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Daphne gets Daddy to introduce her to anal.

She felt her cunt gush at the surprising scene. She hadn't realized the sight of two men together would excite her. But it had a profound effect on her.

As they sipped their drinks, they wandered slowly around the room, and into the side rooms. One room, predictably, was outfitted with all kinds of torture furniture: St. Andrew's crosses, paddling benches, cuffs dangling from the ceiling and walls. Several leather-clad couples were occupied and oblivious to anything around them. It had been chiefly from this room that the whipping noises had emanated. They witnessed one example of a truly S/M relationship. A man was bent over a pommel horse, his limbs secured to the base. A woman punished him with a thick length of bamboo. His ass was striped and bruised already. She delivered another stroke as they passed, the cane whistling through the air then striking with a sharp CRACK! The man jerked and groaned. Blood had not been drawn, but nearly so. Carlie noted that the man's genitals were imprisoned by a weighted leather ring. But the proof of the pudding, so to speak, was that he had a deep red erection that dripped with precome. He was enjoying the punishment, which, after all, was the object wasn't it?

Entering another room they found themselves in the watersports area. The entire room was tiled, with tubs and square, tiled recesses around the walls. One woman stood over a man seated on the floor of one of the tiled areas, loosing a stream of urine into his face. His mouth was closed, but as the stream waned, he darted his tongue out to lick his lips. Then he pulled the woman's haunches to him and licked and sucked at her greedily. Another couple stood in a standard bathtub, pissing against each other's legs and crotches as they kissed passionately. Dan looked at Carlie, his eyebrows raising in invitation. She grimaced and shook her head negatively. That didn't turn her on at all. She had difficulty peeing if even Dan was in the room.

They took their drinks back to the main room finding an empty love seat with a coffee table in front of it. Dan placed the bag on the table and they watched the debauchery around them. The tableau changed constantly. The man in the bustier was now untied and had his face buried in the black woman's crotch, eating her out. The white man, whose come he was lapping up, sat and watched while he was being fellated by yet another woman.

Samantha strolled over to them. She had lost the body suit somewhere and was naked now. The flogger dangled from a thin chain around her waist. She was 'just checking up' on them, she said. They assured her they were fine. As she walked away, Dan pointed out the tattoo she had across her lower back. It was an intricate Celtic design. Carlie looked at her husband. Dan's eyes were glued to the globes of Samantha's ass. She knew she would have to do something about getting a tattoo. Right now, however, she wanted to get his attention. She slapped lightly at his bobbing erection. He turned quickly to her. "So, Big Boy, what do you want your pet to do for you? Or are you just going to stare at Samantha's ass all night?" She didn't care, but she wanted to begin...something.

He pulled her leash and drew her across his lap, trapping the end of the leash under his foot. From the bag he drew the paddle. He gave her a few stinging swats. "I can look at anything I want, Dear." he said quietly to her. Then he began to spank her soundly. She writhed and complained the way she usually did. He knew she really didn't want him to stop. It was just part of her game. But her wiggling was stimulating his cock under her. He stopped spanking and ran his fingers down between her thighs. She raised her ass at the attention, wanting more, wanting to come.

He pushed her off onto the carpeted floor.

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