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You use the right tools for the job.

The cool and capable man clenched his square jaw as the woman stared at his naked frame, totally masculine with well formed chest and abdomen.

Mrs. Peel had welcomed the general free loving that had embraced the age and adored the styles and dress of the swinging sixties. Since the death of her husband Peter, she had fulfilled her sexual desires and needs without guilt and in particular enjoyed a casual affair with Steed.

His well endowed prick she loved and she was now highly impressed with the American trussed up beside her. His erection was very large and extremely thick, nearly nine inches long. It poked up straight from his curls of dark pubes like a rod of steel, the shaft was smooth unlike the veiny stalk of Steed.

Napoleon was equally aware of the enchanting English woman beside him. Her magnificent breasts were pushed foward as a result of the position of her arms behind her and the nipples had become erect. She squirmed seductively and her silky skin seemed to have been sculpted from marble. His eyes were drawn to her parted thighs and the dark brown triangle of hair atop a neatly trimmed labia. His cock twitched like crazy and a tiny drop of precum appeared at the tip as he observed the stunning beauty as her butt rose up and down from the seat.

"Eureka!" She exclaimed as her bound wrists became freed up.

"How, er, did you do that?"

"Unlike you my dear Napoleon my man didn't make a good job of tying my wrists. I think he was distracted by my tits."

Emma bent at the waist and untied her ankles and stood up. Solo whistled as he took in the fine form before him. A tall slender figure of about five feet eight with long shapely legs and flat stomach.

"I wonder if you could oblige Mrs. Peel."

"Oh, you really can't move? Let me help."

She neared the bound spy and took a deep breath of his smell and sweat and her pussy gave a welcome tingle. She moved around the chair and trailed a finger across his broad shoulders.

"You know, Mother Muffin was right, you do cut an attractive sight."

"Why thank you, but do you think this is the time or place?"

He was cut off as the aroused woman kissed him hard on the mouth as she caressed his chest.

"Don't you find me atttactive? I'm told I turn most mens heads."

She bent and squeezed both his taut thighs and dug her fingers in the flesh. He gulped and his aching prick twitched madly. Her slim fingers stroked his inner thigh and tickled his big ball sack. One finger traced out the strip of skin between his balls and anus and his breath hissed between his teeth.

Emma mounted his groin and her exposed cunt pressed against his rigid cock.

"Wouldn't you like it if I put this in my nice warm pussy?"

"Gee, and I always thought of English women as delicate and engaging.

Solo felt his member reach new length as she gripped him at the base and fed the very top inside her pussy lips. They both froze and held their breath then she lifted up and off.

"Wow!" Was all he could muster.

"Delicate and engaging enough?" The dazzling woman raised an eyebrow.

Emma stood back up and rubbed her open folds where his knob had just been. His pulse raced and he watched enthralled as the wanton woman poked out her pink tongue and rolled it around the swollen head. Then her red lips closed over the crown and he was sucked slowly. He felt huge in her mouth and she kept it there before she made little moves on just the tip. His cock was drawn further into her mouth and he gasped softly. With her right hand she frigged her wetness as her head bobbed gently on his throbbing prick. As her speed increased she took him in deeper and deeper. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth as he felt himself hit the back of her throat. Her lustrous mane of chestnut hair moved back and forth across his bare belly until she gagged and released his dripping organ.

"You're quite large Mister Solo, I'll grant you that."

All he could so was grunt as Emma wrapped her hand around his shaft and pushed her mouth down on him again.

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