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My wanton, Chinese lover is demanding.

I wouldn't have been caught dead doing anything like this a week ago. Now, though, it just felt natural.
Joy's tongue appeared, to moisten her ruby lips with a flicker. "OK - face down."

Still uncertain what had come over me, I lay down as instructed. I heard a slight rustling, and then I felt the drizzle of warm oil on my back. It started at the nape of my neck, and spiralled down my shoulders in a fine thread, before crossing the small of my back and performing a loop on my bum. Then it traced a line along my butt crack and continued relentlessly down the back of my left thigh all the way to my heel, before finally breaking contact long enough to cross to my right foot and lay a path back up my other thigh.

It finished with a liquid exclamation point on my tailbone, and it was the most erotic thing I had ever felt in my life.

"Relax," murmured Joy, which was easy for her to say, maybe, because that's when I felt her bare bum as she straddled my thighs. Her skin was smooth and hot. Not only that she felt about twenty degrees warmer than me, but sexy/hot - the image of Joy sitting naked over my back flashed in my head. Not that it matters, I suppose (outside of Kansas), but for the record I'd never before thought of other girls in a sexual way. Now my own skin tingled all over; and my pussy, which was already buzzing thanks to her oiling my back, was beginning to seriously twitch.

And then she touched me - I mean, besides her bum cheeks on my legs - as she started to work the scented oil into my shoulders. It was strange - the first contact of her long, strong fingers was electric, but soothing too. Her touch constantly varied from the faintest of butterfly strokes to deep kneading, without any predictable pattern. It was delightful. I sighed, and really did relax, almost floating, although I wasn't remotely sleepy.

The massage continued down the same path as the oil had before. The sensations were so intense that my whole being seemed focused on my back. I thought I had a handle on it, but by the time she had reached my backside, I started to squirm. And, when Joy's hands traced the form of my left cheek along its junction with my thigh, I lost it. I began to come like I never had before.

It should have left me drained, but instead I felt energized. Joy carried on as though nothing had happened, skooching her bum down my legs as she continued the massage. Down one leg she went, and across, and I came again when she did my right foot. Go figure - maybe it was in anticipation of her trip back up that leg. In any case, I came yet again, big time, when she reached my right cheek.

Before I had quite returned to planet earth, she delivered a firm whack to said cheek, and hopped off my legs.

"Erk!" was my elegant response, and I squirmed around until I could see her.

She was standing close beside the couch, hands on her hips and now wearing only her red bustiere. The hand span space between her thighs was precisely at my eye level, and so I found myself looking squarely at the neatly trimmed patch of kinky black fur decorating the top of her mound.

Below which, I got my first proper look at another woman's 'treasure' (as my mother had referred to it on the one occasion that region was ever discussed). Joy reached down and spread those fleshy red lips, which exposed another cute little set of orchid petal lips inside the first ones. I caught a flash of silver in there, and saw she had a row of little rings along the edge. She began running two fingers beside the rings, then moved to the top of her notch, up to her pink nubbin, and tugged on that for a bit.

Oddly, I still wasn't the least bit embarrassed - but I decided I ought to be, so I redirected my gaze, first down.

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