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Powerful businessman takes pleasure with his PA.

"How long has this been going on?" Amy asked sternly, but Mike wasn't able to move a muscle. "Are you trans, or maybe gay?" she continued. Mike wanted to respond, to simply shake his head, but he was too dazed and too confused.

"Okay... well, just tell me what you were doing just then," said Amy.

"I um... I..." Mike finally mumbled.

"Wasn't that the move I did last night?" Amy cut in. "I'm surprised you do it so well, it's not easy," she said as she slowly walked up behind him.

She was teasing him, and Mike could feel his masculinity slipping away with every word. He had never felt so small and powerless. With flaming red cheeks, he finally managed a weak "Yeah" in answer to her question.

"You must get a lot of practice," Amy said, "and your hair looks lovely." Amy was standing beside him now and staring into his eyes through the mirror. "Mike, I hope you've noticed that I've decided to be extremely easy going about this," said Amy.

"What? Well," Mike started.

"I have a big dinner with clients tonight," Amy cut in again, "and I can't afford to get angry now. You can see how this situation might make me angry, right?"

"Yes, of course, I'm so sorry, Amy," said Mike. His mind was finally catching up with the shock of being caught. "This is so embarrassing. I'll never... I don't..." Mike stammered and pleaded, unable to meet her eyes in the mirror. "Can we pretend this never happened?"

"Hah, nooooo," laughed Amy. She put her hands on his shoulders and turned him to look at her. "This changes everything," she said with such confidence that amike'a shoulders dropped in her hands. "Well, you can hardly expect me to forget something like this," said Amy. Taking a slow deep breath, she continued, "But right now, I need to stay calm. I have a big dinner tonight, and I need to feel relaxed so I can be charming as fuck," she finished through clenched teeth. Taking another breath, Amy slowly relaxed her jaw. "Got it?" she breathed.

Feeling his shame mounting and multiplying, Mike tried to turn away, but he was confused and still off balance. He stumbled and would have fallen, but Amy stepped in to steady him. "Whoa, sweetie," she said suddenly concerned, "let's get you to bed." That one frail moment seemed to have restored a sense of companionship to the room. If anything, this confused Mike even more. "You've had a shock and you need to lie down for a minute," said Amy, and Mike could only nod in agreement.

Amy guided him to the bed and helped swing his legs up. "Wow, you shaved," she remarked, "and you're really smooth. Your ankles could use some attention though. Don't worry, they're tricky to navigate." She was back to teasing, and he couldn't read her emotions at all.

"Um thanks, I uh..." Mike stammered. He tried to think of a response but couldn't focus. Instead, he wondered how long he'd been wearing this dress in front of his wife. Had it been seconds or hours? He kept bracing for the D word to come up. The thought of losing her and being exposed at the same time left him completely paralyzed.

Amy sat on the bed near the pillow and looked down into Mike's eyes. "Just relax honey. Relax and listen, because I get it," said Amy. Her voice was soft and soothing. "Everyone has kinks they're ashamed of. You obviously get off on dressing up as a woman." She was stroking the curls of his long black wig. "I mean, you hear about men doing this kind of thing, but you have to know this isn't normal, sweetie," said Amy.

Mike looked down and nodded, but Amy lifted his chin. "You think I don't have secrets?" She asked. "What if I told you that sometimes I touch myself in public?"

Mike was shocked. "Who is this woman?" he thought.

Amy continued, "Yeah, it's true. I almost did it today. No one has ever caught me, but I really get off on the idea having my secret orgasms in public."

Mike couldn't believe his ears.

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