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A gay basher is given an attitude adjustment.

But he looks happy, complete. Not as if you'd pulled his teeth or quenched his fire. I hope Victor and I will have the chance to be as happy as you are. No chance of children for us though.'

Adison confesses, 'I don't think we can have any, either. I suppose after his resurrection, Vincent may very well be sterile. I didn't risk it yet though, with things as they were I preferred to use certain herbs.'

Mina gives her a hug.

'Thanks for the girl talk, I've missed that. If your head feels better, you should get some sleep. I'll watch over you, you'll be fine. I'll check on your intended too.'

And the last thought Adison has, before she falls into a dreamless sleep: so that was girl talk.

The next morning, maybe even early afternoon, Victor wakes face to face with Vincent. After the first astonishment, he remembers the night before, and takes a good look at him from his doctor's point of view.

His friend looks peaceful, no signs of a restless night, and his colour is normal for him. No visual signs of fever or pain. He doesn't want to touch the other man to feel his temperature, that might wake him up from his sleep, the thing he needs most of all. So he slowly and carefully moves away from Vincent, ready to get dressed and check on Mina and Adison.

But his slight movement triggers a reaction.

A strong arm reaches out to him, and pulls him close. Since Vincent is probably still half asleep, and used to sleeping with someone, Victor guesses he is looking for some physical contact with his girl. This is quite embarrassing, he cannot struggle, but he can hardly let Vincent believe he is Adison. Who knows what might happen!

Meanwhile, Vincent has snuggled up really close to him, taking in his scent, nuzzling his skin. And still, Victor doesn't know what to do. He doesn't want to wake him up, but there is no way he is getting out of this grip without using force, or being released.

Vincent clearly doesn't appreciate his restlessness, he murmurs sleepily, 'What's the matter Victor, can't a guy have a little cuddle with you anymore now you've a girl of your own?'

Stunned, Victor indeed lies still, Vincent knew it was him all the time!

'That's better,' the voice says, arm still holding him firmly to his chest, mouth and nose still exploring his throat and neck. 'Hmm, you smell very nice, very masculine, I'd like a bite of you myself.'

Victor knows he can't escape that arm, and trying would hurt Vincent's chest again, so he gives up and decides to enjoy the attentions instead. Turning around, he faces his friend and sometimes lover again.

'I did offer her my bared throat last night, and she accepted. It was the best dinner I even attended, even if I was the main course.'

Vincent takes the offered bait, he definitely is still sleepy.

'Only the main course, not the only one? Did you get something to eat then?'

'Oh yes, I got something for starters and a lovely dessert too, ' he says knowingly.

Finally Vincent's awake.

'You naughty doctor, you! She's hardly escaped the clutches of an evil mastermind, and she falls into the hands of a mad scientist!'

Victor sighs. 'I'm afraid I've fallen as hard as she has, dear friend.'

In answer, Vincent gives him a hearty kiss and releases him.

'I'd better let you go check on her then, and on my poor girl too. I congratulate you, you've an excellent taste in women. And I bet you taste excellently yourself.'

Victor laughs.

'She did mention that, yes.'

'Go check on our ladies, I'll follow shortly.'

And Victor leaves, but not without instructing, 'You stay here, I'll be back with doctor's stuff. I'm taking care of those wounds today, Adison is on forced leave.'

And seeing the sense in that, Vincent turns around and tries to get some more sleep.

In Mina's room, Adison still sleeps in Mina's bed. Victor checks her vitals, and she seems fine, though she looks as if she has been in a bar brawl, black and blue all-over.

Mina is in her comatose state on the pallet.

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