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My cock, which was limp most of the time was now beginning to show signs of life. I was trying like hell not to get a boner, but after spraying my balls with the shower, I can only control so much. I turned around and Gina aimed the shower directly at my chest.

"Let me rinse my piss off you. Stand still." She said.

I watched Gina as she methodically began rinsing off my chest. She spray each of my nipples as she aimed in a back and forth movement over my chest. Then she changed the direction and moved the shower head up and down my chest. She went up and down three times. The third time she slowly moved the shower head down towards my eagerly waiting cock which was not totally limp, but was still facing the ground.

"Let me clean off your dick really well. I know I drenched it pretty good."

Gina gently moved the pulsating water up and down the long shaft of my penis finally aiming the spray directly on the large head of my cock. With that, my cock began to grow before Gina's eyes. As much as I wanted to avoid getting a hard on, I knew it was only a matter of time.

"I think I found a sweet spot! Look how big it is getting." She said in shock.

I watched her eyes get bigger as she stared and kept the water aimed at the head of my growing cock. My cock grew from a limp five inches to a totally hard eight and a half inches staring up towards Gina.

"Holy shit Bro, I thought your cock was big before, I didn't expect it to get that big. How big is it?" she wondered.

"I'm not sure, I never measured it." I lied to her.

I didn't want her to think I was weird measuring my own cock.

"Can I measure it? Mom keeps a sewing tape measure in the drawer in the sink vanity."

Before I could say anything, Gina puts the shower head back in the holder, opens the shower and reached for the tape in the drawer.

"How do you measure it?" She asked.

"I will hold it straight and measure from the pelvis to the head."

As I held my cock straight, Gina measured as I told her.

"Oh my God, I can't believe your cock is eight and a half inches long."

Then she took the tape and measured across my thick cock.

"It is one and a half inches thick also. You are HUGE!"

"Speaking of huge and since we have the tape measure. How big are your areolas? I questioned.

She quickly put her arms across her chest hiding them out of embarrassment.

"I know they are bigger than most of the girls in gym, like I told you."

"Don't be embarrassed, let me measure them, remember what you said earlier, "fair is fair". "Ok, you got me there."

She slowly removed her arms covering her pointy tits to reveal her large brown areolas that cover the whole front portion of her tits. I stretched the tape measure from one side of her areola to the other.

"Two inches." I said. I repeated the same from top to bottom. "Two inches again."

"My nipples are 2 inches wide?" she gasped. "I can't believe they are that big." she said in disappointment.

"Gina, trust me, remember what I said, guys love big areolas and long erect nipples too"

"Measure my nipples, how long are they." She eagerly wondered.

Her nipples were hard, but not like before.

"Are they totally erect?" I asked her.

She looked down and pinched them.

"Hold on." She said as she took the shower head off and aimed the water directly on her left nipple causing it to immediately stiffen.

She gave a gentle squeeze, just to be sure. "Mmmm, they are now!" she smiled.

I held tape up against her dark areola, which now had goose bumps protruding from it and measured her hard nipple that pointed out.

"Quarter of an inch long."

"Is that long?"

"Trust me, Sis, you have a nice set of tits. Don't ever be embarrassed by them."

"Ok, I trust you that guys will like them." She said with confidence.

Gina turned around, reached for the shampoo and began washing her hair.

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