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Fiction and Reality merge for a young ingenue.

You start to feel annoyed but can't help but enjoy the attention, and slowly enter the warm water, swaying your hips and holding onto the railing for balance. You feel foggy and giddy, struggling to annunciate your words.

The guys throw their shirts on the empty lounge chairs on the pool deck and enter the water with you. You can't help but let your eyes wander across Matt's toned chest, following the line of hair that travels down his navel into his swim trunks. He catches you eyeing him and smirks at you, wading across the water to sit next to you.

It's around midnight and there's no one else in the pool area but you six, sitting in the steamy hot tub and enjoying the starry sky.

Minutes pass and you let yourself relax, appreciating the sensation of the warm bubbly water on your smooth skin. You keep sipping at the mixed drink in the bottle Matt gave you and partake in conversation, all the while enjoying the stares the guys are giving your wet tits, barely covered by the thin material of your swimsuit.

After a while, you get so drunk that you barely even notice Matt put his arm around you and pull you over to him. Normally you would protest, after all you broke up for a reason, but he feels comfortable and you melt into him a little, letting the buzz of alcohol wash over you.

You nod out a little and wake up to Matt's hand creeping up your thigh, resting his fingers on the base of your bikini bottoms. You turn red and squirm a little but his hand feels warm and strong, and your body responds to his touch before your mind can catch up. He slips his hand under under your string bikini and slowly circles your clit, making you moan a little louder than you intended. Matt keeps talking to everyone like nothing is happening, but it's a small hot tub and the other guys look at you with knowing, lustful eyes.

"Wait, I'm in a public pool in front of a bunch of guys I barely know, and this is my EX!" You think to yourself, scanning the area for other patrons. You don't see anyone and you're too drunk to put up much of a fight, so you give in and subtly rock into his firm hand, feeling your nipples harden and warmth rush down to your pussy.

Without warning, Matt pulls the string holding your bottoms on and yanks them off of you, quickly shoving them into the pocket of his swim trunks and working his fingers into your wet pussy.

Shocked, you look around weakly and silently hope the bubbling water from the hot tub jets is hiding your nudity. His fingers pulse slowly in and out of you and you close your eyes, lost in a trance of pleasure and drunken fog.

You nod out again, taken by the overwhelming feeling of his fingers pushing deep inside of you while he strokes your clit with his thumb.

You open your eyes to Matt pulling you onto his lap. All four of the guys are smirking at you now, watching you writhe in pleasure as you hump his hand.

"See, what did I tell you? She wants my dick so fucking bad she doesn't even care if you're all here to watch," Matt scoffs, holding your hips and fingering you hard underneath the water.

You open your mouth to protest but stop as you feel him lower his trunks, the head of his dick grazing your wet folds.

You know this is wrong, anyone can come outside at any minute and see what's happening, and you're alone with five drunk men, but your pussy aches to be fucked and you feel tired and complicit from all the alcohol.

Matt slides his 7" dick into your pussy, pulling down your hips so it slides all the way in. You gasp in pain and pleasure and hump him furiously, his hands pulling you up and down and traveling all across your body. The other guys whistle and watch you getting fucked inches away from them, reaching over to stroke your face and feel your tight body.

You try to get words out but you can't over your moans, his dick slamming against your cervix. Matt unties your bikini top and throws it over the fence, leaving you butt-naked, tits bouncing above the water.

Hands caress your nipples and someone comes ov

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