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Kate discovers her lust for her son's daughter.

He continued to do it for a minute, aunty's moans had no stopping to it. Aunty had tears in her eyes after he hit her cervix wall multiple times with his full size. I was enjoying the view.

Uncle was there helpless on his knees with a small tear in his eyes, watching his wife getting nailed by another man. The guy continued to fuck her in the classic missionary. Aunty pushed him inside from his bare ass and made him come more and more deeper in her pussy. Aunty kissed the guy much wetly; She sucked on his tongue, continued kissing him. He reversed her on her stomach to enter her from behind. He laid his entire body on her back, shoving the dick inside. He hit her ass with his hips continuously.

The guy turned aunty's head backwards and planted a very cruel kiss on her lips. She was crying harder moans each time his hips struck hers and penetrated inside more. The stranger bite her back while continued to fuck her harder from behind. Aunty had trouble in breathing with the cruel treatment the guy was instilling on her.

He brought aunty on her all fours and got inside of her in the classic doggy style. He fucked her harder from behind, while holding her hairs cruelly. She was treated like a tea bag. He continued to work her pussy roughly from behind. He held her stomach from behind while still fucked her pussy harder.

Aunty left the bed in between of her fucking and brought the stranger out of the bed as well. She made him stand right before uncle's face. She held his dick and started to jerk it off to full throttle. She did it for some seconds before calling for uncle's mouth and placing the dick inside of it. The guy ejaculated inside of his mouth. The stranger, aunty and uncle laughed on the act. I thought uncle enjoyed this treatment.

The guy got dressed in the meantime and aunty as well put some clothes on. The guy kissed uncle on his cheeks and gave him a light hug of appreciation. He held aunty by her waist before uncle while set to leave the room with her. I ran to my room before they reached their door. I saw the guy kissing aunty on her lips for some minutes at the doorstep, before leaving the house from the main door.

Aunty started to climb the stairs, and I rushed to the bed to let her know that I was asleep. Aunty opened the windows and peeped inside the room. She found me asleep on the bed. She had a light laughter after watching me laid on the bed. She moaned in lighter tone,
"Sleep well son, because I know your comfortable stage is going to end very soon. My sister would be so proud of you once you leave my house and go back to her. We love you so much." Saying that she gave a flying kiss to me and left.

I wondered what she just said, but I was already much tired from the day so I went to sleep directly after she left the window. The alarm clock rang at 6 but I didn't bother to wake up as I knew what could be happening there. I woke up directly at 6:30 am. I came out of the room in my boxers. Uncle was in the kitchen, cleaning the kitchen counter and the gas chulah.

I went back to the room and used the bathroom. I bathe and came out of the bathroom after long 45 minutes. It was the oral day according to the time table and I didn't know what it meant. I got ready for school and waited for aunty to come after finishing her jog. I was ready very early and aunty arrived home finally.

Aunty entered from the main door. She held uncle up close instantly after coming in. She narrated something in his ear, in the kitchen. Uncle put on his slippers and left the house from the door. Now it was just me and aunty left in the hallway, all alone.

"So, oral day?" She chuckled.

"Yes aunty, kill the enthusiasm and please tell me more of it." I said.

"You are always so curious little fellow. Follow me to the room son, we would get to know about it." Saying that she started walking to the room quickly. I followed her sluggishly to the room. She waited for me at the door. She held my waist tightly and brought me closer to her,

"If you want to

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