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How to lose that creepy stalker.

'Thanks, I've just started to work that out. Should have told you sooner.'

They settled back to watch the movie, cuddled up on the sofa. She knew not to press him any more. He tended to just come out with what he needed to say in bursts like that and it wasn't worth pissing him off for more information. She felt guiltier than ever about spying on him earlier but pushed it down. As he changed the DVD over and settled her back against him her eyes were blurring while she fought to stay awake. This would be the action film she thought focussing on the screen as the directors logos showed. Moments later her eyes went wide as the same porn starlet from before appeared on her knees in front of a man in combat trousers. Her whole body tensed as she looked up slowly at Dylan and saw his eyes burning down on her.

'I..... I'm..... You.....'

He shook his head slowly and wrapped his other arm around her.

'You came into my room. Your rule is that our rooms are off limits right? Just nod.'

She nodded slowly.

'Instead of apologising and leaving you watched me. Nod if I'm right.'

She nodded again, tears forming in her eyes.

'Don't cry. It's not like I snuck into your room and had a wank staring at the back of your head. Not that you seem to think that's wrong do you?'

'I... I'm sorr....'

'I didn't say to speak.'

She closed her mouth and blinked back the tears that were forming. He reached down the side of the sofa cushions and spun her around face down over the armrest before she could see what he was doing. The moans from the TV were just starting as she felt something being wound around her wrists.

'Dylan what are you... OW!'

Her backside burned as he smacked her hard.

'You really don't get the don't speak thing do you? You were happy enough to stay silent earlier.'

She felt his weight leave the couch and heard him disappear upstairs for a few moments before she saw a black gym bag drop to the floor next to her. She pulled at the rope on her wrists, earning another smack before she decided it was best to stay still. She was terrified that she'd pushed him over the edge after his break up but to her shame she felt her pussy starting to drip. Dylan's hands appeared in front of her face making her jump. He was dangling a metal ring attached to leather straps in front of her eyes.

'This should stop you talking.'

He rolled her over onto her back and pushed the ring into her mouth, forcing it wide open before securing the straps behind her head. She glared up at him as he grinned down at her. It wasn't his usual grin. There was something cold there that she hadn't seen before. She shuddered as he reached down to the bag before grabbing her ankles and wrapping soft leather cuffs around them, which connected together.

Ren had stopped struggling and just waited for the punishment she felt she deserved. She was surprised when he sighed and lifted her head to sit on the couch, putting her head back down on his lap while he sipped his beer and watched the porn. She waited to see what he would do but he just sat there until, frustrated and uncomfortable, she tried to wriggle away and tugged again at her bonds. He moved suddenly dragging her over his lap with her rear in the air.

'See, you can't just do what you're meant to. You have to go messing me around and breaking the rules.'

He started spanking her, pausing every few strokes to rub her butt through her pants. She squealed and yelped at the punishment, squirming in his lap. What if he'd lost it? What if he really hurt her? She felt guilty and knew shed been wrong but he'd definitely move out after this. He was seriously pissed and she didn't think she'd be able to look him in the face.

She groaned at the burn in her backside as he stopped and rubbed circles over her cheeks, breathing hard and wondering if he'd let her go now. She struggled again as she felt him lift her slightly and yank down her pants revealing her bare butt. She tried to speak but only succeeded in drooling around the ring in her mouth.

His hand smacked twic

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