well, that killed that. There was no mention of the subject and my sexual adventures came to an abrupt end. Weeks passed. The only interesting events were when Heather and later Adele called. Both of them had bought a home pregnancy test out of curiosity and both had blue results. I had to admit I was delighted, not so much that I had gotten them pregnant but that they were going to give birth.

Adele for her part had health insurance at work and was not out one cent for the miracle of life bestowed upon her. Heather was just an 18 year old runaway. I asked Martha if we couldn't send her something. She said no. Well, Martha would pay ME an allowance and I started sending it to Heather...she was so needful and grateful.

It was the week before Christmas.

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