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If they aren't, they sure as hell will be by tomorrow night. Worst case scenario, I'll call in the reserves." Daniel had no clue as to what his aunt was talking about. His sister certainly did, as indicated by her wry smile.

The twins arrived at the very uncivilized hour of 8 AM the following morning. Daniel was about to complain about California girls not recognizing that not everyone was constantly cheerful until he got a good look at his twin blonde cousins. All of his early morning grumpiness went flying out the window as the two young women entered Katrina's spacious home.

The sisters were dressed identically in gauzy white sundresses that showed off their sexy Santa Barbara tans. Just as Denise had commented, the girls had the bodies of supermodels and both girls sported a naughty twinkle in their baby blues that indicated they would be up for any and all games that would be played. Both of the girls were around 5'7" in height with wavy blonde hair that went down to their perfect California butts. Daniel also made a mental note to add a vitamin supplement to his diet as he would likely be needing one.

"We're here, should we get the party started?" One of the girls said with a giggle. "I'm Kat, by the way, the quiet one over there is Cassie!" Introductions were swiftly made and the girls continued appraising the situation.

"I'm the brains of the outfit," Cassie smiled as she hugged her two cousins and looked over at Katrina and Deborah with an appreciative eye. "There is a way you can keep Kat quiet, isn't there baby?"

"Yeppers," Kat giggled again. "Just stuff a big, fat cock in my mouth or a yummy pussy. Looking around this room, I betcha I won't have any trouble finding both, right?"

Their "aunt" took the girls over to the couch and sat them down. "All cards on the table, okay girls?" Katrina said firmly, but gently. The twins nodded and stared at the attractive brunette with undisguised admiration. "If you two are looking to have fun, you're staying in the right home. Everyone here loves sex and we love to fuck. Everyone here will want to fuck you and believe me when I say this, by tonight, you'll be exhausted." The girls both wore face-wide smiles upon hearing that. "However, there are some ground rules and these rules are non-negotiable. Shall I continue?" The smiles vanished, but Cassie nodded for Katrina to keep talking.

"You two are adults and will be treated as such. You may come and go as you please, although I would appreciate a bit of notice if you're going to be out late or out all night. Your mom has given me an earful about your catting around. That ends - now! We'll keep you two busy and we know some very sexy and discreet people - just trust us. You are not to bring anyone home without one of us approving him - or her - we're your `chaperones' until we can get your heads on straight. Finally - NO drugs. Drugs are for losers, period. You can have a drink and enjoy yourselves, but if I find either of you with any drug - and that means pot too - I'm sending you packing. Are we clear on all of that?"

Kat spoke up. "Yeah, we were getting bored back home, so a new scene is cool with us. You all look like fun sexy people, I'm on board."

Cassie agreed with her twin. "I haven't had any pot or anything in like, ages! It, like, dulled the sex and who wants that?"

Katrina smiled. "Okay, that's settled. Welcome girls and stay as long as you want."

"I have, like, one question," Cassie grinned.

"Which is ...?"

"Who gets the first fuck with the stud?" She smiled and pointed at a somewhat taken aback Daniel. He regained his composure fast and seized control of the situation.

"Why should you have to choose?" Daniel said, impressing his aunt with his quick thinking.

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