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Fun with older women and farewell to two transsexuals.

He said "I didn't want to come that quick, but I couldn't help it." Instead of pulling out, he just stayed on top of me and kept his cock all the way up my ass. I asked him what he was doing, and he said "Just wait a minute, and I can start over."

In a few minutes he did start over, and with the added lubrication of his cum, he fucked me really hard. He came for the second time, and then he did pull it out.

As he stood by the side of the bed, I said "Now let me up!"

That is when he said "No, I won't let you go. I have a second surprise!"

He did not untie me, and he put a blindfold over my eyes. I couldn't stop him from doing it. Now I was helpless and blind!

He said "I arranged for six of my friends to come over, and they are waiting in the hallway. I had them measure their cocks, and they are lined up in ascending order of cock-size."

"They have been instructed to just come in and fuck your ass. No foreplay or any other kind of sex, and not even any conversation."

"If you try to talk to them, they will not answer. Since you are blindfolded, you will never know who they are. This will be completely anonymous."

I begged him, "Please don't do this! I will do anything you want from now on."

"I will give you blowjobs. You can cum in my mouth. You can fuck me in the ass whenever you want to."

"Just please, please, don't let those guys in!"

He was relentless, and said nothing.

I heard him walk over to the door and open it, and I heard different footsteps approach the bed. I heard the sounds of someone undressing, and I felt him climb onto the bed between my legs. Without a word, or a sensual touch, he began to shove his cock up my ass. Whoever he was, his cock was a little longer than my boyfriends.

When the extra length of his cock went in me, I yelped. He was not concerned about my discomfort, if anything, it turned him on. He fucked me steadily until he shot his load. He got off the bed, and I heard him pick up his clothes and walk away.

I heard the door opening again, and stranger number two climbed onto the bed. He put his hands on my butt, and spread it open. I felt his unfamiliar cock slide up my ass. True to the promise, his cock was just a little bigger than the previous one. It went in even further than I expected, and I had to take some deep breaths. He silently fucked me, and pumped a load into me.

The next one came in and repeated the process. Silently undress, climb aboard, shove it up my ass, and fuck me. His cock was not much longer than the previous one, but it was thicker. This time I could feel my asshole stretching. While we was working up his load, I kept asking him questions. I said "Have you ever done this before?" No answer. "Are you enjoying yourself?" Nothing.

By now, the cocks were getting really big. Number four slapped his thick, heavy cock against my butt cheek several times before he put it in. He wanted me to know how big it was first, and he gave me a minute to think about it.

I was trembling in anticipation when he started to shove it in. I made little "ooh, ooh, ooh," sounds as it slid in deeper and deeper. Somehow he managed to get it all in and finish the job. His cum-spurts went into me deeper than any so far.

When number five climbed on the bed, I wondered what could be next? Could his really be even bigger? I soon had my answer. These guys had all been honest with their measurements.

As he shoved his cock into me, I said "Ow, take it easy!" He curbed his enthusiasm a little, and slowly pushed it the rest of the way in. But not a word. I thought it was getting a little disgusting. These guys were putting their cocks into an asshole that was overflowing with the other guy's cum.

It didn't seem to bother him, he was obviously aroused, and he fucked me real good.

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