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Cheater must face the music.

David resumed his efforts, fingers and cock working in unison. By now Kristy was awash in sensations, barely aware of her surroundings but desperately trying to obey her Master's commands. Her body started to shake with the effort of holding back her climax. David could feel himself nearing his own orgasm and increased the pace and power of his thrusts. Finally he shot his load and at the same time pinched down on Kristy's clit with his free hand. As she battled to stave off her climax he finally murmured "you may cum, slave" and Kristy fell over the edge into the most powerfully intense orgasm.

She barely felt David's withdrawal or the butt plug as he reinserted it. He removed the gag and allowed her a few moments to compose herself before ordering her to her feet. Her juices ran down the inside of her thigh, but when she asked if she could use some tissues to clean herself up, he refused. She was to stay like that for the rest of the day as a reminder that she attained pleasure only at his hands and at his whim. Head bowed, Kristy meekly accepted what she was told.

"Now for your instructions today, slave." David said. "When you are suitably composed you may get dressed. I have decided that in addition to spending each weekend at my mansion, you will undergo intensive training next week. To that end, you will request an interview with the managing partner and request a week's stress leave. You will tell him that you have been under too heavy a workload recently and need some time to recuperate. Be convincing. I will tolerate no excuse for failure. You will be at the mansion next week, either voluntarily or by force. Is this clear?"

Still kneeling as David had not yet told her she could move, Kristy replied. "Yes Sir," she said meekly. Her heart was leaden in her chest. After trying so hard to prove how tough and capable she was, this request was going to make her look as if she were struggling to cope!

"Next, you will go shopping this lunch time. You have abused your poor secretary for far too long. She deserves some kind of compensation. To this end, I expect you to book her into the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort & Club for the weekend and arrange for her to receive their top of the range spa package. Have I made myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir!" Kristy replied. This was going to cost her an arm and a leg. The Fairmont didn't come cheap, but she knew that nothing less was going to satisfy her Master.

"Very well. You may get dressed. Report to me at the end of the day. You will keep the plug in today and every day this week."

With that, David sat down behind his desk and ignoring Kristy completely he started to work on the files stacked on his desk. Kristy quietly dressed and used a tissue to repair her smeared lipstick. Thank goodness she had used a neutral shade this morning! Finally she let herself out, trying not to think about her sopping wet pussy and the slightly damp track down her leg.
She made her way back to her own office and sat down behind her desk. Clasping her hands together she tried to control the shaking that came over her. Everything that she had taken for granted had been ripped away in the space of a few short days and she was coming to realise that most of it was due to her own actions. She took a long, hard look at herself and came to the conclusion that the way she treated her secretary was not that far removed from the way she was now being treated. Okay she didn't physically abuse her, but her Master was showing her that nobody deserved to be treated as an inferior simply by virtue of the job they did. It was slowly dawning on her that there was a great deal of truth in what her Master had been telling her!

Pulling herself together she clicked on the intercom and asked her secretary if she would make an appointment for her to see the managing partner this morning.

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