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Evan's encounter with cocktease Rachel continues.

" I tell her.

"Oh! I've seen pictures of that." She says, turning to me excitedly. "Let's do that."

I have her kneel between my knees. Abigail's cute freckled face looks up at me adoringly. Her curly red haired spills down her bare back. "Have you ever had a popsicle?" I ask. She shakes her cute teen head. "Ok, what you should do to start is caress, kiss and lick my penis. Up and down is the best bet." She starts in as I instruct her. Eagerly kissing the tip of my cock.

"Then you can move to taking it in your mouth. Make sure you don't touch it with your teeth. While it's in there suck lightly on it and keep licking."

She puts her mouth obediently over my cock. Licking and sucking.

"If you grab the base of my dick and stroke I'll finish faster. Sometimes that's a good thing." When she starts doing that I cover her fingers with mine to help.

"You should try to take me as deep in your mouth as you can. It feels great if you can take the whole thing. Though that's hard to do without practice."

She did try though. Triggering her gag reflex a couple times before looking up at me disappointed. "Sorry, daddy."

"Don't be. You're doing great. Deep throating takes a lot of practice." I assure her.

"Deep throating." She try's the term on for size. Bobbing back down on my dick before gagging again.

"Mmm, great. Now use your other hand to gently play with my balls. That will help get me over even faster." The little cock sucking teen was pushing me really close.

"I'm going to cum soon, muffin. Keep sucking, and keep stroking until I tell you to stop. I want you to swallow as much as you can. Even if it tastes disgusting." She moans. In agreement? In excitement?

I lay back as I cum. Groaning as I spill what feels like a gallon of jizz in my daughter's mouth. I can hear her gulping it down.

Then her mouth is gone. She is coughing. Coughing up her daddy's cum. My dick still shooting as she obediently pumps it. Shooting pale streams into her hair and onto the side of her beautiful face.

Finally I finish with a sigh.

"Sorry daddy. There was just so much."

"That's ok, Muffin. You did amazing for your first try." She beams at the praise. "Let's get you cleaned up."

She looks around for a towel. I help her stand and lead her to the master bath.

Her eyes widen in surprise when I turn on the shower.

"W...whats..." She starts.

"You've never seen a shower before?" She shakes her head.

When the water is nice and warm I step in, the beautiful teen following close behind. Laughing happily at the hot water raining down on our naked bodies. She spreads her hands out, palms up to catch the hot rain.

Standing without clothes it's a lot easier to see how much younger she is.

I'll be thirty in a few months. She is still a wide eyed teen.

I feel an overpowering need to both protect and corrupt her.

I let her wash for a few minutes, just enjoying the view of her beautiful naked body in the steamy shower.

Then I grab her. Pulling her into an embrace. We kiss under the hot water. I grab her round ass and lift. Easily sticking my dick in her eager twat.

She wraps her legs around my waist as I fuck her.

I push her back against the wall to better position our lovemaking. Our mouths never separating as we fuck.

Cock sucking is enthusiastically added to her repertoire. Taking my dick out and sucking when her mother is doing chores outside. She tries to get me hard, and take me as deep as she can.

I enjoy teaching her about the world I come from. So different from her own. She seems fascinated by everything.

When her mother has errands in the village she is gone for a couple hours at least.
We take the opportunity to sit at the computer and look at things she missed growing up where she did. I don't have a lot of educational apps, but there are plenty of pictures and videos of places I've been. Things I've seen.

She lifts her dress and lowers her bloomers. Wiggling her ass on my lap. Always excited to turn our lessons to pornography. Fascinated at all the different ways people fuck.


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