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She was beautiful and I was, well not so much.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm back at the doorstep again," I replied, probing in her anus for a potential G-spot. I found something, not the G, but something that stimulated Sigourney enough to make her want me back inside her again.

"Don't you ever quit?" she laughed, a reference to my earlier question. She squeezed my cock tightly, then released it, before working her hand toward the head and squeezing it once more.

"I like your ass," I said, moving my fingers more rapidly and feeling her pushing back against them, urging them deeper.

"Maybe one more time, you think?" she whispered.

"I'm beyond thinking, baby. All I want to do now it wallow in that ultra fine ass of yours."

"Oh, you ... you say the nicest things. Put it in and be quick about it!" ________________________________________

I called the producer Hayley had put me on to, and found him receptive once he placed me as the infamous high school porno king. He also gave me the name of a lawyer he said he did not have on retainer, but would certainly use if his present legal advisors failed him. I was careful to explain I had nothing at the moment, but was just putting things in place. I assured him I had all the actors, scriptwriters and cameramen needed when he offered them.

Hayley had already told me he would try to get a foot in the door toward controlling things that way. In the end, he agreed to back me financially, offering me $50,000 up front and another $35,000 after we finished the first film.

I hung up the phone excited at how easy it was. Next I placed a call to the lawyer Hayley had provided. He wasn't in, but when I mentioned Hayley's name, I was told he would get back to me the following day.

The ball was in my court, so following football practice I looked up Dan DeLeon and brought him up to date. He was impressed with my locating what he termed "A big time producer, and movie industry lawyer," but was confused when I told him about Sigourney's role in the equation as Production Manager.

"I don't understand, we got girls, I got plenty of them. What's she gonna bring to the table?"

"Dandy," I said calmly, "what we're going into isn't a fly-by-night operation. If we do it right, and I fully intend to do just that, we'll need key people to help us."

"It sounds like you're taking over," he said bitterly.

"I am taking over. You've got Wilbur, and a few sluts. If I wanted to I could probably hire Wilbur away from you. You know I can get all the sluts I need."

"Fuck you!" Dandy spat out and turned away from me as if leaving.

"Wait a minute! You're an integral part of this enterprise. And it is going to be an enterprise. We're going to be big, bigger than you've ever imagined. Dandy, I promise you we're going to make a couple million on this deal. Are you willing to sit down and listen?"

He took a seat and waited for me to continue.

"A: We've got a moneyman in Mr. X. (at this point I wasn't about to reveal his name.) He has agreed to front us $85,000 for our initial expenses. We can get more if we give him good reasons. What I've agreed to with him is to make three feature length X-rated films of high quality."

I took a deep breath and went on. "We're not just making porn. Everybody and their sister make porn, but its sloppy porn. The idea is to make a decent film, with a semblance of plot that viewers will remember, and hopefully like enough to buy the next film we produce.

That brings me to B: The movies will be scripted. By that I mean really scripted. We'll hire some English majors, or journalists to put together a cohesive script from the outlines the production manager and I come up with. Don't get me wrong, ideas are always welcome. But we film from a script. The actors will have someone holding their lines on a large piece of cardboard. We will rehearse the lines beforehand so everyone knows their place and better fucking know how to pronounce the words they're reading off the cards.

C: We'll interview the actors.

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