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Wildrose and Sharpe are lured into the Technophile's trap.

He had brought lots of things- toys, lubes, props... His eyes widened as he realized that there was only one thing she could mean. He pulled his head back and looked at her, his eyes asking her if this was what she really wanted. They had only played that way by themselves, never in front of another person, and as comfortable as he felt with Brian, this was still an unexpected twist.

Veronica looked back at him and gave a little nod. Nodding back, Paul withdrew from the bed and found his bags in the corner. Rummaging through his things, he came upon an item that had been tossed in as an afterthought. After hesitating just a second, he pulled out the purple rubber cock. He turned around to see Veronica stepping into her harness, pulling it up, and cinching the straps tight. It was a sight that he'd seen many times, but something about her gearing up to fuck him pushed his buttons in a big way. As she made little jumping motions, pulling the harness securely over her hips, his nervousness turned into white-hot lust. There was just something about someone so cute and feminine being the fucker for once that blew his mind. Once again, his cock was hard and pointing at her.

Brian watched the other two from his vantage point on the bed. As soon as Paul had gotten up, Veronica had whispered her plan to him. Normally, he would just as soon have excused himself for a while, but she had asked him to stay, watch, and play with her afterward, and so he would indulge his curiosity and see what this was all about. He could see that Paul was apparently past worrying about being watched, and seeing Veronica putting on the strap-getup-thing was clearly turning him on. Paul walked over and kissed her, handing her the purple cock. She put it through the strap-on ring and buckled it down. Kissing him again, it bumped against Paul's cock and sent a thrill of excitement through him. She took his stiff shaft in hand and led him over to the bed by his stiff cock. The bottle of lube was there waiting, and she handed it to him.

Veronica knew that there were certain steps that he had to take in order to be ready for her, and she was getting excited watching him go through them. First, he lay back on the bed and took a large squirt of lube in his hand. His eyes closed as he pulled up his legs and massaged the lube in behind his balls, into his secret hole...the place only she was allowed to go. Next, a finger probed inside and he gave a soft gasp as it entered. Veronica realized that she was absentmindedly stroking the rubber cock as she watched him, just as a man would before thrusting it into a waiting lover. This realization led to another...that the strap between her legs was squishing wetly as it rubbed her soaked nether lips.

After what seemed like an eternity, Paul opened his eyes and reached his unlubed hand out to her. When she took it, he pulled her down to him in a modified missionary position. Taking the rubber shaft in his lubed hand, he stroked it up and down and kissed her with an intensity that seemed to belong only to the about-to-be-penetrated. He rested his ankles on her shoulders and guided her in, maintaining a smoking eye contact that was 80% hot lust and 20% trepidation. Paul blinked when the head touched his ass, and his electric blues closed again as it started to enter him. When the glans made it past his tight ring, he sucked in his breath, nodding to let her know that everything was feeling good. Moving his hand from the cock to her harness, he pulled her into him slowly, groaning with the intrusion. When she was all the way in, he held her there, his breath coming in gasps of pleasure. The experience of being penetrated had an almost narcotic effect on his brain, and he could feel the static begin to crackle in his head. Gently, she pulled out half way and pushed it back in, producing a low moan. His eyes opened and he moved his lubed hand to his cock, stroking it to hardness as he watched her move above him.

Paul was in a state of sexual oblivion.

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