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A different type of encounter.

Then I slowly spread my legs wide. My pussy was right there, the half globes of my ass showing under it, tits lolling to either side of my chest, face in plain sight, everything in plain sight.

"Like it?"

Jack chuckled, the other guy was almost panting, he said nothing, just stared right at my twat.

I decided to be really dirty and reached down with one hand, a finger on each lip and pushed them open, showing the inside of my pussy to them.

"I want you to stay like this for 30 minutes."

That's what I did, laid on that table for thirty minutes, bare ass, legs wide open. I didn't keep my lips pulled apart for all that time, but enough so the room mate got the best look he probably has or ever will at a woman's pussy.

I was so fucking horny it wasn't funny. My nipples never went down and I was afraid I was going to leak. I knew that I was wet as hell. How I was was such a turn on for me. Jack had seen me so much in the past two weeks it was probably old hat for him but he looked at me just as much as the other guy.

Eventually I lifted my feet up and by my ass and moved my ass to the edge of the study table, let my knees fall open. My pussy was right there for them. I almost asked Jack to finger me or something worse. But I bit that back. Just being the way I was was close to enough for me.

Finally it was over, maybe too soon for me, maybe not. Jack handed me my blouse and I put it on, buttoned just up to the bottom of my tits, then my shorts which I slipped on, then my shoes and he walked me to my dorm.

When we were almost there I turned to him.

"Jack, strip me again, please."

Jack grinned and pulled down my shorts immediately, then undid my blouse and pushed it off me. Then he started feeling my tits again. I think I almost immediately started panting from desire.

"Jack I don't know if I can do the contest thing."

"You can, Sabine. And you'll love it."

"I don't know Jack. Feel my pussy."

He did and I stood there, bare ass, letting him feel me, tits and pussy, naked outside, close to my dorm. At a religious college. Pretty dumb, huh?

"The next couple of days, Jack, if you see me and I have time between classes, I want you to strip me. Every time you see me and I have the time. I want to be stripped. Maybe after two days of doing that I'll feel better about the contest. You choose the place and how long I have to stay naked. OK?"

Jack agreed with a grin, with a finger up inside my pussy and a tit in his hand. When I decided to go in to my dorm room, I just put on the blouse, carried my shorts in one hand. Barely covered. But it was close to 2AM. No one was going to see me this late. No one would be up.

I was right and it felt absolutely awesome to be walking into my dorm wearing only a blouse, that barely covered my ass and pussy. It really felt awesome. I didn't turn on the lights and stripped off the blouse, dropping it and my shorts on the floor and getting into bed naked. It took a while to go to sleep after all I had done with Jack. I kept replaying the naked walk to 12th Street over and over. Then the entrance into Jack's room and stripping before the door completely closed, in front of his room mate. Then lying down naked on a study table and spreading my legs for both of them to see all of me. The only thing the room mate didn't see on me was my asshole.

The next morning I got up, showered and dressed and was off with my book bag. I had three classes on Tuesday's. I left the dorm and was off to breakfast at the cafeteria when Jack walked up to me. I was completely surprised to see him, but also got excited, remembering what I had told him to do me.

"Where are you going?"

"To breakfast."

"I'll buy, come with me."

I got that jolt down low of excitement. I let Jack lead me to the rec cafe and he didn't stop there, but took me to the men's room. Inside, in the handicapped stall. He shut the door and latched it. I knew what was coming and I was already turned on.

"Take off your shoes."

I did.

Then Jack stepped up to me, a smirk on his face.

"How do you want to do

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