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Chris receives the ultimate gift from his mother.

A few moments later, one of the twins who drugged me stepped in front of me. He had his pants unzipped and his erect cock in his hand. It was average sized, about six or seven inches long and not very thick. "You're going to like this, bitch." He said as he thrust hard into my dry pussy, bringing tears to my eyes and making me wish I could scream in agony. He didn't give my body time to adjust to his intrusion, instead, he started ploughing into me hard and fast right away while he laughed at my tears. To my relief, and dismay, after a few minutes, I felt my body adjusting to him and my passage beginning to moisten. He, of course, noticed and turned to his brother and said, "I told you the bitch would like it. Her pussy's getting wet." His brother laughed and said, "Well, save some of those pussy juices for the rest of us. There's a lot of guys here who want a sample." It was in that moment that I realized that I wasn't just going to be raped by the four men who shackled me, but by probably every man in the bar. As I was coming to this realization, the guy who was inside me pulled out and shot his cum on my stomach. He took a picture of me covered in his cum before a woman stepped up and licked it off of me. While she did, I closed my eyes and prayed for the night to end, or that I would wake up and realize it was a nightmare. While my eyes were closed, someone came behind me and blindfolded me, leaving me with no way of knowing who was doing what to me.

I soon felt another cock sliding into my pussy, this one a little smaller than the first. This guy took longer before he finished, this one sprayed his cum on my right thigh. Almost immediately, I felt someone else step up and take his place, this guy's dick was thicker than the others, so his initial intrusion hurt a bit. This guy was different from the first two guys though, in that he tried to make me enjoy what was happening by massaging my breasts with his hands and making sure to rub against my clit as he thrust into me. It worked, and to my mortification, I came within moments, my pussy gripping his dick like vise as I did. As my walls relaxed around him, he pulled out and moved behind me. I knew immediately what he was going to do and before I could finish processing the thought, he had my ass cheeks spread and was forcing his way into my ass hole. The pain was unbearable and I passed out.

When I came to, I don't know how many minutes later, I had a cock in my pussy and another in my ass and I felt cum drying all over my body. I also realized I was on the verge of another orgasm. In that moment, I decided I had two choices, hang there and be miserable while these men had their way with me, or relax and let myself enjoy it. I chose option two and focused on my own pleasure, pushing the reality of my situation out of my mind for the time being.

I don't know how much time passed after that, or how many men took a turn in one or both of my holes. At some point, they quit pulling out of me before they came and started cumming inside both my pussy and my ass and I felt the cum dripping out of me as I waited for the next guy to take his turn. While they were having their fun, I was cumming almost constantly, to their apparent delight since they were laughing and talking about how much I appeared to be enjoying it.

Just when I was about to to pass out again, this time from exhaustion, the two men inside me finished and stepped back.

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