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Tom finds out how Addie and Carla got together as lovers.

"Look, I'm flattered but... I mean, your insanely hot but... I'm not into the whole pay for play kinda thing." I say embarrassed as she pushes me down onto the couch.

"Who says you pay?" She laughs as she starts swaying her hips and dancing in front of me. There's no music playing, aside from the muffled sounds of the techno beats beyond the door, but she really doesn't need any. Her movements are graceful and hypnotic as her midnight colored hair flows and moves alongside her in a sensual chorus.

"W-well I kinda thought that.. you know..." I stutter awkwardly as I try my best not to both let myself be overcome by this amazing creature and not insult her either.

She stops and straddles me, her hands resting on my shoulders. Up close, I can see a slight amount of makeup on her, she's wearing red lipstick and I smell perfume along with some slight perspiration creating a sexy musk on her body. This is a far cry from the ex, who never wore makeup or anything to make herself smell nice.

"That I want money?" She finishes my sentence looking straight into my eyes with a smirk.

"Yeah..." I say, glancing away and slightly blushing. I'm scared that she's going to take offense like the last girl, but she surprises me by giggling.

"Why would I want money when I want you?" She whispers in my ear. Damn it, she's really got me blushing like a school boy now. With her wiggling around on my lap, I can feel myself hardening against my better judgement.

"I donno," I tell her, looking away, mumbling, "But I'm no prize, I'm not good-looking or anything."

Yumi suddenly grabs my face in her hands and kisses me, her tongue invading my mouth trying to play with mine. I try to resist out of instinct but it becomes frightening clear she is absurdly stronger than me.

With little options left to me, I stop resisting and try to relax. After a moment, I find myself becoming more and more aroused by her aggressiveness. I can feel her hair moving all over my body, caressing me with its softness. I want to be alarmed by it but her hair is so soft and gentle. I think that if she wanted to hurt me, she would have by now. Eventually she let's go as we both pant and gasp for air.

"You taste good, have good mana. Makes you look good to me" She says while licking her lips. Grinning she runs her fingers through my hair, grinding her self into my crouch and cryptically says, "They don't want you...then I take you. I win, they lose."

"I bet you say that to all the guys," I say half-joking. All the attention is nice, but suspicion worms its way into my thoughts. She just met me and she's going on about wanting me and I taste good and whatever the hell the whole mana thing was.

"No, I never talk to other men, just dance. You're the first." Yumi says as she's still caressing me. I don't really believe that but whatever, if that's the story she wants to tell, I'm not going to argue. I try to change the subject by asking,

"So, uh how come this place doesn't shout out how they have a M~" She puts a finger over my lips, silencing me.

"Shhh, they don't know. They think I'm human... Not suppose to be here." She whispers with a finger over her own lips.

Well, nothing quite like getting a lap dance from an illegal immigrant to spice things up. I keep quiet, after she says that, curious as to how all this would play out. It's definitely a much better way to spend the evening then waiting in the car for my buddy.

Her hair begins to sweep around us, unbuttoning my shirt, unbuckling my pants, while other strands undo her robe to reveal she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Large breasts with, pink, suckable nipples sat atop an even larger sized aureola for me to see. Trailing my eyes down, a trimmed pubic patch of hair in the shape of a heart led the way to her puffy moistened slit. It's incredibly obvious that she's turned on by our short make out session.

Her hair and hands work quickly in tandem and the next thing I know my shirt is off

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