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A new society.

I could hear her breathing harder now, so clearly I was doing something right. She grabbed at my head and pushed it into her. I could hardly breathe but carried on with finger and tongue.

I was hard now, my initial reluctance to stiffen long past. I tried to disengage my face, but she wouldn't let me. "Oh no you don't, " she said, "I come at least twice before you get a look in."

"Twice," I thought, "normally with old girls like this it's wham, bam and you're done." They didn't really want the sex, just someone to hold them for a while, because their husbands were like the old Major, trying to get it up with some drunken slapper. Obligingly I carried on. She was warming up nicely now, her pussy swelling up and feeling soft and moist. I sucked down, tasting her, licking her out and fingering all the while. It took a while, but suddenly I felt her quivering. She lifted one leg over my shoulder and pulled me in tighter as she came. Her body shook, grinding herself into my face with each wave of the orgasm.

She stepped back. "That wasn't bad, young man."

I sat back on my heels and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "Thank you ma'am. You're quite tasty yourself."

She smiled, then turned away and rummaged in her case beside the bed, before coming up with several silk scarves. At first I thought they were for me, but instead she put them on the bed. "Now undress me," she said "and then blindfold me and tie me up."

"This is getting weirder by the minute," I thought. Obligingly however I stood back and looked at what she was wearing. I decided to blindfold her before taking off her clothes, so I wrapped the first scarf around her eyes, placing some black velvet pads over them first.

Once she couldn't see what I was doing, I went behind her and slowly unzipped her dress. It was a tight fitting piece with a low neck. I slid it over her shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I looked at the label and whistled; even I recognised that label and knew it didn't come cheap. I got her to step out of the dress. Underneath she was wearing a tiny uplift bra and very small string panties, exposing a well muscled back and nicely rounded cheeks. I squeezed her backside appreciatively.

From the front her breasts were small. The uplift bra had obviously been designed to make the most of what she had. I unfastened it and slipped it away. Now all she had on was her tiny panties and her shoes.

"Do you have any higher heels with you?" I asked.

"Yes," she said, "in the wardrobe."

I opened the wardrobe door to reveal an incredible pair of six-inch heels by Manolo. I smiled appreciatively. Turning back I got her to change her shoes. In the much higher heels, her figure was transformed. She stood tall, breasts hard and firm, somehow enhanced. Her backside was wonderfully rounded and protruding slightly backwards. I knelt behind her and kissed then bit each cheek in turn, then slipped a hand between her legs to feel her wet pussy. She was indeed coming along nicely.

I looked around the room at the furniture. There was a side table that looked promising. I took her arm and walked her towards it, then bent her forward so that her backside was now pointing out into the room. I tied each arm to the legs against the wall, so that her head was now almost touching the wall. I was breathing heavily now, my cock aching, but I wasn't finished my preparations. I took a small cushion and placed it between her head and the wall. I anticipated that this was going to be quite vigorous and didn't want to hurt her.

She was now spread over the table. I tied her legs to the table legs at the front, spreading them out to ensure a good access. She was still wearing the high heels, which brought her up to just the right height for me.

All this time she hadn't said a word.

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