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Finally, she could not stand it anymore -- she told Daniel Morris where the files were, and while he was gone Ed swigged another drink. "I wish my wife would dress up like that," he said, and reached out casually and pressed the side of his cold glass against the tip of her breast through the thin halter top. He rubbed it strongly against her stiff nipple, but pulled the glass away voluntarily before she could manage to try to push him away.

There was a long silence in the room -- Billie nervously put on another layer of the shiny pink lipstick - and then Mr. Morris was walking back in. He laid the files on the bar, and Billie fixed them all another drink, and then went and sat on the couch, trying to keep her hands from trembling as she nursed on the drink.

The men came and sat down on either side of her, and Billie smiled at them, feeling shaky and odd. She wished she hadn't drunk so much. She really wished she had not tried this dress on, or that she had gone to change it when she had the chance.

"So, what were you two talking about?" Morris said, finishing up his drink and laying it on the table.

"We were talking about her dress some more," Kransky said, still sipping his. He was staring her in the eyes, and then boldly slid his eyes down past her big breasts to her long thighs, exposed by the short skirt.

"Well, it is very nice," Morris said, also lazily surveying her body. Billie bit her lower lip and shifted on the couch as the men stared at her with their hard eyes, paying special attention to her long legs, exposed beautifully by the short skirt or her big, cantaloupe sized breasts smashed by the tight blue halter top.

"I was telling her my wife never dresses like a little slut or a whore," Kransky said, "Even for Halloween." He reached up casually and began drawing a finger along her bare arm. "Just seeing you, dear, makes me want to do more business with this company."

"Um, well, anything I can do to help, I know it's very important to my husband," she said, trying to remind them that she was married. Kransky's fingers on her bare arm was making her shiver, and making her body a bit flushed. Surely they could not think anything was going to happen, Billie thought to herself. She didn't mind if they stared a little, but nothing else!

"So, does wearing that dress make you feel like a slut, Billie?" Morris asked from the other side of her. "Does it make you want to be treated like that? Like a little cock hungry whore?"

"Ohn, Mr. Morris, I really don't think you should talk to me that way," Billie said, and tried to ignore the fact that he had just called her a whore and slut -- it reminded her of the little porn store where this had all started, and the words themselves made her head spin, made her belly hot and trembly. To change the subject looked back at Kransky. "We really are willing to um, to, you know, to go all the way to prove that we want this contract," she finished lamely, blushing deeply when she realized what she had just said sounded like.

"Well, I would like to feel how soft your legs are," Kransky said, smiling down at her. He took his hand away from her arm, and slowly reached down, slipping his hand onto her thigh just above her knee.

"Umm, I don't think that's what I meant, Mr. Kransky," she muttered softly as he slid his hand a bit further to the inside of her thigh just above her knee. She shifted uncomfortably, and his hand slipped upwards just a bit.

"I, umm, I really don't think you should be touching me like that," she tried again. Her hands were clasped in her lap and she stared down at his hand as he began rubbing her silky skin softly.

"Oh, it's all just a bit of fun, Billie, I'm sure Fred wouldn't mind," Morris said from the other side of her, and then his hand was also coming down on her thigh just above the knee. The two men talked about how smooth her skin was as Billie sat there mortified.

She shifted again as the men's hands made her start to sweat just a bit, and she was too aware of how large her breasts looked in the tight halter top.

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