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Flash Story - End of it all at the lawyer's office.

He grabbed the bottom of his t-shirt, pulled it over his head, and dropped it on the floor. He stood unmoving, watching my reaction to his body. Damn, but Mike's body was a work of art. I thought I had good definition in my body, but it was nothing compared to the chiseled perfection of Mike. He looked like a Greek god with strong shoulders and pecs, rigidly defined abs and biceps. His chest had a light scattering of hair across it and a treasure trail of hair which lead from his navel down into his jeans.

Reaching down to remove his footwear, he straightened before his hands moved to undo his jeans and lower the zipper. He slid the pants over his hips and kicked the jeans away. His underwear tented where his huge cock was trying to escape. He removed his shorts and the sight of his 8" cut cock, beautifully framed by neatly trimmed brown pubes was enough to make my own cock jerk and gush a steady stream of pre-cum. I moaned at the sight of this and reached for my own zipper wanting to free my hard cock from its denim prison.

"No! I want to do that," said Mike.

Crawling onto the bed, he pushed my legs apart so he could sit in the vee created. He ran his hands over my chest and down to my groin, where he unzipped me and peeled my jeans down my legs. As he reached to pull off my underwear off, I closed my eyes in embarrassment. No other male had ever seen my naked body before. I was worried that I would be a disappointment to Mike.

My eyes popped open as Mike growled, "Baby, your body is beautiful".

He reached over and gripped my shaft in his hot hands. I threw my head back against the pillows at how good his hands felt. This was even better than my fantasies. I bucked my hips up and Mike laughed at my impatience.

"Please Mike," I begged.

"Easy baby, we have all night - and it's your first time. I wanna make this feel good for you. "

"Mike, it already feels so good. I need more - I need you."

Mike chuckled at my plea, and leaned over and took my mouth in a searing kiss. His lips moved along my jaw line to my ear, sucking and nipping on the sensitive lobe. I could hear his harsh breathing in my ear, and knew that he was as aroused as I was.

On to my neck he moved, marking me with little lovebites, making me moan and thrash beneath him. He lightly scoured his fingernails down my sides, adding different sensations that made my head spin.

My nipples received that skillful mouth next, sucking on the dark buds until my body arched off the bed and my hands dug into the firm muscles of his back. I thrust my pelvis up, trying to get some friction on my cock to relieve the pressure. Mike moved his body further down so that his groin was out of reach.

Looking up from where his face was hovering over my groin, he spread my legs even further apart and pushed upwards. He leaned in and pressed his face against my crotch, and inhaled the musky scent of my arousal. He took a long lick of my cock, much like one would an ice cream. Popping the head into his mouth he sucked hard, tonguing my cock slit while jacking my shaft with his hand. He moved his mouth from my cock to lick and nibble at my heavy balls. Taking one into his mouth, he rolled it around on his tongue before moving to take its twin into his hot sucking mouth.

He pushed my legs further up towards my chest, so that my ass was more exposed to him. Using his hands, he spread my ass cheeks further apart before applying his wet tongue to my sensitive hole.

"Ahh, yes! Mike, please I need more," I panted.

Stiffening his tongue, Mike licked at my hole, before slowly penetrating it. My hips jerked off the bed as my hole squeezed around Mike's invading tongue, trapping him inside me. His right hand wrapped around my throbbing cock, heavily lubricated with my juices and jerked me in time with the thrusting of his tongue inside my tight ass.

Squirming under this erotic torture, I moaned out loud, chasing my orgasm.

"Mike, Mike, I'm going to come," I groaned through clenched teeth.

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