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My nearly ten inches of rock hard cock was aching for her.

I brought my hand down to her crotch, this time shoving her panties to the side as the punk had done. As I held them out of the way, I was able to gently caress her naked pussy lips up and down with my finger. She was soaked!

Trisha moaned into my mouth as my finger teased her sensitive pussy. Her hand grabbed my stiff cock and she began to stroke it lovingly. It was throbbing a little in her hand, and the need to have it inside her was overwhelming me.

I could feel the hot wetness of her cunt touch the top of my dick, and I knew I was close. Impatiently, I tried to push up and into her, but the angle wasn't quite right yet. Our kisses grew sloppy, lips smacking loudly.

I pulled her back onto my lap. She rubbed up against me, crushing her heaving breasts against me and leaving lipstick marks on my face and chest as she kissed me. I could feel her moist pussy touch my rod; the warm wet fluids of her juices and the punk's cum making the underside of my cock all slick and ready to penetrate into her tight, hot cavity.
"Fuck me," she whispered into my ear, before going to work nibbling on my earlobe.

My fingers went down to play with her glorious naked ass. Kneading her cheeks in my fingers. With my strong arms, I lifted her up enough so that I could slip inside. And I went for another try. This time, the entrance to her vagina caught me in its embrace. I thrust up and I let her go at the same time, rewarded by the hot folds of her pussy engulfing the top half of my cock.

"Ohhhhh..." she moaned, breaking our kiss briefly as she felt herself fill up a little.

My hands reached around and grabbed her bare ass, holding her as I lifted up inside her all the way. Soon I was snuggly inside Trisha's vagina filling her with my thick girth, really stretching her to breaking with my ultra thick width. For a girl who looked like she saw a lot of action, she remained amazingly tight. Her warmth in turn griped me, hugging me and fitting like a second skin. I let her own weight force my monster deep inside that hole. She moaned in delight as every inch of my shaft slid further and further up her narrow hole.

It was my turn to smile up at Carlos, as he watched the last of my prick sink in between her moist, tight lips.

Only my balls remained uncontained by her sopping sheath. Her moan of ecstasy brought more of the guys from their hidden corners and soon a dozen of them were watching this bitch ride me like a champion stallion in a rodeo. It wasn't everyday that I found myself in such a position, and knowing someone is watching is an incredible turn on.

I began to urgently ram myself against her, only able to slide out of her a couple of inches before sliding back into her again.

"Unh! Mmph! Mmph! Unh!" she moaned as she kissed me.

This was heaven. I was urgent and the kissing grew sloppy and my thrusts grew more ragged. Her vagina was so tight and hot around me! My hands were holding her naked ass tightly, but her panties had slid somewhat back down near her crotch. They were rubbing against my dick as I fucked her. I was like an animal as I continued jamming my cock up into her needy cunt.

I desperately wanted to stay inside Trisha, yet her panties were irritating my dick.

I buried my dick inside her and, using a strength born of long hours in the gym, tore those silk panties apart. They came off her one leg, and slipped down her other leg halfway down her thigh. I grabbed her ass again and lifted her roughly so that I could begin fucking her hard again.

"Oh!" she cried, closing her eyes as she hugged me tight.

I was thrusting hard against her, putting a lot of power into it.

Andy had shown up by this point confused at what was going on. His eyes looked briefly at mine; his expression a mixture of envy and contempt, then his eyes went down to what the other guys were staring at: my cock in her pussy.

"Andy, man," I said to him, unable to resist, "Your girl has one sweet cunt. Yeah, sweet alright, sweet face and everything."

Andy looked red and angr

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