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Boyhood friends discover there's much more.


She smiled at me then, and I felt more than a bit turned on. I followed her up the stairs, and she showed me around. Bathroom at the end of the hall, here's my room. My stuff had already been unloaded and arranged, thanks to the movers daddy hired. Cami explained the schedule and the rules at the house for a bit, but I wasn't listening. I was watching her red lips move.

"And tonight is special - Tonight is Munchie night."

"Munchie night?" I asked. She seemed excited by it.

"Yup. You won't have to perform though since you're already a KTA. But you do have to watch."

She did something then that would have me hot for hours.

"I've always been partial to brunettes with big tits," she said, rubbing her body against mine. "You, your roomie and Amy will be in my room. I'd have you be my partner, but I promised Amy already. See you at 9!"

Then, she bounced off down the stairs.

Not five minutes later, a stunning red-head came into the room.

"You must be Samantha," she said with a bright smile. She strode toward me with her hand outstretched. "I'm Bianca, your roommate."

"Hi, there," I responded. "Hope my stuff is in the right place."

She glanced around the room quickly.

"It's just fine," she replied. "Have you met Cami yet?"

"Yeah, she's..."

"Sexy?" Bianca was grinning.

"Um, yeah. She said something about Munchie night and you and I are supposed to be in her room at 9."

"Cami's room? Oh, God. That's, like, a major honor. I can't wait!"

And neither could I, even though I had no idea what Munchie night was. I wanted to ask Bianca, but she was busy visiting her - I mean our - sisters and introducing me. I didn't remember a single name. After dinner, we all sat around talking. I noticed Cami eyeing all the new inductees. There were 40 girls in the house, and 10 of them were new. Cami handed out papers to 4 of the sisters, who then went over and talked to a couple of inductees at a time. I watched curiously as they all retreated to bedrooms except for Dana and Elise, two rather tan girls who were blond, but not by birth.

Cami walked up behind Amy - a caramel-skinned girl with big boobs - and slipped her hands up her shirt. Bianca, who was sitting beside me, drew in her breath and rubbed her hand down her front, and turned to make eye contact with me. My pussy became drenched immediately.

"Dana. Elise. Samantha. This is Munchie night. This is when you become one of us. Because Samantha is already a KTA, she doesn't have to perform, but Dana and Elise, you do. You are to fuck each other in my room and we get to watch. If you don't make your partner cum, you're out. There are toys available, but you have to work hard. We get to join in at any time if we wish. So, let's go up and get started."

Dana and Elise grinned at each other. Apparently, they had heard stories of KTA's Munchie night and were very OK with the concept. I was unsure until Bianca took my hand in hers and pulled me up from the couch. She undressed me with tiny, playful kisses while she worked. As I undressed her, I wanted this more than anything.

Upstairs, I could already hear groans and bouncing beds, and it was making me dizzy. Two of our sisters had wandered out into the hall and were writhing on top of each other in a hardcore 69. Was I drooling? I was fascinated by the sight: they were eating voraciously, fingers flying out of cuntholes and assholes.

"Come on, Samantha," Bianca purred. "You'll get yours in here."

I followed blindly, drawn by the promise of whatever pleasures Bianca could offer.

Inside the room, Dana and Elise were already naked, pinching each other's nipples while kissing deeply. Cami was naked and spread-eagled in front of Amy, who was working on Cami with her mouth and herself with manicured fingers.

"Hurry up, Samantha," Cami said. "You and Bianca are missing out!"

With that, Bianca snuck up behind me and slid her hand to my pussy, diddling me gently.

"Ooooh, you are soo ready.

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