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"Yes Lord, you know this Demetrius has been the talk of all of the Nymphs for several years now. It is said that Aphrodite prefers this human now to all others, even the Gods, and this knowledge has made Hephaestus quite jealous. It is said that Demetrius's skills as a lover are greater than any..." Realizing the impact of what she was saying, she quickly became quiet as Ares began to visibly fume.

"Amazing this Demetrius is I must say!" Esclepius added as he continued working on Ares. "Half of the Goddess's want to sleep with him and the other half, Artemis and Hecate especially, want to kill him." Looking at Apollo now, he prepared a fresh batch of herbs as he too was injured and required medical attention.

Pointing to Apollo, Esclepius directed Marta to place a medicated bandage over the giant red scar on his face that Dionysus had inflicted during the fight. "If you don't mind me saying Apollo, but perhaps this feud you have with Euphrosyne has gone on far enough. Give it time. I am sure your unfortunate nickname will fade after a while as it really is not THAT funny. You and Dionysus have been good friends for years and although he was enjoying a joke at your expense, it surely isn't worth all this! I know he did not really mean any harm."

"Agreed!" Apollo cried out as it was now his turn to wince in pain as the medicine stung on the wound. "I will forgive Di-Di, but if you think I am going to let Euphrosyne have the last word on this you are sadly mistaken!"

Esclepius sadly shook his head as he worked on another bandage. "I doubt it is worth it Lord. She is quite clever you know. My honest advice is to declare this feud over and move on."

Now it was Apollo's turn to fume as he was not about to give up his plans for revenge. "Oh no, I must have my revenge before I can let this go. In fact, while you are here, let me ask you your special advice. You are the master of medicine, so surely you must know what potions or poisons are available that can help me. I want to strip that bitch naked and then freeze her into a statue for MY Garden. Trust me, after people see the fountain I make out of HER tits they will quickly forget the chocolate fountain she made out of my balls!"

Marta frowned as she felt Apollo's neck throb in anger as he spoke, and with her tiny delicate hands she tried her best to massage him into calm. It was no use, since Apollo, among many things, was incredibly stubborn and not one to ever let a slight go unchallenged. Esclepius too frowned as he knew exactly what would perform the job for Apollo, but sadly it was not in his power to give.

"Well Lord, I do know of a substance that is available that will do the job, but sadly I do not have any in my stock. You need the Blood of Medusa, and only one God on earth has a supply and that Goddess is Hecate."

Apollo grinned as he listened. "Hmmmmm, Hecate eh? And she alone has the whole world's supply?" Esclepius nodded and watched Apollo's face as it was obvious that he was already planning something big in his head. Ares too was quiet as his mind also churned deeply in thought, images of the glorious Aphrodite being serviced by a tiny HUMAN tormenting his divine ego.

Back in France on the banks of the Seine, Aphrodite was in full seductive mode. Knowing she was being watched and desperately desired made her hotter and wetter than ever. As the Goddess of Love, she got off more on the chase than she did the capture, and now she could sense the waves of horny energy wafting off of Thor in a Tsunami of passion. Holding her leg up out of the water and delicately running her fingers up her inner thigh, the groan that emerged from the woods caused her instantly to gush into the water. Turning to the sound, she lowered her smoky gaze onto the desperate God who knelt half naked and dripping at the edge of the treeline.

"Well? Are you just going to stay there or are you going to come join me?" she playfully called out.

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