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2091: His parents ask her to discipline him.

The club is crowded, but the two women are in the mood to let loose.

Each has a few drinks and the alcohol begins to take effect. An exotic beat begins to play and Debbie grabs Leigh's hand and heads towards the dance floor, giving Kaz a nod to follow. He grabs a drink for each and meets them out on the dance floor.

Leigh faces Debbie, staring into her eyes, her body moving with the beat. Kaz slides up behind Debbie, pressing against her. She smiles, and moves closer to Leigh, making a human sandwich. Debbie can feel his cock against her ass while Leigh presses her breasts against Debbie's body.

Debbie has always felt a certain attraction to Leigh, but now, she wants more. Thoughts of seeing her naked pervade Debbie's mind. She leans forward and kisses Leigh on the lips softly, passionately. Leigh returns the kiss with more fervor than Debbie could imagine.

Debbie can feel Kaz' cock growing and reaches behind, stroking him through his pants, making him grow bigger, harder. His mouth kisses her neck as Leigh watches and then leans forward and kissing him.

Tongues twirl and the kiss turns from two to three people. The music is still playing loudly, but everyone is lost in the moment, hearing nothing but the beating of their own heart. Debbie's desire to have them both is becoming overwhelming.

Leigh's every bit as excited, her hands moving up and down her body as she grinds to the beat, her eyes moving back and forth between Debbie and Kaz, making every effort to excite them with her gyrations. She licks her lips seductively, making Debbie want to taste them again.

The night continues with more seductive teasing, groping, kissing, fondling, until they can't take anymore. Kaz suggests a return to his hotel room, saying that he has a suite at the De La Tremoille, formally a private mansion but recently converted into a luxury hotel.

The metro ride is short, only a block or two to the hotel. They hold hands while walking down the narrow side street, Debbie in the middle with Leigh on her left and Kaz on the right. Debbie is feeling so sexual, so sensual, the anticipation of a night filled with lust almost unbearable.

Taking the elevator the 6th floor, he opens the door, allowing them both to enter first. Debbie impressed by the size of the suite, its large king size poster bed draws her attention. She walks towards it and flops down, arms spread wide, secretly wishing to be tied up and blindfolded.

"More wine?" he asks, pouring 3 glasses.

The lights are dimmed and the curtains on the windows are open offering a glimmering view of the city below.

"They call Paris, 'The City of Lights.' It's truly beautiful," he exclaims.

Leigh walks over to the window to look out and Kaz walks up behind her, putting his arms around her waist. She turns and kisses him, at first softly, then with more vigor. Eye's closed, tongues darting, hands fondling. Debbie watches with fascination as his hands move across her breasts, under her shirt, unhooking her front hook bra.

He pushes her against the window, his hands playing with her nipples, making little circles on them before he leans down to take one into his mouth. The scene makes Debbie crave to be a part of it. She removes her clothes, no fears; no inhibitions can stop her now. Debbie touches her breasts before moving downward. Leigh watches with great interest, lost in her own world of sensuousness.

Debbie's eyes make contact with Leigh who watches Debbie watching her with Kaz. Debbie knows how good she must feel and wants to feel it herself. She licks her lips seductively, speaking volumes without actually saying a word. Leigh whispers in his ear, motioning towards the bed. He turns, sees Debbie's naked body and smiles, before looking back at Leigh.

Debbie crooks a finger, wanting each of them to come to her now.

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