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A savage end.

ll do you thing you're doing?"

Mom began to cry telling me she just wanted my opinion of whether I believed she was attractive and desirable, she hadn't meant to offend me. Still crying she was trying to chock out the explanation of since I had returned home she knew that I had been dating several different girls and believed I was sexually active with each of them; all she really wanted to know was how she compared to my girlfriends. In a strange sense my heart went out to her but it prompted me to ask a question of her. "Who was it she was trying to impress with her outfit?" Still crying and clutching her robe between her breast she began to hysterically cry and repeatedly ask me to forgive her.

I never received an answer to my question and finally getting her calmed down I sat and put my arm around her. She was still clinching to her robe but for whatever reason never put it back on. As we sat I ask why she never dated or remarried after my father passed away. She went on to explain there was really no desire and no one had ever really showed an interest in her. As I held her she gradually released her grip on her robe and let it fall to the side. I couldn't help look upon her, she was very pretty and the erotic appearance of her nakedness through the sheer material actually excited me. At one point I thought about asking her to cover herself but I just didn't want her to go into hysterics again.

I could sense she was becoming more at easy with being held by me and the longer we sat like this my cock began to grow rigidly hard. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her! I was beginning to recuperate from spending time with Rachel and I was starting to have thoughts as if this woman wasn't my mother. At one point all I wanted to do was lift her gown, spread her legs and just lick away at her pussy.

All of a sudden she jumped from the couch grabbed her robe and stood up in front of me with her rob dangling by her side. Not more than a two foot away was a woman who was practically nude and appeared to be craving my attention. But how could I do this? Although she was very sexually appealing and my resistance to her body was beginning to fade, she still was my mother. But what if I just grabbed her and fucked her as I was sensing she wanted me to do. What if I just took her whether or not this was really what she wanted? Maybe she was just looking for my approval of the way she had changed over the past few years.

All I know my mouth was dry and every nerve in my body was on edge, just standing there with me looking at that gorgeous body, her tits, her pussy, and the nakedness of her body I barely could resist. I just wanted to throw her down, start eating and fucking her regardless of the fact she was my mother. God, the turmoil going on inside of me was enough to drive a sane person completely over the edge.

Without an explanation I got up and left the house, I thought it was the only way to control what I was feeling inside. I walked down the road for the longest time and it seemed with each step I took the images of her body and what had just occurred became more vivid. I wasn't sure what point mom was trying to make but a part of me said go back and fuck the living shit right out of her, the other part said she was just trying to gain my approval of how she looked. As I crossed an open field to head back home the images grew clearer of what I had on my mind. As I entered the house it was completely silent so I headed straight for my room hoping to avoid further interaction with mom.

As I passed her room I could hear muffled sounds from inside so I quietly pushed the door open to see if she was in one of her hysterical states again.

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