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Encounter with Asian room maid wearing black tights.

She started taking special care in picking the clothes she wore to office; nothing overtly sexy but nevertheless smart outfits that showed her off to best advantage. She got into the habit of refreshing her light makeup and spraying cologne just before the office closed, so that she looked fresh and pretty for Shyam when they met for informal reviews after office hours. From his smiles, nods and appreciative glances, she could tell that he noticed...

Kalpana was used to sharing her day's happenings with her hubby at bedtime, after the kids were asleep. Kapil didn't fail to notice how frequently Shyam's name seemed to come up in her conversations. Once, he'd lightheartedly teased her about Shyam but she had reacted with such fury that he was taken aback.

"Main toh aise hi mazaak kar raha tha!"

"I was just joking!" He explained lamely.

"Merey saath aisa bhadda mazaak phir na kijiyega!"

"Don't try such a gross joke with me again!" She retorted angrily.

"Achha baba, theek hai!"

"OK, OK!" Kapil had beaten a hasty retreat and the matter had rested there. However, he still felt that Kalpana had over-reacted to a little harmless leg-pulling. After all, she too had occasionally pulled his leg about his friendship with some of his women colleagues, without his getting uptight about it.


Later, when she was alone, Kalpana had reflected on that incident and wondered why she had become so angry. Was there some truth in Kapil's suggestion that she found herself attracted to Shyam, she asked herself. After much struggle with her conscience, she had to acknowledge that that was in fact true. She was rather startled and angry with herself about that and resolved that she would never ever be unfaithful to Kapil. Just as she had salved her conscience with this resolution, a fresh thought sneaked into her mind.

What if "Sir" were to take me against my wish; she asked herself, her heart missing a beat.

Nonsense! "Sir" is such a gentleman; he would never do such a thing! All those nasty rumors about him cannot be true! She reassured herself.

Nevertheless, a vision of "Sir" holding her in a tight embrace suddenly flashed before her eyes. She started feeling breathless as she imagined his lips slowly descending towards her mouth and wondered whether she would have the strength to resist him, or whether she would even want to. A shiver went up her spine even as Kalpana made an effort to pull her mind out of that line of thought...


Although Shyam was long past the stage of actively pursuing women, he had lately found his thoughts dwelling on Kalpana. He had come to realize that just behind the fa__ade of a carefully cultivated blandness of manner lurked a very attractive and sensual woman, occasionally revealing herself through a coquettish smile or a flash of her expressive eyes. Although her clothes were always modest, there was no doubt that they concealed a well endowed, shapely and very feminine figure. He was also aware that she enjoyed being around him, particularly in the late evenings. He had occasionally caught her looking intently at him with an appreciative half smile on her face when she thought he wasn't looking.

"Well, well! What do we have here?" He asked himself reflectively. His heart skipped a beat as he speculated on what the future held in store for them...


Finally, Sigma Marketing Consultancy was ready to make their presentation to Trident's senior management about their recommendations to revamp the marketing at Trident's subsidiary.

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