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This is why I run.

She realized that Jack was not one to ever ask if he could do something, he would just go for it. So she unfastened the button on his pants and stuck her hand down, reaching around for his cock and finding it immediately. Her touch was feathery, running the length of his erection and the width of his dick. She applied as little pressure as she could and knew it was driving him crazy because he kept pressing his fingers into her deeper and harder, insinuating a pressure change from her.

He hated when she just teased him but wouldn't give it up for the world. He could feel his stiffness quiver a bit when he got to this point, where he knew how badly he wanted her and could feel how badly she wanted him, yet she played these games. He put his mouth to her tit through her shirt, breathing hot air against her hard nipples, licking and sucking them through the fabric, biting into her soft tit harder than usual for he had compensation for his roughness.

She removed her hand from his pants for a moment and lifted his shirt up, getting him to help her so that she could get back to him faster. She was hungry for his skin, her hands massaging around his chest and nipples, gently pulling on his rings and watching his stomach muscles tense as she did. She pressed herself against his hand harder as he sucked her titty, not wanting him to stop but not wanting to cum either. She finally put both hands on his chest and wriggled against his legs until he lowered them, burying her face in his crotch. She licked through the fabric and took in the head as well, the damp cloth tasting funny to her. She toyed with her teeth and rubbed with her hand. She could feel just how hard he was for her. She was hoping that tonight he would finally do as she asked him to and tell her what to do.

"Put my cock in your mouth Clarice."

Smiling a bit she pulled the cloth away and took his dick into her mouth, sucking gently on the head and nothing else for a moment. She dug her tongue in and out and all around, flicking the bottom part of the tight skin and dragging her teeth gently across the top of it all.


She sucked him harder, she tightened her lips around his dick and sucked harder but still didn't take any more into her mouth yet, as she wanted to save what she could for last.

"Hands, Clarice, use your hands."

She pulled the clothing down as far as she could, trying to get them out of the way. She continued sucking the head and now had a hand on his shaft, her grip was tight but her pace was slow, the opposite of how she knew he liked it. Her other hand cupped his balls, rolling them from one side of her hand to another.

"More...I want more of it in your wet, warm mouth."

So she bobbed down on his cock more. She went about half the length of it and used her hand for the rest of it. She rubbed so her hand met her mouth and they both pulled away at the same time, going in opposite directions for the entire time.

"Faster Clarice. I need it faster."

She let her hand drop from his testicles to just her fingertips tracing against them and sped up her hand gesture and the bobbing on his cock. Nearly hitting herself in the mouth each time she went up and down, her tongue encircling his cock the entire time, licking away any pre-cum that might spill from him. She felt him hold his breath for a moment and realized how close he was, ceasing all motion at once.

On the brink of an explosion all his stimulation stopped. He stared down at her wondering if that was done on purpose or if she needed a break at the last possible instant that he had control of. He realized it was on purpose and was afraid that his commands had not been what she wanted and waited for a moment.

A moment was all she needed.

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