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Pleasuring her first client.

"Alright then, lets see what you come up with," he chuckled as he rolled her roughly onto her stomach and took her by the hips. Tannah propped herself up on hands and knees, glancing down at the decorated leathers depicting the valleys and hills around them as Fanazar rubbed his cock between her labia.

She bit her lower lip and blushed as she examined the images beneath her, then let out a long moan as his length slid into her.

"Ahhhhhh," she sighed, feeling his penis bulge, his balls pressing against her cunt. Tannah gasped and swayed above the map as Fanazar held her by the pelvis and fucked her, his thrusts coming hard and fast within moments of his first push.

"I hope you know I'm expecting something brilliant," Fanazar joked, panting as his groin slapped audibly against her naked butt. Tannah felt her clitoris throb as his scrotum beat between her thighs, her nipples rubbing against fabric as her tits bounced inside her shirt. Her pussy was drenched, drooling along his stiff member as it slid in and out of her.

Humoring him, Tannah gazed down at the lines and shapes drawn on the leathers. She considered their relative position, and the best mode of attack while letting out breathy gasps of enjoyment, feeling her womanhood spread tight around his girth.

"Their fortifications are solid," Tannah thought, distantly hearing Fanazar's lap smack against her ass and feeling her thighs shake as she took his cock. She concentrated, trying to think of words to say as he pounded her cunt with youthful enthusiasm.

"Ahhh ahhh!" she cried out, her body shivering as his balls slapped against her pussy, each time coming away more wet.

"There's no tree cover for almost a mile around the town or the fort," Tannah thought, her breasts starting to become sore as the sensitive skin brushed across linen. "It's a good thing we stopped to scout the valley, in the light of dawn that fortress would blend right in with the rocky crest its planted on."

"Ahh!" she moaned as Fanazar pushed his whole length into her cunt and held her tight against his sweat covered groin. "Ouch," she gasped, reaching for the buttons of her vest.

"What is it?" Fanazar asked, sensing that something was wrong.

"It's-it's my tits," she complained. Fanazar reached under her and lifted her up, his hands sliding into her shirt and covering her breasts. He massaged the soft mounds of flesh, her nipples poking between his knuckles as Tannah undid the garment and pulled her arms through it, laying it beside her as Fanazar fondled her body with rough desire.

She felt the tip of his erection bulge just inside the opening of her vagina as he groped her. She was on her knees but sitting straight up against him, his manhood bent upward between her legs and his lips touching her neck as she looked down at the maps.

She squinted at the markings indicating the fortress's location, getting an idea.

"Tell you what," Tannah sighed, her cheeks burning, her clitoris firm, her dark pubic hairs matted with sweat and arousal. "The more often you make me come, the better the plan will be." Fanazar chuckled, squeezing her breast, his other hand moving down across her naked abdomen to her hairy sex.

Tannah felt waves of pleasure roll up from between her thighs as his finger tip touched the flesh between the folds of her cunt. He held her naked body tight against him and she reached back to cling to his muscled hips. Fanazar stroked her exposed clitoris, thrusting gently into her, his breaths warm against her neck.

"Ahhh hhhhaaa!" Tannah shuddered, "that's it ... ohhhh!" It had taken some hours to coach Fanazar's inexperienced hands so that he could bring her to climax by himself. The first time he'd done it he didn't even know which parts gave her pleasure, and now he was nearly as proficient with his fingers in her pussy as she was.

"Ooohh," she moaned, her thighs quivering as Fanazar tickled her throbbing clitoris, his penis sliding into her cunt at a sharp angle.

"From where the fort is situated .

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