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Master & sub conclude evening with Toy.

I do?

He reaches down and pushes two fingers past my lips to pull my mouth open, letting his sweaty, musky balls enter my mouth. He quickens his pace, moaning loudly as he strokes. He grabs a hold of his balls with one hand and rubs them all over my mouth and nose, clearly losing himself in the moment. Suddenly he pulls back and pushes his cock into my mouth. He puts a hand on the top of my head and pushes in and out slowly, sliding his cock along my tongue.

As his cock inches further and further into my mouth with each stroke, I completely freeze up. I have no idea what to do. My eyes open wide as he hits my gag reflex and I choke. I stare up at him as he continues to pump his cock in and out of my mouth. I try to pull my head back away from him but he holds me firmly in place, now with both hands. Tears flood from my eyes as I gag on his cock, but he doesn't let up. Finally he grunts "hold on, sweetie" and pushes hard into my mouth and holds my head firmly with my nose in his pubic hair, and he cums directly into my throat.

A million thoughts are running through my head as I fight down the urge to puke, and am quickly running out of breath. He let's me go finally, as I gasp and cough, cum and spit runs down my cheeks. As I catch my breath, he gets down on his knees and tries to comfort me. He picks up one of my shirts from off the ground and wipes off my face, and tells me he's very sorry he had to do that, brushing tears from my cheek and the hair out of my eyes. He tells me he loves me very much, and that I'm very brave for handling what he just did.

I have no idea what to do or say, so I just stare at the floor, tears still streaming from my eyes as I sob. He spends the next ten minutes explaining that men have urges that need to be satisfied, and since his wife wasn't around, he had no way to relieve them. He told me that since I was "his little housewife" as he had joked, that it was only natural what came next. I stayed silent the whole time, and could barely make eye contact with him.

Finally he lift my chin to meet his gaze and told me he loved me. I broke down and told him I loved him too and hugged him. He pulled me into his lap and I sobbed hard into his shoulder. I must have fallen asleep crying in his arms, because I woke up the next day in my bed, covered up with a blanket, and he had already left for work.

I was treated with the tinge of a sore neck as I sat up, and the now familiar bad taste in my mouth from the previous night.

Things were going to be different now. For better or for worse, I knew that much for sure.

Part 5

You ever play a moment back in your head, wondering what you could have done differently? How would things have changed? How far back would you go to restart? What would you change if you could?


"Everything's great, Mom," I lied, just wanting her to get on with what she felt she needed to say so I could get off the phone. Why yes, Mother. I know Prague is amazing. This is the second time you've described it to me. Also, please, please stop telling me that you wish I was there with you. Either that's not true, or your boyfriend Brian isn't quite as rich as you say he his - or maybe it's him who doesn't want me there. It doesn't matter. What matters right now is me and Uncle Dan.

You're not here to help me.

School ended, and I couldn't have been more relieved. I just couldn't stand the feeling of constant insecurity, and the fear of someone, anyone knowing what I've done. I was tired of hiding things from my friends. Tired of feeling guilty. Tired of holding back tears. Tired of having no one to hold me.

Except Uncle Dan, of course.

How could he be the only person I could turn to to comfort me? How could I still feel so safe in his arms? How is it that I could possibly hate my mother more than him? How could I still love him so much? How the fuck could I possibly miss him when he wasn't around?

As soon as I was back standing in front of him, things went right back to normal.

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