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She makes his birthday special.

One was at best ambivalent about her and the other offered a confirmation of her womanhood with forbidden pleasures. Add menopause to that and the poor woman was about to snap.

"Carter be sleeping in this mawning, Miss?"

June looked up at Miss Curry. She was more friend and confidant then employee. In some ways she was the mother she never had.

"Yes and as usual his father is up and gone!"

"Well, neither one of the men in your life gona have breakfast with you!"

Had she just hinted that she knew about her and Carter? Before she could answer, Halvatia continued.

"Course now, in bayou country, we looked at life a little different. Tweren't no bodies business what folks did as long as they didn't hurt nobody."

"Lawd I need to get busy with my work. Else you be looking for some young thing to replace me." She stop and looked pointedly at June. "Do what you want, Sweety! You ain't hurting nobody!"

June flopped back in her chair as Curry blew past her in swirl of flour and cheap lilac water. She knew! She knew and approved. And she was right! Whatever she and Carter did, they would both moved past it at some point. As far as, Tom, fuck him! On the other hand, more accurately, he could fuck whomever he wanted. She would get through this phase of her life without him.

"Miss Curry!"

Halvatia turned to face her employer. "Yes Miss?"

"I'll be out most of the day!"

"Yes Miss!"


Halvatia picked up her laundry basket and strode over to the elevator. She hummed tunelessly to herself as she waited for it. She frowned as she boarded it and waited as the old elevator rattled and clanked its way to the third floor. Dam thing was going fall and kill somebody one day.

She walked unannounced into the sleeping Carter's room. He lay bare chested with a single sheet covering the bottom half of his body. The tent in his sheet announced the morning wood all young men sported this time of morning. She surveyed his youthful hairy chest. She breastfed this boy when his mom took ill right after his birth. She remembered him hungrily suckling at her huge teat.

She sighed as she turned into his bathroom to empty the hamper. If he sucked one of these big ole tits now, the end might be more than just a full belly. Halvatia position in the family was unique. When she realized no one had "The Talk" with Carter, she took it upon herself. She was part of his sex education in more ways than one.

She dumped the hamper into her laundry basket. On top was a pair of his boxers. Dried jizz encrusted the opening. Because it was on the outside and not the inside, she speculated someone sucked his dick. Probably his sister. Those two been going at it for years.

She brought his soiled shorts to her nose and sniffed. The boy's scent was strong. It meant he was a potent baby maker. If they were not careful, they would have another baby to match the cute little girl they already had.

She walked back into his bedroom.

"Carter Crafton! Get your lazy ass out the bed! It dam near 10 in the morning and you laying there farting and snoring!"

"Miss Curry! Leave me alone! I want to sleep!"

Halvatia snatched the sheet off him and took in the hard thick pole of his sex. She knew the boy was hung since he was a baby. However, he shore had grown. She reached down and slapped his thigh as he turned and tried to hide his cock.

"Boy, you promised your ma you go see about the costumes. Now get up and get busy, I left some breakfast in the warmer for you."

Carter grabbed the sheet and held it around his waist as he hurried to the bathroom. He smiled. She treated him like her son.

Halvatia licked her lips as she watched his tight muscular ass retreat into the bathroom. Dat boy had two women mooning over him. Three if you count me.

* * *

June Crafton paid the cab driver and stepped out of the cab in front of her home.

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