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Kelly leaned forward again, taking the length of Eduardo's brown cock into her throat in one effort. He grabbed her by the sides of her head, and began forcefully fucking her mouth. "This what you wanted, bitch?" he sneered, satisfied that the sound that escaped Kelly's throat was one of assent. "What a fuckin' puta you are. I wish your husband could see you now, two Cuban's enjoying your little porn star body," he taunted as he continued to thrust his crotch against Kelly's pretty, angelic face.

Miguel continued his assault on Kelly's cunt, lashing at her clit and, every four or five strikes, bringing his tongue down to her labia and collecting more pussy juice with which to coat the clit. Occasionally, his tongue would wander down below Kelly's labia but stop before reaching her asshole, tickling that sensitive portion of skin that resides there, causing her to stiffen and then shudder.

Miguel brought his tongue back to Kelly's clit, and let two of his fingers find her sloppy labia. Coating his fingers liberally with cunt juice, Miguel began massaging her asshole, gently coaxing her open. Still lapping gently at her clit, Miguel forced one of his fingers through the tight barrier and into Kelly's pretty little ass. The exquisite sensation provoked such a reaction in the married whore that her head wrenched back out of Eduardo's grip, causing his cock to slip from her mouth. "Ooohhh, fuuuccckk. Gggaaawwd that feels fucking awesome," she grunted through clenched teeth. "Put another finger in!!!" Miguel's other finger, already lubricated and waiting at the entrance to her asshole, quickly complied with her command.

Kelly, on pins and needles already, let out a short cry and rolled to her side, away from Eduardo, who was still standing in front of her, and fell to the ground. Miguel rolled with her, his grip on her hips solid. He began to work his two fingers in and out of her asshole as his tongue kept up the assault on her clit. He spread his fingers inside her asshole, hoping to stretch it for the plundering that was to come, and at the same time took her clit between his teeth and gently but firmly nibbled on it.

The combined sensations sent Kelly over the edge, and her thighs tightened around Miguel's head, her hands reaching out for something to grab onto, finding nothing. "Uuuuhhhhh, fuck!!! Oh, ggaawwdd. I'm cuu . . . fuuuccckk. Cummmminggg," she moaned in a low, hoarse whisper as Miguel's teeth continued their torture and his fingers maintained tension on her twitching asshole.

From above, Eduardo stood and watched as Kelly moaned with delight, her body racked with pleasure and shaking, sweat running down the cheeks of her face and forming in small puddles in the hollows of her neck. When her heavy breathing and panting began to subside, when her fit thighs released their grip on his friend's head, Eduardo bent down and grabbed Kelly's hand, hauling her to her feet.

He moved to the bed, and laid on his back in the middle of it, his thick cock pointing to the ceiling of the Delano hotel room. Kelly knew what to do, and climbed up on the bed, straddling the young Cuban man, her bald cunt just above his cock. She lowered her cunt lips to the cock in such a way as to prevent penetration, instead trapping the cock between her sopping cunt lips, on the one hand, and his body, on the other. Shifting her slim pelvis up and down, her cunt ran along the length of the Cuban cock, the head stimulating her clit on her downward shifts. After a dozen strokes, Eduardo's powerful cock was fully soaked in her juices, and Kelly rose up to a squatting position.

Reaching down with her left hand, she grabbed the base of Eduardo's cock and pointed it toward the opening of her pussy. "Ready?" she asked in a whisper. "Ready to fuck my married hole?" she taunted, reveling in her infidelity, in the fact that she was about to take one, then a second, cock in the holes she had pledged for her husband's use only.

Eduardo responded by reaching out to Kelly's hips, which were shaking from the strain of the squat.

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