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A bug in my robot maid turned my house and life upside down.

While I stood on one leg Lucy reached forward and pulled me down on top of her, skillfully catching me between her open thighs so that my cock lay at the entrance to her open and vulnerable pussy. "That's better; now get that cock inside me before I go crazy." I pushed forward and was easily admitted into the sanctum of her inner being, the warmth and wetness providing a welcome home for a missing friend.

We instantly found a mutual rhythm; my thrusts forward being met by the rotation of her hips to allow me deeper penetration, my withdrawal greeted by the clenching of her muscles around my cock trying to restrict my exit and milk all fluid from the swollen invader. Just as I was released from the clamp of Lucy's pussy the pressure relaxed, her pussy once more opened and my course reversed. With each thrust I was pushed closer to the edge of orgasm, with each entrance Lucy uttered moans of encouragement and each time pulled me deeper, each of us getting closer to the point of no return. The cadence of our rhythm increased until I heard the soft sigh of Lucy climaxing while simultaneously the muscles of her pussy clamped around my cock and pulsed with each wave that passed through her body. The extra pressure pushed me further to my own climax and caused me to increase the frequency of my thrusts, each pounding forcing air out Lucy's lungs as her orgasm hit new heights with every motion. Her legs wrapped tightly around my hips, her heels digging into my butt forcing me to move quicker and deeper than before. The pressure in my balls rose with each thrust until that delicious moment where release took over and I could do no more than thrust deep into Lucy and empty myself into her receptive pussy.

As the spasms of mutual orgasm subsided we savored every feeling of released need, expressed desire and mutual satisfaction. While rolling off Lucy's sated body I pulled her towards me and held her in a close embrace not wanting to let anything separate the touching of our skin and the intertwining of limbs.

After the exertions of our love making we lay silently in each other's arms, letting hands wander gently over naked flesh, lightly skimming tender parts, gently massaging previously tense muscles. Lucy's hand strayed down to my now flaccid cock and taking it in her hand she began to gently massage it with the combined sensitivity of someone caring for a fallen hero and the attention of a demanding lover. "What are we going to do about this then?" she whispered into my ear.

"That's up to you dear, what did you have in mind?"

"Oh I'm sure I can think of something" she replied before allowing her tongue to gently skim over my skin as her mouth travelled along my chest. As it reached my right nipple her tongue swirled around it causing it to stiffen and stand proud of my chest. When firm she placed her lips around it and gave a gentle kiss before sucking it into her mouth as hard as she could. The blood rushed to the tip of my nipple causing it to swell and become more sensitive. The continued pulsing of her sucking ceased as she placed her teeth on the top of my now engorged tit and lightly pressed them together, pinching the tip of my nipple between her teeth and causing the simultaneous eruption of sharp pain and delicious pleasure in my deepest senses.

The direct connection formed to my deep pleasure sense caused an instantaneous flow of blood to my cock and I felt it begin to respond to the stimulus despite having only just been drained of life.

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