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Joanies organizes a special party with a twist, for revenge.


"Freshie, if you could tear your eyes away from my ass for just a second, I could use some help washing this!" With that she unbound a thick cascade of long black hair that bounced down her back and quickly became soaked with the hot streaming water.

Dan straightened up and stepped over to the naked figure, enveloping his hands in the heavy wet hair. The girl passed a plastic tube of shampoo over her shoulder affording Dan a partial glimpse of her smiling face.

Dan worked the shampoo into a rich bubbly lather, partially returning the massage as he slid fingers across her scalp and worked his way down the amazing length of hair.

"Umm, you have nice fingers."

Dan blushed as she backed up against his rapidly hardening cock. The womanly figure nestled tightly against his front, pressing his cock between her ass cheeks.

"All of them!"

Dan was busying himself with rinsing all the soap from her hair, when she passed him a tube of cream rinse. He worked it into the thick mass of hair and spread it with his fingers combing through and working out the knots.

Suddenly long thin fingers wrapped around his stiff cock and began to coax the skin already slippery from the cream rinse. She fucked his cock with her hand until he got even harder, and then slipped the turgid member into her warm wet pussy.

Dan didn't need a diagram; he wrapped his arms around her waist and began to plow his way deep into her furrow. Standing in the steam and the downpour of the hot water from both showerheads, fucking a woman he had never met, hell with met he still hadn't even seen her face, had to be the hottest thing to happen to him in his entire life so far.

She whipped around on him so fast her hair acted like a wet blanket swatting his face but before he could react, she had pressed him into the wall, remounted his erection and rode him down until he was seated against the cool tile, warm water in his face and streaming down between them.

Her hair acted like a veil, hiding her face. Nothing hid her bouncing breasts and Dan buried his face between them and started kissing, nipping and suckling at the puffie nipples. She began to slowly lift her body until he was just barely inside her then she would drop on his cock, thrusting him deep inside her warm wetness.

She began to make small whimpering sounds that slowly grew louder and more breathless and then she locked her knees on each side of his thighs, slammed him deep inside her, and froze, every muscle locked as her body spasmed against him.

She let out a sigh and slowly melted off him, sliding down on the tiled floor and curling into a fetal position, water showering down on her shimmering wet body.

Dan sat trying to slow his breathing, trying to hear sounds outside the slamming of his heart and the shower banging into the cold hard floor. He let out just the faintest groan as he began to push himself up off the tiles.

She whipped around like a cat, all smooth motion, and feline grace coming up on all fours, those magnificent breasts dangling and her hair, her long jet black damned hair covering her face and dragging on the wet white tile.

"Mummmm, not just yet, freshie. You just stay where you are."

She crawled across the shower, water dripping from her everywhere. The beautiful orbs of her heart shaped ass and the smooth muscles of her thighs, swaying as she crawled between his legs. Warm wet hair trailed up his inner thighs and over his cock followed by warm wet lips.

She worked his cock slowly, sucking the shaft deep in her mouth and licking down the ridge on the underside. She used just the bare edge of her teeth as she pulled back so that he felt the scrape along the entire length of his dick. Her tongue swirled around the head of his prick, and then she began the entire process all over again.

Dan buried his hands in her soft wet hair, not trying to guide her head but just to touch her, feel her, get a connection besides the ecstasy of her

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