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"Really?" JT said, shocked to hear Bobby be so candid.

"Yeah," he said. "He prefers them."

"He never brings home his girlfriends," JT said.

"He hasn't found the one just yet," Bobby said. "He's test driving the hell out of them though." The two sat there quietly. The moment seemed awkward. "If you're curious, I'll show you my pubes and you can call me a ginger."

JT laughed. He then began thinking about how Bobby could make him feel better. "It's too bad you ain't a chick, then I'd be interested in seeing your pubes." JT tugged on his limp cock and Bobby could see it's outline in JT's shorts.

"Holy shit!" Bobby said.


"Your hog... it's fucking huge!" Bobby said, staring at the outline.

"It's not that big," JT said.

"The fuck it aint," Bobby argued. "How big is it?"

"I'm uncomfortable talking about this with you," JT said.

"Let me see it. I bet it's like one of those guys in a porno," Bobby said.

"Get the fuck out of my house!" JT said suddenly in an aggravated tone.

Bobby couldn't help but stare at the outline of JT's enormous cock. "I know how you can get my dad back," Bobby offered.

"I said get out," JT reiterated.

"I'm serious," Bobby said as he got up, heading for the door.

"How?" JT asked.

"Let me take a picture of it and email it to him anonymously," Bobby suggested.

"What would that do?" JT asked.

"My dad's not that big," Bobby admitted. "He's probably my size."

"How big are you?" JT asked.

Without hesitation, Bobby dropped his pants. His limp cock was about two inches long and uncut. JT stared at it.

"That's it?" JT said.

"It's short but it's also fat," Bobby said. "Now let me see yours."

JT reluctantly pulled down his shorts and revealed his long, black cock. His pubes were trim and his balls were huge and Bobby just stared at it.

"How old are you?" Bobby asked.

"I'll be forty," JT said. "Why?"

"You should do porn," Bobby said as he took out his phone and started taking pictures of JT's long thick and still limp cock.

"What are you doing?" JT asked.

"I'm gonna send these pics to my dad and he'll be jealous," Bobby said.

"No!" JT said.

"Why not?" Bobby asked.

"Because it's weird."

"It'll make him feel small. Hell... it makes me feel small," Bobby said.

JT realized that Bobby's cock was still out.

"Okay," JT reluctantly gave in.

Bobby continued taking pictures. "We need something for size reference," Bobby suggested.

"Like what?"

Bobby reached his hand out next to the massive member in front of him and snapped a picture. Then he gripped it.

JT liked how his young white hand felt on his cock. It was exploring his girth and length and JT leaned back. Gradually, his cock got harder in Bobby's hand.

"Holy shit!" Bobby said. "That's like the length of my forearm."

Bobby pulled his hand away.

"Don't stop," JT said.

"Dude," Bobby began, "you got hard in my hand. Are you gay?"

"No but..." JT didn't have an answer. He was horny and his cock had suffered from years of neglect. He grabbed Bobby's hand and pulled it back to his cock. "Stroke me."

Bobby gripped the thick shaft and tugged on it. He found it pleasurable to touch this older black man's cock. His fingers couldn't meet around the thick meat and it excited him.

JT grabbed Bobby by the hair of his head and pulled him to his cock. Bobby opened up and took the thick black head into his mouth. He slurped like he'd seen in pornos and then gagged deep. JT let go and watched Bobby happily take over. His head moved up and down over the long thickness of black meat. Bobby's little cock wiggled as he moved and JT reached down to touch it. His fingers rubbed the pubes before it pulled the foreskin back on Bobby's little cock and revealed a tiny perineum. Bobby's hands gripped JT's cock and balls as he noisily went to work on pleasuring the head.

"You ever suck dick?" JT asked.

Bobby pulled the cock from his mouth.

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