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The affair with my father in law continues...

She started shaking, grunting and came all over my face. It tasted good, it smelled good, and it felt good. I kept rubbing her pussy all over my face and then I came down her throat. It was a pretty weak cum, but I didn't care, Molly was here with me.

We laid down with our arms around each other. She talked and talked, about Em, about work, how she got the time to come see me, Susan, and any thing else she could think of. I just listened and stared into those beautiful emerald eyes, smiled, nodded, and laughed. Eventually, she slowed down, rubbed her whole body against me, closed her eyes and fell asleep with a smile on her face. I soon joined her.

We woke up about an hour later. We unwound from each other and I went to pee. When I came back, she looked up at me, smiled, and said,"Please come love me again. I need you." I went to rescue my lady. We made love, she came multiple times, I had a hard time staying hard but used my fingers, lips and tongue to love my Molly. More giggling, dirty talk and kissing.

Our stomachs growled letting us know that we needed to eat. We ordered room service. I found the bottle of bourbon. We ate and drank and never stopped looking into each others eyes, touching each others body or talking quietly. We were absorbed in each others presence.

Christmas day was a repeat, we woke up with a good morning fuck, followed by a hot shower and another fuck. My cock was doing its best, but could not keep up with an insatiable Molly. We laughed about it. I planned to visit an urgent care facility to get a prescription for those magic blue pills.

The rest of the week was the same. We could not leave each other alone. I got some blue pills and my cock satisfied Molly all week. We only went out of the hotel about once every other day, the rest of the time we were naked, hugging, laughing, holding, touching, kissing, loving and simply enjoying each others company.

New Years came too soon. We knew that on January 2, Molly was going to leave. Finally, we accepted that we would be apart again, but we knew that we would find a way to be together again.

Departure day, we woke and made love, long and slow. My cock deep in her pussy as I slowly pumped in and out. We kissed, I sucked her nipples. We laughed, giggled and simply enjoyed each others body. She sucked my cock until I came deep in her throat. She sat on my face and bled her juices all over me.

At the airport, she walked thru security, stopped, looked back, waved, smiled, blew me a kiss and kept looking at me as she walked down the concourse.

It was a great Christmas and New Year for both of us.

After Molly returned to Michigan, it was time for me to move on to New Orleans. I found a camp ground down in the delta and a guide. He showed me where to fish. I fished with him one day a week. It is hard to find a guide that is available every day of the week and at $500 a day, it can get expensive. I still had my kayak and began using that. The weather was fabulous. I fished all day and called Molly at night. Sea food fresh off the boats, bourbon, jazz on the radio. Life was good.

I took a few days off to go into New Orleans and explore the bars, music clubs and night life that New Orleans is famous for. I met a few ladies, but nothing developed. Mardi Gras was several weeks away, but the town was alive and hopping in anticipation of the celebration. It was a great few days, but I got tired of the crowds and returned to my camper.

More days of fishing, talking to Molly, and then Susan called.

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