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Jenna's plan to teach Denise the Oral Arts - visually.


"Nan, I have to be honest with you. I watched you and Mom in bed last night, from Mom's doorway and I was so overcome by it, it really turned me on. I came back here and wanked my cock while I watched this same video, knowing that you and Mom had been enjoying the same feelings."

"Dan, thank you for telling me that darling. Mom is not the only woman I have been with but she is my priority. I also like men, but at the moment there aren't any in my life and haven't been for quite some time."

I turned on my side and ran my hand up and over her upper arm. She then turned to me and snuggled into my body. I kept running my hand up and down her body, getting closer to those fabulous tits that I have been envisioning for so long. As I slid my hand over the front of her dress, I managed to open a button, one by one until they were all open and showing her bra held boobs. I lowered my head and dragged my tongue across her upper chest. Nan sighed and lifted my head and kissed me full on the mouth.

"Do you want to undo my bra for me darling boy."

I didn't answer, just slipped my hands around her back and undid the hooks of her bra and slipped them off her arms.

I gazed in awe at that wonderful sight. Those voluptuous breasts that I had been dreaming about for so many years. I never thought that I would ever be so close to them.

"Can I Nan, please, I begged. Can I suck on your nipples."

She just pulled her dress down around her waist and offered her breasts to me. I immediately began to lick and suckle them and trying to drink from them. Of course, she didn't have anything there, but both of us were enjoying the sensations.

During this time, my right hand was making its own exploration of the rest of that wonderful body. I could feel her full hips beneath my fingers and then I delved lower down into that hidden center.

Nan wriggled round and stood up. She slipped her dress down over her hips and stood in front of me in just a pair of white bloomers. Very old fashioned but they looked so perfect on her. I then stood up and did a strip for her, ending up in just my boxers. By that time I was as hard as nails with a boner that I just wanted to insert into that love hole of hers.

I walked around the bed and sat on the side and slid my hands down her hips, on the way taking her panties along with my hands until I had them stripped off her. I raised them to my face and inhaled their warm, fresh aroma. What a wonderful scent. I licked along the gusset and then put them to one side.

I guided her back to the bed and knelt down and spread her legs wide.

"I would much rather go straight to the original site for a smell and taste of you." I told her.

I proceeded to lave and lick along her labia, taking in those fleshy lips and sucking them deeply into my mouth. I worked my tongue up and down purposely avoiding the clit, until Nan put her hands on my head and pressed it down into her pussy.

"Lick me and suck me Dan," she groaned lustily.

I raised my head for a moment. "For as long as you want Nan. My tongue and cock are yours."

She just relaxed then and allowed me full use of that succulent pussy. She had started to leak and I just drank down her sweet nectar, as much as she could give me. I could feel her building towards an orgasm and I wanted to drain that pussy of as much juice as possible.

When she came finally, her nectar literally gushed out all over my face. I was in heaven. I hadn't realized that a woman of her age still had some much liquid love.

I raised my head and slid up to face her. We French kissed deeply and lovingly. I then lay back on the bed and sighed.

"Nan, I just wish that I had know how horny you were before now. I would have been you bed partner a lot earlier."

"Well Dan, my boy. I think you are going to have your work cut out for you now. Keeping me and your Mom happy. Of course, she should be your first priority as she is a lot younger than me. I hope I am able to get some every now and then though."

"Oh Nan, I didn't know that you knew about Mom and me, but I am glad.

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