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Veronica looked at Bradford and realized that he really was going to try to kill her. The time for talk was rapidly passing and she had to figure out how to kill a thousand plus year old vampire. She took a quick glance around the room looking for anything that she could use as a weapon. The only things were the chain and the chair on which she had been sitting. Of the two objects, only the chain would be of any use and that was if it would work on him.

"Veronica, use your brains!" she admonished herself. There was no way that she could physically take him but maybe....

"So Brad, let's just say that I wanted to reconsider your offer."

Bradford stopped moving, "I wouldn't believe you but let's just say that I accepted, why the change of heart?"

"I'm a realist." Veronica replied, "There's no way in hell that I could physically take you, I'd be dead in no time."

Bradford gave her a smile filled with regret and triumph as he moved so fast that Veronica almost didn't see him. She moved as fast as she could grabbing the coiled chain as she passed by. Before Bradford could touch her, she swung the chain and hit him on the side of the head. He let out a howl of pain as the chain connected and the blood began to flow from the cut made from the chain.


Kevyn had just finished a very fast lesson on blocking unwanted interference when a stab of pain went through her head. She heard Bradford's howl of pain as it resonated through her head causing a pain that made her knees buckle. Patrick caught her as she dropped to her knees holding her head. She had just gotten a fix on him.

"He's hurt... I just heard him scream... she hit him with something."

"Which way?" Rik asked anxiously watching his tone.

"That way." Kevyn said pointing east, "there's a house about thirty miles that way."

"Are you alright?" Patrick asked as he kissed her.

"Yes, no my head really hurts." Kevyn replied.

Patrick kissed her forehead taking away the majority of the pain before helping her to the car.

"I'll see you there." he said as he helped her in.


Seconds later, Ethan, Luc, Rik and Patrick stood at a spot thirty miles away from the last spot. They saw the house but it looked empty and Rik still couldn't reach Veronica. He knew that she still lived because Victoria was still able to reach her even though Veronica wasn't responding.

"Maybe there's another house." Luc offered.

"Maybe." Rik offered as he headed toward the house "but I don't think so. My question is why can't we sense anything coming from the house?"

Patrick stopped Rik before he had gone too far, "we need to wait for Kevyn..."

"Would you wait?" Rik asked.

Patrick said no more, he would be doing exactly what Rik was doing, as would any of them.

"Just watch yourself," Patrick said, "it concerns me that we can't sense either of them and he could have booby traps set."

Rik nodded and began to move slowly toward the house as he began to reach for Veronica in his mind.

Martin and the others arrived a few minutes later; Patrick's first question was about Kevyn's headache.

"I'm fine, so this is the place." she mused as she looked around. "He's in there." she murmured to herself.

"Veronica?" Patrick asked.

"She's in there too and she's as mad as hell."

"That's good." Patrick replied.

"It won't help." Kevyn said taking Patrick's hand, "no matter what you offer or say it won't change anything. He wants to die and it won't matter who he takes with him."

"Maybe I can talk him out of it...."

"No, you can't" Kevyn interrupted.

"What about Veronica? Will he kill her?"


Veronica didn't give Bradford a chance to recover before she swung the chain again this time hitting him on the arm as he raised it to protect his head. He managed to grab the end of the chain wrapped it around his hand and pulled it hard. Veronica let go of the chain causing Bradford to fly backwards, her element of surprise was now gone. With nothing else to lose, she made a dash for the door and safety.

"Frightened now?" he asked from be

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