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Coed realizes she will always be his.

The evening air was warm and fragrant with the scent of the frangipani trees that lined the walk. They strolled for some time in the darkness, little darts of light flittering here and there from the light of fireflies.

"I have to go away for some time." Amir said, finally. Kajira's heart dropped.

"Can I come with you?" she asked, before she realized how brazen the words sounded.

"I'm afraid you can't, little dove." He stroked her hair. "I will return to you."

"Where do you go to, Master?" She asked, moving her cheek into the curve of his hand.

"Across the Blighted Sea for trade, my dove. It is no place for a woman."

They walked slowly back to the house, Kajira's grip on her Master very tight indeed. When they returned to the corridor with Amir's study, he stopped and opened the door, pulling her inside.

"I would have you pour me a drink." He said, indicating the sideboard where the various bottles of liquor were kept.

"Yes, Master. What drink does Master desire?" she asked, a smile touching her lips.

Amir looked at her inquisitively. "Does this slave know how to make drinks?" he asked.

"This slave served the Sultans wives for five years, Master. She is most proficient."

"Then I will have a Devil's Scimitar." He commanded. Kajira went to the sideboard and busied herself with bottles and a glass. She put the drink on a small tray and walked gracefully back to Amir, then knelt, offering the drink up to him.

"For Master's pleasure." She said softly.

He took the drink and held it to the light, then swirled it in the glass, sniffing it. Then he touched it to his lips. Kajira waited, breathless. He took a sip and shut his eyes.

"Perfect." He pronounced and Kajira gave a little involuntary squeak of happiness. He took her hand and sat, pulling her down onto his lap. She snuggled into his chest happily as he sipped his drink.

"Master..." Kajira began uncertainly.

"Yes, little dove?" Amir stroked her hair gently, admiring the burnished gleam of it in the candlelight.

"Am I to be your...only slave?" She asked, hiding her face in his chest after asking such an audacious question.

"You are to be my only personal slave, yes. I have others who do labor for the household, but you will be the only one I take to my bed." He reassured her.

"O, thank you Master!" she cried, but then a small frown creased her brow.

"What is it, my girl?" Amir traced the furrow with his finger, smiling.

"Someday you will take a wife, and then what shall happen to me?" Kajira's voice was little more than a whisper.

"Do not fret about that, little one. Enjoy each day as it comes."

"Yes, Master."

They sat entwined like that for a while longer, then Amir slid Kajira off his lap gently and said, "I would like to show you something. Come with me."

He led the way to a tall cupboard in the corner of the room. As tall again as a man and a half and a large armstretch wide, it was an imposing piece of furniture. Amir pulled a key fob from his pocket and found the key to open the cupboard, fitting it in the brass lock snugly. With a little snick the door swung open.

Kajira gazed inside the cupboard, unable to move, to speak.

It was full of punishment implements.

Paddles, straps and whips. Restraints, gags and spreader bars. Things Kajira had no idea what their use was, but her knees trembled to imagine. Dozens and dozens of items lined the cupboard neatly, every thing in its place. Amir stepped back and swept his arm in an arc, indicating the contents of the cupboard.

"What do you think?" he asked, finally, an enigmatic smile on his face.

"I..." Kajira's mind refused to frame words for the emotions roiling through her head. This is a safe place, she thought, why is he showing me all this?

"Kajira. Look at me." Amir commanded, and instantly her eyes flew to his face. "Does this frighten you?"

"A...a little." Her voice was tiny.

"These are things that I use to keep order, to correct misbehavior.

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