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She turned around to him smiling and backing right back into his crotch.

"Oops!" she giggled. Quickly she reached down and touched his crotch, not failing to miss his hardening cock. "Oops!" she chuckled again.

Blushing, Keith reached out and swatted her ass playfully. "Stop it" he whispered. "See what you do to me?"

Sammi just looked innocently into his eyes and smiled again. Her nipples had gotten all pointy, showing through her shirt.

They spent several minutes going through varying shades and styles of khaki slacks, pulling several to try on. Next they plied through a table of sport shirts, agreeing on yellow, green and a sky blue Sammi said would bring out his eyes. They headed for the dressing room with their selections. Keith went in as Sammi seated herself across from the door in a little white chair.

Alone in the dressing room, Keith slid out of his worn jeans and looked at his semi erect penis.

"How am I going to be able to try on these pants with this going on?" he muttered as he grabbed the first pair and one of the shirts. He emerged from the dressing room only to find Sammi sitting crossed legged in the chair, her skirt hiked up to her waist and her fingers absently caressing her pouty, full pussy lips. He could see from where he stood she was already starting to redden and swell.

"What? What are you...." Keith stammered.

Sammi quickly pulled down the skirt and jumped up.

"Sorry," she whispered going to him and putting her arms around him. "I was just getting so horny thinking about you in there getting undressed." She slipped her hands behind his head and stroked his neck, trailing a finger over to his ear and slowly circling into the hole. She stood up on tip toe to run her tongue along his jaw line and into his ear, sucking in air as she probed his ear with her tongue.

Spine tingling goose bumps ran down his arms as Sammi continued to suck on his earlobe. Now she was pushing her full tits into his chest and trying to press against his crotch too. Fearing a patron or even worse an employee catching them, Keith tried to guide her into the dressing room, away from prying eyes. Keith's cock doubled in size as she reached for his zipper and removed the slacks.

"I don't think I like these." She giggled. "Let's try on another pair."

"You can't be in here with me" he tried to protest.

"I'm just going to help you a little bit honey." She reassured him. "Please just let me help you baby." she said while stroking his cock

He stood there numbly as she carefully removed the trousers and hung them over a hook. He watched her breasts jiggle as she reached for his underwear waistband and gasped as she pulled them down to his knees.

"Oh god" was all he could say as she sunk to her knees before him. His back was against the wall and he was facing the full length mirror of the small dressing room. She hiked up her skirt so he could see her luscious full ass in the mirror then wrapped her little hand around his cock. She stroked the length of it, rubbing up and down and over the head. His knees started to tremble as he felt her hot breath upon it as she raised it to her lips. Keith had to close his eyes as she stuck out her tongue and licked his cock from the base all the way up the tip. The hot, wet, slightly rough sensation of her tongue washing up and down his cock over and over was unbelievable. He had a mental picture of a cat licking itself as she polished his cock.

Opening his eyes he looked down to watch her open her lips and take the head in her mouth. Just as the head met her lips she looked up at him and smiled around his cock. It was all he could do to refrain from grabbing her pony tail and slamming his cock down her throat. Then he felt her other hand close over his balls. She had his cock nicely wet now and was slipping one hand up and down the shaft while the other was caressing and lightly pulling on his balls. He relaxed against the wall and watched her ass jiggle and shake in the mirror as she administered to his cock.

Oh god he wanted that ass! He started

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