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White girl gets spiked by a black guy from the bad side.

"Ah, god," I moaned, as you slid your soapy finger up and down the crack of my ass. Then the water hit us from above, and you retreated to the back of the tub, laughing.

I pulled you back to me, and we wrestled to keep from slipping on the soapy bottom of the tub, but now the bathwater was gone, and the fresh water from the shower bathed us in it's warm aura. Good time for another long, hot kiss! This time your arms went around my waist, and my cock slid up along your hipbone as we held each other.

Many teasing kisses later, your foot was up on the side of the tub, and my cock was inside you, as I thrust upward, my hands holding your wrists captive behind your ass. You were panting hard, and fearing for your balance. I watched your face. "Oh, god...catch me," you begged, and I tightened my arms around your waist as I continued to stroke into you.

Suddenly the shower curtain rustled behind me, and I felt the rush of cool air as someone pulled it aside.

"Getting clean, are we?" a voice said, and your eyes opened suddenly, wide in surprise. You saw the man from the front desk over my shoulder, his eyes taking in the whole scene. To your surprise and mine, I continued to thrust in and out of you, uncaring now if he saw or not, intent only on my impending climax inside of you. I was so close...

"Honey...?" Your voice was full of concern, and it brought me back to reality for a moment. I pulled from you and turned to the man, who was stroking himself through his slacks.

"Just watch," I told him, and I returned to you, taking you by the hips and turning you away from me. I pushed lightly on your back, and you bent over to take the sides of the tub in your hands, and waited for me to enter you from behind. The man moved around to get a better view.

I slid easily into your wetness, and began to slowly stroke in and out. You were getting turned on by being watched, I could tell, and I nodded at the stranger. He pulled his cock from his pants and began to stroke it as you watched. This really inflamed your lust, and you began to beg me to fuck you harder.

"That's it, darlin'," you panted, as I upped my tempo. "Oh, god, yes! Like that!" You looked at the man again, and saw he was watching your face closely, and really stroking himself now. Your eyes locked onto his cock, which was about the size of mine, but somewhat thicker, and you licked your lips as you imagined it in your mouth.

All this was not lost on me, as I watched you from behind. I knew you wanted him, and that this would make you happy. I looked at the man, and he glanced at me nervously, unsure of what I wanted him to do now. I merely nodded, and he moved to the end of the tub, offering himself to you.

You turned to me questioningly, and I told you, "Go ahead, honey. He's here for you." He took your head then, and turned your face toward his cock. I smiled as I watched your mouth open for him, your tongue already hanging out. I knew the sensations you would be giving him. You swallowed him in one stroke.

As soon as you had your mouth around him, I pulled from you. Turning the water off, I reached for the towel, and began to dry you off, listening all the while to your purring around him, and to his groans of pleasure.

"George," I said to him. "On the bed." It was then that you knew that this had been prearranged, a special treat for your last night in town. His hand went to yours, and he helped you from the tub and led you to the bed.

I dried myself off, as I watched him shuck his slacks and under- wear.

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