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A little punishment and reward.

They gave each other scared looks.

"20!" they shouted back.

I made a little snickering sound and shook my head.

"7", I laughed back at them.

They are looking sweaty and anxious.

"Um...15", they quavered.

I hesitated for effect. My luck was unbelievable.

"10 and that is as high as I am going", I stated firmly

They whispered to each other.

"Deal" they said.

"What are the other demands?" I asked.

"No kissing", intoned Melissa.

I nodded, had she seen this in a movie?

"We also need to take smoke breaks", Melissa said

"If you do it one at a time, I have no problem with that" I shrugged.

They conferred and nodded.

There was a long silence

" The last condition is no condoms", Katherine piped up.

I was stunned into silence once again.

"We both have latex allergies", Katherine explained meekly.

I nodded dumbly. This was beyond my comprehension. I made a mental note to try to get their parents phone numbers before I left or else I would have to call the cops on them. They needed to be saved from themselves.

I undid my zipper and hauled out my erection. I beckoned to both of them. Melissa double-checked that the door was locked while Katherine took baby steps towards me. They both knelt before me and began sucking and slurping, hesitantly at first but with growing gusto. Katherine undid my belt and let my pants fall to the floor

Thus began the orgy.

It started out like any hardcore porn film in the store. The double team cock sucking soon turned to straight fucking. The order of the night was missionary style on Katherine who ate out Melissa. Then we switched to back shots, Melissa was the recipient, Katherine tongued my balls and fondled her breasts. I was making both of them muffle their screams so that the winos and crazies in the rooms around ours wouldn't complain to the management. I was cumming like a madman.

After each ejaculation (I had 10 spurts in me that night), one of them would walk out of the room with one of my 10 dollar bills and come back several minutes later with her eyes glazed over. They traded off getting smoked out. I think I had busted 4 nuts when I was regarded as a wonder and a shrewd businessman. They began to think a great deal more of the worth of their pussies in relation to their cherished crack rock.

The overall soreness of their pussies opened the door to ass play. Melissa liked to rim Katherine which suited me fine as Katherine's deep throating was excellent. I was soon deep dicking the depths of Katherine's freshly cleaned rectum while Melissa skillfully rimmed me. I came three times consecutively in Katherine's ass, withdrew to a loud plopping sound and found immediate haven in Melissa's waiting mouth.

This is where we deviated from the porn offerings of the store. Melissa held my stinking, dripping cock away from her as if to regard it. Then she sniffed deeply, like a sommelier, and chugged me like a beer. Her hands were on my ass, pulling me towards her, my pubic hairs were firm against her nose.

Katherine, in the mean time, did a double take, astounded by Melissa's action. Her eyes lit up. She watched Melissa deep throat me and smiled, reaching over to rub her partner of the shoulder affectionately. Then sighing with exhaustion, she staggered off the bed. My nut was dripping down her leg, plopping on the floor. She picked up one of the bills I had lined up on the nightstand and half limped to the door.

"Clothes!" I hissed.

She looked back, dazed.

She was about to go into the hall naked, with cum spilling down her leg. If any of the other residents saw her in that state, the manager would be called and we'd be kicked out.

It was bad enough that they made hourly trips to cop drugs but the fact that she had attempted to do it naked 2 times so far was troubling to me. That is your brain on drugs.

She smiled dopily and nodded back to me in the stoned surfer way and bent down to pick up clothes to wear to the dealer's.

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