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Emma and Jason come to an understanding.

Fourth, I check to make sure the blouse is low enough so I will have at least 2 inches of breast showing, just to make me hotter. Fifth, I also make sure that my nipples are hard, if not I have to suck them until they are ready. I have to check my make up to insure it is right. If I had to choose between a million dollars and my red lip stick that make my full lips so damn kissable. I would take the million, I am not a fool. Last I make a full body check, to make sure I look like a walking wet dream. Damn I am hot.

I have to move away fast before I make myself too hot. Now that everything is ready to go I get into my caddie put in a CD and take to the road. The park I go to is a state park in North Georgia about 40 miles north of hot Atlanta. The park is around a dam it has lots of pine trees so it is very dense and dark in places. It also has a lake going through it. The park is also host to lots of parks, beaches, and campground and rec area's. Some are very populated and some are very secluded.

The area I found was very secluded. I unpack my car. I have a book to read, a lounge chair and a chest full of drinks. I read and drink for awhile, my bladder is beginning to get full, and I stop reading and spread my legs until they are touching the ground on both sides. I start rubbing around my inner thighs until I can feel a tingles before the touch, and than I moved to my clit and feel the hard bud between the soft lips I play with the bud until I start to shake I close my eyes and feel the cool air where I am seeping woman juices! The need to pee is becoming stronger, and stronger. Nevertheless the need for an orgasm is just as great. I started to cum and almost lost my stream too.

I manage to get up from the chair and stand up on very shaky legs, and bent just a little and pulled up my skirt and opened my legs so make a pee hole. Now I had a good view between my legs and start to pee the sensation triggers another organism makes me weak, all in all the feeling of freedom. The rush from cumin and peeing at the same time is great. Slowly, it was stopped and I looked up into the dark eyes of a very nice looking older guy, not much older than me. He had on a dark pair of shorts with a dark spot on the side of his leg. He had to be taller than me even in the four inch heels I had on. I stood up and smiled and asked if he would like a beer. He said that was a good start. I knew now that this was not going to be a lonely weekend.

We drank a beer and exchanged names. I was setting on the lounge with my legs open just enough to tease. I know teasing is a little late now he had an up close look at my flower. But I am shy after all. We talked a little about stocks and bonds; yeah right! we talked about what he just saw. He asked, "If I tasted as good as I looked" I licked my fingers and said, "yes". He pulled my fingers to his lips and said, "You are right." Damn I came on the spot. I am so glad I am a woman and I can cum forever!!!

He than asked, "If my lips tasted as good as my hands" I licked my lips slowly and said yes, only sweeter. He licked them and said, "You are right."

We sat for awhile smiling like fools, or lovers. He took a big drink of his beer and asked if I had another one. I replied that it was on the ground now. He looked at the big cooler; before he could ask I said water it is good for you. I offered him some, he took it we drink water and smiled.

I was so damn hot and the need to pee was getting strong again. He reached for my face and touched it a little and then kissed me , and I was kissing him back , we exchanged kisses for what seem like years, by the time we came up for air I really had to pee. I could not believe that I was too embarrassed to tell him; that, I had to go again.

He said' "baby it is your turn to see me now."

Boy, I was thinking, he is a real gentleman. I asked, "What is stopping you?"

He whispered, "First I have to get it down, can you help"

Hell! Yes! I was thinking.

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