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Kathy and John meet Vanessa and Robert.

.." I close my eyes and relax down on to the mattress, letting you kneel between my legs and push my knees out to each side. I feel your breath on my lower back as you moan into the curve there as you guide my other hand backwards and down to my ass.

My pulse races as I pull myself open, knowing what to do without you even asking me to, and I can feel your eyes tracing every inch. You lean back to rub your cock up and down, from my clit all the way up to my asshole and back down as you jack off to my display, moaning and cooing about how hot it is to finally see me splayed out like this waiting to be fucked. I gasp when you ram the whole thing up me without warning, so deep I can feel your balls on my clit. You reach down between my thighs and massage my pussy as you grind your dick into it, pulling my lips up around your shaft some times, then spreading them as wide as I am holding my ass open so you can watch yourself disappear into me.

"Fucking amazing Julia. You are fucking amazing..." I hear you gasp, pulling yourself halfway out. You must be pushing down on the top of it, cause your dick is driving me crazy as it rubs into my G-Spot. I feel like I am going to come and begin to grip the head of your dick with my vagina every time you push down into the spot. You must like it I guess, you keep moaning 'fuck yeah Julia' and 'tighter baby, let me feel you try and suck it in with your pussy' as you bring me closer to the edge.

"I am so gonna come Christopher. Seriously.. if you don't... stop... oh fuck... don't stop..." I gasp. "Fuck yeah Julia... I want to feel you come on my dick... let me feel it..."

You somehow manage to get two or three fingers down onto my clit, still running your cock over my G-Spot as you flick it and massage it until I am ready to cry. Feels so fucking good, having your dick up inside of me like this. Feels so good to have you rubbing my clit, playing with my ass as you drive me towards the edge as I lay there holding my self open behind my back. Every third stroke you slide all 8 inches deep into my soaking wet hole picking up the pace each time.

In a moment of near animal lust for you I instantly do as you ask and push three fingers down flat against my asshole, rubbing them in a circle and pushing down until I feel the pressure of your cock inside me against them. I am ready to scream when I feel your left hand twist into my hair and pull my head back up off the pillows whispering "Put a finger up it Julia. Spread it open with your index and ring finger and let me see you finger your ass with the middle one as we come baby."

You pull back on my hair a little harder, ram you dick into me a little deeper and I am helpless at you control. "Like this baby?" I hiss as I drive my middle finger into my self and begin to finger fuck my ass as you drill me from behind.

Slamming into me again and again you tell me "Fuck yes! Keep going until you come Julia!"

I reach further in with my free hand to help spread the burning ring gripping my finger as I rub your dick from the inside as you move in and out. I can feel it starting now and so can you, the uncontrollable waves begin to run down the length of your dick as you push it home and I can feel them rolling down my finger at the same time. You spread your legs to push mine even further apart and moan "Fuck yes sweetheart" just as my index finger slides inside to join the fun. "Oh fuck yessss!!!"

The waves now run from deep within my body as I hear sloppy wet noises coming from my pussy and feel a warm flow spread between my legs.

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