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A student didn't realize what his professor had planned.

I was trapped, I couldn't tell anyone and knew that any infraction would lead to my punishment.

He asked me if I wanted a cigarette and I told him that I had quit two years ago. He said take it and smoke it now. He said that I could quit when my daughter does. He made me take it. It took so long to stop and now I was smoking again. I can't believe this is happening. He made me leave and told me to give his regards to my husband.

Driving home, my head spun with thoughts. Not only had I been used but I liked it and that made me feel dirty and bad. I realized that I looked a mess. I tried to fix my hair and cloths but couldn't do anything about the cum on my breath. I wiped what I could off of my face with a spare tissue. I made it home and rushed into the house, hoping to get to the bathroom before my husband found me. He had heard the door and came to greet me. He held and kissed me, leaning back with a look on his face. He said, "that's some breath". I was horrified and hoped he wouldn't recognize the smell, and oh my god, the taste. I said that I had a really rough day and bolted to the shower.

Later that night, I talked to our daughter almost pleading with her not to do anything that would get her in trouble. She just rolled her eyes. The only thing she said was, "whatever". I told her that if there were any more trouble, she would be grounded.

The next day at work, my phone rang. I picked it up and was sick as the school secretary told me that Mr. Peterson would like to see me this afternoon concerning another incident with my daughter. I had to go but was horrified to think about being paddled again. I had to sit all day and my ass was so sore that it almost made me cry when I moved.

Pushing myself, I again drove to the school and entered the office. The secretary smiled at me as I walked by and entered Mr. Peterson's office. Evidently, she had been caught steeling out of lockers. He told me to take my cloths off and lean over the desk. I begged him not to do anything, that I had talked to my daughter and she would be grounded. He just smirked and called for the secretary. I pulled my cloths off and bent over the desk. Holding the edge tight, he gave me ten hard swats on my ass. Those swats along with the ones yesterday were unbearable. My ass hurt so bad I couldn't even talk. I felt him rubbing my ass cheeks, which hurt at first, but then he moved to my pussy. He spread my legs further apart and started rubbing my slit from my clit to my hole. I was so wet that he easily glided his fingers in between my pussy lips. I couldn't believe how wet I was and how much I enjoyed him rubbing me. I arched up and he began to finger fuck me with one hand and rub my clit with the other. In no time, I was cumming and begging him to fuck me.

I felt something larger at my pussy hole and knew it was his cock. He entered me quickly and fucked me hard. He would intermittingly slap my ass as he fucked me. It hurt but somehow really turned me on. He fucked me rough and I felt my orgasm rising. Just as he came in my pussy, I was shook by a powerful orgasm. He lifted my quivering body up and said that he punished me for my daughter's infraction but rewarded me for trying to discipline her. I put my arms around him and kissed him.

He laid me on the sofa as I reached in my purse for a cigarette. Looking up, I noticed the secretary filming me. Oh god, they have even more on me now.

This continued for the next month. My discipline was varied but always there. I wasn't having any luck with my daughter but I was beginning to really enjoy my sessions with Mr. Peterson and his secretary until he gave me an order that I wasn't sure I could fulfill. He told me that it was clear that I just didn't have it in me to change my daughter's behavior and that by now, I was his slave. He said that I was to meet him at his home at 8:00AM tomorrow morning.

I was at his home at 8:00AM sharp.

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