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Travails, with Aunt.


She held him tight and kissed him and told him what a wonderful husband he was. They stopped talking for a while and Tommy kissed and licked her breasts as they made love to each other. She had stroked his cock to its hardest point now and she kissed him again and again. Then after a little while of cuddling and holding each other, Liza asked if they could talk some more about their fantasies? He told her yes.

So she sat up now and tuned towards him letting her body but especially her pussy shin at his face as she pointed it directly at him. Her nipples were sticking out so far they looked like they hurt. He had been playing with her breasts for a long time pinching and sucking those wonderful nipples he loved so very much. She saw him looking up and down her body and she smiled at him as his cock twitched and began to get hard. She knew he loved to just look at her all the time. He was still only 4 inches long but she could see it thickening and still growing more with each minute that passed. She knew Tom love to sometimes just watch her and look at her body. He even asked her sometimes to lay on the bed nude, so he could just take some time and look at her and touch her lovingly.

Over the time they had been married Liza enjoyed this romance and sexual play very much because she knew Tommy would always get so horny he would dive between her legs and give her two or three mind blowing orgasms with his wonderful tongue and mouth. Then she would reward him by fucking him and feeling him cum. Tom was so in love with her and so very satisfied afterwards, she knew he would never cheat on her. She was happy he loved her so much. She did love him back and was happy to be married to him. Yes, she loved Tommy only not as much as he loved her, she was sure of that. But her idea of love was that it grew on someone and after they got old together she would love him more.

She had shaved her pussy earlier that day and was smooth and completely bald. There wasn't even any stubble. She knew he loved that look as much as Lee did. Then she took a deep breath and asked the big question. "Tommy if I ask you something, will you please not get mad?"

He smiled as he licked around her stomach and on the top of her pussy mound. He didn't go down on her pussy since he knew she wanted to talk now. He said, "Sure babe ask me anything."

She said, "Please don't get mad or upset Tommy, but I was wondering if you would like to do it again? You know do it again with Mary? You know do your fantasy over again." She smiled a little at him when she said it. Then she waited for his response.

He said, "Would I like to do what again exactly? Have sex with Mary? Have a three-way again, is that what you're asking me Liza?"

She said, "Yes."

He said, "And if I say yes, would you then want to do it again with a black man? I mean I'm not dumb Liza I could see this coming a mile away. So would you?"

She was honest and told him, "Yes. Yes Tommy I would like that very much."

He didn't respond right away. So she said, "So would you? Would you like to do it again with Mary?

He told her he realizes how good the sex was for both of them. Then he said, "Yes Liza I would and I think I can deal with you and Lee again, only not all night. It would be no more than a few hours. OK?"

He realizes how much she was pleased by what he said.

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