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They enjoy the elevator.

She finally said," no I don't see any way he could become a man I could spend any more time with. It's so peaceful here how your ex could ever have left this and you. You are a delicious hunk of man you know."

"I think she didn't want peaceful. I think she wanted excitement a husband that didn't have to work every day and could call and tell them to warm up the jet we're going to Rio for carnival or New Orleans for Mardi Gra or the Kentucky Derby, or the Super bowl, or what ever was hot at the time."

"Oh, you mean super rich."

"And then some! Well I wish her happiness. I hope when she gets a little older he doesn't buy a younger model."

"Don't worry about that. It sounds like she's the kind of woman that will leave with plenty of his money if he does."

"There's that, but I don't think it's as satisfying as growing old with someone you love. Someone who knows you better than you know your self. Someone who you've shared a life with. Someone who cares more about you than they do about himself or herself. Someone who would die for you."

She moved closer to me on the couch and said,"ooh, my kind of man. Where were you when I was single?"

"Well I'm here now" as I draped my arm over her shoulders and she laid her head on my shoulder. We spent the next hour telling each other about ourselves. I began to feel as if we were more than just compatible sexually.

As we talked I realized she was my equal intellectually if not even smarter in people skills way smarter. She held degrees in education and school psychology.

She said, "Oh look there are two more deer at the creek. I wonder how many there are around?"

"Well the one with the antlers is a buck and there are four does in his family. I put out food in the winter and salt always to keep them around and they eat the apples and peaches that they can reach or that have fallen to the ground in the summer so I hope they will stay.

I hope to see some young in the spring.

I have taught Duke not to bother them when he's out."

We cuddled on the couch and continued to seek out each others likes and dislikes for the next half hour growing more and more comfortable with each other.

I wondered if there was any way we could make a life together two idealists whose ideals had been shattered by people we loved.

Both afraid to give our hearts to another after having them broken by the people we had given them to first.

One a hardnosed engineer always taking things apart to see how they worked the other a soft hearted people person trained to love everyone.

I don't remember how or when the kissing started but a snatch of a song popped into my head "as soft as morning mist are the lips that heaven kissed." Then those lips got harder and more demanding.

Not wanting to take advantage of her feelings as her marriage crumbled around her, I said," Oh God it's one o'clock I'd better take you home."

"No I want the rest of the tour of your house and maybe you won't want to take me home."

Taking her hand to help her up I said," right this way and led her into a hall and turning right to the end of the hall which opens to my office over the garage back into the hall the door on the right enters into bedroom number one follow me to the left through bathroom number one into bedroom number two now we'll go back into the hall to the right through this door bedroom number three to the left into the master bath to the left again through this walk in closet to the master bedroom which also has an entrance from the end of the living room."

She walked to the picture window and said," Look all four of the does are there now. She turned back to me and started to unbutton my shirt, you can take me home tomorrow."

"I don't want to take advantage of you I know your emotions are probably making you crazy now."

Putting her finger to my lips she said," shush I'm a big girl and I know what I want and I want you.

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