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My roommie and her boyfriend don't worry about modesty.

And judging by his daughter's giggles and tit sucking, they were far from completely the fuck-a-thon.

"Baby, where did you learn to fuck?" he groaned.

Kit released her soft flesh from her mouth, letting her breast drop back into place with a jiggle then disengaging of his dick from her pussy, she scooted up his stomach and leaned over until the tips of her tits dangled and brushed his shoulders. "I've had a lot of boyfriends."

She bounced of him and landed to the side curling up beside him. For moment Kit was utterly satisfied. Only her daddy did that. Forty years old, he was fit exercising daily, he had a six pack most men would kill for and he had thick black mane of hair, she had inherited her red hair from her mother, too her no man was handsomer then her daddy. She loved him. She loved his cock. 11 plus long it was almost 3 inches thick, and he knew how to use it.

"You're such a slut."

Daddy spanked her exposed ass causing her to yep. Excitement tingled down her skin to her pussy. She was growing wet again.

"Do that again and I'll show you much of a slut I am." She purred licking the brown nipple on his chest.

"Kit, honey, daddy already knows how much of a nasty little slut you are."

"Really? How do you know?"

"You're a screamer, baby girl. I can hear you almost every night screaming your head off and the headboard of your bed banging against the wall."

"You can hear me?!" the thought of daddy listening to her as she was being fucked turned her on. She was hot and horny.

"Baby, you make me so hard listening to you. I know whenever you get a new boyfriend that the first week or so you'll be fucking his brains out until he can walk. And when you're between boyfriends you've got that collection of dildos to keep you happy."

Kit sat up on her knees, smiling devilishly. "You know about my cocks?"

"You mean the ten you keep under the floor board in your closet? Hell, yes."

"And here I thought I was keeping the pristine image of a virgin." She sighed. "Mommy hasn't said a word to me."

Her mother should have given her the rite act by down. Alec sat up, unable to resist his daughter's sexy body any longer. He knelt behind her spreading her thighs as wide as they could go pushing her down until she was on her hands and knees, doggie style. He ran his hand up her spin back down to her curve ass gripping soft firm flesh.

"Mommy doesn't know. The sleeping pills she takes at night knocks her out and she doesn't hear a thing." He adjusted the tip of dick on her clit so that if she moved the purple mushroom head would apply pressure and make her moan. "She doesn't know that you like to suck on cocks and get fucked in your ass. I do. I hear you almost every night begging for more, begging until you can't take it anymore."

Kit flipped her hair forward looking back at him with a sexy smile. "I don't just fuck at night."

God, he knew. May times after she got home from school he would be down stairs and could hear her moaning, begging for a hard fuck and her bed squeaking. Her latest stud would be introduced to him as a new study partner in a new subject, but he knew that the stud was there to stick his cock down her throat or in her pussy. More then once Alec had stood out her bedroom listening and stroking his dick until he came.

"Mommy is too busy with her charity work to know how you spread your legs for anything with a cock."

Alec spanked her ass hard. Kit jerked and the head of his cock pressed against her clit. "Aaahhh."

"You like cocks, don't you?" he spanked her again.


"You like when daddy touches you like this, don't you." He spanked again. More for pleasure then pain.


"Say it." He spanked the other cheek.

"I love it when you touch me." She panted; the tip of his cock was rubbing her swollen clit and her ass was stinging. The feeling was too incredible and she wanted more. "Daddy...please."

"What do you want, honey?"

Alec removed his dick from her clit hearing her gasped.

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