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Teasing Jeff.

It was a high fence, built for privacy, but like any wooden fences, there were still a few good-sized knotholes that had fallen out. Finding one at the perfect height as I sat down in the grass on my side of the fence, I peeked through at the party. Luckily for me, they'd remained outside as warm as it was inside, and with no one else being able to see anything going on, felt it was now a bit less risky to do so. All four women were now topless, mom included as they sat around laughing, joking, and as I watched, feeling one another up.

Which is also when Bob came out of the house carrying a deck of cards. "Hey everyone, since we're all here tonight, what's say we play a game of Kings and Queen's?" He asked. It became immediately obvious that everyone was up for that by the sudden reaction, already half naked anyway, the girls soon began removing their clothing. Once again I glanced down at my watch, it was already eleven thirty by this time, Jayleen could be showing up any moment now. As much as I wouldn't have minded sticking around to watch, I knew that I'd have a hard time explaining myself. I quickly moved to the opposite end of the yard, glad I had when ten minutes later Jayleen showed up. As expected, she'd parked her car next to mine at the school and had come through the gate, meeting me below the window of the guest room.

"Where's your folks?" She asked nervously.

I answered her truthfully. "Next door, playing cards with the neighbors," I told her.

"Canasta? Spades? Hearts? Pinochle?" She asked. "Bridge?"

"No....Something called Kings and Queens," I said smiling.

"Oh, never heard of that one," she told me.

"Yeah, me neither, not until recently," I said elaborating, wanting to change the subject. "So, why'd you decide to sneak out and come see me?" I asked curiously.

"Not here," she said worriedly looking about, though we were perfectly safe, and would be for quite a while yet no doubt. "Can we go inside?"

I stood up, dragged over the small bench I kept on the side of the house just for this very reason. Stood on it, and then lifted the window. "After you," I told her. "Just step down, you can't really see it, but it's there, a bed right below you," I directed her.

Jayleen swung her legs through the window, and then slid in, I quickly followed her, closing the window behind me once again. From there, we went through the connecting bathroom into my room, and only then locked both the doors from inside.

"You sure we won't be discovered?" she asked worriedly.

"Trust me...they just started playing, I seriously doubt they'll be home until well after one or two in the morning," I assured her easily. "So now then, like I said, what's up? Why'd you risk coming over here, sneaking out? Your father will kill you...kill us both if he finds out you know."

Jayleen smiled and began unbuttoning her blouse as she stood there. Though it was hard to see her as clearly as I would have liked, just the silhouette of her as she undressed was enough to arouse me immediately. I'd been in a state of arousal half the night anyway as it was. The teasing I'd been given next door had seen to that, and now as Jayleen finished removing the last of her clothing, she slid into the bed next to me, her hand reaching out as she did.

It was the first time since we'd begun seeing one another that she'd actually touched me. The initial contact feeling almost like an electric shock as she did, her small warm hand suddenly surrounding my shaft, tentatively stroking it. Almost by reflex, I reached out in the dark, touching her soft bare breasts for the first time as well, hearing her moan as she did.

"I wish mother hadn't found those condoms," she continued to moan softly.

"It's ok, I think we can wait for that," I told her, happily content to be experiencing this much. "And besides, I'd rather we wait to do that when we're not rushed and can both take our time without any worry or interruptions."

"Thank you," she said obviously relieved and in agreement with me,

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