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He makes a return visit to GG's.

The text had some usual information about techniques; Dana rather thought he would be trying them soon.

Travis was scheduled to arrive in late afternoon; Dana debated what to wear -- would Travis expect to be greeted in the Frederick's attire? - but in the end showered, combed his fine damp hair and put on a white polo shirt and a favorite pair of jeans. As the time approached, he decided to remove his underwear; the feeling of nudity under his jeans was exciting. The knock came and barefoot, he went to answer the door. Entering, Travis was even more handsome than his photograph indicated. Equally importantly, he seemed genuinely glad to see Dana. Looking the young man up and down admiringly, he flashed a charming grin and gently shook his hand. "I'm really happy to meet you in person. You look great."

Dana guided him to the larger guest bedroom. The bed was freshly made and turned back. "Can I give you something to drink?" he asked, a little agitated about what to do or say now that the time had come.

"That would be great; perhaps a glass of wine. But would it be all right if I took a shower first? I've been traveling most of the day."

Dana showed him into the guest bathroom; fresh towels were stacked on the counter. Suddenly he realized how small a space it was; the two were almost touching. His large grey eyes looked worriedly at his guest, who smiled back reassuringly. Travis moved forward and put his arms around the younger man. "It's very good of you to invite me like this. I really appreciate it. Please don't worry about anything. I would never give you cause to doubt or fear.'

He hugged Dana close and ran his fingers gently down his back; the other returned the embrace and hid his face in the older man's shoulder. Lifting their heads, they tentatively touched their lips together. Travis tasted and smelled good; clean and fresh despite his long journey. Dana opened his mouth slightly; they kissed for a few moments.

"I'll be out in just a moment, and we can have that drink. Why don't you put on...well, something more comfortable."

Dana closed the bathroom door and heard the shower start. In his own bedroom he stripped off his clothes and looked at himself in the mirror. Though not vain, he conceded that he looked pretty good; slender yet firm, with shapely limbs, high cheekbones, silky hair and very smooth skin.. Should he get into the Fredericks outfit, or was it too early? He compromised by slipping on a thin cotton robe. A tremor of sensual anticipation traveled up his body. Soon he was going to find out what was real, and what wasn't. His cock stiffened. He was slightly light headed; his reading had informed him that a couple of days of liquids only were best before having anal sex, and he had complied. His buttocks and his anal entrance seemed to glow with sensitivity as he imagined what was to be inflicted on them.

Travis stepped out of his room wearing only a pair of Levis, toweling his dark hair and smiling friendlily. He had an excellent build, was not unpleasantly hirsute; his tanned skin bore a few interesting scars, and a faded tattoo adorned his bicep. Dana had brought a tray and offered his guest a goblet of cool white wine. They sat on the sectional sofa and clicked glasses, Dana still tense, Travis seemingly relaxed.

"I just want to say this. If for any reason you prefer that I should leave, I'll get my stuff and go without argument. Though I must say you look even better than your photograph. I don't want you to be worried or concerned; I know that must be very new and strange to you. Be honest; would you be happier if I leave? That's important to me."

Dana felt a tear form in his eye. Was this kind, caring, handsome man the father he had not had? If so, it promised to be an interesting relationship! "No, please don't go. I was just a bit nervous at first. But I'd like very much for you to stay; if it's ok with you. What would you like me to do?"

Travis looked affectionately into Dana's liquid eyes.

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