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Meanwhile back at the Pizza Parlor...

One of those evenings, we went out to a local gay friendly club in London called, Hooligan's. The climate in there was so easy going, that some of the patrons knew one another.

When we arrived, we took a booth towards the back. Antonio sat across from Charley and I, which was fine with me since I felt more of an attraction to Charlie. Although I met Antonio first, Charlie and I got to know each other a little more during conversations on the phone as well as after scenes on the set. Unlike Antonio, who seemed to be more self-centered and shallow, Charlie was more reflective. Yes, he had an ego but he was not brash; he really knew what he wanted to do in this industry and beyond. Seemingly, he was so charming and intelligent; if I desired a steady man in my life, he would be the one I would pick.

"So gents, has the business been a good time or what," Antonio said taking his first draft from the waitress.

"It has," Charlie answered, "the best damn job I've ever had and since I have not had many, it's even better."

"I'm not sure what I would do if it weren't for the acting business, however, I do know that I would not be as happy as I am now." I chugged the contents of my glass.

Antonio stared at me with longing eyes, "Hmm, a little thirsty, Christian?"

Amused, "Yes I am, not only that, I love a drink with a frosty head," I winked.

Charlie chuckled, "You seem to gulp that down pretty easy; you must have a nice size throat."

"The skills gentlemen, it all comes after a few years of practice."

"Hmph, deep throat, huh?"

Again, I batted an eye towards the object of my lust because even though he was shallow, it did not mean I would kick him out of my bed.

"Yep, maybe someday I can show you just how good I am."

Once I finished my statement, we all laughed.

This was normal protocol for actors when doing a movie. Hang out with one another so all could be comfortable; so much so that we made a pact to be in touch after the shooting was over.

Finally, the aforementioned event had arrived. The scene was not too hard, all three of us would be enjoying a drink after a big deal and since Tight was a movie about a gay mafia, the upcoming finale would be appropriate.

All of our outfits were uniquely different. While I was dressed in suit, Antonio donned a short black jacket with gray pants and a tie; Charlie was dressed like a rock star with the tightest pair of black leathers I had ever seen. Strange that a mafia man would be wearing such a get up but it is a bender flick after all and Charlie's character was switching allegiances so, it worked.

Before we were to take part in the event, the director asked us to take a couple of shots for promotions. Seemingly, because his studio, BritBoy, was one of the classiest in the industry, he refused to have covers with nude men on either side. To him, it meant more to have a sleeve that left more to the consumer's imagination; pretty boys clothed, the person wonders what is underneath.

For most of the photos, we stood relatively apart, meaning there was no embracing on camera. However, we posed where we were a lot closer for a few of them.

Once the pictures were done, we stood in place getting ready for the scene. All of us had our lines down packed, truthfully there were not that many. The scene was to begin with Timothy (Antonio) and me, in a deep embrace with Charlie walking in on us after his gang had been eliminated.

After a few moments, we started with Antonio combing my strands while engulfing my mouth. Promptly, I grabbed his buttocks since I had my eyes on them the whole time before the shoot. Antonio's response was his tongue, going down my throat, swabbing my tonsils.

"Gods..." I cooed. That was not in the script but the director did not mind, he wanted it to be as natural as possible.

'I cannot wait any longer...'

While we continued, Charlie walks in, slapping my ass before pulling me into his crotch.

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