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Big ass mom and their son join in.

"What the fuck? Phyllis!!"

The bouncers yanked me out of there and carried me into the security room. They tied me to one of the chairs and left. I guess they intended on getting some too, I don't know. I looked at the security monitors. There at the bottom center was a naked Phyllis on her knees in the middle of a sea of guys. She was sucking one and jerking two. I screamed at her but even if the door had been open the music was boomin. All I could do was struggle to slip my ropes and watch the scene before me.

Phyllis leaned back from the cock in her mouth and was rubbing the pre-cum from the other two dicks on her nipples. Then she went back to sucking the cock in front of her. In the background I saw Tamara working the cock of big brotha man while her husband watched. She was sucking for all she was worth but she couldn't begin to handle his length. I briefly wondered where Roshawn was. Several other couples were already into the main event. I could only watch as a white guy with a cock just a little shorter than mine pushed Phyllis onto her back. He parted my wife's gorgeous legs and slowly pushed his cock into her wet center. I watched her body arch as she hungrily accepted the 2nd cock she'd ever had. My heart sank as I watched another man put that familiar look of intense pleasure on her face. I saw how sexy she was as she moved her body to meet her lover's and while my cock was hard as steel my emotions and everything else were in agreement that they hated what I saw. I couldn't hear her scream of climax but the sight was enough to shred my ego and tear at my heart. The guy didn't last long I could tell by the way his body started jerking that he dumped his load deep inside her. Finally he sat back panting, not daring to touch his sensitive equipment. Slowly he crawled out of the way.

As soon as he pulled out another jumped in. He rolled her on her side then lay down behind her. Lifting her leg he rubbed the tip of his cock along her slit and then plunged into her. Then a second guy stretched out next to her head and I strained against the ropes as she turned and grabbed the base of his cock with one hand and enveloped his entire length in her mouth.

I strained even harder against my bonds as I watched her work both the men and herself into a frenzy. Even though she was on her side she was using the force of the man between her legs to drive her onto the cock of the man in her face. I watched her small tits move back and forth and wondered if she wouldn't have fabric burns from the friction. The guy in her mouth didn't last long and he pulled out and shot his wad all over her face. She didn't have time to try to catch it as she had another orgasm that left her body shuddering. A now naked Barbara knelt down and kissed her and began licking the cream off her face. She left what was in her hair though and it was already looking like a wild lions mane. Barbara then turned to the next man kneeling down and took him in her mouth.

A new guy in front roughly turned Phyllis over so she was on all fours then began feeding her his cock. Barbara angled herself so she could still suck cock and slipped 3 slender fingers inside my wife and showed that she knew all to well how to work her G- spot. In no time Phyllis was moving back and forth on the fingers buried in her cunt and the cock in her mouth. She quickly got the guy in her mouth off and was again treated to a hot cream facial. Just as Phyllis was about to knut again Barbara removed her fingers and replaced it with the hard cock she had been sucking on.

My cock surged as I saw Phyllis turn and mouth the words "Aww Fuck!" and then drop her face to the carpet as cunt man number 3 drove deep inside her.

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