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In an effort to save her son, she turns to one man.

One look at her face and I knew two things -- she was far more drunk than she normally gets, and she was ready to fuck then and there. As I turned her around, she attacked me, struggling to line up her pussy with my raging hard-on and almost sucking my tongue right out of my mouth.

Mike lost no time taking advantage of the new position. I realized that by turning her around, I had actually made my situation worse. Pressed up against her from behind, he had full access to her most intimate parts. He started by running his hands around her waist, down her stomach and between her legs. He seemed to be spreading her pussy lips apart to expose her clit which she was busy thrusting against my thigh. Whatever he did -- it worked. She began to shudder and moan as if in the throes of a drawn out, low intensity orgasm. My presence and apparent consent to this dance seemed to have actually increased the sexuality of it. I was torn between feelings of jealousy, the desire to avoid a scene, and the sexiness of it all.

Keeping one hand between her legs, he slid the other up the front of her body, over her breasts, up her neck, to her face. There, about four inches from my face, he slipped his fingers into her mouth where she gladly started sucking them. Realizing the situation was going in the wrong direction, I pulled his one hand away from her crotch and the other away from her face. I smashed my body against hers, trying to deny him access to her front. I stuck my tongue in her mouth where his fingers had just been.

He responded by running his one hand down her back to her ass. Her short dress was already riding up from the way we were dancing and her tiny thong covered almost nothing. From the way they were positioned, he had great access to everything between her legs. From the moan she let out, I guessed he must have a finger inside her. With his other hand, he cupped her throat just below the chin, pulling her head back and away from me and guiding her face into his neck. I held on to her hips and kept them pressed against me, so at least he could not pull her away from me completely. Kris had become a rag dole and we were playing tug of war.

With her head pinned back against his neck, he had managed to tilt her body back away from me, again giving himself full access to her front. He let go of her neck, but she obediently held her position leaning back into him. His hands now free, they roamed up and down her body from her thighs to her breasts, grouping and squeezing, occasionally disappearing down the top of her dress, or up under the bottom. Except that his penis was not actually in her, he was fucking her right in front of me.

As subtly as I could, I angled her away from Mike and got between them. Eventually he gave in and backed off. A few minutes later, the music went down and the lights came up. I led Kris outside into the cool night air where she slowly came to herself as if from a deep trance.

Outside the club, we met up with our friends. Everyone was pleasantly drunk and ready for home and bed. As usual, we shared a taxi with Martin and Zoe, who live on our way home. As it turned out, Mike was staying in a hotel near our place, so he was sharing the cab as well. Somehow I ended up in the front seat. Kris got in the back seat first, then Zoe, then Martin, then Mike. I was happy enough with that arrangement, knowing that Kris was on opposite ends of the seat from Mike.

After 5 minutes, we dropped off Martin and Zoe; from their place we had a thirty minute drive to Mike's hotel.

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