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The bonding ceremony.

Slowly, tentatively at first, she began to copy what he had done to her. She kissed his chest, sucking and biting his nipples before moving swiftly over his flat stomach to where his cock waited. As she moved, she was constantly aware of his cock against her, of its strength and heat, of how thick and hard it was. When at last she was kneeling over him, his cock only inches from her face, she was suddenly unsure of what to do. She looked up at Ian.

"Tell me," she whispered, "Tell me what you want."

And so he guided his daughter as she sucked and licked a cock for the first time. She licked slowly along his length as his cock lay heavily on his belly, his balls taut beneath. She licked up and down his length, feeling every ridge, every contour, of his cock on her tongue and lips. She cradled his balls, imagining how full there were already. After that, it all came to her naturally.

Susie looked up at Ian, her eyes on his, as she lifted his cock away from his belly, her hand so small around his shaft. She stroked her hand up and down his length as she knelt between his legs, peeling his foreskin back, pulling it back tight as he moaned, looking at his cock closely. She squeezed his cock, watching as more drops of pre cum appeared, watching as it dribbled down his red, shiny cock head and onto his shaft and her hand.

She rubbed the pre cum over his cock head with her thumb, smearing it over him. She leant forward and carefully took the tip of his cock into his mouth, taking her first proper taste of him. Ian groaned as she sucked on his tip, barely able to control his hips as they pushed up, pushing more of him into her mouth.

She grasped his shaft and sunk her mouth lower, taking his head and some of his shaft into her virgin mouth. She sucked hard, guided by him again, her tongue rubbing at his cock head. She lifted her head away from him, showing him his wet shaft, smeared with the remnants of her red lipstick. And then she sucked him back into her mouth, sucking and wanking him, her other hand cupping his balls, her fingers probing beneath them.

Ian couldn't believe the tremors running through him. His cock had never felt so hard, so alive, as it did now. His cock and balls throbbed as Susie sucked and licked and wanked him. He was desperate to cum, but just as desperate to wait, wanting more, much more. He reached out, holding Susie's head as she bobbed up and down on his cock.

Behind her, he could see her perfect heart shaped ass in the mirror, her pussy winking back at him from between her firm thighs. She saw where he was looking and wiggled her ass, sucking on him harder as he groaned louder.
The room was full of the wet slurping sound of her mouth on his cock, of his shaft fucking her mouth. She moaned softly, her body alive to the feel of his cock in her mouth, of her hands on him. He groaned more deeply, more loudly, as his climax approached. Susie could sense he was about to cum, could feel the tightening of his balls.

"I'm cummmmming...................." he groaned as his balls erupted.

Susie was stunned by the sheer force of his cum as it gushed into her mouth and splattered the back of her throat. She was awed by the feel of his cum surging up his shaft, throbbing and pulsing. She gagged as the first jet filled her mouth, and pulled away. But Ian instinctively held her, pushing his cock into her moth, his head thrown back in pleasure.

She swallowed frantically, drinking down his cum. She dragged her head away, watching as his cum continued to pump out of him as she wanked his thick shaft. Ian watched through half open eyes as him cum dribbled from the corner of his daughter's mouth, as she knelt over him and wanked his cock, her firm breasts swaying over him, coated in his cum.

His cum seemed to go on for ever, surging out of him until his balls where empty. He laid back, his body limp. Susie slumped down on top of him, his arms around her, hugging her to him, both of them oblivious to his thick cum being smeared between their bodies. Seconds later, they were asleep.

Ian woke up once in

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