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David had tell tale circles underneath his eyes, he didn't need his company, as sweet at is it was. The drive finally lulled him into a light sleep, when he was resting his eyes for a moment.
The change in the rhythm of the car roused David. They were in a neighborhood. He sat up and Nic grinned at him.

"Dee, we're almost there."

Davey rubbed the sleep from his eyes. He knew where they would pull in before they did. It was a large house with cars lining the street. The house and the driveway was lit by multiple flood lights, every light in the house seemed to be on.

Nic pulled, "Pop must have insisted they leave the driveway clear," he met Davey's eyes as he cut the engine. "Are you ready? If not, I can turn around; we can find a nice bed and breakfast."

Davey loved him even more for offering, "No, I'm excited to meet your family Nic. I think you've told me enough to be prepared."

Nic leaned in and kissed him, "Okay Dee, we'd better head in, or they'll all come out."

They exited the van and walked up the steps to the front door. Nic was about to knock when the door opened. A large man, with grey curly hair greeted them with a warm smile.

"Hi pop," Nic stepped readily into his father's embrace.

After a moment he pulled back, "You look good Nico. I made everyone wait in the family room; I didn't want them mobbing you."

Mr. Evangelista stepped back making room for Davey and Nic to enter.

Nic place his arm around David's shoulder. "Pop, this is my boyfriend, David Bradley Collins, Dee that's pop."

Davey moved out of Nicolao's embrace to shake the large man's hand.

"Natanaele or you can call me Sr., or pop if you like."

Pop... Sr. ... Mr. Evangelista was a large, powerfully built man. His hands were calloused and rough from a lifetime of work. They followed him to the family room where all on Nic's siblings were. As soon as they crossed the threshold they all surged around them. Nicolao was wrapped in a blanket of arms and kisses.

Davey pressed back against a wall. Amid the flurry of activity a small woman moved past Nic's greeting mob and approached him. David thought she looked no more than forty. Her long, straight black hair was streaked with grey, and she stood an inch shorter than he. She was stunning, with brown skin and delicate bones structure.

Davey stepped forward, offering his hand, but she pressed into him and wrapped her arms around him. Not knowing what else to do, he hugged her back.

"It is so good to finally meet my other son," she declared and pressed a kiss on his cheek.

When she stepped back, Davey was surprised to see the assembly was watching them.

"Everyone, this is David, your brother. And this is Hilaria our ma." Nicolao leaned down to hug and kiss his mother.

Davey recognized everyone from photos Nic had shown him. Nicolao and Nieves got their fine features and smaller bone structure from Hilaria as well as their black, straight hair. All of the Evangelista children were gifted with Nate's height, and topped six feet. Natanaele Jr., Nerina, and Narisco all had curly, dark brown hair and thicker bodies. Only Nicolao inherited his mother's watery eyes.

Not long after they walked in the group moved to the dining room. They had been holding dinner until their arrival. Davey felt guilty over their stops, but Nic insisted they shouldn't have waited. The dinner was delicious, and full of stories about Nicolao. David listened, seated between Hilaria and Nic. He had never been witness to such a congregation. They ate, laughed, and conversed with ease, no one tripped over the other, and the invisible lines of kinship guided the right voice to the correct ear. Even Sera, Nate Jr.'s wife navigated the multiple discourses without pause, Davey noted. They had no idea, he was sure; it was all a foreign performance to him. But one he enjoyed none the less.

"How was your drive David? Did Nico stop and make you shop at every shop he saw?" Hilaria asked.

"No ma'am.

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