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The Conclusion and Aftermath for Bob and Rose.

It is a mandatory evacuation but there will be some who will escape the sweeps. There will also be those who will hide and stay to loot not knowing that there will be no way out for them until weeks after the event.

"Once the evacuation is done we will be here to provide those who stayed behind sanctuary, if they come to us. After a couple of weeks, maybe a month, we will have to go to them, make house calls as it were." A laugh rippled through the people seated in front of John.

"I'm not going to kid you. You will work long hours with little rest. But you will learn things you would have never learned working in a clinic. There will be people who you try to help and they will die. Once we venture out to help people you will see death and destruction on a scale never imagined. You will also see the depths to which human depravity can sink.

"But not to worry, I will be there with you. To protect and rescue, in this endeavor I will have help. I will not go into who or what now, but you will not be left to fend for yourselves. Initially my company will make supply drops to us at regular intervals. Hopefully, the government will take over those drops after a while, if not my company will continue to take care of us.

"Now, does anyone have any questions?" John looked exhausted. He plopped down in his chair.

"No questions right now please. Take the booklets home and read them. Discuss what you have heard and what you read with your families. Then tomorrow we'll meet back here for a question and answer session.

"I know you all have a lot to digest and may have a number of questions now. Write them down, read the booklet. If the answer is in there you won't need to ask, if it's not then there is tomorrow and reading the booklet might trigger more questions." Susan told them.

"Now that you are in a sense working for me go home, you will be paid for the whole day, go home and think about what I said, about what you read, discuss it with your wife or husband. Write down any questions and be back here tomorrow at one o'clock p.m.," John said from his chair.

"Bring your family with you tomorrow if you want. After I have answered your questions as best I can you can huddle with them and decide what you are going to do. I will need your answer before you leave tomorrow afternoon. If you leave before giving me an answer I will have to assume it is no and act accordingly." John left it at that.

"You are all free to go now," said Michelle, standing up and heading for the door. The doctors and nurses and staff members stood and filed out of the room leaving Susan, Jenny, Michelle and John the only ones to remain.

Jenny rose from her chair and stood behind John, rubbing his shoulders gently. Susan was immediately in front of him with her stethoscope listening to his heart. Michelle was sitting next to John holding his hand. John laughed as he shook them off.

"Listen, I'm just a little tired. There is nothing wrong with me except that."

"There certainly is something wrong with you mister you had a heart attack three years ago. And for the past year you have been pushing yourself way beyond what you should. So just sit there while Michelle and I check you over. As a matter of fact you follow me to an exam room where we can check you over more thoroughly." Susan told him as she took his hand to pull him up out of his chair. John resisted.

"John, get up and follow Susan," said Jenny. What could he do, he got up and followed Susan.

She and Michelle spent the next hour listening to John's heart, thumping him here and there. They hooked him up to an EKG machine. They took blood samples. They looked into his eyes, his nose and his throat. They took his blood pressure, his temperature and weighed him. By the time they were finished with John he was sitting on the exam table naked as the day he was born. All the while Jenny sat across the room giggling as her husband was poked a prodded.

"Okay, you were right, there is really nothing wrong with you.

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