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Did he really leave her?

Please close the door." She hurried to do as she was told. "And turn to the desk," he said smoothly, as she returned to the front of the room. Looking at the floor, Brittany complied with his request. Mr. Hughes stood behind her, and slid his hands down her body, slowly, taking in every dip and curve. He moved his hands back up to cup her breasts. "Oh, Ms. Coleston," he moaned into her ear, "I think I'm going to enjoy this."

He slid his hands up under her shirt, to hold her bare tits in his hands. "Mmmm, no bra?" he chuckled, grabbing her breasts roughly and squeezing both nipples, making her squeal. "Now, now, Ms. Coleston," he chastised. "This is only the beginning." Britt could feel his cock hardening against the small of her back. Her mind was racing, but she saw no way out.

Mr. Hughes suddenly pushed her over his desk. "Now," he said haughtily, "Let's see what's under that little skirt, shall we?" His hands pushed Britt's skirt right up over her smooth ass. His hands were exploring freely, and he exhaled slowly, shakily.

"Ah, Ms. Coleston. What have we here?" His finders slid lightly under the hem of Britt's small, black thong. Britt, facing the desk, blushed deeply, but she could feel her pussy beginning to tingle. Something about his total domineering attitude was turning her on! "Fantastic," he breathed. He slowly slid his hand down the length of her ass, to brush against her pussy lips, which were now straining against and soaking the fabric of her panties as she arched her back, without Britt even realizing.

"Ms. Coleston! It seems this is getting you all hot and bothered," he said, gruffly but clearly aroused. "N-no, sir," Britt whispered, "not at all."

"Now, please, Ms. Coleston. Don't lie to me. We both can feel how wet your little pussy is. Although I do like you calling me 'Sir'." And with that, he slid his thick fingers under her panties, and ran them up and down her cunt, pausing only to stop and pinch her clit, and again to probe at her wet little slit.

She bucked, but Mr. Hughes was ready, with his hand at the small of her back. He held her to the desk, and leaned down next to her ear, whispering quickly. "Ms. Coleston. You led me to believe you would do anything do change your grade. Is that still true?"

She hesitated, thinking. Could she really do this? Apparently, she took too long to respond, as Mr. Hughes then took his hand and smartly spanked her twat. Britt squealed again, bucking, but he held her down. Eyes shut, she nodded. She needed this grade.

"That's what I thought," Mr. Hughes breathed in her ear. "Well, if that's the case, then, you must do exactly as I say. Do you understand?" Again, she nodded. "Excellent." In a very businesslike manner, he slid down her thong, but left her skirt in place. "Lie back on the desk."

Brittany flipped on her back, and with her professor's guidance slid so that her ass was at the very edge of the desk, facing him. Although she still wore her skirt, Mr. Hughes pushed open her legs, and she let them fall, exposing her pussy to his greedy gaze.

"Very good, Ms. Coleston. I'm going to reward you for your compliance." He took a seat in his chair, and scooted it closer. Taking a hand, he carelessly slid two fingers into her pussy, and put his thumb on her clit, rubbing it. She moaned, "Please, sir. That's too much!" Thumb and forefinger closed on her clit, making her gasp at the sudden pain. "If I want your input, Ms. Coleston," he growled, "I'll ask for it." Britt fell silent.

"Take off your shirt," he demanded. Britt complied, pulling her shirt over her head, exposing her full, perky tits. All she had on at this point was her skirt, which made little difference with her legs splayed open as they were. "Mmm. That's right, baby. Now rub those little nipples." Mr. Hughes stared at her tits, transfixed. Her nipples, perked upward so beautifully, were dark pink and hardening quickly under Brittany's touch.

Letting her head fall back, she slowly cupped her breasts, playing and pinching in all the right places as her professor stro

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