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Shelby gets more than she bargained for at the chiropractor.

Feeling his breath upon her neck she could tell he was wide awake too, feeling him sigh deeply Sarah shifted her weight slightly causing him to wrap his arms around her and speak.

"Are you ok Sarah?" Was all he could say, feeling the guilt deep down inside he prayed she was alright. Trying to pretend she was still asleep Sarah silently held her breath for as long as she could, before she felt Alex's lips softly graze her neck. Shivering Sarah felt things inside of her that she never thought she could ever feel, sighing deeply she too a deep breath and spoke.

"I just..." Sarah started, having no real idea of what she was about to say.

"I don't know where this leaves us Alex." Sarah continued after a few moments to gather her thoughts, leaning into his arms as she tried to make sense of it all. Yesterday had all been so different, for them both it was true but now she found herself lying in the arms of her best friend. Not being able to understand why she didn't feel guilty or what was going through here mind, all Sarah was sure of was that she may have just lost her best friend; and that scared her more than anything.

"I know Sarah I know, this wasn't exactly planned you know! I wasn't expecting to end up in bed with you Sarah..." Before he had the chance to go on Sarah moved and went to get up, grabbing him shirt that lay by her side of the bed and putting it on. Getting up and heading for the bathroom, Sarah spoke trying to understand what she was feeling.

"And you think I did? Come on Alex I know I'm the last person you'd want to end up in bed with, and I can assure you this wasn't something I planned either!" As she stood in the bathroom, looking into the mirror Sarah couldn't explain where those words had come from. All she knew was that deep down somewhere inside of her she not only felt she'd lost her best friend but that what had happened was; if only in his mind was a huge mistake. Splashing water upon her face Sarah stared blankly into the mirror again and begun to think about her past, in particular how Alex had always been there for her during the good times and bad. Whatever she went through Sarah always seemed to know that after that day when she met Alex she'd never go through it alone again, she had believed that it was the same way for him. But now as she thought about last night Sarah realised that it may all be over for their friendship, as she may very well be looking at fighting alone once more.


The day had started off like pretty much all the rest over the past seven years, it had become somewhat of a traditional ritual between the pair. Having both been left more than a little broken hearted by lovers in their pasts it was always the same for both Sarah and Alex on Valentine's Day, loads of people all loved up and rubbing salt into their wounds. As the two friends sat that first Valentine's night in their local bar seven years ago, surrounded by lovers wooing each other they both made a pact that neither would spend another Valentine's Day alone and nor would they feel hurt by those surrounding them. Laughing like children and acting like they were already lovers both Sarah and Alex would spend that Valentine's Day together enjoying each others company, and would continue to do so until that day when it all seemed to change. As the two friends met for coffee before they went for lunch everything was like normal, the mood was light and the laugher deep; neither could have known that things would end the way they did. As they sat in the restaurant having lunch the atmosphere was geared more towards their long standing friendship than anything else, both laughed and joked like they never had a care in the world. Even as the two took the short journey home neither could have ever known that things would end the way they did.


Sitting there in silent shock Alex realised that she most probably regretted last night and wished it hadn't happened, sighing deeply he tired to piece together

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