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A man is transformed and taken to a new world.

The man gently shook her awake as they entered Chelmsford. It took Charlotte a while to come fully to her senses and then she remembered where she was and how she had got here. She was acutely aware of her body odour, which she had tried to disguise with perfume until it had ran out two days ago.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"There," the man pointed to an imposing structure that could have been a small castle through the trees.

Behind the building loomed a huge metal tower; the structure towering above the treeline in the dwindling light. Charlotte knew from her World War Two studies that it was an old Second World War radar tower; the only one still remaining and it helped Charlotte find her bearings and figure out where she was.

The car pulled onto a long driveway girded by tall pines followed later by the crunch of gravel as the car entered a courtyard out the front of what appeared to be a manor house.

"Welcome to Chelmsford Hall; I'm Lord Edward Tilsbury, and the distinguished gentleman driving us is ex-Sargent William Pitt," Edward said, patting Charlotte chastely on the knee.

The car pulled up beside the steps leading to a grandiose set of wood and glass double doors. William leapt from the driver's seat and opened the door for Edward and then made his way to the boot to heft out Charlotte's suitcase.

Edward opened the door for Charlotte and she stood bewildered and shivering looking up at the three-story sandstone mansion.

"This is Mary Pilson; one of my personal staff. She will look after you from now on," Edward smiled down at Charlotte and indicted Mary who was standing on the bottom step with a beatific smile on her face.

Mary rushed forward and took Charlotte's hands in hers.

"Welcome to Chelmsford Hall; or just call it 'The Hall' as we all do," she beamed.

Charlotte was still very befuddled and she shook her head to clear it.

"Who are 'we all'? Why am I here? Who are you?" she said perplexed at the situation.

"All very good questions Charlotte and they will be answered soon enough but let's get you bathed and settled for the night," Marry led Charlotte up the stone steps and through the doors.

Charlotte became self-conscious of her appearance again. Her last wash had been from a coldwater tap in the ladies loo at a park near the railway underpass where she had been living for the past week and she was wearing the same clothes that she left home in.

The foyer of Chelmsford Hall was impressive and commanding. Suits of armour in the corners, medieval weaponry and portraiture hung on the walls, stuffed animals in cases, it was very museum-like. Opulent marble staircases ran up either side of the walls and Mary led Charlotte up the one to the left.

The place was deathly quiet; the only light came from wall sconces set in the smooth sandstone walls.

"Everyone's asleep except for the night watchman," Mary explained.

Charlotte was too tired and disconcerted to ask who 'everyone' was and why a night watchman was needed.

Mary led Charlotte to a large bathroom. It was similar to the shared facilities that Charles had used at Harrow. A row of toilet stalls along one wall, a set of benches to sit on whilst getting changed, laundry hampers in each corner, stacks of clean towels and hooks and lockers, on and in which, to hang clothes.

Behind a wall supporting half a dozen sinks with mirrors above them was as many baths; old deep porcelain bathtubs with chrome pluming and faucets. A gauzy lace and nylon curtain separated each bath.

Charlotte baulked; suddenly wide-awake.

"I'm not... I'm not... I'm not really a girl," she apologised and began to weep.

Mary pulled her close and put Charlotte's head on her shoulder and stroked her hair.

"Yes you are. You're just special that's all," she patted Charlotte's back.

"It's my job to help you become the best girl you can be," she whispered into Charlotte's ear.

"Come. Let's have you out of these," Mary disengaged from Charlotte.

She led Charlotte to the bench and had her sit.

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