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A party for everyone.

"Isn't this jewellery great?"

She said as the covering fell away revealing the ends of the chains secured to her nipples.

"Lets hit the beach."

And with that she fired up the car and headed off down the dirt track towards the beach.

Left standing beside a busy highway where this amazing scenario had played out, sporting a rock hard erection, I must have been an almost comical sight. I quickly made my way back to the car and followed the trail of dust up the dirt track. My darling was waiting at the fork in the road where the track to the beach veered off from the track to the camping area. She turned along the beach track and I followed noting that she had not refastened the string around her neck and was happily driving with her 'top down'. -- Very sporting!

We arrived at the beach parking area and found it deserted, meaning, I hoped, that we would have the beach all to ourselves. I pulled alongside my darling, locked my car and walked over to her. She was retying the string to her top and she told me to get the things from the boot. I found two large picnic baskets in the boot and dutifully picked them up just as she appeared beside me. The true beauty of her minimal attire now on full view, she greeted me with a little kiss on the cheek.

"Now lets see if you've got everything." "Oh! You forgot these."

She said, retrieving a pair of my shorts from the boot.

"I brought these for you to wear."

"They wouldn't fit in the baskets."

Reaching down to caress my raging erection and slowly undoing the zipper containing it she said,

"I think I know somewhere we can hang them."

With that she unleashed me and gently draped the shorts over my exposure.

"Now follow me -- and don't drop anything."

Watching her walk in her healed sandals and crotch hugging micro-shorts, the only things I was in danger of dropping were the picnic baskets I held in each hand. After about a 50m walk we arrived at the golden sands of our secluded beach -- my darling paused -- and bending from the waist, removed her sandals. As she did so my shorts literally rose a few inches -- what an inviting sight!

Glancing over her shoulder, a cheeky smile spread over her beautiful face as we both became aware of my predicament -- as I emerged from the cover of the coastal undergrowth onto the naked sand -- a picnic basket in either hand and a pair of shorts draped over my stiff and now aching cock.

"You look a little awkward -- would you like to get more comfortable before we go any further? Just get changed if you like."

I put the bags down and removed my shoes, socks, shirt and trousers. I was about to put the shorts on over my underwear when my darling interrupted,

"No! Take it all off -- and put your clothes in the empty basket -- here."

(No room for the shorts - huh!)

"Now drape those shorts back over that peg and follow me!"

My shy angel had taken control and was fulfilling my fantasy. I dutifully complied and followed my darling as she proudly pranced towards the northern end of the beach. What a sight for any casual onlooker -- an almost naked nymph, proudly strutting along the beach, followed by her naked man carrying a basket in each hand with cotton shorts draped over an engorged erection.

Finding a small alcove-like depression in the sand, my darling turned to me -- again with a wry smile on her face.

"This will do nicely -- spread out our towels and you can put your shorts on now."

"You will find a nice cool drink for me in the basket and something to eat -- you can serve it now!"

I quickly spread the towels, served her a cool drink and the prepared food and put on the light blue coloured shorts.

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