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Almost over.

Ricky's teeth bit through the thick muscle of my throat and into my very core, and the icy feeling that followed was instantaneous. Unconsciously my right hand flew up to clamp against the back of Ricky's skull, holding him there as he drained me, as he drank deeply from my wildly pounding heart. My fierce heartbeat and Ricky's swallows became one and the same, as if my heart was now only pumping blood directly into my partner's belly... And very quickly, I felt the weakness coming again.

My legs gave out and I began to slide down the shower wall, my ears seemingly clogged with water as my senses began to fade. Too much... I'd given too much... But Ricky's strong arms wrapped around me and lowered me to the floor, and his fingers were thrust into my mouth. I tasted blood again. With difficulty I swallowed, and slowly, the scene around me cleared. God, I didn't know if I could get used to that.

"Good boy," Ricky panted softly. "You'll learn to endure it better, with time. Now get up. I want to fuck you again."

Fuck, he didn't waste time...! I didn't mind... As soon as the aftermath of draining my blood was gone, I was ready for more. I struggled to my feet with Ricky's help and felt his hardened sex against my thigh. With his guidance, my arms and shoulders were pressed against the wall, my hips pulled back against his, with the warm water still cascading over us both. My heart was back to its pounding in my chest. And with my blood swelling him, with only water lubricating him, Ricky thrust himself inside of me once more.

My fists clenched against the wall as I gave out a strangled cry of pleasure. Fuck, it felt good...! My body stung badly inside, burning as if I were being penetrated with a branding iron. Stop... No, don't stop... More... Fuck me! I whimpered and pushed my hips back against Ricky's, pleading for his movement within me, and with a soft chuckle, he obliged me. His fingers clamped harder on my hipbones and pulled me fiercely back against him, once, twice, over and over again, matching his own thrusts in rhythm. My vision spun again. I couldn't breathe... All I could do was pant laboriously as all the muscles in my body tensed around their invader, only serving to pull him deeper inside of me... Harder... Fuck me harder... The words wouldn't come out, but their intention was understood, and in no time at all I was gasping and crying out on the edge of orgasm.

"F... Fuh... R-Ri... C-c-co..."

"Come!" Ricky snarled.

And I could only obey him. With my forehead against the wall I shook and groaned with my peaking pleasure, the sensation of his nails digging into my back, his heat filling me, spurring me on as I unraveled around him under the water...

Shower sex... It wasn't so bad, really.


Now clean once more, Ricky stepped out of the shower first, pulling a thick gray towel from the wall and over his shoulder and then handing me an identical one. I followed him, drying myself off quickly and then draping the fluffy towel over the top of my head. I found myself staring at my blurry shape in the fogged mirror, and I reached forward and wiped some of the condensation off, my hand making squeaking sounds against the glass.

"Don't do that," said Ricky. "You'll leave streaks."

"Oh - Sorry," I said, but the damage was done anyway. I examined my reflection, running fingers over my cheek. I was getting a bit stubbly in places. I made a mental note to shave when I got back home; facial hair had never worked on me. And then my eyes drifted to Ricky's reflection, where I could see him rubbing his long hair dry with the towel.

"So you have a reflection after all..."

"Hm?" He tugged the towel down around his bare shoulders and looked at me with a quirked eyebrow.

I opened and closed my mouth, feeling my cheeks grow hot. "Well... I thought you might not have one, since you're a vampire... They're not supposed to have reflections, right?"

Ricky pondered what I said, and then he began to laugh.

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