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A High School reunion brings a second chance.

I didn't really have a response as I thought about exactly what he might mean by showing her off. As I stood there looking stupid, Jim repeated his question.

"Hey, I was serious, what do you think of her tits?"

"What the fuck do you think I think, bud? She has a great fucking pair of tits! Probably the nicest pair I have ever seen in the flesh," I finally answered honestly.

"Cool, glad you like them," He said with a big grin on his face. "Wannanotehr beer?"

To my surprise instead of going to the bar fridge and getting us two more cold ones he called upstairs for Bonny to bring us two more. She came down a minute later still wearing only the skimpy bikini bottom. I am sure my jaw about hit the floor when she walked right up and handed us the beer with her scrumptious tits on full display.

"Thought you might like another look, buddy. I just love a topless waitress, don't you?" Jim asked cheerfully.

Getting into the spirit I replied that I loved his waitress and asked if I was supposed to tip her.

"Oh, you want to put your hand down her bottoms huh? Tell you what why doesn't she just take them off for you," He replied.

Before I could reply, Bonny stepped back and slowly pulled down her bikini bottoms. She turned around as she stepped out of them giving me a great look at her hot ass. When she bent to pick them from the floor I got a look at her puffy, hairless pussy lips. I couldn't believe my eyes and there was no hiding the bulge this time. As she turned around Jim made a comment about seeing that I liked what I saw. About all I could manage was stuttering how beautiful Bonny was. She smiled at me while her husband clasped my shoulder.

"Told you I like to show her off. You like to show off too, don't you baby?" He said more than asked in the most cheery tone I had ever heard him use.

"Oh yessssss baby," She purred as she walked to one of the pool room chairs.

It was one of those high seats like a fancy bar stool. She pulled her legs up on the rungs and spread them so that her bald pussy opened up for me. I could see her glistening pink folds and knew being oogled had excited her.

"Looks like your friend has a nice toy in his shorts," She moaned as she walked her fingers down her taught tanned belly.

"You want to play with it baby?" Jim asked her, as I stood dumbfounded watching her start to play with her pussy.

"Mmmmmmmmmm can I Greg?" She cooed.

"I would get out of those shorts quick if I was you, buddy," Jim said excitedly. "She can suck the chrome off a bumper."

As odd as the whole set up had been, I wasn't about to turn down sex. Especially considering Bonny's show had me randy as shit. I quickly stripped and walked over to where she was sitting. That's when I got a really odd feeling. I turned back to look at Jim.

"Man, please tell me this isn't like some weird whole family isn't about to pop out of the closet and yell punked or something, are they?"

Jim started laughing as Bonny reached out and took my throbbing cock in her hand. She stroked me slowly as he assured me that there was no joke. I turned back to her as he explained that they enjoyed having special friends over for sex play. He added he couldn't wait to watch her suck my cock. I forgot all thoughts of it being a joke as she slid down to the floor and started licking my full balls. By that time Jim had gotten naked too and came over to join us. I had never had any interest in men sexually and except for one brief drunken college experience had never seen another guy hard. I wasn't sure where the day was going at that point, but I hoped it was about sharing his wife and not anything more.

I had prepared myself for some contact with him and decided I was willing to allow him to touch me to get her.

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