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His first exposure to sex.

We grew quit as we ate and she smiled at me.

"Terry told my that you are very much a voyeur. Is that true?"

I looked at her over the top of my glass of beer. "Umm I don't think that is any of your business is it?"

"Oh come on tell me about it!" she pushed my leg with her as our thighs were still touching.

"Ok then, yes I am! I love woman and I love to look at them," I slipped my hand down and pulled her dress up to her hip thinking I would shock her into another direction, "Do you want to show off for me?"

"Maybe." Was all she said but she didn't pull her dress down either!

I couldn't see much because of the tablecloth as we finished our meal. I paid the bill and stood giving Mary my hand as she slid out of the booth. She watched my eyes as her dress pulled up high on her legs reveling her panties to me and any one else that was looking! She stood up letting it fall into place smiling at me as she watched my face. Again she took my hand as we walked out of the place.

I thought my dick would explode when we got to the truck and she lifted her dress high up to her waist showing me her panty covered pussy before she got into the truck. I just looked and smiled as I went to my side and slipped in next to her. She had slipped over to setting close to me. Her dress was up around her hips letting me see her lace covered crotch. She pulled my face down to her and kissed me softly.

"Thanks for dinner Sam!"

"Thanks for letting me look at your legs! Dam they are nice!"

"Terry filled me in all about you and how you like things. I think she was trying to worn me so that if I saw the two of you doing something I would be ok with it. I don't think she knows that I get off on showing off to!"

I pulled into the drive way and was just about to get out when Mary stopped me, "Here take these will you!" she lifted her ass off of the truck seat and slipped her panties off! "You might like these." She said with a smile.

I could feel how wet the crotch of the tine little piece of cloth that had been between her pussy lips! I put them to my nose taking in her sent.

"Well this should be interesting!" was all I could think to say.

Part 2

That night the two girls talked like Magpies. I slipped out to my shop and drank some beer leaving them alone to get all the gossiping out of the way. By the time I got back into the house they were both in bed and a sleep. The next morning Terry woke me up with a hot cup of coffee. She had on a baby doll pajama top and as she slipped onto the bed I could see that was all as I got a flash of her necked box.

"Mary thought she was a little hard on you. She told me all about flashing you and holding hands and she thought it was funny that she was able to give you a hard on just by letting you look." Terry smiled at me; "You like that young stuff?"

I took a sip of the coffee as I let my other hand run over her leg and up to her thigh, "Well she is easy on the eyes, but she has no idea what she has let her self in for." I sat my cup down pulling Terry down with me, "I am going to get a little hard on her." I looked at her, " That is if you tell me it's ok."

"She was a little cocky about it." Terry sat up and moved over me taking my morning hard dick in her hand, "It might be a good thing, OHHHhhhhh," She slipped her self down over my dick taking it all the way in, in one slow movement! I closed my eyes as she rocked slowly back and fourth, "Umm to take her down a notch or two. Ohh, Ohh DON"T MOVE! Just let me do it! Umm oh yes that's it baby! Let me fuck you! Ohhh!"

Terry leaned over me grinding her clit into my pubic bone as I took her tits in my hand pulling her nipples.

"Oh GOD SAM, CUMING oh so easy. Umm yes cuminggggggg nowwwwwwwww ohhhhhhhh Sammm ohhhhhhhhh!"

I held her as she shook on me. I could feel the muscles in her vagina flexing as she came falling down on me kissing me hard as she tried to get air through her nose. I held her as she finished humping her self on me and her kisses became softer.

"Someday I will make you cum in the morning

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