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Two cousins find themselves listening to the couple next door.

She tastes like strawberries.

Before the kiss leads to anything else, Marge emerges from the curtain and announces she has found the cards. "Okay you two. That's enough of that."

Tabitha sticks her tongue out and kisses me again. After the kiss I turn back to Marge and realize she has changed into something a little more comfortable. I can also tell she has removed her bra because of how her nipples are poking out.

"What would you like to play?" she asks.

"Strip poker." I announce and the girls giggle.

"Marge will need to change again because if I'm not mistaken, she is probably only wearing two things."

Marge gives her a dirty look. "Three."

Tabitha just laughs and I start to shuffle the cards. "Winner picks who removes an item or worst hand?" I ask.

"Worst hand," Tabitha says quickly.

We play two hands and Tabitha loses them both, removing both of her socks. Marge just rolls her eyes.

"Hold on, we need more beer," Tabitha says and heads upstairs. Marge moves onto the couch next to me and leans in for a kiss.

I waste no time in sliding my hand up her shirt and she doesn't stop me. Her breasts are the size of large grapefruits and just as firm. I feel her nipple harden beneath my grip. She slides her tongue into my mouth just before Tabitha comes back down with a six pack.

"Hey, not fair," she complains in mock sincerity.

"You had some fun already. It's my turn."

"You girls have done this before I take it."

"Not really," Tabitha says as she hands me a beer. "Usually we each have someone, but it just didn't work out tonight. Looks like you are going to be busy. Hope you can keep up."

"Don't get the wrong idea. We don't do this all the time. We both had boyfriends till about a month ago. I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me and after we broke up, Tabitha's boyfriend tried to get me to sleep with him when Tabitha was sick. She had taken some medicine and was dead to the world when he tried to kiss me. I smacked him and kicked him."

"I broke up with him the next day."

Tabitha sits down across from Marge and I deal the cards. "Fuck," Tabitha shouts as she show the worst hand again.

I am hoping she will take off her top, but she surprises me by reaching under her skirt and removing her panties. As she sits back down, she flashes me really quick and grins.

She quickly grabs the cards from me, shuffles and deals the next hand. She loses again and just stares at her cards. Without a word, she lifts her shirt over her head, revealing a lacy, red bra that is supporting some very impressive tits. I estimate she was at least a D-cup, if not double D.

Marge just laughs before dealing the next hand.

"Are you two cheating?" Tabitha says as she comes up the loser again. "To hell with it." She reaches behind her back and unsnaps the latch for her bra and quickly tossed it away, then stands up and pushes her skirt down her legs. "I'm probably going to lose anyway," she says as she sits back down.

I am impressed with how her breasts barely sag, even as large as they are. She has two large areola to cap her beautiful breasts. Her stomach is flat and firm and she has three tattoos. On each hip are pairs of dolphins and on the inside of her right thigh is a heart. I have to shift in my seat because I am getting quite aroused.

Not to be outdone, Marge stands and removes her clothing. She pauses after removing her shirt, revealing she is indeed without a bra. Her breasts, while smaller than Tabitha's, are just as impressive. I guess they were at least C's and she obviously doedsn't need a bra as they barely move at all. She quickly pushes down her pants and panties in one move, revealing a neatly trimmed bush. Sitting so close to her, I can smell her arousal and am easily able to see her swollen labia.
Marge sits back down on the couch and both girls look at me. "You're turn," Tabitha announces with some enthusiasm.

I was never more proud of how I kept myself in shape as I am right now.

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