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Sophie needs to relieve some tension.

I felt a finger slowly trace down between my ass cheeks and around to my smoothly shaved slit from behind. He began to play with my labia. I tried to pull my legs closed but he yanked them back apart and inserted his fingers into my hole.

"This bitch is wet" a voice behind me said. "She wants it", one of the other men responded.

I was yanked up off the floor and thrown onto the bed, bouncing on it like a rag doll. The man who seemed to be their leader and who had been the one holding me earlier, stood at the foot of my bed and slowly undressed, except for the ski mask. I took in his muscular body. He was very well built, and the color of dark chocolate. My eyes lowered to the tent in his pants as he began to unbuckle his belt. I was quickly rewarded with the sight of his overly enormous manhood.

During this time the other 4 men were standing at both sides of bed and undressing as well. One of them on my right had skin as light as mine and a very pink penis covered in thick blond hair. The other man on my right had pierced nipples and was the color of a worn penny. He had the longest penis I have ever seen and it was rock hard.

On my left was a darker man with a hairy belly that pooched just a bit. He was not particular well endowed except for his balls. He had huge hanging balls and I could not stop myself from thinking about how nice it would be to have them dangling in my face and slapping me on the ass while he fucked me. The last man was quite a big man, quite tall with big barrel chest covered in thick black hair.

The leader reached around my legs and pulled me by the hips to the end of the bed. With his warm hands on my inner thighs he forced my legs apart and exposing my center to him. He plopped his enormous member on my slit, bouncing himself against me a few times before slowing pushing himself inside.

I am a quite small woman and this large man stretched me wide open and filled every fold of my insides as he buried himself into me. The head of his penis pushed hard against my cervix and still he thrust just a little deeper. My breath caught as a mixture of pain and pleasure grabbed at me.

All 4 men at my sides said aloud, "One".

The leader slowly, ever so slowly pulled himself completely out of me and bounced his dick on my lower belly again. Showing me the enormity of his cock, now slick with my juices. Then he slowly thrust deep inside me, and when he was fully buried in my body the men at my sides said "Two".

Again he slowly pulled himself out, bounced on my belly making me look at him and slowly pushed himself back in -- "Three". As he exited my body after the third thrust the room echoed with the slurping noise of my juicing hole. As he bounced his dick on my belly this time I could feel it sticking to my soft skin just slightly, my wetness on him causing it to suction to my skin.

As the men beside me quietly said "Four" my body tightened around the head pushing hard against the opening to my womb. My nipples were rock hard and I was beginning to shake with need even as resented this onslaught.

At "Five" I had my hands atop his hands and was pulling my hips up off the bed a little in the attempt to get him in even deeper. My head was swimming as I began to lose the war between my intellect and my body. As he showed me his engorged penis after the fifth thrust I could see a single drop of ooze dripping from the head.

As he entered me for the sixth time my entire box tightened against him. I could feel my cervix throbbing against his throbbing head as the men beside me said "Six". The seventh thrust caused me to pull my hips completely off the bed to give him deeper access and by eight my hands were reaching to his hips and pulling him into me.

My hand went to the wet head of the penis bouncing between my legs as he prepared to violate me for the ninth time.

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