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Widow Bonnie and Divorced Brother Ed take a boat trip.

Stacy laughed however, amused by our conversation, obviously aware of my embarrassment. Though she quickly tried changing the subject, and oddly enough, not in a direction I was happy about her taking either.

She took a sip of her orange juice eyeing me over the rim, and then as though asking me about the weather in the same tone of voice I might have expected, she said, "So dad...what's up with you and mom anyway?"

"What do you mean?" I asked nearly choking on the mouthful I was trying to swallow.

"You know what I mean. Are you and mom planning on getting a divorce?"

I was glad I had just swallowed, or I might have choked. "Whatever gave you that idea?" I asked pretending that nothing was wrong.

"Oh, maybe that you and mom aren't doing the nasty anymore for one thing. And don't tell me you are either. I overheard her talking to Aunt Susan a week ago. Mom told her the two of you hadn't done much of anything for several months now. What's up with that?"

So...she was as aware of it as I was. But the fact she had actually told her sister about our lack-luster love life wasn't good news either. As much as I liked Susan, ever since her divorce a few years back, she'd been hanging around, flirting and coming on to me a whole lot more than I would have liked. Maxine thought it was funny, as did Susan I think. But I never quite knew how to act around the two of them whenever they got together. And especially when Susan started flirting with me whenever Maxine wasn't around to notice.

Point was...I didn't know what to say to Stacy. Obviously she knew the facts. And worse, it now appeared she knew a lot more than what she was telling me on top of all that.

"You know dad, it's not healthy for you to be going without."

That made me chuckle in spite of the rather bizarre conversation we were suddenly having.

"Oh? And you're an expert on that?" I shot back.

"At least I'm happy," she responded. "Seriously...if you and mom are tired of doing the nasty together, maybe you should at least hook up with someone who maybe Aunt Susan!"

That response surprised me, and this time I really did spew out my coffee, which I'd just sipped.

"Jesus Stacy!" I spat as I likewise spilled the rest of my coffee all over the table. Stacy stood up in order to fetch some paper towels. That damn ass of hers filling my eyes as she did. Even as she sauntered back with the roll handing it to me, she said, "You have any idea who it is mom's sleeping with?"

"No!" I said simply, confirming no doubt that I did know as I began mopping up my spilled coffee off the table. "And I'm not sure I want to know either. Our problems are ours to work out...if we can. But regardless of that, in answer to your previous question, divorce as far as I'm concerned is out of the question!"

"So even though mom's fucking someone're willing to live with the situation the way that it is?"

It's not like I hadn't heard the word before, and even on occasion out of her own mouth, though never pointedly directed towards me. Still, it was a bit odd hearing her use it in this context.

"Ok, we're having a few problems admittedly, and yeah...maybe mom is seeing, someone. But I don't think it's serious, or she'd have approached me by now about moving out. I do think she's just trying to find away to have some pleasure, which unfortunately at the moment...isn't with me."

"So? Like I said before then. Maybe you should start doing the same thing. Not healthy for you to go without for so long. And I don't think jerking off all the time is any substitute for that either! Trust me...I know!"

Only then did I realize that Stacy too had in fact broken up with her long time boyfriend of several years only recently.

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