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Matt and Sophie go back to school.

"Yeah, um, why aren't the humans freaking out?"

"Magick," Ward answered.

"What kind?" The concept of magick was relative. The lower demons often had traces of it that allowed them different advantages. However those advantage never exceeded those of the higher-ups like succubi and incubi, all the magick in the world wouldn't put them on our level.

"Witches' magick," Asher injected.

I scoffed. "Impossible." As Astryd had said, witches were strong, but not that strong. If she couldn't break a binding than I doubted one of her witchey brothers or sisters could shield all human eyes from a dragon the size of a freakin' mansion. While the two might not require the same amount of magick or skill, the feat involved was the same.

"Yeah," Robin joined, never one to be left out of a conversation. "Witches don't have that kind of power."

"You obviously don't know a witch," Asher said. "They have powers to rivals gods."

"Gods don't exist," I said.

His eyes flip-flopped to that crimson color before going back. I wondered what set off the change. "Never place what you don't know out of the realm of possibility."

I was not about to get into an existential conversation with him now. Hell, the only conversation I should be having with him was my original one dammit! "Back. On. Point. Please explain how you know Ward and why he's holding a baby and how he was able to get to us so fast."

There was a long silence in which Asher shot me the most heinous look I think I'd ever seen on a demon. I thought about when I'd slapped him and threatened to play jump rope with his ligaments. Compared to that, his anger was about a hundred notches above.

"I'm his brother-in-law," Ward broke through the tension. "And this my pekin, Nneka. She was being fussy, so Lucienne had me fly her around until she calmed down."

The dragon's accent was thick and half muted by the wind, so I could barely understand him. The only thing I got was that Asher was his brother-in-law and the kid was his.

"Okay." Fatigue was wearing me down, and maintaining a legitimate conversation was next to impossible. I could also see why this Lucienne person had Ward fly his daughter around, gliding on air was relaxing, like being rocked to sleep on a breeze.

Robin shoved me hard. "Wake up! We're on a freakin' dragon. Do not go to sleep."

Oh yeah. That's right.

Daphne yelled over the whipping wind so everyone could hear, "Thank you so much, Ward, for your assistance, but we need to be let off. Is there a place you can leave us?"

"Why?" Asher asked through gritted teeth.

Robin clicked her tongue. "For one thing, we don't know you, and for another, you're a vampire. And I'm not fucking blind. Whatever 'relationship' you have with Vera isn't healthy and I'm not going to sit here and act like it's okay."

"Healthy?" He laughed harshly. "Pot meet kettle."

"We give a shit about her."

"Yes. Right after yourself." He flashed that warning smile. "Nothing wrong with that. Just have the balls to admit it."

"Afraid I'm not a dick like you."

"Better than being a pussy."

Well, that took a turn for the offensive. I would have laughed if that didn't require more energy that I had. "Just drop them off, Asher. What's the big idea?"

"For starters, I am the one flying," Ward cut in. "We land when I say we land."

Robin threw her hands up. "Ya know what, succubi have wings. I could just fly away."

"I'd catch you," Asher assured. "And the morning would be off to a very bad start."

Like it wasn't already. "I'm with Ward here. Daphne and Robin, just wait until we land. If you want to leave I'm sure Asher will make accommodations." I added pointedly, "Or I will."

"You are coming with us, Vera," Daphne said, her tone broaching no refusal. "Now, where is it exactly we are landing?"

I shrugged, too tired to remind them that the trusting-them-blindly ship had sailed.

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