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His secret nearly exposed, Doug is faced with a choice.

Lysxander stepped ever closer, his feet coming coming to a stop just before hers. His face was merely inches from hers, his breath cold and icy on her face. He roughly grabbed her shoulders, dragging her over to the window. Wall. Damn. Wall made of a window. A huge window. Close enough?


Freya fell to her knees, her jaw dropped. Before her, miles away, was her little blue planet. But it wasn't blue. It was on fire, half of it was pitch black. New tears spilled from her eyes, her heart twisting and breaking.

Today was the day that the sun seemed dark, the day where she knew she would never see blue skies, another butterfly, a tiny passerby on the street beneath her old apartment window. No light would touch her face again. Her world had stopped. Children, families, animals, her life had been destroyed. Leaving no friendly trace that it had ever existed... Her life was over. She was dead now. Dead, and trapped in her own worst nightmare.

She thought of her Mother. Father. Everyone... She fell onto her side, tears spilling silently through the silence, not a sound. Her world was on fire, and she could almost see the families in their little houses, praying to whatever would listen that they would go quickly.

The agony was the most painful thing a person could feel, to be possibly the only living remnant of disaster. She, in that moment, disappeared. And suddenly, nothing mattered but the horrible pain in her heart.

She heard retreating footsteps, and with a fleeting moment of pain, rose to her feet. She whipped her head around, her eyes on fire. She leapt off her feet, and slammed her body with the force of a bullet straight into Lysxander. He fell to the ground, but she continued her assault. She slammed punches and kicks straight against his bleeding face. She slammed her elbow into his nose, and she heard a loud crack.

"Fuck!" He cursed, cradling his face in his hands.

She retreated from him, slamming her fist into the button that read, "EXIT". The room door opened, and she ran quickly through the halls, before stopping as she remembered something. Her transportation device.

She reached both hands against her hips, pressing against the buttons as she grabbed them. She additionally pressed the buttons on the side of her new headset, as a helmet came over her face. The eyeshield of her helmet suddenly came alive, with a map of the ship. There was an exit just two halls away. The suit he wore suddenly morphed into a thick rubber-like substance that covered every inch of her body, and oxygen began flowing through her helmet. Her transportation device came to life, but instead of a board, she herself controlling a motorcycle-like apparatus. It was jet black, with a strange marking on the front. She revved the engine into life, busting forward at impossible speeds.

It almost seemed to know exactly where she wanted to go, and she busted through the halls, seemingly no one in her way. And then, armed guard came shooting after her. Literally, shooting at her. The cycle dodged them effortlessly, and Frey used the bike as a balancer as she swiftly kicked a guard straight in the face, his helmet flying ten feet off. Her bike guided her through the swarm, and she noticed the female doctor eyeing her carefully from the end of the hall, before disappearing down another long corridor. But before Freya had time to think about her, a gun emanated from the back of her bike.

She turned, and guards were straight after her, closing in. She looked down at her gun, then back at them. She had no time to think.

She didn't need to.

She turned herself backward on her bike, and grabbed the trigger and steady her hands. And then, she pulled.

A stray spray of white glowing bullets fired away at the guards.

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