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A young woman receives a pleasing tutor lesson.

.. even though I knew he was using me like a cheap whore.

Then he got down and worked my cunt with the dildo again ... then climbed back up on the chair when I was almost ready to cum. Finally my Master pumped a huge load into my mouth. I knew that I must not swallow without his permission... his cum was precious ... I was gagging on his cum as each spurt shot into my mouth. Then he told me to expel his cum slowly from between my lips ... I was sure that he was filming me now. I duly did so ... pushing it out slowly ... so that it ran down my chin ... and then some dripped down into the top of my corset.

But my Master wasn't finished with me yet ... he spread my legs again and started pushing two dildos into me ... one deep into my cunt ... stretching my tiny hole ... and another in my arse ... Master applying that one a little more gently ... I guessed that he had plans to use that hole again later. This time he didn't tease me ... and it wasn't long before I finally climaxed .... and started to fall asleep .... humiliated and totally exhausted.

Then my Master said I'd better clean up. He untied my arms and legs and dragged me along to the shower room ... I could hardly walk after being tied for so long. I could tell where i was because of the cold tiles. He told me to kneel there ... still blindfolded ... and then I felt another splash of his cum ... this time in my hair. Then he left me to get cleaned up.

When I emerged from the bedroom ... dressed again in clean stockings and a fresh corset ... as Master's rules demanded ... Master was working on his PC. I guessed that he had taken more pics and/or video of our earlier session. He looked pleased ... I guessed that the new images had satisfied him ... for now. Master told me to dress ready for the club ... we usually visited it at least once every weekend ... sometimes just watching others ... but sometimes Master would allow others to use me for his pleasure.

When we got to the club, Master left me for a few minutes with some friends ... whilst he bought us some drinks. Then we ambled around ... we watched one of our sub friends as she was tied to the whipping bench ... she was a regular ... then her Master applied the first few strokes with a cane... before handing over, as usual, to another Dom. I hoped that Master wouldn't offer me there for punishment ... surely I didn't deserve that after pleasing him earlier? But Master didn't seem to have that in mind. We wandered through some of the other rooms ... watching one sub enjoying herself with a variety of dildos ... in front of a large group who were offering their encouragement ... some of the dildos being applied by other regulars.

Then we stood by the bar chatting for a while until the movie started on the big screen ... a "special" was showing tonight. I didn't pay much attention at first ... and then I recognized the corset ... my corset ... and realized that it was me who was tied and blindfolded in the wooden chair ... just a few hours ago. Some of our friends were way ahead of me ... Master must have told them ... they were laughing and joking about me ... sitting there and tied and blindfolded with my legs spread and pussy wide open ... as the camera moved around the chair and zoomed in on my exposed pussy. I knew now why Master had been moving around so much when he came back into the room. The crowd watching the film loved that and really teased me ... and I could see some people were pointing me out to others in the audience.

In the next scene, my Master appeared next to me ... sliding one finger into my cunt without obstructing the camera ... obviously all planned carefully. Then the camera zoomed in again ... and I realized that Master must have had a friend operating the camera.

I watched the movie feeling very embarrassed as Master tried to make me pee .

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