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Mike and his Mom comfort each other with hot sex.

..being held in her little hands. We talked about the different scenarios and what we would want. The first thought in my mind was to have her put a pair of her panties on first, and the vibrating panties over them. I SO wanted to see the wet spot at the end of the night...to lay her down and play with her soaking wet panties! To feel them! To taste them!

She put on some light purple cotton panties, and then the vibrating panties. She adjusted them until she was comfortable. Then she put on her jeans. I had the remote control for the night! I switched on briefly and watched her jump a little and squealed. She said she ws going to enjoy this!

First we thought dinner would be good. On the way to dinner, I "buzzed" her a couple times. I left it on for about 20 seconds each time. She squirmed and squealed again each time. The smile on her face told me that she was definitely going to enjoy this, as was I! I love teasing her any way that I can...I go to great lengths to find out what turns her on, but this was going to be the ultimate!

Once at the restaurant, our waitress came to get our drink order. I hit the remote on with a low setting, giving her a light little vibration as she was ordering her drink. She smiled and wiggled a little in her seat. The waitress had no clue why she was smiling, other than to believe she was just happy!

While waiting for the drinks, I turned it on a little stronger and left it on for like maybe a minute. She just closed her eyes for a bit, smiling ear to ear. She even rocked back and forth a little...slowly. I wasn't sure how she'd react, but was SO happy that she was actually enjoying this.

All through dinner I would give her different vibration intensities and durations. Nobody around us was even aware of our play time. When I was getting ready to sign the check, I turned it on medium high and left it there while doing so. She kinda crossed her arms, closed her eyes and put her head down in the crook of her arms, gently rocking back and forth. I could not stop smiling! I stopped the vibrations and she lifted her head...she had almost a sleepy smile. I asked if she was ready to go and in a very low voice she said, "Honey I am already soaking wet down there." THAT got me stirring!

Off we went to the local pub to shoot some pool, and have a couple beers. Of course there are several of our friends in and out. One of Tammy's friends came over to talk to her. I turned it on in the middle of their conversation, and Tammy kinda scootched off her bar stool and stood up next to her friend. She had one hand on the table and one hand on her friend's shoulder. She asked Tammy if she was okay. Tammy leaned in to her and talked directly into her ear. What with the music, I'm sure she was telling her but wanted no one else to hear.

Tammy's friend looks at me and flashes me this huge smile! I was totally blown away when, without hesitation, her friend reached down to feel Tammy's vibrating pussy! And Tammy let her!! We all had a good laugh about this. As the night went on, that friend was always coming back to our table and checking on "things". She even at some point mentioned that she would have to try that! We had a great time throughout the night...even playing pool.

When we got in the truck to go home, I turned it on...high...and left it on. Tammy slid down in her seat, put her right foot up on the dash and one hand over her pussy. It was dark so it was hard to tell, but the sounds of her moans and gasps told me she was masturbating with it...she finally just let it all go with no inhibitions!

I had to help her into the house.

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