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And stayed naked the whole day, even when I studied. I kept easy-to-wear clothes handy in case someone came knocking so I wouldn't take a suspiciously long time opening the door. When Mrs. Wagle, who knew my parents were away, came to give me some food she had made, I was able to quickly slip on sweat pants and a thick sweat shirt that hid the fact that I was braless underneath.

After midnight, when things started quieting down, I put my books away. The novelty of walking around the apartment naked had worn off. With just a t-shirt on, I went to the windows and opened them. After making sure that no one with a direct view of the windows was awake, I took the t-shirt off and paraded in front of them for a while. That grew old too. I needed a risky thrill.

A little while later, a relatively minor but still significant challenge started taking shape in my mind. The balcony adjoining my parents' bedroom faced south, which was the side along the entrance. This was the side where I had first ventured naked anywhere outside the building. From my previous adventures, I knew that at this time, odds were that all other neighbors with balconies on the same side would be asleep. I knew from strutting in front of the window that the houses with a view of the balcony were also dark by now. And this late, the watchman would have locked the rail door and be sitting inside it, with no direct visual angle to my balcony. So the challenge was to just walk out naked into the balcony, without checking first if the coast was clear. The risk being that someone might be around to see me.

Naked, I walked to the balcony door and slowly opened it. It made a slight squeaking sound. God, are all hinges in this building dry, I wondered. I thought of peeking out to see if the squeak had drawn anyone's attention. But no, that would be cheating, I told myself. The challenge was to brazenly walk out naked, risking being caught.

Here goes, I thought, and opening the door completely stepped out into the balcony, buck naked. It brought back memories of the previous summer when I had been naked outside. I just stood there, staring straight into nothingness, feeling a gentle breeze on my nipples, for about a minute. Only then did I turn my head to see if I had an audience. Nope, everything was completely dark. I checked out all the now familiar windows and corners. Completely empty. No watchman either.

Then I propped myself up on the balcony's parapet wall and sat there, facing inwards. Half my butt was now on display to the world in general. I sat like that for a minute or so, before climbing down. I laid down on the cold balcony floor and brought myself off to a mid sized orgasm. Then I got up, stood there for another minute until I started feeling really cold (winters in my town are mild, but are still winters after all). I walked back in, slipped under the covers of my parents' bed and warmed myself up. I then repeated the balcony task a couple of times without incident until it lost its appeal too.

At about 3 AM, I started contemplating a new challenge. The stairs! The watchman said he didn't sleep. But what if he did? Obviously, I couldn't risk going out. But I could at least roam the stairs without drawing his attention. But how do I verify that at 3 AM? What if I went down even fully clothed, and he was awake? He was sure to tell my parents that I had been prowling around the building at 3 AM. They'd suspect it was to meet some boy. I needed a convincing excuse for my being there if he was awake.

Dressed in my sweatsuit, I opened the front door.

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