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"Okay," Harriet agreed, her titties bouncing and her blonde hair blowing as they headed to the squad car, whose lights were still flashing against the backdrop of the black night. "Tee hee! I support my local police. Hee hee hee hee! And they take the cost of my ticket out of me in trade!"

Dick Cummings' pecker still jutted out of his fly opening and he was too starry-eyed and tittie-crazy to even notice it. He just wanted to get his cock into this hot little piece of ass. Ol' Dicky needed some pussy after the hellacious night on the job that he had had.

"You got it!" Dick replied, agreeing with what Harriet said about taking the ticket out of her in trade as he opened the right passenger door of the cop car. "You can just take your shorts and panties off and we can have a little fun right in here on the seat, honey bun. You want me to wear a condom?"

"Tee hee! Don't be silly!" Harriet laughed as she took down her jean shorts and the bright yellow panties that were now damp with her feminine juices. "It doesn't feel that good with a rubber on. Plus, I want to feel you squirt your seed deep inside of me. Mmmmmmm! Oh, Big Dick, shut that fucking door and put it inside of me! Oh, fuck, I want it so bad! Oh, fuck, give it to me, officer! Do your fucking duty! Serve the fucking public good with your fucking penis! Fuck me!"

"Sure thing," Dick enthusiastically burst out as he pulled his pants down with lightning speed and watched Harriet giggle when she saw his fire engine boxer shorts that his eight and a half inch erection was jutting from.

"You're supporting the wrong department," Harriet smilingly joked. "You're a fucking cop! But still, will you let me slide on the fire pole?"

"Yep," Dick laughed as he lovingly eased her fleshy thighs apart and pressed her pink nether lips open a little more with his fingers, knowing that he was going to feel pretty big inside of her. "I just don't want to hurt your little cunny."

"I don't know," Harriet replied as she watched Dick Cummings shut the door and then breathlessly shuck his fire engine drawers with glee. "I don't think my cunny can be hurt. It has taken some of Taft And Adams High School's biggest wee wees. And none of them were wearing rubbers on them, I might add. Tee hee hee! There is nothing like an unsheathed wee wee in the boy's locker room. Mmmm, good!"

Harriet Humper adjusted her naked ass on the quite expansive back seat and smiled as Officer Cummings spread her thighs far apart and placed his body between them, all the while his big penis was throbbing and his mushroom pee wee head swelling at the sight of her nubile feminine form lying seductively before him.

"It's just that I am so thick," Dick explained with a grin as he pressed downward, the tip of his shaft pressing against the opened pink lips of the young offender's pussy. "I was told that my dick was like a tree trunk by a woman that I pulled over the other night for reckless driving. She nearly got out of her ticket too until she started bitching and complaining that I was too thick for her and that my penis felt like a log in her pussy and that I kindly needed to take the 'fucker' out. So I gave her two tickets. One was for the reckless driving, of course. The other was for abusive language and the slandering of an officer's penis. That'll teach her to insult an officer of the law when he is trying to fuck her civilian cunny. These people are going to show us policemen some respect."

"Well, officer, will you respectfully fuck me before I go nutty?" Harriet said with a giggle and a breath that expanded her oversized gazongas that were by now in Cummings' hands that gripped and fondled her fucking tittie bombs like he was bazoom bonkers.

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