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Two couples vacation together.

When Belinda released the shutter, there was a bright flash as the camera compensated for the lack of light, but the picture was hard and she wanted to capture the softness of that elusive golden light so this time with the flash off and the camera held tight because of the longer exposure time, pressed the shutter again. She looked at the preview screen and thought that if she never took a picture again as long as she lived, this would be the one for her.

"Do some more and then I want some of you." Sue said moving her body to a new position, this time a little more explicit with her legs parted, one heel lifted onto the chair giving the ultimate view of those hidden lips, with their covering of dark pubic hair.

"Like this." She giggled and slipped a finger down between her legs opening the little crevice to the inquisitive lens of the camera.

Click, Belinda pressed the button again and then with the lens closer to her, click again. Then moving back from her, told her to lift her hair from the nape of her neck and let it cascade through her fingers, Click again. Moving to her side so that she was in profile against the light, Click. Then close to her so that her face filled her view finder, Click.

"My turn, My turn Lin," taking the camera from her hands. "OK get sexy for me".

Belinda knew that she could never achieve the perfection that she saw in Sue when she was clicking away, but she seemed satisfied with her results, including the more intimate and close up shots she wanted.

"Belinda, does the timer work so that we can have one together?.

"I guess so." As she fiddled with the controls. "Yes, here we go, sit on the end of the bed and I'll start it going."

She put the camera down on the dressing table and setting it so that Sue was in the viewfinder, pressed the start button, the little light started flashing and she went over and sat alongside her, their hands on each other's breast, their faces close together, almost turned to kiss. The shutter clicked and when checked, the picture was so good.

"Do it again Lin, but this time, I want you to kiss me."

Starting the camera again and taking her in her arms, she kissed her deeply. The camera shutter clicked but they held the kiss, both feeling the sexuality of the moment.

"Sue" Belinda asked as they sat apart afterwards," Can we just mooch about in the Hotel for the rest of the evening, we can send down for an evening snack and a bottle of wine, I might like to go down the gym for half an hour, what do you think?"

"Yea, that's fine by me, I'm exhausted."

Taking her at her word, Belinda got up and put her gym kit on and knowing that Sue wouldn't be interested she kissed her on the forehead "Back in an hour. Have a look and see what room service have to offer."

The gym was fairly small but with all the gear that one would normally find. She worked her way around the apparatus that she liked, working up a good perspiration but after thirty minutes, was bushed. There was only one other person in there at the time and coincidence, it was the woman with the child that she had been ogling by the pool.

When she caught her eye, Belinda smiled and made a tentative greeting after which they fell into a conversation and chatted about holiday things, husbands and in her case, her little boy. She was pleasant enough and had a trim little body but that was as far as it went. They sat in the steam room together and afterwards went into the changing room for a shower. She seemed to be quite shy and about the only diversion for Belinda was to catch a quick look at her naked breasts only this time from the side and to notice a few stretch marks on her back just above her bum.

When she got back to the room, Sue had ordered some food from the restaurant and it was on its way up. She had showered but was wearing her white robe. Belinda had taken her robe and a pair of panties to the gym with her and had put that on to come back up.

There was a knock on the door and when Belinda opened it a waiter was standing there in a smart, green trimmed white jacket, carryin

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