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His wife fulfills his desires.

Never releasing your left nipple, I reach down and unsnap and unzip your shorts and push them free of your hips and down your legs. As you kick them off, you pull your breast free with a plop and stand before me wearing only your 3" sandals and a tiny sheer patch of cloth that shows the lips of your pussy well defined through it. As you grasp the sides of the thong (you don't normally like to wear thongs but this is a wonderful exception!) you pull up and the the tiny triangle of almost non existent material disappears between the lips of your wet pussy until the outer labia are puffing out on either side. I can see your juices flowing down the inside of your thighs and smell the arousal on you.

I pull you between my spread legs and nuzzle my face in between your legs and inhale the excitement there. I reach up and tug on the thin straps on your hips that are holding the thong on and as I try to pull it off and down your legs, it sticks to you for a moment - glued by the cum you are excreting. It finally pulls free and I yank the strip of cloth off you.

I pull you forward and sideways until you are lying on the sofa. With one hand, I place your left leg over the back of the sofa and your right on the floor and immediately bury my face in the juncture of your thighs. No lengthy kissing or foreplay this time; I have been driven mad by the surprise of you and your strip tease and the smell of your juices are driving me crazy. But I will slow down; I want this pleasure for both of us to last - work be damned!

Slowly, I run the flat of my tongue from the bottom to the top of your outer lips, taking a moment to suck each of them in gently for a few minutes to enjoy the precum you have left on each one. I never go near the inner lips or your clitoris until 20 minutes of this teasing has passed. You are begging me for my tongue inside of you and squirming left and right to try and force me inside you. However, I know that you like to prolong the foreplay as much as I do, so I will not give in just yet.

You are already pumping out a steady stream of sweet tasting cum and I of course haven't missed a drop of it. I finally brush the tip of your straining red clit with the flat of my tongue and your body shakes as shocks of energy flow through you and the first real orgasm hits you fast and furious. You cry out in sweet release; but we both know I am not finished yet. My tongue follows its assault on your clit by diving into your pussy now with fervor as it laps up the increasing stream of your nectar. We are both moaning and groaning now as we are feeling the same emotions and mind altering feelings!

I pull my tongue and instead insert three curling fingers inside you and search unerringly for that special spot. As I find it and press and massage it, you hips go wild as you are overcome with orgasm after orgasm. You reach down to hold my wrist tightly in your hand as you fuck my fingers and keep them on the g spot until you can stand no more and pull my hand out.

I stand from the sofa and, never taking my eyes off you, bring my fingers to my mouth and lick them clean. Ah, lord! I love the taste of you!

I start to slowly remove my own clothes while I watch your hands pleasing yourself. One hand is tweaking and pulling on a nipple while the other has fingers buried in your cunt and is slowly fucking yourself. Your glazed eyes watch me as each article of my clothes hit the floor until I stand before you naked and with my precum covered cock pointing rock hard at you.

Crawling slowly onto the sofa from the end, I am soon between your legs and I reach down to pull the foot from the floor and take it as well as the leg over the back of the sofa and place them both on my shoulders. With an accuracy born of many lovemaking sessions, my cock is already resting at the entrance of your saturated pussy and with a slight movement of my hips, I slide easily inside you.

As the warmth and tightness of yo

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