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Tough times befall our heroine.

"It's very nice, I suppose." He finally stammered out.

Alex leaned forward, her heel pushing harder against his leg. She bent her head towards him, getting close enough so he could smell her perfume. The angle allowed him a bird's eye view of her cleavage.

"You suppose?" She whispered, feigning a pout on her lips. "That's disappointing."

Professor Stewart's eyes slowly roamed over the shapely leg holding him in the chair for a moment, then made their way to her highly visible cleavage.

"It's, ah, very nice..." he said hoarsely, swallowing hard.

Her pout turned back to a devilish little smirk. She was becoming increasingly turned on by the position of power she found herself in over this older man.

"And what would you like to do with me in this little outfit?" She breathed in his ear, her confidence and arousal both growing by the second.

He coughed and turned away from her, blushing. He could not help but immediately imagine a wide variety of things he would like to do with the gorgeous student in her sultry Halloween costume. Seeing her like that and hearing her speak to him in that manner definitely had him turned on, and he could barely picture the prim and proper young lady sitting in the third row of his class. Even without looking at her, all he could see was her in that sexy nurse's outfit.

"Ms. Lovell, I... I don't think that's..." he tried to regain his composure -- and control of the situation.

"Alex," she whispered softly. "Call me Alex."

"Alex, I..." he stammered, desperately trying to do the right thing before things got completely out of hand.

Reaching forward, she grabbed his hand and slowly brought it up along the fishnet covered skin of her thigh. His mind told him to resist, but his body was having trouble complying, especially as she led his hand in between her legs and under her skirt, letting his fingers brush lightly against the thin lace covering her smooth shaven sweet spot. His hand trembled; sweat forming on his brow as he breathed out heavily.

"You like?" She glared at him, an animalistic lust swelling in her eyes.

Not able to open his mouth in either agreement or protest, he just stared back at her. He was not even sure if his head nodded up and down or if that was just his imagination answering the question in silence.

She removed her foot from its resting place on his leg and with a devilish smile, stood in front of him. Silently, she turned around and leaned over his desk. He watched with rapt attention as she hiked up her skirt, giving him a nice view of her black lace panties. Slowly, one of her hands reached behind her, making its way in between her legs, and gently pulled the thin fabric to one side. She looked back at him and smiled wickedly as she watched his eyes widen at the sight of her smooth, hairless snatch.

"Eat my pussy." She whispered.

To her surprise he moved quickly, zero hesitance in his action. In a second he was on his knees, his face less the two inches from her wetness. He inhaled her scent slowly.

"Lick it." Alex half told, half begged him.

Closing his eyes, he placed his hands on her thighs, spread them apart, and thrust his tongue into her. He ate her out savagely, hungrily lapping at her love juices, sucking on her and savouring every moan and gasp of pleasure that came from her. She pushed back with each dart of his tongue, grinding into his face as he probed deeper.

"Ohhh..." She moaned, her breath ragged. "Do you like that baby? Does my pussy taste good?"

"Fuck yes! It tastes so sweet." He answered, his reply muffled by the wet cunt his face was still buried in.

She groaned and threw her head back, grinding against his face even harder.

"Oh, God..." she squealed. "Fuck me! Fuck me right now!"

Without a second of hesitation, he was on his feet and fumbling with the button and zipper on his pants.

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