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Learning the rules.

I could tell that he was checking me out while I waited for my drink but I kind of disregarded it at the time. I got my drink and headed back to the pool area. I kept reflecting back to the guy who had been checking me out and my fantasy of many years that involved being with a black man. Although I had heard many stories, I had never personally experienced a good fucking from a well hung black man. The screwing around that I had done since being married had always been with white guys and it had been quite some time since I had any other guy fuck me at all. Although it all just seemed liked a passing thought at the time, the afternoon would soon prove to be very different.

After finishing my initial drink, I headed back up to the bar to get another. The line for the walk up orders was a little long so I looked around and saw an opening at the far side of the bar. This opening also happened to be right where the same black guy was sitting that I had seen earlier. It took forever to get waited on and he eventually said I might as well sit on the stool that was vacant next to him. I smiled and thanked him. We talked for a bit and I found out his name was James and he was newly arrived on island for duty. Needless to say, I soon found a fresh drink in front of me and we proceeded to chit chat.

I could tell that he was admiring the view of my tits in my bikini clad body as we continued to talk. Nor was I complaining as I checked out his 6-2 frame with tight abs and more of a bulge in his swimming trucks that my husband could ever think about achieving. One drink seemed to lead to a few more and I was getting very buzzed. James mentioned that he was staying right there at the hotel and that he had a couple of bottles and mixers up in his room and that we could party for a lot cheaper if I felt like it. Without giving it much thought, I agreed. We collected my shorts and things from the pool area and headed to his room. At this point, as we were walking, he made mention that I had a bubble butt that was unheard of on a white girl. I laughed and said something stupid but knowing he was checking me out was getting my pussy juices flowing, especially with the buzz I had on.

Once we got to his room, James made a couple of drinks and we went out on the balcony patio. The alcohol was having its effect and I was kind of oblivious by now, just admiring his steel hard body and that unbelievable bulge of his cock in his swimming trunks. The conversation gradually became more sexual in nature and soon I was telling him that I had fucked around since being married but had never been with a black guy. He immediately said maybe we should think about changing that. I said we would just have to see about that. After another drink, I excused myself to visit the bathroom. I could tell I was seriously buzzed, and a little nervous, but I knew I was in a situation that would only go as far as I decided to let it.

When I came out of the bathroom, James was making fresh drinks and he turned to me and he could tell I was a little wobbly and asked me if I was alright as he reached out to steady me. When he grabbed me, I just kind of melted into him and said I felt great, especially with his hand on my ass where he had grabbed me. He looked at me and asked me if I was sure and I said yes. He said he had been dying to get his hands on me ever since he first saw me. Next thing I know, he had my bikini top off, and we started kissing like there was no tomorrow. It felt so wonderful to kiss him, our tongues working in each other's mouths. His hands became very busy roaming over my body. One second he was feeling my tits and squeezing my nipples, the next they were working my ass and pressing me into that glorious cock as we kissed.

By this time, my juices were flowing and there was no turning back.

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