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A loving wife, forced by circumstances.

Tears begin to roll down my face as I full awaken and realize what has happened, I had a nightmare and I struck him, his lip is bleeding. I turn and move to pull away, to leave his bed, and he holds me even tighter, he won't let go of me.

"I promised to protect you, and I will, I'm here and I'm not letting you go," he says softly.

"But I struck you," I whisper thru tears.

"It's ok Angel, its ok" he says calmly.

I look back at him again, he is not looking at me with hatred or anger, and he is looking at me with fear in his eyes.

"Why?" I whisper.

"Because you're Mine," he whispers back.

I turn, and he releases me enough so that I can lay my head on his chest, he wraps both arms around me again, holding me goose and tight, continuously kissing the top of my head. I cry myself to sleep, laying on his chest.

I wake slowly, feeling his arms still around me, I try to move because I have to go to the bathroom, and he tightens his arms around me.

"Bathroom," I whisper, he loosens his arms and I rush to the bathroom...

Once finished, I wash my hands, and notice my toothbrush is next you his on the double sinks, I grab it and brush my teeth. I walk back into his room and look at him, really look at him. He is laying on his back, one arm stretched out to where I was laying, the other laying across his chest.

The nightmare I suffered, was the first I had ever had while with him, and he wouldn't let me run, even thou I had struck him; he didn't react how anyone else ever reacted, he held me and calmed me.

I crawl carefully back onto the bed beside him, pulling the sheet down so I can look at all of him, his body, the tattoos across his chest, both arms and shoulders, I know there's some on his back and legs as well even though I cannot see them with him laying like this. I take his cock in my hand and begin to caress it, up and down the shaft, mimicking the movements of my mouth. He groans out in his sleep, lifting his hips slightly, I smile to myself; carefully leaning over, intake his delicious cock in my mouth, suckling his entire cock. I gently grasp his sac and squeeze gently, and run my finger over each nut in the sac; gliding my mouth and tongue up and down his shaft. He groans out again in his sleep, instinct moving his hand to my head, to guide me. As long as I go slow and steady he will remain asleep, if I suck him like I want to, ravish his cock, he will wake; I don't want him to wake yet, I want his cock fully erect and hard, ready to drive into me.

He is a unique man, the more aroused he gets, the bigger his cock gets, when he is fully aroused I sometimes wonder if he will fit. But he feels so good buried inside me; I suck his cock down, then back up, sliding my tongue around his tip, down the back of the shaft, over his sac, my tongue finding that divot in the special place between the sac and the shaft, then sucking gently on each nut, back to the divot, tickling him with my tongue. I run my tongue back up his shaft, circling the tip again, then taking his entire length back in my mouth, sucking deeply. His other hand comes up as he groans out loudly, and I know he is awake, he grips my head as he begins fucking his cock in and out of my mouth. I can feel the pulses in his cock as he nears his orgasm, he tries to pull up on my head but I won't let go, I want his cum in my mouth!
"I want your pussy Angel," he growls, and pulls on my head again. I know he is not to be argued with when like this, I release his cock from my mouth; he quickly moves off the bed, pushing me down onto my chest and yanks my legs over the side of the bed so they hang off, with my toes barely touching the ground. He drives into me from behind, no warning, and the depth and speed at which he drives his cock into me is amazing. He has never fucked me like this before, it's like he is trying to climb inside of me.

Plowing into me, over and over, he reaches around pinches my clit and bites my shoulder yet again and I explode around him; screaming out into the bed.

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