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I would lounge about in my panties and bra, and a few times I couldn't help but masturbate, coating the panties with my semen.

I decided I would take it further. I went to the mall and into Victoria's Secret. I was enraptured by all the choices, but I finally settled on some cute pink and black panties and bra and two lovely pairs of lace lingerie, one black and one white.

I even went to a local store and purchased some make-up. I had been in musicals in high-school, so I knew the basics of makeup...base, rouge, etc.

For another week I reveled in my newfound feminine side. I got used to the feeling of the panties, which could usually contain my small cock, and the bra, which I had found a way to stuff that looked quite realistic. I got used to the heels and to putting on makeup. I had never felt so kinky, so GOOD...

Finally I had worked up enough confidence that I decided I would try it out for real. I decided to go and slide a note under the door of the guy who had fucked me I did my heart was racing. Was I ready to do this? Would he be OK with it? Might he be so disgusted, he would tell the whole world about it?

I honestly don't know how I calmed myself down, but 5 minutes before I was to meet him, I was staring at myself in the mirror. I really did look like a slutty girl. My long brown hair was meticulously combed, and fell seductively over my shoulders. My face was made-up nicely, and I had on some very red lipstick. My fake breasts poked out under my skin-tight brown "Dirty Girl" t-shirt, which was ended about an inch above my short white cotton mini-skirt, leaving a very taut, inviting tummy. I looked HOT.

With trembling hands I opened, closed, and locked my dorm room door, and sashayed down the hall. I passed a guy who I had seen before...and to my great relief he did not recognize me! I even caught a glimpse of him staring at my tits as I passed by.

I showed up at the door and knocked gently. He came to the door and opened it. He started, but soon recovered, and grinned wolfishly.

"My, little slut. Don't you look pretty?"

I nodded meekly, then stepped gingerly in. I looked in the corner of the room and saw another guy. He was big and muscular, with a beard.

"Don't worry, girl. This is Hank. He's going to enjoy some of you too."

Hank grinned as well and asked "What's your name, slut?"

It only took me a second.


"Well, Michelle, let's see what you've got, hmm?" said my host. He immediately unzipped and dropped his pants and boxers, leaving his flaccid cock hanging in the open. Without hesitation, I smiled seductively and sashayed over. As I gently lowered myself to my knees, I took the cock in my hand and started to rub it between my fingers. As it hardened, I slowly began to lick the head of his cock.

"Mmm..that's a good little slut."

I looked into the corner and saw that Hank had his cock out and was slowly rubbing at it, staring at me as I serviced his friend. Once the guy was fully hard, I wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked in deeply.

" like the way my cock tastes, don't you, you little bitch..."

I nodded demurely, and closed my eyes...

Suddenly my backside was being manhandled. Hank had slid over and grabbed my ass, and before I knew it I was bent over a small table. I continued to suck my host's cock. He moaned slightly. I felt Hank slowly hike up my skirt, then slowly slip off my panties. I moaned into my host's cock, waiting for the familiar squishing sound of lube squirting into Hank's hands...

Suddenly I felt a push against my ass. Before I could react, Hank had brutally split my asshole with the head of his cock. It hurt like hell! I screamed, but it was muffled by the cock in my mouth.

"Calm down, bitch. Hank's going to fuck your ass bareback, like a little whore."

Sure enough, I felt my insides burn as if they were about to tear as a huge cock slowly grinded into me.

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