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Phil becomes the filling in a succubus sandwich.

Kira explained why she wore a collar around her neck. Brigitte asked for another one for Virginia and Peter for Leena. It was propably too lewd to Brigitte's tastes. Virginia made a demonstration with Dan of Brigitte gift. The nipple clamps jaws were hurting at the beginning but the ache soon became bearable as the pleasure of having their nipples stimulated permanently became soon overpowering. The bells were gaily jingling whenever the woman moved and they could hear the difference when she was walking, climbing stairs or just breathing which was very convenient when someone was looking for a girl to fuck. They were even able to know when the girl was being fucked, which implied that she wouldn't be available for the next ten minutes or so.

Dan proposed the whole group to go swimming into the Sea. Kyrhan provided swimming suits but only to the men. They took a small van and took the north road. They arrived to a big over populated beach named Raouad but Dan didn't stop. Just less than a mile away, the road diverted from the beach into the mainland but a dirt road continued. Dan explained he had nicknamed, when he was young, the beaches behind the coastal dunes, wild Raouad. There were just short antennas of dirt road allowing to get through the dunes. The wide beaches were magnificent with shallow water and little current. They saw on the beaches many murex shells and in the water a few small rays.

The main interest of these beaches was that there was nobody there for miles. The women took off their djellabas and swam naked into the sea to the delight of everyone. After two hours of swimming and frolicking in the warm sea, Dan took Leena by the hand and led her into the dunes. They were soon out of view. A few minutes later, they could hear a woman screaming rhythmically with a loud throaty voice. Dan was apparently giving her a good time. The other men followed Dan's example.

Peter bowed in front of Kira and asked her quite formally whether she would like to grant him the next dance. Kira guffawed when he used such out of date sentences but she stood up and offered him her hand to lead her where he wanted. She had then a second thought and bent to retrieve a bag from which she extracted a short chain leash she attached to her collar and offered Peter the handle, a pair of handcuffs she snapped around her wrists on her back and a scarf she wrapped around her head into a makeshift blinder. Peter understood the true meaning of her actions : she was giving him total control on her. He could use her at will with no restrictions. He ushered her on a fast pace toward the dunes, eager to push his rock hard cock into her cunt or her mouth. Soon her screams echoed those of Leena.

- Brigitte, they make me horny. Would you like us to go in the dunes with me?

Brigitte was basically a dominatrix but she had found in herself a soft point when she was with Kyrhan. Then she became as submissive as Leena or even Virginia. He could easily have made a slave of her. She would have lived perpetually in chains, collared and branded if he just had asked her. When they passed the bag from which Kira had extracted the sex toys she had used on herself, she fell on her knees in front of the bag and turned toward Kyrhan.

- Master, please, find something in the bag to complete my tack. I want to walk into the dunes as your submissive like Kira. I'm fed up of being a dominatrix if you are nearby.

- Why not, cunt! I could also brand you or have you tattooed as my submissive but afterwards, you would be permanently a sub even to Jean and you'd have the same status as your niece Virginia! Still interested?

- Ahem, I need to think about it but I might be interested. . .

The bag contained another leash but no collar to attach it to.

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