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Ted has a new girlfriend. How will Kristin cope?

Moaning in apprehension she nevertheless remains motionless and he is pleased with her submission. Moving quickly he fills her cunt with the sweet fruit from the platter, chuckling and stroking her inner thighs lovingly with the skewer each time he does so. Several times she squirms and appears to have something to say, and each time he looks up she bites her lip and spreads her legs wider, clasping her hands tightly above her head. Heavy breaths alert him to her pleasure and he takes a moment to reach up and roll a hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Grinning wickedly her pats her full pussy, pinching her clit in the same manner as her nipple. Groans of appreciation fill his ears as his tempo increases.

Suddenly he stops and stands up between her legs, his foot resting at her opening. "Time to eat, my pet." he tells her with a grin. Motioning her to stay put, he pulls up a chair where he can reach the food-laden cart and his "fruit bowl" at the same time. Spreading a napkin over his lap he settles busily into the plate he uncovers bearing eggs, bacon, toast and hash browns. Hearing only his silverware moving against the china her mouth begins to water and she swears her stomach is growling loud enough to disturb the silence. Steadily he continues his meal, never once looking in her direction. Her hips begin to ache from the spread, and she can feel the juices running down from her overflowing cunt. Still clasping her hands tightly above her head she stretches further, gyrating gently on the floor in an attempt to gain his attention. Chuckling to himself he continues with his breakfast, pausing only to reach for a refill on his coffee, never once looking in her direction.

Long minutes pass before he finally lays his napkin beside his plate and turns towards her. Her heart skips a beat as her blood rushes to her face, realizing what a mess she must appear. Smiling gently he kneels on the floor beside her and pulls her wrists behind her back, placing her head against his shoulder. One hand reaches under her arm to cup his favorite breast, while the other traces a firm line down her belly. Her back arches in anticipation as her breath catches on his look. Smoldering brown eyes pierce her emerald orbs with intense hunger. His intentions are obvious as are her desires as his fingers reach to collect the prize. Glistening droplets of honey cling deliciously to his fingertips as he deftly massages her eager nub. Plucking a luscious bit of fruit from her inner sanctum he offers it to her parched lips. Smiling thankfully she accepts the offering with one bite. Reaching down between her legs he returns with yet another piece; again and again until she begins to squirm unpleasantly.

Pushing her off his lap he turns her over on her elbows and knees and leans close to inspect the container. Sucking noisily at her cunt he draws the last bits of fruit from within. Groaning with need she swings her hips against his tongue, her thighs sticky with the mixture of juice and honey. Slapping her soundly on the hindquarters he moves to his feet and goes into the adjoining bathroom, where she hears water running and strange gurgling noises. Her knees quiver as she tries to imagine what he could be doing and with what that would make such odd noises! Bowing her head quickly back to the floor she pretends not to have moved in his absence. Her back arches appreciatively as she feels his strong hand press upon the back of her neck, forcing her face deeper into the carpet. Her knees instinctively move further apart as a rough hot cloth rubs brusquely at her wetness. Deep guttural moans fill his ears and urge him to rub harder, moving in circles around her thighs and pussy.

Grinning to himself he pours a great quantity of oil upon her backside, bringing a surprised squeak to his ears.

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